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Stefano Paganini

Stefano Paganini

Social media explorer & digger, programmer & tinker, pro-am photographer, human being
From 128 Megabytes to 256 Gigabytes in less than 9 years: a USB-drive story -
What if Wi-Fi was visible? An artist illustrates an unusual world -
Star Citizen: probably the very first crowdfunded AAA – high-end – game ever -
Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Roswell 66th anniversary (with a tiny HTML5 game) -
Concept commercial: how Apple though 1997 would be as seen from 1987… -
Facebook, the Musical: almost inevitable… -
Wacky Races-inspired TV Commercial Ad by Peugeot 208 GTI -
The new Xbox One unveiled – Live from Redmond (WA) -
Flickr announces new features, new look and 1 Terabyte of free space -
What does the modern marketer look like? Check this infographic -
April Fools’ #4: Bing pranks Easter Island Statues -
April Fools’ #3: Twitter will cost $5 per month, if you use vowels! -
An Apple or Samsung commercial? No, even better: Somersby Cider (yes, made with apples)! -
Coding as education: inspiring video -
Rastrack: where in the world are Raspberry PIs? -
Learning curve, taking risks and entrepreneurship -
Foursquare meets business users with ‘Foursquare for Business’ App -
Raspberry Pi FM transmitter: one short wire and a radio let you broadcast WAV files (Vine footage included) -
Facebook introduces Cards: Gifts will never be so socially the same -
1 Million Raspberry PIs sold! What did Eben Upton really thought at the beginning? -
Kim Dotcom new venture, Mega, opens: welcome to a new cloud storage service -
Facebook introduces Graph Search: natural language search within the social network giant -
Forget perfect computing accuracy: welcome Wrongulator! -
Xmas 2012 version of a Reindeer Race? Social with Facebook, ‘real’ with Arduino! -
Google in the 60′s: here’s how it would look to Med Men if they were googlin’ around -
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