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Steffan Antonas

Steffan Antonas

Right-Brainer, Digital Native, Traveler & Book Worm. I study and post about design, community and the social web.
RT @SAI: Airbnb officially closes its $475 million megaround
RT @joinhop: If electronic mail had been invented in 2014, it would probably look a lot like this. - TIME
RT @iamdevloper: Wipe a developer's memory and show them code they just wrote, and they would say it's the worst code they've ever seen.
They've freshened up the Freedom Trail all the way from Charlestown to The North End... @ Charlestown…
RT @alexiskold: -- this is brilliant. Finally sharing / collaboration on the web done right. Awesome job @Shwinnabego and co.
RT @dens: In case you haven't seen it, here's a preview of some of what Foursquare will be help power on @WindowsPhone:
Walking to work, watching the sun rise... @ Charlestown Bridge
Bill Gates on MOOCs: “I still believe in physical places of learning for a fairly significant part of what goes on”
Fenway Park's Green Monster baseball graffiti - a close up of baseball's most famous wall
RT @engadget: Researchers fully 'delete' HIV from human cells for the first time
Love this ode to entrepreneurship: “You Are Not Late” by @kevin2kelly
RT @ideo: 20+ tools for everything from building apps to testing APIs: by @IDEO NY's @MelvanLonden #ideolabs
OH from an @adobe employee: "Liquid layout is dead...many corporate websites are returning to fixed layouts. Even".
Re: Messaging, Notifications, and Mobile -
"I'd expect to see more fragmentation as well, though, we should expect winners in various categories for the problem each type of messaging app solves. WhatsApp solved the "rich media texting internationally for free" problem, Twitter DM bridges the public to semi-private gap, SnapChat tried to solve the "ephemeral message" problem etc. It makes sense that each new app that solves a new problem well will make it to our phones and that there wont be any true winners for a while." - Steffan Antonas
Great video short: January in Japan. @julieantonas and I were in Tokyo and Kyoto then! Brings back memories.
RT @trengriffin: My new blog post "A Dozen Things I've Learned from Peter Thiel" is now up at
Win a lifetime of free learning! Enter to win a Lifetime @Skillshare Membership
Good read: RT @allclasses: 30 Unexpected Things I Learned by Taking 30 Classes in 30 Days #30in30 #Learn4Life
Is this Potato Salad thing going to hit 100K? There's 21 days left.
Quite the sunset tonight... @ Charlestown Bridge
RT @allclasses: @BostonTweet @allclasses is also hiring developers (front end, back end, mobile) and looking for a marketing superstar!
RT @FastCoDesign: .@GoogleVentures's @mmargolis on 8 shortcuts for better, faster design research:
RT @VentureBeat: Update: $35,982 raised so far — Kickstarter reacts to that $10,000 potato salad project
RT @FastCoExist: This plastic sheet morphs into a disaster shelter in 2 minutes.
Watching the ridiculous potato salad kickstarter project rack up backers. $23K and rising. #kickstartergrowingpains
Watermelon grill. Took 2 rounds of celery stalks to get the legs right... #builtfromscratch
RT @HuffPostCollege: Your student loans just got more expensive, thanks Congress!
RT @hunterwalk: China gov bans writing "June 4" online (Tiananmen Sq anniv). So ppl write "May 35." Then that's banned too
Happy 4th of July, everyone!
Energy is finite & discipline is fleeting. Instilling a sense of purpose in your team & sustaining a feeling of momentum are all-important.
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