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Steffan Antonas

Steffan Antonas

Right-Brainer, Digital Native, Traveler & Book Worm. I study and post about design, community and the social web.
Dear @Twitter, It would be great if you 'auto-created' a list of users for whom we get push notifications on our phones - to access anywhere
Amazing what the Myo armband can do. This company is pushing alternative interfaces forward in a big way
That's right ladies and gents, you're looking at a bacon maple donut muffin. Try to pretend you'd get…
RT @johnkao: Rate of innovation exceeds our ability to train people to take advantage of those innovations - @jefferiner #Techonomy14
RT @johnkao: We're educating our kids for jobs that don't exist and for a future that doesn't exist - #Techonomy14 @carlbass
RT @webfoundation: The @whitehouse has issued a statement in support of Net Neutrality. Bravo! Readi it here: cc @timberners_lee
RT @jeffweiner: " a lot of big companies, process becomes a substitute for thinking." - Elon Musk
RT @levie: In many industries the market size isn't constrained by limited demand, but by broken user experience. Fix that, and you unlock the market.
RT @stillmotion: "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou c/o: @good
RT @RGD: “There are a lot of things other than talent that go into becoming a great designer. Empathy, courage, confidence...” @annette_di @ideo
RT @danfbridge: Early Apple standards guide book.
RT @AdobeDrawing: Design on your iPad and in Photoshop with brushes YOU created. Learn more about Adobe Sketch:
RT @SmallArmyAgency: Does it get any more awesome than this?
RT @IxDASDC: 25 days left. Invent the #wearablecity and win a free trip to SF. The @Ixdasdc Student Design Challenge is on. Do it:
RT @jm_denis: Send us an email at between 3pm and 4pm PT and you'll get your invite by 5pm #InboxHappyHour
Re: The Robotic Taxi Driver -
"It's interesting to see the shift towards open platforms (UberX etc) playing out in similar ways offline the way they do so often online. A flood of low-quality participation, followed by the need for filtering/categorization etc. I'm confident that if driverless cars ever do get widely adopted, the rise from uncommon-to-common will happen when first movers install fleets of driverless cars as on-demand cabs. It'll be interesting to see where that service falls out in the human filtering (as a premium service, or as an Uberx)." - Steffan Antonas
RT @PandoDaily: is proving that, despite what you may have heard, ed-tech can be very lucrative: by @mcarney
RT @sketchapp: Amazing job! Resource list curated by @ustwo design team
Officially joining the @GA family this fall as a member of the UX Design Immersive program this fall! #Pumped.
RT @Uber: Your Uber experience just became even more seamless! Check out our new destination entry & turn-by-turn features:
Watching the Documentary "Downloaded" at the recommendation of @SaveKStreet. Loving it.
Wordpress themers (or Automattic) need to start spending & time & attention to the presentation and functionality of archives of blogs.
Kim Kardashian's app is the 6th highest grossing app in the app store? I am speechless.
RT @freshtilledsoil: Uber vs Lyft. A great example of battle to be the best experience.
RT @nycjim: Robin Williams Fans Leave Tributes at 'Good Will Hunting' Bench via @mashable
I see so many entrepreneurs on LinkedIn with 5-10 jobs lasting 0.5 -1.5 yrs with a >= VP title. Meaningless titles. Tiny amounts of time.
For all the praise we shower on Apple, iTunes and iCloud are a mess.
Saturday night on Hanover in The North End @ Hanover Street (Boston)
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