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Steffan Antonas

Steffan Antonas

Right-Brainer, Digital Native, Traveler & Book Worm. I study and post about design, community and the social web.
Re: The Robotic Taxi Driver -
"It's interesting to see the shift towards open platforms (UberX etc) playing out in similar ways offline the way they do so often online. A flood of low-quality participation, followed by the need for filtering/categorization etc. I'm confident that if driverless cars ever do get widely adopted, the rise from uncommon-to-common will happen when first movers install fleets of driverless cars as on-demand cabs. It'll be interesting to see where that service falls out in the human filtering (as a premium service, or as an Uberx)." - Steffan Antonas
RT @PandoDaily: is proving that, despite what you may have heard, ed-tech can be very lucrative: by @mcarney
RT @sketchapp: Amazing job! Resource list curated by @ustwo design team
Officially joining the @GA family this fall as a member of the UX Design Immersive program this fall! #Pumped.
RT @Uber: Your Uber experience just became even more seamless! Check out our new destination entry & turn-by-turn features:
Watching the Documentary "Downloaded" at the recommendation of @SaveKStreet. Loving it.
Wordpress themers (or Automattic) need to start spending & time & attention to the presentation and functionality of archives of blogs.
Kim Kardashian's app is the 6th highest grossing app in the app store? I am speechless.
RT @freshtilledsoil: Uber vs Lyft. A great example of battle to be the best experience.
RT @nycjim: Robin Williams Fans Leave Tributes at 'Good Will Hunting' Bench via @mashable
I see so many entrepreneurs on LinkedIn with 5-10 jobs lasting 0.5 -1.5 yrs with a >= VP title. Meaningless titles. Tiny amounts of time.
For all the praise we shower on Apple, iTunes and iCloud are a mess.
Saturday night on Hanover in The North End @ Hanover Street (Boston)
RT @ABC: LEGO launches new set featuring women as paleontologists, chemists and astronomers:
RT @JonFoxUX: The very definition of #UX Wisdom from #SteveJobs.
RT @TroyHenikoff: So True! “@startupvitamins: A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.”
RT @mikewalsh: Stellar's decentralized protocol for sending money is worth watching, if for no other reason than @joi is involved -
RT @SAI: Airbnb officially closes its $475 million megaround
RT @joinhop: If electronic mail had been invented in 2014, it would probably look a lot like this. - TIME
RT @iamdevloper: Wipe a developer's memory and show them code they just wrote, and they would say it's the worst code they've ever seen.
They've freshened up the Freedom Trail all the way from Charlestown to The North End... @ Charlestown…
RT @alexiskold: -- this is brilliant. Finally sharing / collaboration on the web done right. Awesome job @Shwinnabego and co.
RT @dens: In case you haven't seen it, here's a preview of some of what Foursquare will be help power on @WindowsPhone:
Walking to work, watching the sun rise... @ Charlestown Bridge
Bill Gates on MOOCs: “I still believe in physical places of learning for a fairly significant part of what goes on”
Fenway Park's Green Monster baseball graffiti - a close up of baseball's most famous wall
RT @engadget: Researchers fully 'delete' HIV from human cells for the first time
Love this ode to entrepreneurship: “You Are Not Late” by @kevin2kelly
RT @ideo: 20+ tools for everything from building apps to testing APIs: by @IDEO NY's @MelvanLonden #ideolabs
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