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Stephane Daury

Stephane Daury

Code wrangler at Automattic, proud dad, bmx/skate/snowboard rider, all with a side of land-locked surfer.
Kyran Daury (8) – Goalie (#30) – Team JSH (2014)
Kyran Daury (8) – Goalie (#30) – Team JSH (2014) -
That time when you set a goal with 2 friends, with a check-in 20 years later, and you're the only one to have reached it. Can't bring it up.
Water puppies is what seals truly are!
Water puppies is what seals truly are! -
RT @wesbos: OSX Protip: Increment volume by quarter notches with opt+shift+vol▲/▼
How does posting motivational quote go? Find one. Really agree that it's what must be. But then move on to the next? Didn't one skip a step?
I had never really noticed how nice some epoxy glues smelled. Oh, wait, that sounds bad... It does though. Like almonds. Nah? Never mind...
Spent my lunch time planning the parts list & build plan for a small ramp I'll soon be building. Then, we'll take it down to the lake! #bmx
RT @fairdalebikes: The Fairdale Skaterack is handy for skateboard carrying. #skaterack #everypedal
“Dog cushion.” Suuuuuuure…
“Dog cushion.” Suuuuuuure… -
Twitter web finally has a notification indicator. It's about time! :)
Montreal represents! Seb Toots – 2014 Edit
Montreal represents! Seb Toots – 2014 Edit -
I actually broke a sweat outside. 20C+/60F+. It's a miracle!
A Rising Tide – The India Surf Story
A Rising Tide – The India Surf Story -
114th? Oh, really... You don't look a day over 107, @berkun. Happy early birthday.
Not even done with all the engine tweaks/cleanups I want to do, but my 16 year old Jeep gets 22MPG at 70mph. It's no Prius, paid $1k for it.
True reason we Canadians enjoy shoveling snow: it’s great exercise! And it feels like we’re stabbing it repeatedly, which is also great.
RT @akismet: Help test the next Akismet plugin
Oh, hi there 1:13am... I didn't see you there... Please don't tell 6:00am we saw each other tonight. It'll get awkward. Again.
RT @ccarmichael: Clearly a contender for headline of the year...
I love how fast we adapt, as humans. My thumb is strained/hurt, but within 24 hours, I've "learned" to cope with it and go about my business
Hmmm. Recruiting pitch from Apple. That hadn't happened to me in years! Google, yahoo, etc, yeah. But not Apple. Still, thanks but no thanks
Seemed to have hurt a tendon or muscle at the base of my right thumb. No idea how... But one sure realizes how important thumbs are then.
Photoshop Photography Program: PSD + Lightroom = $9.99/mth
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