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Stephane Daury

Stephane Daury

Code wrangler at Automattic, proud dad, bmx/skate/snowboard rider, all with a side of land-locked surfer.
46.501, -74.488: coordinates of our camping spot this weekend, and where I shot my new header pict. :)
RT @markarms: Native American identity and the story of Iron Eyes Cody: @ThisLandPress #Longreads Exclusive
Surfing in the Great Lakes – Red Bull New Wave
They say men are the violent gender, but post a picture of a spider and it's 95% women asking of it got killed after... ;)
Told mom computer cables were easy, they can only be plugged in their rightful outlets. So she plugged a fax jack in an Ethernet router.
RT @Colossal: Fun New Murals by ROA Utilize Tunisia’s Domed Architecture
Oh, how I wish this were true...
The suspense is unbearable:
The Dinosaur Comics Guide to Viral Content
♫ Macaroni Love – Les Appendices
... And if I'm rescuing you from a fall at the time... well, sorry 'bout that.
Warning: NEVER play Happy, by Will Pharrell, around me unless you're willing for me to drop everything I'm doing and dance around for a bit.
I will not shed a tear for those men. He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword. Fuck 'em.
Boundary-less human collaboration: take 2 kids who don't share a language, give them a football, tell them they're playing on the same team.
"No shit, Sherlock" seems appropriate here:
Wearing one of my all-time favorite t-shirt
This is a stick up!
Re: With New Credit Card Reader, Square Gets in Early on the Future of Plastic -
"Same here, in Canada. I haven't seen a stripe-only card in years. Same for debit cards." - Stephane Daury
Rob Ford and deadmau5 go for coffee: this is probably the most surreal thing I'll see today (I kinda hope).
Re: With New Credit Card Reader, Square Gets in Early on the Future of Plastic -
"Good point. Both fascinating and not surprising, given the industry. One might smirk at the fact that the signature doesn't seem to be bound to the same requirements, since that is done in-app. But I guess the intrinsic value of the pin is greater than that of one's [not secret] signature." - Stephane Daury
♫ Lorde – The Love Club – Live at Madame Jojo’s
“Select car -> Image -> Adjustments -> Invert”
National Lampoon’s / HBO’s Disco Beaver from Outer Space (1978)
#montreal: Any news on what's going to happen to #bixi once the season ends? Liquidation?
Re: With New Credit Card Reader, Square Gets in Early on the Future of Plastic -
""embrace Square’s distinctive minimalist approach" Can it really be called minimalist, when compared to traditional card readers, when you factor in the fact that it requires the merchant to have a smart phone or tablet. "To be sure, a keypad for entering PINs would make the reader too large for use with smartphones." Why would one add a keyboard to the Square reader? There's one in the device's OS and Square's app. So a physical kb's size as justification for not accepting "chip and pin"." - Stephane Daury
July: month during which I need to check my coke for ants before consuming it. And I do mean the drink. Ants on cocaine would be funny tho.
This is the best thing I've seen all day! MJ getting pissed at @Slash for kicking too much ass.
RT @4WheelParts: #WeightWatchers, I don't need no stinking WW. I lost 25lbs just by switching to summer! #BikiniJeep
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