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Stephane Daury

Stephane Daury

Code wrangler at Automattic, proud dad, bmx/skate/snowboard rider, all with a side of land-locked surfer.
The most astute observers will note a special voice in Phineas and Ferb's Star Wars episode: @donttrythis :)
RT @slashdot: No, a Huge Asteroid Is Not "Set To Wipe Out Life On Earth In 2880"
RT @zoonini: I was super impressed with the quality of this year’s talks at #wcmtl. Kudos to the speakers and organizers, great job!
RT @Mr_Mike_Clarke: "We're gonna rock down to Elec... Oh."
RT @isaach: accidental venn diagram?
RT @conradhackett: "The fourth law of thermodynamics" - @pkedrosky
RT @BattleCampApp: Pokemon + World of Warcraft. FREE today on Android!
Not sure if a camo win or fail.
Thanks to all the out-of-towners who came to join in #wcmtl, be they as attendees, speakers, and volunteers. Hope we treated you right. :)
.@stephBoisvert on debugging bugs with... wait for it... debuggers! (TIL: Steph doesn't like potatoes ;) #wcmtl
Recording @jfarsen's "WordPress Jurassique" presentation at #wcmtl
Want a 500 HP all-electric supercar? Hope you have $529k. (@BoingBoing) and (@LaughingSquid): filtering the web for me, since [their respective birth].
"Whichever one she's most comfortable wearing an entire evening." - Stephane Daury
RT @CianoP: This Phony 'Anonymous' Site Was Set Up to Trap Ferguson Hacktivists | Motherboard
If the Quebec government could, they would.
I like starting my day by reading "props stephdau" on a @WordPress commit. Totally works for me. Almost right up there with coffee. :)
The WordPress Song. By the Latin Robert Downey Jr. ?
.@NickHamze: WP mix tape has to have, and of course,
.@Bell_Support: mystery solved, charging for one month in advance + plans switch = overcharges not itemizeable in the mobile app.
Only my 2nd month with @bell and although the network is great, they've already overcharged me by $25. Surprised? Not that much.
Oh Cartesian coordinate system, how I love and loathe thee.
Sometimes, turning-it-on-and-off-again just works. Here, result of restarting Airport (OSX wifi):
I just received my new bank card. Someone asked me to post a photo of it with the number visible. Here it is!
I hope I won't be waking up at 6-ish on my own again tomorrow morning. 5 days in a row is enough, thanks...
Working quietly, I think I just dodged a heart attack when my dog went from fast asleep to leaping, to eat a fly that was bugging him.
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