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Stephane Daury

Stephane Daury

Code wrangler at Automattic, proud dad, bmx/skate/snowboard rider, all with a side of land-locked surfer.
National Lampoon’s / HBO’s Disco Beaver from Outer Space (1978)
#montreal: Any news on what's going to happen to #bixi once the season ends? Liquidation?
Re: With New Credit Card Reader, Square Gets in Early on the Future of Plastic -
""embrace Square’s distinctive minimalist approach" Can it really be called minimalist, when compared to traditional card readers, when you factor in the fact that it requires the merchant to have a smart phone or tablet. "To be sure, a keypad for entering PINs would make the reader too large for use with smartphones." Why would one add a keyboard to the Square reader? There's one in the device's OS and Square's app. So a physical kb's size as justification for not accepting "chip and pin"." - Stephane Daury
July: month during which I need to check my coke for ants before consuming it. And I do mean the drink. Ants on cocaine would be funny tho.
This is the best thing I've seen all day! MJ getting pissed at @Slash for kicking too much ass.
RT @4WheelParts: #WeightWatchers, I don't need no stinking WW. I lost 25lbs just by switching to summer! #BikiniJeep
As seen on a bag of raw sugar…
Wanna practice extreme sports while avoiding most injuries? Understand stuff like this, and you shall: ;)
What amuses me most with religious zealots is how gullible/childish/demented they think "the others" are for believing what they do.
The amount of talent and skills that go into cosplay, especially at #ComicCon, is beyond mind boggling:
Besides the raw genius, what I have the most admiration for @JamieNoTweet is his repeated will to stare at and mock his fear of heights.
W00t! My guilty-pleasure of a reality show, @SyfyTV's Face Off, is back on for a 7th season.
RT @ALL_CAPS: Anywhere except Photoshop RT @ToyotaCanada: Powerful, dependable & capable of going almost anywhere, the FJ Cruiser.
Step 1: come up with own agenda. Step 2: misappropriate an existing philosophy's name for it. Step 3: profit/fame/attention.
RT @LiveScience: First Glimpse of Higgs Bosons at Work Revealed
"I admire Matt and those people [Automattic] a great deal. They've walked the talk in ways that almost no one else has done." –– @dangillmor
RT @TUDr_AS: Happy Birthday is not in copyright, and Warner owes the world hundreds of millions for improperly collected royalties
Snoozing, but not losing
17.5C (63F). If I didn't know I live in Quebec, I'd probably guess.
RT @RebeccaAC12: A packed WordPress booth at #BlogHer14! Come by and check out our mini-workshop schedule (Fri + Sat). #WPlovesBlogHer
Know what's truly amazing? Life.
When a smart phone camera is so good, you can spot the hair stuck to a grasshopper's leg. Nexus 5, freehand shot.
Wiring for wireless controller for Superwinch LP8500
Wiring for wireless controller for Superwinch LP8500 -
People ask me how I can do so much, from coding, to woodworking, to mechanics, etc. Answer: Web and Youtube. EG:
I wish that drive-in was still opened
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