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Stephen Francoeur
Barbara Fister, "Redefining What Discovery Means," Peer to Peer Review -
Pull quote: “As Sloan pointed out in 1984, discovery isn’t really a technology, an algorithm, or a set of tools, and it certainly isn’t something that the library does. It’s a combination of developing personal curiosity and opportunities to join conversations being held by communities exploring the world in a variety of ways. Can librarians help with that? I would argue that’s one of our most important jobs.” - Stephen Francoeur
Before the internet, people would discover information outside of the library? Shocking. - Joe
Catherine Pellegrino
Apparently pranksters got into the library last night and TP'ed the circ and reference desks:
Looks cool! :-D - Uli
At least they didn't do donuts on your nice carpet. - Stephen Francoeur
(FTR these were pranksters who happened to have swipe cards for the staff entrance and sub-master keys to the building, but whatever. :D ) - Catherine Pellegrino
Gee, that hardly narrows it down at all! - Kirsten
"Digital Humanities" - capitalized or not, in a formal document, and your reasoning? Thanks :)
Capitalized if referring to group or entity. I tend to capitalize college or department names. Otherwise lower case. - Hedgehog
2nd that ^^^. - Stephen Francoeur
Thank you both! - ellbeecee
Stephen Francoeur
Don't Get Used To Mobile Apps — Their Days Are Very Obviously Numbered
Don't Get Used To Mobile Apps — Their Days Are Very Obviously Numbered
When a linkbait site post says "very clearly" and "obviously" and "no doubt," you can anticipate a lot of doubt and enormous ambiguity on the topic. Heck, you can do that without even falling for the linkbait. (I have no horse in this race, since I have zero mobile apps downloaded to my nonexistent smartphone and/or "phablet.") - Walt Crawford
Funnily enough, I was kind of thinking that about Business Insider... - Zamms
Business Insider is pretty much the bottom feeder of tech biz "journalism." - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Ok, so the rhetoric and the venue may not be so hot, but the idea in the story was something I hadn't considered. As a UX person, I try to keep abreast of ever shifting trends in design. This other piece turned up in my feed a short time later and does a better job of talking about the same limitations of the app model for interaction: - Stephen Francoeur
Walt, if you don't use apps and don't care about them, perhaps you are not the target audience for this piece , regardless of its quality or validity. - laura x from iPhone
Laura: I respectfully disagree. The piece was typical wild-ass generalization of the "because X is superior, therefore Y will disappear" nature. Will mobile apps decline in importance? Probably--but that wouldn't be a BusInsider story. Stephen's later link was a whole lot better. I guess I just get tired of the linkbait approach used by BusInsider, BuzzFeed, HuffPost, a bunch of other... more... - Walt Crawford
Stephen: thanks for the link to that blog post. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Aaron the Librarian
Academic Librarians - Are you following YikYak?
? clearly not... - ellbeecee
what the heck is yikyak? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Nope. - LB: Water Witch from Android
Who in the what now? - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I checked it out earlier this year and then uninstalled it after a few days. Creepy place full of douchey bros. Not a cool place. Lots of k-12 schools are banning it because of the heartache it can cause. For example: When I tried it in Manhattan, I found tons of awful posts from NYU and Columbia students. - Stephen Francoeur
good lord. based on that article, wouldn't touch it with the proverbial ten-foot pole. - RepoRat
oh crap...i did hear about yikyak and blocked it out of my mind because the early press on it was so poor, much of the same reasons for what occurred in the article stephen linked to - Sir Shuping is just sir
Yep. What I see when I'm at home (local high schools, other colleges) is different than what I see at work. It's interesting/useful to see what's going on when they're having real dialogue there, but the high school age stuff is abhorrent. - Julie Kane
Tl;dr me about this, please? - Marie
YikYak is an app that uses your device location to show you anonymous posts by people in your vicinity (not sure of the range, maybe a few miles or so). You can post your own anonymous comments. - Stephen Francoeur
Merci - Marie from iPhone
I am now. Second post is a vulgar joke that mentions the library. - Steele Lawman
I can't even handle monitoring mentions on Twitter, I'm pretty sure this will kill me. - Meg VMeg
I downloaded to check it out. It's somewhat amusing. - Andy
I just checked it out. Two posts I could intervene in, but a whole lot of tedium, annoyance, and way too much blowjob advice. Still trying to figure out if it's worth spending time there in the building.... I'm also wondering if my commenting (Hey, just sent a building monitor to shush that noise!) will be seen as helpful or creepy. Because being seen as the creepy one on YiKYak would be pretty awful? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
But you're being creepy anonymously, so nobody knows it's you specifically. ;) - kaijsa
If you want to know when people are having sex in the library, there's an app for that - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Took a look. Not going back. - John Jackson from iPhone
I look at it occasionally. I'd check it more if it had a search function so I could search for library mentions...unless it does, and I just don't realize it. - YvonneM
I am not an academic librarian, but I do read it here occasionally. Iowa kids are actually remarkably sweet probably 80% of the time. Once in awhile they're very funny. The rest of the time they are racist sexist assholes, but I was expecting that to be most of the posts, so I was pleasantly surprised. - laura x
Today they are tired, have advice about how you should make sure you have lots of time to sleep if you take Tylenol PM, lest you miss class and Michelle Obama, are unsure of how to tell people they like them, and have discovered, by means of pH strip, that a pumpkin spice latte is basic. Also one said "whoa, I should go to the library more often! I actually studied." - laura x
"Basic" is relatively recent slang for me. So I looked it up on Urban Dictionary (because I am old and librarian) and found that the definition there is 8 years old. I'm so basic. - Steele Lawman
Well, you know, I'm so basic I am down with any joke made at the expense of a pumpkin spice latte. - laura x
Tried it. Not big here. Picked up only stuff from international schools. - aaron from Flucso
Meg VMeg
Shot in the dark: do any of your users save proxy info in their browsers? And if so, do they ever have trouble with access to certain publishers crapping out?
Do you mean that they've configured the browser settings for proxying or do you mean they've bookmarked URLs? If the latter, are the URLs in those bookmarks the proxified URLs or the ones from the publisher? - Stephen Francoeur
The former. They set it up so that it automatically connects to something like and then save their login/password. Here's an example of the instructions: - Meg VMeg
Oh, then that would be a no for me. Sorry. - Stephen Francoeur
Papers, Mendeley, Zotero all can cache proxy information and I think all sometimes crap out? - Christina Pikas
Stephen Francoeur
Anyone have these three: EZproxy, Books24x7, and Primo? Trying to fix access problem in Primo. Suspect that EZproxy may be problem.
Did you try the EZProxy listserv? (I didn't see it there, but maybe it's in moderation). - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Now thinking that Primo may be the real culprit here. - Stephen Francoeur
Whenever possible, blame Primo. Unless you can blame Shibboleth. - Catherine Pellegrino
I think we do, but maybe our Books24x7 titles aren't in the catalog. - Meg VMeg
I mean, we don't have Primo Central, but we have the Primo overlay(?) to Aleph. - Meg VMeg
We don't have Primo but we have had huge issues getting ezproxy to work with books24x7 so I think we stopped trying. - Christina Pikas
RT @fairfieldpublib: 'Tis the season! Please think of us as you wrap gifts - we need your empty cardboard rolls! Thank you!
RT @fairfieldpublib: 'Tis the season! Please think of us as you wrap gifts - we need your empty cardboard rolls! Thank you!
Why do you need their empty cardboard rolls? - Laura
Lightsabers. Duh. ;-) - DJF from Android
To bonk people on the head after they ask impertinent questions. ;-) - Stephen Francoeur
What Stephen said. And then in October, what DJF said. - Miriella
Now would be a great time to tell me about your favorite android apps, btw.
Evernote - Stephen Francoeur
Instapaper - Stephen Francoeur
Andmade Share (offers greater sharing options in all your apps) - Stephen Francoeur
Lookout Mobile (for security, etc.) - Stephen Francoeur
ES File Explorer (better way to view and move files around) - Stephen Francoeur
*hugs Stephen* - lris
Dogg Catcher *(for podcasts) - Stephen Francoeur
LastPass (for password management, requires $ from LastPass) - Stephen Francoeur
FFHound, Urbanspoon, PitchLab, Google Sky Map, and the Red Cross emergency apps. - Kirsten
Zandy (for Zotero) - Stephen Francoeur
1Weather - Stephen Francoeur
AirDroid (access your phone via desktop or laptop) - Stephen Francoeur
Whoa - lris
CityMapper (public transit in major cities) - Stephen Francoeur
If you don't use Gmail, then k9 is a better mail app than the standard one - DJF from Android
Install google authenticator and set up 2-factor authentication on everything - DJF from Android
Yeah, work email and calendar are in zimbra for me, not gmail. Also, my computers are all Mac, so photos and stuff are in iCloud. - lris
Hmm. Pocket? (You probably don't need Pocket AND Instapaper, from what I understand.) If you're interested in meditation, check out Headspace. I'm an iPhone user, but those are two apps I like that have Android equivalents. :) - Laura
I'll second David's recommendation of Google Authenticator. I'd forgotten about it even though I use it often (especial for all things Google and my WordPress installs). - Stephen Francoeur
Dots, for sitting in waiting rooms. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Yik Yak - Steele Lawman
Plume for Twitter - JffKrlsn from Android
Out of Milk for to do and shopping lists. Stocard for keeping all those store barcodes (i.e. Petco, grocery store) - Stocard lets you manually add cards so, I added my library card too. Also, Beyond Pod, NPR, PRI, and This American Life. - Galadriel C.
AccuWeather, AntiVirus, Google Authenticator (although I'm considering switching to Authy), Cartwheel (Target's savings app), Dropbox, Evernote, Flashlight, GroupMe (better group texting), Hootsuite, Instagram, Key Ring (like Stocard), Kroger (savings app), LastPass, Lyft, My Maps (lets me access my custom Gmaps), Pattrn (changes the background regularly), Prey (find my phone), QR Code... more... - ~Courtney F from Android
I second some of the apps Courtney mentioned - I use Keyring & Cartwheel also. - Laura
I have now installed many of these. Wheee! - lris
FeedR, Pocket, Timely, Wolfram Alpha, Simplenote, DoggCatcher, Google Camera, Amazon App Store, Quip, Plume, twicca, 1Password, scorer, Oxford comma (j/k) and Ffhound! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @notallbhas: MichelleObama2016
RT @notallbhas: MichelleObama2016
And this is why the Obamas are the best. - Laura from iPhone
Maybe this will convince Mr. 7yo to eat vegetables. - Stephen Francoeur
my computer just randomly BSODed when I clicked that link. Coincidence, or is the link wonky in some way? - Catherine Pellegrino
Not that I'm aware of. It's a Vine. - Holly's favorite Anna
OK, thanks! Just double-checking. - Catherine Pellegrino
Meg VMeg
Walking behind a man wearing a suit, and thinking, "OMG YOU ARE WEARING SO MUCH FABRIC RIGHT NOW."
I don't get the return of the 3-piece suit. That's crazy and should have remained last seen in the 70s. - Stephen Francoeur
I love a three piece suit. If I'm gonna be uncomfortable, I wanna look really pretty great even with the jacket off. - Andrew C (✔)
(that said, I haven't worn a suit in years, not even to weddings.) - Andrew C (✔)
I love a gent in a suit. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
It's just so much...fabric. - Meg VMeg
I only need a vest if I'm putting my rival railroad companies out of business. - Zamms
What about the top hat? - Joe
It's the cane that runs the trains. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
three piece suits are fantastic. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
They look nice, but I always feel sorry for guys wearing them. - Jenny H. from Android
A properly tailored suit is really not at all uncomfortable to wear. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
Now that you say this, I am seriously tempted to wear a three piece suit when I go in for my TSA Pre appointment. Also: a fedora. - Zamms
Leave the blackjack at home, though. - Stephen Francoeur
Good point. It'd cause more problems than it solved. - Zamms
Suits are okay... in the winter. - John (bird whisperer)
What would you like it to be made of Meg? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
I love a man in a waistcoat *sigh* - Marina's Godmother :-)
I've got a Harris tweed jacket in my office, for which I paid $10 at a local thrift shop. It's so much better than a cardigan or the fleece pullover that I used to wear. - DJF
I say Hell Yes! to the three piece suit. I love a dapper looking gentleman. I think the point of all that fabric is to say, "Look at all this fabric I can afford to wear..." or something like that. - Laura Krier
I ain't braggin' when I say that by this time next week, I will own every Falco album.
Nope, that's not bragging. 😜 - Stephen Francoeur
Har-de-har! - Zamms from iPhone
One more to go! - Zamms from iPhone
Trying to recall this blog post on library website design that critised library websites for putting mostly content (links to search, databases etc) instead of showcasing events or their people.
I remember it was fairly controversial and led to a little blog exchange. I *think* it was on academic libraries but could easily have been on public libraries. - aaron
Thanks Catherine exactly. in particular I remember the response you made. been rethinking lately about library website design and mobile tech lately. - aaron from YouFeed
Catherine's piece is great and I **love** the connection between campus site as marketing tool and library website as marketing tool. Nearly impossible to find the actual life of a campus when it's all splashy "why you should enroll/give" Potemkin's village. When I go to a library site, I'm usually looking for stuff, not library news and social media palaver. - barbara fister
Funny how we go back and forth on this. Kind of like faculty committees - we have too many! prune, prune. We need a committee for .... grow, grow. We have too many (repeat infinitely). - barbara fister
Bell's discussion only makes sense (to me) for academic and school libraries. For public libraries, the "parent institution's website" only comes into play if the library's website is so badly titled/designed that people can't find it directly. I suppose there must be some who say "I need to see stuff at the library. That's probably a city department, so..." but not many. - Walt Crawford
Maybe I misunderstand Bell's piece. But I see academic libraries moving away from the search/discovery business (thanks to changing habits, open access availabilty etc) and moving towards showcasing expertise in data research management, open access, GIS and new facilities like labs etc. This would imply the real estate on the portal should shift towards mentioning those areas and less on "stuff". - aaron
I also notice is that another way to solve the problem would be to have a smart bento style search box with a "best bets" or something, so common searches would recommend librarians and or services... Eg try searching GIS for NCSU libraries. - aaron
I may also have misunderstood; it wasn't Bell's clearest column. - Walt Crawford
Aaron, that shift away from search/discovery toward data management, GIS, etc. may be true ... at R1s, ARL libraries, and other top-tier places. Not so much at small teaching colleges, Podunk State University, community colleges, etc. Which make up a huge proportion of academic libraries, at least in the U.S. - Catherine Pellegrino
Catherine: But isn't it fairly standard operating procedures for discussions of What Academic Libraries Need to focus on The 148 (Research/doctoral intensive) or The 143 (libraries spending at least $10 million), assuming that what works for them will also work for the other three thousand? - Walt Crawford
What's good for the goose is good for the gosling. - Stephen Francoeur
Or to frame all of higher eds problems in terms of either R1s and their undergrad experience or ivy leagues, almost always ignoring the experiences of the nearly 50% who attend CCs. We seem to have a problem grasping the wide spectrum when talking about issues. - barbara fister
Not that public library discussions are free of this problem--amazing the number of discussions, etc. that appear set in a world where most public libraries are good-size institutions serving at least 40,000 people (true of about 15% of America's public library systems). - Walt Crawford
Yes, my argument is for research intensive universities including my own I guess. - aaron
Stephen Francoeur
Can anyone tell me the general differences between the legal research options you have in Westlaw Campus Research vs. Westlaw Next?
When would you want to use one instead of the other (we have both, and also LexisNexis Academic). - Stephen Francoeur
We use LN for newspapers... and legal stuff as we do not not have WCL or WN - Aaron the Librarian
Idk but campus has a very restrictive license - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Law librarian here. WCR is very comparable to LNA for legal research - excellent coverage of primary legal materials, and access to law journals (one of the less helpful secondary sources, but they cost WL very little to offer). The biggest difference in legal materials is WLN has a wealth of the really good (and $$$) secondary / analytical materials - treatises, practice guides, current awareness, et al. - Elizabeth from BuddyFeed
I'm glad a law librarian chimed in. We have the Westlaws, but only at the law library or with login by law people. University libraries have LN only (well, and other nice things like Hein Online). - kaijsa
i buy Westlaw Next (Paralegal ed.) for mai grad students who study media law. It's got more stuff & is easier to search than LexisNexis academic. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
For those of you who have Westlaw Next, have you been able to configure off campus access via EZ proxy? I've tinkered with the settings in EZ proxy but can't ever get it to work from off campus. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
laura x
Meet Galahad. Also, bonus new car selfie.
Also, I got the No. 22 with sweet potato fries from here for lunch: - laura x
Should I call it sir? - Joe
I love the color - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
She's cute, and the car is nice, too. - Glen Campbell
Nice! - lris
nice! - ellbeecee from Android
Most excellent! - Galadriel C. from Android
WHAT CAR? (also, cute Lawra is cute) - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
2014 Subaru Impreza, base model. (It has Bluetooth but no cruise control--wtf?) - laura x from iPhone
Suhweet! - Stephen Francoeur
Is it time to take it drifting and rally racing yet? :) - imabonehead
#toddlerx is disappointed that it is not black. In that case, however, I'd have to name it Mordred. - laura x
#toddlerx is apparently metal as fuck. (or totally goth) - DJF
I love my base impreza - 2008 model does have cruise control. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Welcome to Club Impreza! I love mine (not only because I bought it online, and it was damaged coming off the truck so they upgraded me a Sport version available in the lot the day I showed up to get it!) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I always wanted an Impreza. I've test driven them. - Eric - It's My Thing
just about every car I've owned has been black. Malcolm and I are simpatico - MoTO: Team Marina
Steele Lawman
So I re-installed YikYak just in time to see students claiming they had sex in the library last night.
yay. also I bet they were lying. - RepoRat
Young adults lying about sex in an anonymous online forum? Surely you jest! - Steele Lawman
Huh, mine aren't bad at all. Though one is complaining about the wifi at Stephen's work? - Meg VMeg
Our study rooms have clear glass walls for related reasons. - kaijsa
Same for us, but some students have figured out that the moveable white boards do a good job of covering up those windows. - Joe
Ours get the boot if they cover the windows! - kaijsa
I was inspired to peek at ours again and found that somebody is doing a Gossip Squirrel thing. "Spotted: Squirrelrina Van Der Woodsen eating an apple core on a trash can. I heard she was dating Nut Archibald but he is nowhere to be found. -XOXO Gossip Squirrel." I approve. - kaijsa
Oh, that's quite good. Our students have a thing for squirrels, too. It's sex, food/bathroom, drinking/drugs, slandering the college president, complaining about campus technology, and squirrels, roughly in that order. - Steele Lawman
I am on the verge of installing it here... - laura x from iPhone
I don't have a device that would support it, but even if I did, there is not enough money in the WORLD to get me to see what ND students are posting. No. Way. - Catherine Pellegrino
Someone is spamming ours with Bible quotes and it's pissing everyone off. - Meg VMeg
I deleted my app again because I don't need to see all the "I'm so drunk in class" posts (ugh), but was happy to see a bunch of our students who post fond things about some of our local eccentrics. They seem to enjoy seeing people let their freak flags fly, which is nice. - kaijsa
My latest favorite: "I apologize to my neighbors for the dying whale sounds. I'm trying to get out of bed." - Julie Kane
(Most of ours are about Netflix and mainlining Gilmore Girls episodes when not slamming the wifi). Also, everybody seems to want a Cuddle Buddy. - Julie Kane
Why do classes start so early on Friday, food in Burge, complaints about other people having sex, Adderall, pro/con Asian students, I wish I had a boyfriend. It's actually sort of sweet. - laura x
Oh, why did I download Yik Yak... - Rachel Walden
Rachel, I hear ya. More like Yik Yuck a lot of the time: racism, sexism, ...and more! - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen Francoeur
New issues of portal: Libraries and the Academy is out. Chock full of good articles.
there's an article about how we closed one of our libraries in there written by some of my fave peeps. - jambina
And, oh look at that, all of those interesting articles are behind a paywall. - Walt Crawford
Why is it that I'm unable to type anything without at least one typo: it's "issue" not "issues," stupid brain! I'm good at catching typos after the fact but with Twitter, ain't a damn thing I can do about them except delete the tweet and republish a corrected one. Or just say fuhgeddabout it. - Stephen Francoeur
The review, "The Virtues of Openness: Education, Science, and Scholarship in the Digital Age" is closed. I wonder if it is green OA somewhere. - Joe
Stephen Francoeur
Trying to figure out why such huge discrepancies between our Summon instance (only searches for articles and has no records from our catalog) and our soon to be live Primo instance (searches for articles and includes all records from the union catalog for CUNY). A simple search for "history" in Summon yields 33,947,198 records. The same search...
in Primo yields only 5,679,243 records. Assuming that we've activated all the same article databases in Primo as we have in Summon, does anyone know for a fact about real differences between the way Summon and Primo run searches? Does Summon perhaps default to full text searches, while Primo doesn't? Does Summon's index have records at the article/entry level for dictionaries and encyclopedias in places like Credo and Gale Virtual Reference Library while Primo is only at the book title level? Something else? - Stephen Francoeur
Summon does full text searches for the content that it has the full text of. This includes searching the Hathi Trust collection for the books you have in your catalogue, even if you only have the print and don't have access to the Hathi Trust collection. - DJF from Android
Interesting. Didn't know that. We don't have any catalog records in our Summon instance, though. so there must be something else going on. - Stephen Francoeur
Oh, an idea. Maybe I need to go into the Summon admin module and turn off the citation-only records in Summon and see if that makes for more comparable searches. - Stephen Francoeur
Hmm. That didn't do anything. Maybe I have to wait until tomorrow to see if the citation-only records are now gone. But even if they were, we're still talking about orders of magnitude differences in Summon vs. Primo. - Stephen Francoeur
And why is it that in Primo you get slightly more search results when you're signed in? What exactly is being hidden from you when you aren't signed in and run searches? - Stephen Francoeur
I suspect that some of the companies that share records with Ex Libris put in their license a restriction that the records are only visible to authenticated users. Does that sound like a reasonable assumption? - Stephen Francoeur
I think that's true. In the activation wizard there are resources that are restricted for search and restricted for delivery. - Zamms
(liking so I can come back and consider this) - weelibrarian
Seems like Summon does a better job than Primo of offering equivalent records for items indexed in various EBSCO databases. So if your institution is heavily reliant on EBSCO subscriptions, maybe Summon is the better service (or EBSCO EDS). - Stephen Francoeur
I had so many questions like this about Primo that MFPOW and I were put under a gag order. And we didn't get Primo. #6YearsAgo - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Are you on the Primo listserv? The discussions of the past week are not even being able to reconcile results comparing Primo to Primo. But, I can answer the "what are they hiding" - or at least say that I recall it is some EBSCO content you get logged in that you don't get logged out. (Let's hope I'm remembering that right!) - Lisa Hinchliffe
TO me the quest8ion is "waht do you want your discovery service to do?" Personally, I want my discovery layer to INDEX ALL THE THINGS and RETURN ALL THE HITS... whether the user is signed in or not. Once the user selects a result and wants the fll text, then the authentication check happens (and the user logs in if not already logged in). none of this "well it's indexed but you can't... more... - Aaron the Librarian
Lisa, I am on the Primo mailing list and was just now searching the archives. I found someone mentioning that Web of Science records are only visible if you've signed in. I haven't found any other specifics yet. I've been on the Ex Libris site, but they seem to have a lot of documentation hidden away in a place that only folks with support logins can get to. Aaron, I must say that I... more... - Stephen Francoeur
I'll add to Aaron's list - I want ALL THE RECORDS FOR THE SAME ITEM TO CONVERGE INTO ONE. Which was/is also a WoS issue with Primo (I don't know was/is since we no longer have Primo). - Lisa Hinchliffe
to make that vision work, we need a) open metadata, and b) unique identifiers for all the things (so we're not trying to dedupe via metadata fields, which is slow and error-prone). the former is... mostly feasible? given that most publishers at least put TOCs online? the latter would be easier if DOIs weren't expensive and red-tape-laden, or if they didn't have such an Aura of Holiness that publishers don't look at (cheaper, open) ARKs and PURLs. - RepoRat
Yes, but ultimately we need vendor-to-vendor agreements that let the products USE SAID INFORMATION FOR THE BENEFIT OF USERS. Oh, was I shouting? - Lisa Hinchliffe
Open metadata means f*** the vendors. *g* - RepoRat
That only works if the metadata includes the fulltext. Otherwise can still limit de-duping by contract in order to allow discovery vendor access to fulltext for search and ranking. - Lisa Hinchliffe
'Nother good argument for OA as well. *g* - RepoRat
I'd consider it a win if we could at least get open metadata. Here's a relevant post from last year that delves into these issues: - Stephen Francoeur
Hmm Primo sounds like Summon then with regards to WOS showing? EDS will show that a "highly revelant" record exists but only if you login then you can see the details. My understanding is Summon is a big fan of the dedupe and combine all things into a super record approach. But other discovery services and more importantly A&Is, don't like the idea because the super combined record approach means it's difficult for them or users to realise the contribution the A&I records adds to the process. Sigh. - aaron
"Ten things you should know about scholarly communication." Jeffrey Beall,
"Ten baseless things Jeffrey Beall's fevered imagination thinks we should 'know." - Stephen Francoeur
Thank you for warning me it was Beall and I could therefore ignore it. - RepoRat
Could you tell it was Beall otherwise? Especially if the name was not on the doc? :) - aaron
I know the URL already, so I was aware it was Beall before I even clicked. - Stephen Francoeur
But even if I didn't know that, if I were to just stumble on this document without knowing the author, items 7 and 8 sound like him: "Big-Brother style mandates" and the focus solely on OA journals as predatory. - Stephen Francoeur
Unfortunately, Beall seems to have a big and growing audience, and attempts to deflate his reputation have, as far as I can tell, been pretty much ignored. So that grotesquerie will receive a lot more credit than it should... - Walt Crawford
Turn it up to 11. People should know about the ravings of J.Be all. - Joe
How do I (or anyone else) do that? You can't say "there are no questionable journals" because, of course, there are...just not nearly as many as Beall claims. You can correct his false statements about gold OA (statements repeated in nearly every damn APC-charging OA publisher's website), but that just gets ignored. He gets away with calling my work "bilge" and attacking anybody who questions him... - Walt Crawford
...and, after all, he's an Academic Librarian and therefore trustworthy, where I'm a nobody with no institutional affiliation or credentials. (Yes, my extended report on OA realities will be coming out. No, I don't think it will do much good. I'm getting more than a little discouraged about doing *anything*.) - Walt Crawford
Saw it in [SCHOLCOMM] so far only 1 reply. Let me tweet it too. - aaron
we made a great one for ACRL, and Beall took full advantage of the CC licensing. *sigh* - jambina
I'd issue him a takedown notice. This CC-BY-NC-SA document is on a .com website. Hence, he is using something that is supposed to be non-commercial on a commercial website. - Joe
we decided not to. as for the .com - that's a big stretch, joe. i have a .com and do nothing commercial on it. - jambina
It was a thought. - Joe
If that PDF really was created on October 1, 2014, the question is at what point Beall's misstatements (all Gold OA involves author payments, there's an inherent conflict of interest--presumably unique to Gold OA--in authors paying publishers [ignoring all the charges in toll journals]) slide from ignorance to deliberate distortion of the facts. - Walt Crawford
On the other hand, I sure wouldn't want to push the idea that something being on a .com site makes it "commercial." That's an awfully wide assertion. - Walt Crawford
We need to do a 'let me fix that for you' and distribute it. - Sarah from FreshFeed
Since I'm not a scholcomm subscriber, I didn't realize that Beall's document is his "improved version" of an earlier (ARL?) document. That makes it even worse: his idea of "improving" being basically to lie about OA in order to trash it as much as possible. - Walt Crawford
[Yes, on one hand, I know that I probably need to subscribe to scholcomm. On the other, AFAIK I don't currently have high blood pressure and, at my age, don't wish to encourage it...] - Walt Crawford
[Shudder:] Turns out I already have--and could log into--an ALA Mailing Lists account (I subscribe to two mail lists that have been dead for some time). So I subscribed to scholcomm. I suspect I'll live to regret it. - Walt Crawford
Right now, there is a lot of activity, but I bet that will die down, lots of re re re re res. - Joe
Micah Vandergrift said OA week should be a call to librarians to adopt an OA only pledge, something like that, and lots of discussion ensued. - Joe
I noticed, just looking at portions of October. Of course, being exposed to *more* of Joe Esposito and Rick Anderson ain't gonna make my day, but I guess I need to follow it. (Yes, SKitch is in my feed, as is [Anti-]Scholarly Open Access - Walt Crawford
And finally did what I should have done earlier: Looked up Micah Vandegrift after his comments that seem to suggest that librarians have ignored OA. He's young and energetic: that's good. While I think the idea of an LIS Megajournal is a really, really bad one, I don't want to discourage those who still have any OA energy left... - Walt Crawford
Oh, and he's a 2013 M&S, and I'm entirely out of the business of cutting those down or even saying anything bad about them. So I'll go back to lurking more. Well, and starting in on Part 2 of my big report (part 1 is done in draft stage; the issue will probably be out next week). - Walt Crawford
So I'm one of the original authors of the Schol Comm 10 things document (for the ACRL Schol Comm Roadshow). We've asked Beall to remove our names and to state that we do not endorse his version, and to link to the original. He's said he would comply.... - Sarah
Phew. I'm sorry that became necessary, but thank you for challenging him. - RepoRat
Sarah: Ditto on the thanks for the challenge; now I see it's ACRL, not ARL. (Yes, I do know the difference...) - Walt Crawford
Stephen Francoeur
Attention libraries of the world: if you notice repeated searches for "turtles" in your discovery service, that's just me kicking the tires.
It's turtles all the way down. - bentley
Betsy, it sure is if you're scrolling through your search query logs after I've been around. - Stephen Francoeur
"Beer" might be me. - Kirsten
i use Montréal to see how it deals with diacritics - jambina
Some of you may not have met me or heard my voice. In case you were wondering, here's some video of me: - Stephen Francoeur
I wouldn't know cos I can't seem to get that type of information from Primo anymore... - Zamms
laura x
Recommendations for urban fantasy for a young teen boy, preferably without much sex?
Clockwork Orange? - Janet
what's urban fantasy, Laura? - Pete : Team Marina
Would Diane Duane's Young Wizards series work? Or too young? ( - Jennifer Dittrich
Emma Bull, War for the Oaks? (I think there's a little sex in there, definitely some attractions-stuff, but not much -- but follow up on that if it's a concern) - Catherine Pellegrino
Also, "The Planet of Junior Brown" (and by "Urban Fantasy", I presume you mean fantasy stories in a urban setting?) - MoTO: Team Marina
Also, "The Planet of Junior Brown" - MoTO: Team Marina
Not a huge fan of Charles deLint personally, but his stuff might fill the bill. - RepoRat
Oh right! Gaiman. American Gods. - Catherine Pellegrino
Or Anansi Boys. - RepoRat
As usual, Catherine and RR are ahead of me. - MoTO: Team Marina
I'm wondering what urban fantasy is too. - Stephen Francoeur
Urban fantasy: think Shadowrun if you ever played it. Basic idea is fantasy elements (elves, dragons, magic) in a recognizably urban, modern-ish setting (so not steampunk, or Regency fantasy). - RepoRat
Neverwhere would work. - Katy S from iPhone
An argument could be made for the His Dark Materials series, if they're willing to be patient with the first book to get to the second. - RepoRat
If he's interested in graphic novels, "Fables" and "Sandman" fit the bill. - MoTO: Team Marina
Oooh, yes. And if superheroes are fantasy enough, Astro City. - RepoRat
Other graphic novels: the Courtney Crumrin series from Ted Naifeh and The Good Neighbors series by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh. (Actually, I think the latter might have been adapted from Black's novels.) - Andrew C (✔)
The Story of Owen is pretty good. Grasshopper Jungle if foul language is okay. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown if he will read books with female protagonists. Maggot Moon is very good. Holly Black's Curse Workers series. - Katy S from iPhone
Me and RR need to sit down over coffees on a cold day and share book lists. This needs to happen soonest. Edit: Actually, I'd like to talk books with all you criminals. Katy could bring a nice pie. - MoTO: Team Marina
The Bordertown books. They're shared world anthologies of short stories set in a town that lives on the border between this world and Faerie. There are a bunch of them, but the most recent, published after a gap of over a decade, is "Welcome to Bordertown". The real world publishing gap is actually taken into account in the stories. - DJF
Dresden Files? I think there's some sex? I can't remember, so it must not have been very good. - Steele Lawman
The sex in Dresden is mostly of the "happens off camera" type. I like those and I think a teenage boy would too. - Marianne
There's a series of collections of SFF short stories aimed at teens, edited by Sharyn November, starting with Firebirds... all the other ones also have firebirds in the title. Anyway, they're not all UF, by any means, but a lot of them are, and would be potentially a good way for him to find authors he wants to read more by. - Marianne
oh, another couple of anthologies that might be good: Beagle's unimaginatively titled The Urban Fantasy Anthology and Ekaterina Sedia's Paper Cities. (I'd steer him away from the many many anthologies that solely collect novellas of existing series, as usually one of those novellas will be very steamy.) - Marianne
Also, "Portable Childhoods". Great collection of short stories. Some sex IIRC. Nothing explicit. And there is at least one homosexual relationship if there is any concern by the parents. - MoTO: Team Marina
China Mieville's "The CIty and the CIty" and "Kraken" are kind of atypical urban fantasies. I thought they were both great, and if the kid's taste is a bit more literary/adult, he might like them. - Steele Lawman
Mieville's "Un-Lun-Dun" is actually YA, and very good, although it's a bit younger than many of the other suggestions. He'll have to cope with the main character being a girl POC, though, so don't tell him that before he starts reading. - DJF
Thank you all--sent this on to the person who was asking. You rock. - laura x
War of the Oaks [whoops, already there upthread] - maʀtha
I LOVED City and the City. Also, speaking of Sedia, The Secret History of Moscow - maʀtha
Among the hidden? Too young ? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Stephen Francoeur
Switching from Summon to Primo this month means I'm going to have get serious about understanding what's different about how each works.
does ANYBODY understand how they work? I'm only partially facetious here: my understanding is that at least some degree of the relevancy ranking (in Primo, not sure about Summon) is a proprietary trade secret. - Catherine Pellegrino
At this point, I'll be happy to have some rules of thumb (that I can trust). - Stephen Francoeur
So, yeah, if anybody was under the misapprehension that Adobe is anything but a massive tool...
Yikes. I hope this story gets wide play in library land. Ebrary requires an Adobe Digital Editions account. Can't remember if the software is still required, though, as I know something changed recently with Ebrary (or was it Overdrive) and apps/interfaces. - Stephen Francoeur
Overdrive does, too. - laura x
New Overdrive doesn't need you to HAVE and Adobe Account anymore. You register with Overdrive to manage your DRM. Which is probably powered by Adobe but.... - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
It's already making teh Splash on ALA Council list, LITA Board list, and ALAWO/OITP. Also, I'm digging to find out who recieved the question from ArsTechnica and what the response [was / will be]. more as I learn more - Aaron the Librarian
This is making me grumpy. We're so all in for ebooks and it's a headache just from the 18-steps-to-download perspective. Thanks, I'm bringing this up at our faculty meeting. - kaijsa
RE: ALA activity: ALA WO was contacted, I hear it was likely Jazzy Wright (WO press officer) who spoke with Ars. Here's a link to two ALA Council posts with activity updates: Office for Intellectual Freedom email: & LITA Board email: (or October to date: ) - Aaron the Librarian
Long story short, the behemoth has been poked and is now aware. More as I hear it. - Aaron the Librarian
YOU GO ALA. - RepoRat
Instruction question--what's a good way to explain to students why the DB uses subject terms that are much different than from what they might type into the DB unaided?
I always say it is because databases are very literal. They don't understand which meaning of the word you mean. E.g. nursing, cavity, Ed (emergency dept or education) - Hedgehog from Android
also, I call the subjects "tags." Maybe they'd understand that different people would apply different tags to the same item? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Seconding Stephanie's advice. I tend to use the word "tags" for the same reasons. - Stephen Francoeur
Thanks. I do the literal thing sometimes too. I like the word "tag." - YvonneM
I say that subject headings are what librarians think they should be, not what normal people think they should be. Which at least flags them as useful but problematic, without actually explaining why they are that way. - Steele Lawman
All of this. Also, it has to do with learning disciplinary lingo. What terms would a sociologist/psychologist/anthropologist use for this concept? - maʀtha
I also give the example of diabetes - who wants to search for >10 different terms for diabetes? The correct subject heading exploded retrieves everything regardless of variations in terminology. - maʀtha
I explain to them that there are a lot of different ways people could write about the same concept, and give them an example (e.g, heart attack, MI, myocardial infarction), and explain that using the subject terms help make sure they're using the "right" term for the database, helping them capture articles on the topic even if people wrote about them in different ways - Rachel Walden
sometimes, depending on the audience, I tell them that it's like learning another language - along the lines of what others have said. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I say that there are different groups all referring to the same concept by different names so they have to pick one name and go with it, even if it a) isn't what you'd call it b) might be slightly different in connotation (like optical radar, ladar, lidar) - Christina Pikas
Stephen Francoeur
Carl Straumsheim, "New report urges university libraries to reconsider their role in discovery," Inside Higher Ed -
Pull quote: “’Is a single search box that doesn’t know anything about its user able to provide for all of those needs?; [Roger] Schonfeld said. ‘As you start to distinguish between both different institutions and different populations within any given institution, the opportunity to complicate what a single search box is and what it could be is one of the next steps that’s coming to this conversation.’” - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen Francoeur
Anyone else watching "Transparent" on Amazon? Liking it mostly but wondering about critiques being made of the show. Assume there must be a bit of conversation/discussion about this one.
I have not read one negative thing about it. I was in on pre-release surveying about the series, and had planned on avoiding it, since it didn't seem at all promising as a serious treatment. But, honestly, it seemed to me near perfect, and I love the fact that the main character appears to be the most centered of them all. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
everything that Rochelle said. Highly recommended -- and I haven't read anything substantively negative either. (in my circle of highly-educated, mostly-white, all liberal acquaintances & papers). - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've heard good things about it, too - I haven't watched it yet but have heard the treatment of it was very reasonable, and am looking forward to watching it. - Laura
Finished up the series last night (there are only 10 episodes). It's great and not to be missed. - Stephen Francoeur
Meg VMeg
Meg fall down, go boom.
Ow. - Zamms
owwwwwww - lris
I'm not even looking at my knees for a week. - Meg VMeg
thaaaaaaat musta hurt. - RepoRat
I was walking down the street like a normal person, and my right toe caught some small sidewalk edge, and it was fine bcause my left foot was like, "YO, I TOTALLY GOT THIS," and jumped into action for the quick save, except the left shoelace (which was tied, btw) got stuck in one of these metal panels we have in the sidewalk here. And then I was spreadeagle on the ground. And then I... more... - Meg VMeg
:( - Anne Bouey
Ouch! - Kirsten from Android
owwieee - imabonehead
:( Ow! Hope you feel better soon! - LB: Water Witch from Android
Ouch! - Katy S
:( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
yowch! - Big Joe Silence
It looks bruised. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Goddam NYC transit. Also, owwwwww. - laura x from iPhone
:-( - Stephan from iPhone
Ouch :-( - Galadriel C. from Android
Hope it feels better soon. :( - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
I think between us we have most extremities covered! - Melly - #TeamMarina from FFHound!
GO TEAM - Meg VMeg
I had mole on my back tested; had no idea they would take the whole damn thing off. I now have a hole in my back & I kind of miss my mole.
Can you ask for it back? In a jar? - Stephen Francoeur
Ew, what? Is that even possible? - Miriella from Android
Meg VMeg
It's too late to be awake, but I'm watching the video for the only good Throwing Muses song.
Now all the good Teenage Fanclub songs. - Meg VMeg
I saw them play in the freshman cafeteria at my college in 1984 or 1985. S'okay. - Stephen Francoeur
Library instruction for undergraduate thesis writers -
How I wish we'd had this when I was an undergrad. It would have made a world of difference for me writing my thesis. Our library instruction was them shoving us through a 30 minute session so we passed a "library test" required to graduate. - Hedgehog
Meanwhile, I got no instruction, so I did the bulk of my research by sitting in front of the PMLA and looking at each and every table of contents for the library's entire run to see which articles to read. - lris
Why when I was a student, we wrote letters to scholars to learn of their discoveries and exchange knowledge that was both useful and advantageous to us. "Dear Locasio of Bologna, I have heard of your recent work in glass lenses for a 'tele-scope'..." - Stephen Francoeur
And he wrote back and said "let me google that for you" - lris
Never wrote a thesis. Never talked to an academic librarian before I worked in a library. - Steele Lawman
But, more to the point, this post makes me feel good, because it's similar to what I do with thesis writers. I like the "cropped photograph" metaphor, because I usually use a "zoom lens" metaphor when talking about keyword searching and getting more and less specific depending on your results. - Steele Lawman
Oh, I like the zoom lens metaphor! *adds to my list* - lris
I did a thesis at a prestigious women's college … and I got ALL OF MY SOURCES from the Reader's Guide. #SoEmbarrassedNow (tho' to my credit, I found my way to the NYPL & looked at some primary sources) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I like your post … and I also like the idea of subversive handouts. I might add a slide to my PowerPoint handouts (not shown in class) about "things you can ask me about") - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
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