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No, Primo, I did not mean that.
Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.16.15 AM.png
That Primo instance has an attitude problem. - Stephen Francoeur
Ours has occasionally started saying "Did you mean:" and then the thing that I typed. Which makes me wonder what it actually searched, if not the thing that I typed. - Meg VMeg
My favourite "did you mean" continues to be when it offers me an alternative that has fewer (often zero) results than the thing for which I actually searched. Or when it gives me an exact match for my search string, and then offers an alternative search that is, again, worse. - DJF
I'm getting that a lot lately, too, Meg. I figure Primo can't improve on my inherent search perfection, so it just gives up. - Megan loves summer
I was going to submit, but I lost my screenshot and couldn't remember the search. - Meg VMeg
Oh, I will approve tomorrow when I am back on the computer that knows my tumblr password. - laura x from iPhone
Submitted! - Meg VMeg
Posted! - laura x
Stephen Francoeur
Trying to do some background reading for some research projects that will look at user experience and the search process. I need to read some notable works on information seeking behavior and have begun reading Carol Kuhlthau. I'm looking for models that I can use in my analysis of usabilty test results. Who should I be reading also or instead?
I see lots of intriguing models detailed in this book: - Stephen Francoeur
It would be ideal, of course, to read everything, but if I do that, I'll never get to the point of collecting my own data. So where should I begin? - Stephen Francoeur
I've looked at a previous edition of this book in the past, Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking, Needs and Behavior (Library and Information Science) Hardcover – April 19, 2012 by Donald O. Case - Joe
Lots of thing by Carol Tenopir, - Joe
Bates, M. J. (1989) The design of browsing and berrypicking techniques for the online search interface. Online Review, 13(5), 407-424. - Marie
Dervin, B. (1977) Useful theory for librarianship: Communication, not information. Drexel Library Quarterly,13(3), 16-32. - Marie
Wilson, T. D. (1981) On user studies and information needs. Journal of Documentation, 37, 3-15. - Marie
Marchionini, G. (1995) Information seeking in electronic environments. New York: Cambridge University Press. - Marie
What they said and I really do like Wilson so I'll recommend something different. How about Marti Hearst's book on search interfaces ? It's free on her site - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I'm wondering if anyone has tried to answer the question about whether the way we conceive of search (our mental model) has changed (and, if so, in what ways) since the web made the very concept of search a regular feature of our lives. - Stephen Francoeur
Maybe something from Weave or Matt Reidsma's work? One of my coworkers is working on some research into discovery tools comparisons--I can also put you in touch with her. - Hedgehog
I've got a backlog of articles to read in Weave. I've been reading Matthew Reidsma's blog since it started and trying to keep up with his presentations that he shares online. I'm thinking there must be someone who has written about search outside of libraryland. This book is on my to-read list and is in the ballpark: - Stephen Francoeur
Search outside of libraryland??? There are some JASIST articles on everyday information seeking, and a book, "Everyday Information: The Evolution of Information Seeking in America, ed. William Aspray and Barbara M. Hayes. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2011. p. $60 (ISBN 0-262-01501-3). - Joe
Visitors and Residents project - barbara fister
Though I think user experience is not the same thing as information seeking behavior. If made into a Venn diagram, a lot would fall outside how search platforms work (or don't). - barbara fister
Also interesting to think of how UX that's designed for marketing differs from good UX for research and how the different assumptions might influence the questions we ask and how we read the results. - barbara fister
Here are some others, and maybe from 10 years ago. - Joe
Barbara, one thing that's got me wondering is how search that is designed for non-research purposes affects how our students conceive of search and conduct them. How have their expectations been shaped by Google, eBay, Amazon, etc.? What can I learn from those commercial search experiences that can help us design better research interfaces? - Stephen Francoeur
Some of our librarians will say that we have Summon because it is the "libraries response to have a google-like interface" to academic content. I don't quite buy that, but that is what some of my coworkers have said. Something like that anyway. - Joe
I'm still pondering that the Memex Vanevar Bush imagined in 1945 looked very little like our databases, which look like indexes turned into shopping platforms. I want my trails of association! - barbara fister
this is hearsay, but I think that the Triangle Research LIbs Networks' shared catalog interface ( was created by the software that created B&N (or Amazon's) Interface. This is years ago, now, but I could poke around down here if you want to see who knows more about that. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
distinct from NCSU's use of Endeca? - RepoRat
Jasist is outside libraryland?! - Aaron the Librarian from Android
JASIST is information scientists. *They* sure think they're outside libraryland. - RepoRat
My hubby studies this area. He adds: Elfreda Chatman - ethnographic approaches to info seeking behaviour, esp underserved groups Also: David Ellis, Bryce Allen, R. S. Taylor - Megan loves summer
I meant that there are some articles in JASIST that talk about how non librarians and regular people (not students, not faculty) try to find information. - Joe
I totally believe dicovery layers are an attempt to be more Google-like. I am not convinced but I see the appeal. (All the money and time they require? Would people love them as much if they knew that's where limited library dollars go? I dunno.) - barbara fister
Meg VMeg
Can't ever remember whether Gala or Fuji apples are the ones that I like/hate.
stupid cvcv fruits - Meg VMeg
I love Fuji, hate gala. - jambina
Yeah, I think I need to remember "fuji=favorite" but I confuse it with "gala=great" - Meg VMeg
You need like a whole acronym. Favorite Unicorn Juggling Innuendo or Great Acronym Like Apple (I got nothin on that second one.) - Jennifer Dittrich
I avoid them both, but I really like Jenn's suggestion. :D - Jenny H.
Ooooh yes, good idea. - Meg VMeg
Gala = gah! - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Don't buy either: get honeycrisp instead! - Stephen Francoeur
I buck trends and like Gala. Also Mahana though that mightn't be known outside New Zealand yet and part of why I like it is the name (Māori for warm both temperature-wise and by extension emotionally). Also I think there was a variety with a name reminiscent of lemonade (unless I'm getting confused with the Whittakers L&P flavoured white chocolate but that set of flavours is a whole different field of awesomeness). - Deborah Fitchett
We are ecumenical in our apple tastes, and like both Gala and Fuji. But, Galas are an earlier variety and don't keep well; Fujis are a later variety and keep somewhat better, so we wind up eating more Fujis than Galas. (And I wandered into the "more than you wanted to know" zone about three clauses ago, didn't I?) - Catherine Pellegrino
No, I'm fascinated! Stephen, I'd get honeycrisp, but they don't sell them at most stores on the way to/from work. - Meg VMeg
oh, you should see my matrix of acceptable apples. it's only in my head right now, but it's a doozy. - holly #ravingfangirl
I prefer Fuji to Braeburn. Those are the ones I most often get messed up. Galas were great early on because they were the first real alternative to Delicious and Granny Smith, but they've fallen in my rankings. - laura x from iPhone
Meg VMeg
The only bad thing about grey clothing is that it doesn't hide coffee stains very well.
Yes, but in the dark, all cats are gray, so turn down the lights or just go out at night and you're A-OK. - Stephen Francoeur
If I'm reading Stephen correctly you'll be A-OK but you'll also be a cat. - lris from Android
you say this as though it's a bad thing - RepoRat
Meg VMeg
Ever hear of "On the Organization"?
Now I have. - Stephen Francoeur
I deleted my commentary because I didn't want to bring the randos out of the woodwork. Maybe we could discuss in code. - Meg VMeg
E.g., "randos"=perfectly nice people who enjoy woodworking - Meg VMeg
no, but their 2016 conf is in Hawaii, so they've got that going for them - ellbeecee
Stephen Francoeur
Waiting for Con Ed to fix the smoking manhole in front of our building, a problem that started yesterday afternoon. The smell is nasty, and there's always a danger of electrocution or explosions. Con Ed tells me that they're inundated with calls like this today. Here's some shaky video of the mess:...
Oof. I hope that's not your car next to it. At least the car windows are up. - bentley
Nope, not my car (don't have one at all, actually). - Stephen Francoeur from Android
crap - Meg VMeg
Still waiting... - Stephen Francoeur
inundated? Really? How many smoking manholes are in Manhattan today? - Hedgehog
Not sure I want to know the answer to that question... - Meg VMeg
Earlier this month, there were 250 fires reported in a day: - Stephen Francoeur
Well, Con Ed has been at work now for 2 hours. We've had flickering lights, one explosion, and lots of thuds from the work in front of our building. Hope this ends soon. - Stephen Francoeur
Glad it didn't explode before they got there! - Meg VMeg
Wow. - Marie
NYC is a mysterious and dystopian land.... - lris
They're still out there with a vacuum cleaner truck. At least the smoldering electrical fire is out. - Stephen Francoeur
Yeesh - lris from Android
There's a great Joan Didion essay about how NYC is actually a completely horrible place to live and how no one would put up with its inanities anywhere else in the country. - laura x from iPhone
I'd like to think each burg in America abounds with equal proportions of inanities if you look hard enough. - Stephen Francoeur
Also, I'm going to have to find that essay by Joan Didion now. - Stephen Francoeur
Galadriel C.
So, who is up for an LSW meet up at ER&L next week? Perhaps a table at the Sunday happy hour like last year and/or a lunch? Joelle and I are free for lunch on Wednesday.
i suppose i should look at my schedule for this, hm? :) - ~Courtney F
please post pictures from the meet up! - Marie
Me! My flight's at 3. What time were you thinking? :) - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Time: What about meeting at the registration area right after the 11 am closing keynote? Jaclyn, we can go someplace close and face to facilitate flight-catching. - Galadriel C.
Y'all say hi to my college buddy @straikat (Stacie Traill), yet another clarinetist-turned-librarian, who's on her way to ER&L! - Catherine Pellegrino
Look out for a crew from MPOW (Baruch College) who are presenting: Nora Almeida ( Alexandra Hamlett ( and Mike Waldman, my boss ( - Stephen Francoeur
My ER Lib is there! Kavita's very nice if you bump into her! - Hedgehog
I'll look out for your peeps Stephen and Hedgie! - Galadriel C. from Android
Stephen Francoeur
Rebecca Carlson, "Letter to the Liaison Librarian," Letters to a Young Librarian - http://letterstoayounglibraria...
Pull quote: “You have the opportunity to frame the relationship in a way that will help everyone; showing that the library can adapt, can change, and can be more relevant will have a lasting impact. It starts and ends with you as the liaison librarian going outside the library and moving outside the library box to improve communication.” - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen Francoeur
Nancy K. Herther, "Scholarly Publishing & Peer Review Face the Future (Part 1 of a 2 part series)," Against The Grain -
Pull quote: “Recent articles [about reforming the peer review process] describe a wide variety of options: Research and commentary have focused on issues of bias, cost of the process, lack of proof that it is effective, a time-wasting, bureaucratic process, or an impediment to innovation. Although critics abound, no replacement for some form of peer review has yet been implemented—and for good reason. Many of the suggested options hold problems all their own.” - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen Francoeur
Audrey Watters, "The History of the Future of Education," Hack Education -
Pull quote: “All the visions of the future of education, the future of teaching, the future of work, the future of learning are ideological. They are also political. As we hear the visions of politicians and entrepreneurs, as we listen to the visions of the rest of today’s speakers, we need to remember that. Predictions about the future are not neutral. They are not objective. They are invested. Invested in a past and a present and a future. Invested in a certain view of what learning looks like now, what it has looked like before and what – thanks to whatever happens in the future – what it might look like going forward.” - Stephen Francoeur
Meg VMeg
1. To what extent can my problems be solved by digital computers?
2. Will a digital computer lower my costs or increase the range of problems I can solve? - Meg VMeg
3. Should I obtain a computer of my own or should I send my problems to a central computing laboratory? - Meg VMeg
4. How do I recognize a problem to which a digital computer can contribute? - Meg VMeg
5. How do I prepare my problem for solution by a digital computer? - Meg VMeg
6. Will a computer enable me to forge ahead of my competitors? - Meg VMeg
God, it's late. - Meg VMeg
I'd stick with analog computers. - Stephen Francoeur
Metaphorically. - Meg VMeg
Too late for punchcards - Big Joe Silence from iPod
have an abacus! - RepoRat
Personally, I choose to send all my problems to a central computing laboratory. Then again, I have little interest in forging ahead of my competitors. - Meg VMeg
*hits scram switch and dashes out doors ahead of halon dump* - Big Joe Silence from iPod
LSW: Joe
Justin wonderin'. How did people hear about the LSW?
Josh's blog, I think. - Pete
Twitter - ellbeecee
It was whispered to me in an elevator at CIL in DC 2008. By Josh Neff. Also the picture from CIL2008 in Meredeth's article makes me miss a whole bunch of folks who I don't see enough anymore. Let me get this stuff out of my eye. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Iris and Martha, back when LSW was still in a meebo room - Sir Shuping is just sir
From Ruth at SLA - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I'm not sure. Probably Josh's blog, too. - bentley
I was in the Meebo room on the day it was born. Cigars were handed 'round; there was a brandy toast. It was a beautiful baby. *dabs at eyes* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I think I couldn't get on Meebo because I had the ancient computer then or something. :-( - bentley
I think from Rochelle's blog post about it, which also led me to getting onto Twitter in the first place. Almost 8 years there now. - Katie
blake had a tweet in his feed that led to a link to here, and to see what the link actually said, i had to sign up... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
From some pamphlets my doctor gave me when I asked about spells of dizziness. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Meebo... oh look, Rochelle Said It Better Than I Could. Summer of 2007, iirc - Aaron the Librarian
I don't believe you Stephen... - Joe
As you shouldn't, because actually I heard about it in a vision. I was in the Zs, dusting some of my favorite library science titles, when a flash of light blinded me and knocked me to the floor. A booming voice told me, "Go ye online to find ye brethren, like minded folk who, enticed by calls for slatterns and powders of mystery, make sport of all that is sacred." - Stephen Francoeur
I do remember the Meebo room from the summer if 2007...mainly because I'd pop in the evening from whichever hotel as I drove cross country from Youngstown to Tucson for the new job. Terre Haute, Joplin, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Tucson. It was gone by the time I moved back east in 2010. That was Van Horn, Tyler, Birmingham, Atlanta. (the things that stick in my head...) - ellbeecee
From laurax, I think. It's so hard to remember. - kaijsa
Actually, Stephen's recounting might mirror what happened for some of us - especially the description provided by the Great Cataloguer. - Aaron the Librarian from Android
I don't remember specifically, but I do know that at a conference sometime before CiL 2009, there was a small crowd of people having entirely Too Much Fun, and I kinda-sorta recognized some of them from their blogs, and thought "that right there? That's the LSW." And then at CiL 2009 I was sitting on the floor in the hotel lobby with 'em. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Roundabout way. I was invited to a crime & mystery fiction FF group by Maxine Clarke (super-crimeficfan and Nature editor who sadly is gone now but did a lot of Nature's media stuff and was a good online friend). Then I browsed around and thought "wait, I think Iris mentioned this Library Society of the World thing..." AND THEN A VOICE SAID .... like Stephen, only not in the Zs. - barbara fister
I'm guessing one of the founders mentioned it to me *or* I picked up on it from an early blog post. I don't believe I was one of the really early folks, but probably among the first 200. - Walt Crawford
I remember your posts from your drive too, LBC! - laura x from iPhone
Meebo room. I'm going to with probably Rochelle dragged me in :) - Hedgehog
Meebo room, mentioned by Steve? - Megan loves summer
I came across LSW through Friendfeed. Wish I could remember exactly what/when/where the connection was made but...see para 8/9 in http://book-shaped-object.came... - Cameron Neylon
It's all Rochelle's fault circa 2008/2009. - Galadriel C.
^^ that. All my friends are here, even if I'm mostly silent. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
*takes a bow* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I was there at the beginning...? - Julian
I think it was probably Mark Lindner. Meebo was definitely involved. I was looking for a way to stay connected to libraries while I lived abroad. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Iris was my college librarian and showed me the light when I began applying to library schools. - Lily
Meebo room, but I forget how I found that. It was 2007, probably, and I was lonely at work. Sort of what stephen said, only in the basement with the shelf list catalog. We called it "the B level." - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I found this on the earlier version of my blog: It seems that it was the science gang that got me on FF not the librarians. No idea how I ended up in LSW at this point, probably just by accident or following the trail from someone I already knew. - John Dupuis
I found it when the group was raising funds for Walt to attend ALA...and I'm not sure where I saw that, probably on LIS News? - John: Thread Killer
I think maybe Josh's blog? - maʀtha
Meg VMeg
This snow was squeakier than usual.
what makes snow squeaky? - kendrak
She'd know better than I would. - Meg VMeg
Just wait. Won't be long before our squeaky city snow is all covered in oil, among other things. - Stephen Francoeur
That would be a great opening line for a book or short story. :) - Jenny H. from Android
well-lubed snow? - Big Joe Silence
That is not Lady Miss Kier on the Target commercial, right?
Right. But that was Lady Miss Kier who favorited a tweet of mine a week ago: - Stephen Francoeur
^ OMG - Marie
I'm grooving to her SoundCloud page now: - Stephen Francoeur
Aaron the Librarian
Dear Hive Mind, are there recent analyses of db products for "law journal" (academic research law journals) content?
google gives me product ads/info pages; scholar gives me methodology stuff... just looking for recent descriptions/coverage analyses of various academic law journal packages - we are a LexNex Academic subscriber, checking options (had been looking at Westlaw - but not anymore since no easy/standardized deep-link/OpenURL access) - Aaron the Librarian
Looks like Charleston Advisor hasn't looked at Westlaw Campus or LexisNexis Academic in a long time. - Stephen Francoeur
Aaron the Librarian
I learned something today: Be advised that WestlawNext Campus Research (WLN) does NOT support open URL anything. Westlaw Classic (old interface) is open URL only to the JOURNAL level.
I just can’t understand how a firm like Thomson Reuter could fail to understand how modern libraries work. The rep also told me that—even though they know HOW to create drill down links—they don’t offer support in how to do it. It’s not how they see their product being used. They expect their products to be used by entering the front end (initial URL) and then proceeding to search and retrieve results. The concept of jumping in from another spot to a deeper level was not designed for. - Aaron the Librarian
their designers actually created a whole new platform that took a step backward in terms of open URL (not that Classic was very helpful—but at least it could do journal level). When Classic goes away in a year or so, there will be nothing. - Aaron the Librarian
a document describing their open URL compliance contains this sentence: “We are evaluating whether compatibility of WestlawNext Campus Research with the services below will be possible in the future.” The services include: A to Z Listing, open URL at journal or article level, Federated searching, Discovery services. - Aaron the Librarian
his is the hue and cry... pick up your pitchforks and torches and if you're a WEstlaw customer or debating becoming one, please tell them this is crazy short-sighted and bass-ackward - Aaron the Librarian
Oooh like that terrible Academic Health Reference Center whatnot, or Factiva - Meg VMeg from Android
what do they think they're accomplishing by pissing off end-users? - RepoRat
We've been unable to get WestlawNext to work with EZproxy for a long time. And Thomson Reuters is telling customers that the Westlaw Campus platform is being sunsetted in the months and we'll all have to switch to Westlaw Next. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Westlaw Not is more like it. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Lol, you should see the Westlaw "International" product that they give us in Australia (for our foreign jurisdictions--UK, US, Canada). It's pretty hellish--no ability to browse within resources (only search), automatically uses OR between search terms, extreme difficulty in finding out what's actually *in* the database. We're clammering to get Westlaw Next...with all its flaws, it will still be better for us. - Megan loves summer
That said, our Westlaw product for Australian law isn't too bad--at least it has easy deep-linking functions - Megan loves summer
What do they think they're accomplishing by pissing off end-users? I suspect they don't think about it at all. They know we'll still buy it no matter what they do to it, because we don't have very many choices. I wish we could just STOP buying bad products, including crap journal packages, restrictive ebooks, overpriced subscriptions, and bad search interfaces. Grr. - Laura Krier
*sigh* It's better than Westlaw Classic for the non law scholars (of which my department has plenty). I always thought they were so, um, undergraduate-unfriendly because law firms are their primary market & $$, and they don't care. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Stephen Francoeur
If I hadn't been paying close enough attention to Aaron Tay's posts, I might not have noticed this cool Android app for FriendFeed that he uses: Flucso.
Amused by "ggelardi.flucso." IIRC, I went to school with a Gerardo Flesca. - bentley
I switched to Android a few months back and this was the free app I found for android for LSW, what is everyone else using? - aaron
I use the phone browser, no app. - ellbeecee
I just use the mobile version on my iPad. Web version on my laptop. - Joe
Just realized I only look at FF on the computer. The only social networking I do on phone is twitter and instagram. - kaijsa
So far I've just used the browser on my android phone. But I'm going to give the app a try. - lris
I use ffhound and like it. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I use the browser most of the time, and FFHound for posting photos. - Holly's favorite Anna
Odd. The Google Play link works on my computer, but on Google Play Store on the phone it tells me that Flucso doesn't exist. EDIT: Oh. When I follow the above link on the phone, it does find it on Google Play Store, but it tells me, "Your device isn't compatible with this version." I wish it had said that all along, instead of telling me it doesn't exist. I still can't get it, but I wouldn't have wasted time wondering what was wrong with my phone. - bentley
Academic librarians, what kinds of credit-bearing courses do you or your librarian colleagues teach at your institution? I'm trying to get a sense of the levels (lower-division, upper-division, graduate), type (for majors, gen ed, etc.), and subject or content areas. Thanks in advance!
none from within the library, at least currently. Several have taught Honors College seminars - these proposals have to be ok'd by the Honors college and the topics vary a lot. Some have taught GSU1010 in the past, which is basically an "intro to college life" kind of thing, and some have taught a gen-ed class (I want to say Eng1101, but I'm not sure about that.) - ellbeecee
Our music librarian teaches a 2 credit Music Bibliography course for the Crane School of Music -- I think it's a 400 level. - Jenica
I'm on one the instructors for DOAB 311/312 (Dentistry Courses); another coworker is an instructor for a grad class in the Health Information Management Program; third is working on a Graduate Med Ed elective course; and there's a med school elective taught by the librarians in Peoria. - Hedgehog
I've taught 3 different 3-credit courses that my library offers. Our library has an information studies minor that draws undergraduate students from the business school who are required to do a minor in the school of arts and sciences (our courses are all cross-listed there but are taught exclusively by librarians). - Stephen Francoeur
We don't have any "How To Library" courses, but one of our librarians teaches a section of the 1-credit "How To College" course for first-years. Another very occasionally teaches a specific course for the Art History department. Yet another is somehow involved in an experiential ed course, but I don't think she's the instructor of record. - Catherine Pellegrino
This is super helpful, thanks all. I will keep gathering info as long as people have stuff to add. It's difficult to find this stuff! - kaijsa
Oh. Huh. There used to be this, but there isn't any more. I don't know what happened. - RepoRat
We teach a 1-credit class for Honors student (200 level, but I prefer if the students are 2nd semester juniors or 1st semester seniors) preparing for their thesis work. Last semester, I piloted a 1-credit lab component for a 300 level Poli Sci research methods class. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
A two credit junior/senior level seminar (but not this year cause two of us are on leave and we got zero replacements.) - barbara fister
We also sometimes teach first term seminars and january term courses. and a 1 credit intermediate pass-fail level book discussion course. - barbara fister
FWIW I started teaching for SLIS while I was still an academic librarian, and quite a few of our adjuncts are also academic librarians (*waves at Galadriel*). - RepoRat
We teach LIB courses (that are crosslisted with other disciplines) at all levels, UNIV courses on critical thinking at the 100, 200, and 300 level, and upper-level POLS and HIST and COMM classes. I'll probably end up teaching 200, 300, and 400 level classes in EDUC and ENGL, as well as our usual batch of LIB offerings. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I may pester some of you with follow up questions later. You rule! - kaijsa
Here's our complete list of courses from the undergraduate bulletin: - Stephen Francoeur
^^^ a minor! wow. - barbara fister
I have approval from the Senior associate dean for undergraduate studies to teach a 1-credit info lit class. Audience would be majors (sops & jrs) in mai department, School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I just don't have the time to develop it. Or teach it, for that matter. Saving this thread for that mythical time in the future where I CAN create / teach this class. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I was also admiring the minor at Baruch. I'm mostly interested in non-library courses and upper-level/grad courses, since I'm familiar with a wide range of IL first-year kinds of things. (But it's always good to stay abreast of what's happening at other schools.) My sabbatical next year will include developing a grad seminar in humanities research, likely to be cross-listed as a... more... - kaijsa
It's very difficult to find anything in LIS lit on credit teaching by librarians that isn't a 1-credit IL course. You fine folks have given me as much or more info as I've been able to grab on my own by searching uni and college sites. Another of my goals is to publish on the research I do to help me plan and develop the course. - kaijsa
If you need syllabi or publicy accessible course websites for the courses at Baruch, let me know. - Stephen Francoeur
^thanks! - kaijsa
in my experience, in depth info lit is a hell of a lot more interesting to students at higher levels than first or second year. - barbara fister
Agreed! Grad students who found out I teach a 3000-level course asked if I'd do one at the 5000 level, which is how this project started. - kaijsa
Happy Valentine's Day, Beloved Codpeople!
In honor of my codpeople, I named a Madagascar hissing cockroach at the Bronx Zoo. Its name is "Coddy." I thought the zoo would send me something more interesting than a thank you email that I could share here, but I guess not. Here are details on the program: If you ever visit the zoo, remember to look for Coddy among the squirming, hissing mounds of roaches on display. - Stephen Francoeur
Coddles...? - Julian
Here's video of some of Coddy's friends and family at the zoo: - Stephen Francoeur
Sorry, Julian, too late. The deed is done. Coddles is a good name, though. Next year. - Stephen Francoeur
Thank you, Stephen! I hope you won't mind if I skip the video. - laura x
I'm sure Coddy will understand and won't take it personally. - Stephen Francoeur
So, I could name a roach anything, huh? If I wanted to name one Stephen Francoeur, I could do that. Or name one after my younger brother, which might be the perfect sibling birthday present... - ellbeecee
Stephen, you are THE BEST - maʀtha
(okay, now I'll have nightmares. do not watch the video!) - maʀtha
OMG, I just thought of a better name: Codroach. - Stephen Francoeur
Coddington - maʀtha
I have the urge to swing my boot... - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫ from Android
Ah, here's the official announcement I just got from the Bronx Zoo: - Stephen Francoeur
you are hillarious - maʀtha
Now I am regretting that I liked this earlier today, because it means that I can't like it now to show my admiration of Stephen's generosity and brilliance in this unique and meaningful gesture. - Catherine Pellegrino
This is awesome. - Marie
You guys, I'm tearing up. - Meg VMeg from Android
Awwwww. Me too. - laura x from iPhone
Three hisses for Mr. Francouer! hiss hiss hurrah! - barbara fister
Omg. That is so awesome! - Kirsten from Android
Stephen Francoeur
I don't know why I'd never heard this idea before until last week, but I hear that some academic libraries are looking for ways to exit the e-reserves business. Have any done so? I'm wondering about the pros and cons of dropping e-reserves and the motivations. Strategically, it seems like a delicate matter to end a service like this...
but practically, maybe a good one. Thoughts? - Stephen Francoeur
I've heard whiffs of this too; the central reason seems to be that service use is plummeting. I think MfPOW still does e-reserves, but they centralized production to hold costs down. I have a feeling the post-everything-to-the-LMS that's replacing e-reserves will be the next publisher-lawsuit locus, but who knows. - RepoRat
At some level, it's happening naturally, as faculty link to online content or post lecture notes from the course management system. - DJF from Android
To let the book store do it, or to let faculty post their own readings online somewhere? - Joe
The latter mostly, I think, Joe. Plus with photocopiers giving way to scanners, faculty are scanning stuff on their own. With magnificent disregard for copyright, of course. I'm waiting for the first subpoena on a copier/scanner's hard drive... - RepoRat
I get why this is happening, but I hate that it means profs and students becoming more embedded (imprisoned is more like it) in their campus LMS. - Stephen Francoeur
We are anyway, tbqh. - RepoRat
That is what I was guessing. Publishers would rather sue a deep pocket university, than individual faculty, so this could reduce the lawsuit chances? - Joe
I heard this at the copyright discussion group at ALA Midwinter. Of particular concern was how to do copyright education when they don't have to come to the library for e-reserves. - GretelSK
They could still nail a uni if they somehow subpoena the whole LMS. Because of the immunity issues involved in suing a public (seen in the Georgia State case), they're more likely to go after a private. I'd worry if I were Stanford. - RepoRat
I know before I left my fpow, that there was a pretty steady decline in who was using the library for ereserves. More and more of the ones that we were doing were being scanned directly to the faculty member's blackboard account, which then presented its own issues with copyright, as content could just be moved year to year. I think honestly if ereserves went away at the library 3/4's... more... - Sir Shuping is just sir
yes to all of the above. I tell my faculty (many of whom are former journalists) that MPOW will PAY COPYRIGHT for ereserves. That works with some of them, but most, … not so much. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I wonder if an especially butt-covering uni, since it has to have a copyright policy for Teach Act purposes anyway, could disclaim legal responsibility for what faculty post to the LMS without supervision. I have to think that'd be damn tempting to a certain kind of uni lawyer. - RepoRat
On second thought, that would be waving a big red "COME ON, PUBLISHERS, SUE OUR FACULTY!!!!" cape, so maybe they wouldn't. - RepoRat
We've never done e-reserves, so the copyright issue is real and has no good solution for us, yet. Faculty just put stuff in the LMS, or on their websites. So I'm trying to address the copyright issue by positioning the library as part of the new faculty development center that's forming this semester, and creating/curating a bunch of resources on copyright, the LMS, and "how to do it right" as part of the launch of that new center's resources. - Jenica
Putting everything into the LMS is certainly no proof against lawsuits, and no need to use the future tense in saying so, though not knowing the limits of what I can say that's probably a good place to stop. Anyway I guess jurisdictions vary too. - Deborah Fitchett
While copyright issues related to education are far clearer in Canada now than they were a few years ago, Access Canada, the Canadian equivalent to the CCC, is suing York University in Toronto for, essentially, not signing a license. - DJF
yes, I apologize, I shouldn't forget the W in LSW as often as I do. - RepoRat
Our faculty mostly post to Moodle and sometimes ask us copyright questions. Orignally when they were scared of Moodle we did it for them (and considered fair use and sometimes said "no can do") but they use it themselves now for the most part and we're mostly out of the loop. They also totally ignore the message on ILL articles that it's only for their use. It makes no sense to them... more... - barbara fister
There were times I kind of hoped Georgia State would lose the lawsuit -- not because I wanted harm to come to Georgia State, but because wake-up call finally. - RepoRat
Setting up 2-factor authentication with an app instead of SMS messages; is there an easy way to set up more than 1 app? #security #google
I use the Authenticator app for multiple services. Are you interested in using different authentication apps for different services? - Stephen Francoeur
I'm actually trying to set it up on multiple devices. I have a Windows Phone and have the MS Authenticator app set up on that; wanting to set up the Google Authenticator app on either my iPad or my Nexus tablet as a backup. It looks like I have to "switch" to another app in order to set it up again. Maybe this time I'll just scan the barcode with both apps before closing it. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Have I just missed something or is this whole "Valentine's Week" thing new this year? I don't remember it being a whole week last year!
Hadn't heard about it actually. I think I'll ignore it. - MoTO Boychick Devil
A local florist just sent out a Valentine's Week special and I've seen other posts from places talking about Valentine's week as well. I've been ignoring it, until I saw it jump from social media to a local store - now I'm wondering if it's really a thing? - WebGoddess
Well I'm not surprised if it is. What are you getting me? - MoTO Boychick Devil
A big kiss. But you have to come to Kansas to collect - I don't deliver... ;) - WebGoddess
*blushes* - MoTO Boychick Devil
Liking for the repartee, not the concept of Valentine's week. To hell with that noise. - Stephen Francoeur
So far, your comment is the first I've heard of it, and it certainly makes sense to ignore. - Walt Crawford
its what??? I missed that memo...going to keep missing it to. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Just another way to extend the commercial reach and guilt about "getting the right thing (that we of course sell) that makes you look be a non asshat and replaces getting tickets for 50 Shades on Valentines Day.." - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Stephen Francoeur
Thinking about a California road trip in August with my 8yo and 12yo boys and my wife that would have us driving from San Francisco to Orange County. Looking for itinerary ideas. Thinking of things like Sequoia National Park or maybe 101 highway along the coast. Any must sees you can recommend?
Monterey bay aquarium. - Joe
Hearst Castle. - Anne Bouey
Solvang! - kendrak from Android
Santa Cruz boardwalk. - kendrak from Android
Big Sur. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Also if you go to Disneyland let us know and we'll come say hi :) - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Starting my mixtape now for the road trip:... - Stephen Francoeur
Squirrel Bait "Tape from California" - Stephen Francoeur
Youth Brigade "Sink with California" - Stephen Francoeur
Dead Kennedys "California Uber Alles" - Stephen Francoeur
Also now checking to see if I need a measles booster shot... - Stephen Francoeur
Winchester Mystery House in San Jose - DJF from Android
Oh - I did that years ago with Alex and my parents. We started at the Sequoia National Park (stayed there a couple of days in cabins with no TV - he nearly died) and drove over to San Fran, where we stayed for another day or two, then drove down the 101 highway to LA, where we did the Universal Theme Park, Venice Beach and such. It was so much fun!!! I agree that stopping in Monterey... more... - WebGoddess
The tricky part is navigating all the family I have spread out across CA who might be expecting a visit. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and a brother in places like San Anselmo, Berkeley, Sacramento, Carmel, and Tustin. Torn between family obligations and desire to wander free. - Stephen Francoeur
I wish we had time to drive north to see Redwoods NP. Have to save that for another trip. - Stephen Francoeur
If you're sticking close to the coastline, you could give the Sacramento relatives the heads up & they could meet you in SF or Berkeley, which isn't all that far. Same with Tustin once you get to SoCal and Huntington Beach. If your boys are into skateboarding they will love Santa Cruz & the OC. - Corinne L
Carmel beach. Kayak at the elk horn slough. Wine taste your ass off. Take a whale watching excursion. - Todd Hoff
Stephen Francoeur
MARC, Linked Data, and Human-Computer Asymmetry | Peer to Peer Review via @instapaper
MARC, Linked Data, and Human-Computer Asymmetry | Peer to Peer Review via @instapaper
I need to read this. - Zamms from iPhone
And to close the loop, take a look at this thread: - Stephen Francoeur
yeah, that column is pretty much due to that thread, plus a few other things floating around on Twitter. - RepoRat
Meg VMeg
Oh excellent, the front page of makes me motion sick.
*goes to look* Oh. That's awful. *closes tab* - ellbeecee
woah. *closes tab* - Catherine Pellegrino
Any autostarting movie/animated gif is troublesome (and I wish a few thousand folks would get that message). That one, just no. - Walt Crawford
Whew, it's gone! I wonder how many people complained. - Meg VMeg
What was the item causing all the trouble? - Stephen Francoeur
Yeah, a gif that started about 25% of the way through that thing that I cannot watch. - Meg VMeg
Whoa, why didn't they cut that first part out? That's nuts. - Mark Trapp
I think they wanted the motion to compel you to click instead of make you vomit. There was no audio either. It was just a weird, jerky, bright square in the middle of the page. - Meg VMeg
Stephen Francoeur
The Metropolitan New York Library Council needs a new exec. director. Fantastic organization, fantastic opportunity.
I think he's already gone. *sniff* - Stephen Francoeur
He's all growed up now: (wish I was all growed up) - Stephen Francoeur
That's a really weird pic of him. - Meg VMeg
Holly's favorite Anna
<rant>Dammit, ProQuest! Get your shit together. It's one thing to have OpenURL linking issues to other company's products, but it's another when your own products can't connect to each other without a ton of errors.</rant>
See also: Cengage. - Kirsten
so say we all. - Jenica
Giiiiiiiiiiiirl... - Marie
Stephen Francoeur
Who should we trust? - Scholarly Communications @ Duke via @instapaper
I love Kevin, but who says most academic authors have ANY VALUES AT ALL relative to scholarly communication? Certainly hasn't been my experience even with most ACADEMIC LIBRARIANS ffs. - RepoRat
Put another way, they're not publishing because they value communication. They publish because it's an enforced activity. They can't not. - RepoRat
I wonder how he'd have to rewrite that post if he were to start from the premise you suggest. Would the issue of trust still pertain? - Stephen Francoeur
Good question. I think yes, but it'd be exactly the twisted, selfish kind of trust we're seeing now -- "whom/what can I trust to advance my career?" - RepoRat
Prairie & I Know It
Those of you who have charging stations in your libraries or on your campuses, can you tell me what brands they are? Thanks!
I think the one we had at Eskind was maybe a Power Tower? - Rachel Walden
I went to look - Kwikboost - - ellbeecee
Thank you both! *bumpity* - Prairie & I Know It
Ours are Accell. They have A/C and USB. - kaijsa
Thanks for mentioning us, ellbeecee! If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to tweet me :) - KwikBoost
We've got two of these mounted on every table in the library: - Stephen Francoeur
We used to have a few charging stations, but then students would leave their phones there unattended (guess what happened next?) - Stephen Francoeur
The first week we had ours, I saw a large station with three unattended phones. We had to do some public service advertising. Most of ours are small and sit on every few study tables--those get used by the people sitting there. - kaijsa
Good things to think about! Our students leave laptops and phones unattended all the time. Freaks me out! - Prairie & I Know It
We've got solar-powered patio tables by Zon. UC Riverside has more powerful ones but I don't know who makes them: UCLA's student union apparently got two from this company - Spidra Webster
I found a mistake in a book.
*clutches pearls* - ellbeecee
These things happen. Listening to my wife, who's a freelance copyeditor and proofreader for major trade houses, you'd be amazed at all the errors that do get caught. - Stephen Francoeur
They said Voyager one was launched in 1997, not 1977. - Joe
Usually, most mistakes like that come from the author. It's up to the handful of people who work on the manuscript and stages of proof to catch all those things. Sometimes authors insert errors later on as they are reviewing the copyediting and proofs and writing in responses to queries. It's really not a pretty process. - Stephen Francoeur
I wrote a book. It went through the normal technical review and copyediting - basically 10 pairs of eyes over the course of writing it. Once it was printed, I received my set of free copies. After bouncing around in excitement, I opened the book to read my work. The *FIRST* sentence I read had a typo. We did a 2nd printing. Fixed found errors (a handfull or so). Got the 2nd printing. Gave a copy to a friend. 2 days later he pointed out a typo. - Kevin Johnson
The lovely War Lady reads with her red pen beside her because she can find a typo in most every book she reads. She works as Indy proofreader. So she has the eye for it - WarLord
Kevin: That seems to be a fairly common experience--it's not until something's in Final Fixed Form that it falls open to the obvious typo that nobody--including the writer, the editor, the copyeditor, the proofreader--ever caught before. - Walt Crawford
Walt, my editor was very quick to point that out to me. Still gave me the twitches for a couple days after seeing it. I started triple reading all my outbound email. Oh, and I started noticing typos in other books after that experience. :-/ - Kevin Johnson
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