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Stephen Francoeur › Comments

Lisa Hinchliffe
Anyone know of any libraries that have "loyalty programs" (e.g., like hotels, restaurants, coffeeshops) - e.g., get points for using different services and convert to xyz. Especially interested in academic libraries. Note: summer reading programs and the like for children/teens exempted from this query.
U of Huddersfield was doing a kind of gamification version of this: - Deborah Fitchett
Good example. Tho all rewards are in-game. Any one know of any programs with real-life rewards? E.g., free printing credits, etc.? - Lisa Hinchliffe
Might check with some of these people: - Hedgehog
The closest I can think was when you could get discounts at several stores and restaurants in town if you showed your library card (at MFPOW). 2012: 2014: - bentley
I don't, but I sure as hell would be turned off by any library that did. I just want the library to be a library, and I want to be left alone. And I want one place left in this world that isn't advertising to me. - laura x from iPhone
^^same. We've had other offices on campus use the library as one place people had to go to earn points for an activity, and it's not genuine use, just a hoop to jump through (and annoy the staff actually trying to help people). - kaijsa
I think I'm with laura x on this one. The concept of "power users" is bad enough; the loyalty program idea just feels wrong. - Walt Crawford
You might also contact Annie Pho @catladylib on Twitter could tell you about the "Student Experience Program" that we're part of. The library has some of the items on it. I know the grad students are eligible but not sure any of them are going to have time/interest. Gamification doesn't work in my brain....but it seems to be popular. - Hedgehog
I've been reading the literature on loyalty programs in retail. I am intrigued - definite overlap with gamification but also theoretically quite different. - Lisa Hinchliffe
I'm also intrigued by branding and customer segmentation (related to power users) so ... may be in the LSW minority of finding value in these. :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
Its been a while, but I looked into this and could never quite figure out how to make it work for an academic library without it killing my head. In theory it made some sense to me, because we want to attract and keep patrons, but on the other hand it seemed kinda like a cheap ploy because a) ideally they should come to us anyway and b) the library isn't really competing with another... more... - Sir Shuping is just sir
Seems to me academic libraries are competing with a lot of other entities - e.g., other study spaces on campus and in surrounding coffeeshops, IT units, campus bookstore, online content sites, open access journal collections,, the local public library, advice from parents, etc. and of course the all time option of just doing without? Maybe not "another academic library" but... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
While I can't quite parse out why at this moment, a library loyalty program turns me off, too. I think there's something in the idea of offering "perks", while I see the library as a fundamentally broad access place that *deliberately* offers the same service to all. I love the idea of surprise perks for all, like a fine amnesty day. Power users often get informal perks, just because they know people. But something about a formal rewards program feels anti-public-commons to me? - Regular Amanda
Noting that I use public libraries, not academic libraries, I'd be *very* turned off, just as I am by the idea that weekly users are "power users" who deserve special attention. It has little to do with competition and a lot to do with inferred special treatment. - Walt Crawford
Lisa, I see your point. I work with lots of PR students, and (no offense to anyone), girly girls -- and I think both groups might be excited by some kind of loyalty program. I wouldn't like it myself, but I think my users might. It's the gamification thing, maybe. Anyway, curious to know what you find out. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'm always puzzled by the notion we compete with other study spaces or informaiton providers. I don't really care if a student can do their work in their dorm room or a vacant classroom. I don't care if they find what they need on Google Scholar instead of an expensive database. It doesn't hurt the library's mission. This reminds me of discussions we had when resisting a bad campus... more... - barbara fister
There are other ways to recognize people who use the library a lot - like talking to them about their interests, developing a relationship with them. . - barbara fister
I want to second what Barbara said, about not caring if students study in the library or elsewhere, or if they get what they need through a library database or through Google Scholar. And then I also want to add that I don't think it serves the library or students well for students to be using the library *because* of a loyalty program (like what Kaijsa said upthread); I want students to use the best service/facility/information *for their needs* whether that's the library or something else. - Catherine Pellegrino
I think a significant issue with the loyalty idea is the very notion of the library as a diffuse thing. Like others, I don't care if students study in the library (although I am always curious why they choose the library over other spaces) and I also am thrilled if they use library resources from places other than the building my office is housed within. I agree that ensuring that folks... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Barbara, Catherine, and Rudi have all summarized a lot of what I think. I'm definitely concerned about making sure that people know when the library can meet their needs, and that's where marketing comes in for me. It's not okay when we find out that somebody has an unmet need that could have been satisfied by using a library resource or service, but I don't have a problem with people... more... - kaijsa
Posit for a moment ... what if we knew from research (well-designed, etc. so that casaulity can be claimed) that students who study in the library are more likely to succed than those who study elsewhere? Would that justify then trying to incentivze? To take it out of the competitive framework ... - Lisa Hinchliffe
so are we interested in getting them to study in the library OR talk to a library staffer for help? (that's my current conundrum - library is full; ref question basket is nearly empty). I'd like to incentivize question-asking. OR increasing their use of library things like EBSCO vs. Google Scholar ? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
It seems to me that what's at the heart of this idea is relationship building (deepening engagement, etc.) I'm not sure I'd be willing to get behind a loyalty program at my library, but I'd be sure to get behind other efforts that share the same goal, such as personal librarians, embedded librarians, staffing library services outside the building, working with student government and student clubs, etc. - Stephen Francoeur
I should add that it would be interesting to run a focus group with a bunch of students to float the idea of a loyalty program and see what kind of reaction you'd get. - Stephen Francoeur
Examples on - see replies to my tweet of query today. I'm all for relationship building but that isn't actually what I am positing as goal here - I see goal as encouraging students to engage in behaviors that are known to be positive correlated with (or in some cases we are at least beginning to see causally related to) better student learning and success. (I am also comfortable with the competition framing but it isn't necessary to my interest.) - Lisa Hinchliffe
It's not explicitly incentivizing, but isn't locating tutoring and academic support services in libraries a way of encouraging behaviors correlated with student success? We have a new evening supplemental instruction program for a slate of first-year courses, because we have research linking certain behaviors (studying regularly, using tutoring and SI, working the library) with... more... - kaijsa
Internal and external motivation are (1) far more intertwined than popularized psych might have us think and (2) I think it would still be better for them to do the right things for externally motivated reasons than to not do them. Finally, do you drink coffee (if you do - otherwise sub tea, sandwiches, whatever), because of the punch card? Or, does punch card give you added benefit for doing so? I drink coffee for sake of coffee - but I still like the loyalty program! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Your set of businesses that offer loyalty program suggest to me one reason I'm so repelled by the idea: Because it's businessifying the library, not just gamifying it--your examples are all commercial, and I think that's telling. - Walt Crawford
And I do apologize for "businessifying." Maybe "commercializing" is better. - Walt Crawford
Coffee is a consumer product. I was unaware that library services had become consumer goods. - laura x
I like Lisa's analogy - and I do think our students would respond to a loyalty program. (not sure for what, yet) If the decision is: "study at the student union or get my card punched at the library" I might just decide on library instead. I might have gone anyway, but I think it's a fun idea. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We do this. Users get a special card called a "Library Card" and if they show it at the desk they can check books out for free. Customers love it. And the really sneaky thing is that they have to give the books back after a set time, so that incentivizes a return visit. - Steele Lawman
Steele: slow clap... even if "customers" is my second-least-favorite term for library patrons/users/members. - Walt Crawford
I think the point about how intertwined nature of internal vs. external motivation is a good point. Grades are a form of external motivation that, hopefully over time, encourage internal motivation towards curiosity and research and all those other liberal arts goals. I can't figure out how to square that with loyalty programs for consumer goods. I appreciate the larger question of "certain things, whether they know it or not, help students be better students, so how do we get students to do those things?" - Regular Amanda
Thinking more about this: I prefer Friends of the Library as a frame. What would an undergraduate Friends of the Library look like? What are the most successful models for Friends in public libraries? - Regular Amanda
FWIW Walt - tho maybe you would consider it commercial - our local co-op has a coffee stamp card. "Profits" go into pursuing the "ends" of the co-op, e.g., educating people about local foods, food pathways and providing discounts to low income families, etc. A local church also runs a coffeeshop that funds a food pantry. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Yes, I guess I would: in both cases there are customers paying directly for goods, which is not what libraries are (normally) all about. At least not what I think they're all about. - Walt Crawford
And yet libraries require users to pay directly for some goods - e.g., photocopying, printing. So, copy 100 get 10 free okay in those cases? Since already charging? - Lisa Hinchliffe
Oddly enough, that wouldn't bother me at all. - Walt Crawford
Isn't the logical question there, why not make copies fractionally cheaper instead of rewarding use? - Steele Lawman
I guess my problem here is that I know what the grocery store wants from me when I sign up for a card. They want me to prefer to shop with them as opposed to their competitors, and they want to gather information about my shopping habits to improve marketing, inventory decisions, etc. For me giving up a little privacy, they give me discounts on cans of beans. I really don't know what... more... - Steele Lawman
Yes, communicating clearly what the "exchange" is would be crucial in any system. Re - copies ... can only reduce costs if can guarantee volume. If give free, already know that cost of free is underwritten by the expenditures on first 100. But, of course I agree make overall as inexpensive as possible based on volume that can be assured. - Lisa Hinchliffe
But the question that I'd have in mind as a patron is, why does the library want to reward me for printing more? Why not make the first 10 free instead of waiting for me to print 100 first? I don't want to get hung up on one bad example, but it's clear why a business wants us to visit more, buy more, etc. It's much less clear what the library wants here. - Steele Lawman
^^Yes. I don't get it. - kaijsa
Don't libraries do things all the time to get students to come in to the Library? So they become aware of other services? See the friendly staff who want to help them succeed? Would this be more mystifying that the Library giving away stickers during a campus info fair? Putting up posters across campus? Etc.? - Lisa Hinchliffe
I think it is when reward gets linked to behavior that things get weird? Like, we give gifts to first-year students in their introduction to research classes. I tell them that it's to remind them that the library loves them, and that we love helping first-year students in particular. That feels good to me. Now what if instead I pass out cards and say "if you visit the circulation desk,... more... - Steele Lawman
And while I have been outspoken and very skeptical in this thread, it still wouldn't surprise me if some clever librarians out there had made this work in their context and community. People are clever. - Steele Lawman
Hopefully obvious but to make it explicitly so ... I've really appreciate all who have pushed back and articulated their qualms about this. We may not agree but we are all better for understanding those with different perspectives and I am grateful for thoughtful commentary! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Stephen Francoeur
Barbara Fister, "The Information Literacy Standards/Framework Debate," Library Babel Fish @insidehighered -
Pull quote: “From my perspective, the new Framework recalls the original spirit of the Standards and deepens our thinking about what students need to learn. They also move us beyond a sequence of components that looks suspiciously like a “how to write a paper in college” to concepts that are more challenging, sophisticated, and durable post-graduation.” - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen Francoeur
Laura Krier, "Creating a Web Project Plan," Words for Nerds -
Pull quote: “One thing I’ve found that’s infinitely valuable in this situation is to share a project plan with colleagues before starting work on any web project. A project plan will give others a sense of timeline and most importantly, a sense of scope. Defining from the outset what you are and are not including in a particular web project can make a lot of difference in how people give feedback and respond to the work you’re doing.” - Stephen Francoeur
Meg VMeg
Wonder if I'll ever be able to complete the Thursday crossword puzzle consistently without cheating a lot.
Dream big! - Stephen Francoeur
My paternal grandmother used to do the Sunday in ink, and without much pausing. It was a wonder to behold. - Kirsten
I can do Sunday! Not in ink (well, it's online, but still). Only a little cheating sometimes. - Meg VMeg
My grandmother was also a crossword fiend, and I would "help" when I was a kid. I still remember some of the clues when I see them now :) - Meg VMeg
Saturday is the toughest one, right? - Stephen Francoeur
I think Saturday is the hardest, clue-wise, but Sunday has longer words than weekdays and usually some kind of trick to it. ETA: Huh, Wikipedia says that Sunday tries to be as hard as a Thursday. - Meg VMeg
An older lady calls us often for answers when she gets stuck on the syndicated version of the NYT puzzle. Rex Parker to the rescue! - bentley
Oh, see, I always thought Sunday was the hardest! Grandma Jo always did all of them in pen, so I suppose it really doesn't matter. - Kirsten
Stephen Francoeur
Luke Wroblewski, "Showing Passwords on Log-In Screens," LukeW -
Pull quote: “Quite quickly I came to see password-masking as a rut. A design pattern that has been around so long that no one thinks about it much. We all just go through the motions when assembling a log-in screen and add password-masking by default. Lost business and usability issues just come along for the ride.” - Stephen Francoeur
Trying to get back into posting to my Commonplace Book again on Tumblr. - Stephen Francoeur
Sarah G.
Seriously. Look how amazing these catalog records are: (Catalogs aren't just for libraries and museums, either.)
So, I'm curious. What makes these records amazing? - RepoRat
The language sure is user friendly and approachable. Also, I like the cite this in Wikipedia info at the bottom. - Stephen Francoeur
Mainly, it's readable by regular humans. e.g. Not a marc code but "it's dimensions are". Plus allows for contributions from public and has call to action for using the record elsewhere. (e.g. if using in wikipedia) Also, adding color metadata as hexcodes (which may be universal, but I only look at boring records.) - Sarah G.
So, I'm gonna draw a distinction here that I think is important. Nothing that's been said so far is actually about the information in the record; it's about how that information is PRESENTED. (E.g. "its dimensions are" is not in the record; it's boilerplate language generated by the website.) That a couple of librarians conflated those two phenomena is IMO a *searing* indictment of MARC/AACR2/RDA, which also conflates them. - RepoRat
Heh, RepoRat set you up. I'd only add that the record makes room for useful information like "Why Do We Have This?" and donor, designer's client and so on. - Steele Lawman
I feel the burn. ;-) - Stephen Francoeur
I set MARC up, but yes. *g* I've actually had an idea in the back of my head for *ages* about "catalogers as information designers" and why the current tight linkage between cataloging and user-facing design needs to change (note: not disappear, just change). - RepoRat
And hell, I didn't know what y'all were gonna say. You could well have said stuff that was specific to the actual metadata capture (and in the case of colors, Sarah actually did -- and I agree that that trick is made of win). - RepoRat
Not sure what you have in mind by "why the current tight linkage between cataloging and user-facing design needs to change (note: not disappear, just change)." #allears - Stephen Francoeur
Right now library catalog UI is substantially mediated by catalogers changing what they record in MARC, as often as not in 5xx notes fields. That's a f***ing stupid way to do UI design -- which is not catalogers' fault! it's the only tool they have! -- and we need something vastly more flexible that doesn't require f***ing around with record structure and creating infinite wodges of... more... - RepoRat
omg. they (catalogers) want to pull our amazing software dev off of really cool stuff to make it so related people in records don't accidentally have a , in the wrong place when displayed to the public. UGH! - Christina Pikas
Oh come on you library pedants *g*, that is a record in an online catalog. Sure there are other things called records and there are different versions of that catalog, but if you think of a sears catalog where items are presented, and a library catalog where the information is presented, both of those things are catalogs and both of them work to present information appropriately for their audience. - lris
As one who was deeply involved in refining and maintaining MARC: I pretty much agree with RepoRat here, and *it didn't have to be that way.* Adding ISBD punctuation (arggh) to actual entered text, failing to subfield first & last names, and a couple of other things *could have been fixed.* It should have been easy to produce that presentation from a MARC record. - Walt Crawford
(No, I don't think this is an indictment of Henriette Avram or the MARC team. Given the time, what they did was amazing. That it mixed things up...well, "given the time." I still believe it could have been fixed in a backwards-compatible way that made forward-looking MARC records display-independent and much more useful. I could be wrong, of course.) - Walt Crawford
The Wikipedia citation thing is brilliant, I'm going to see if I now have sufficient DSpace skills to add that to our institutional repository. The colours thing, the shame is that it's the colours of the photo not of the object, so it's largely the colours of the background. Which is useful for some contexts, not others. - Deborah Fitchett
Seb Chan was at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney who did amazing things with their catalogue including using World cat APIs. He is now at Cooper Hewitt. - suelibrarian from iPhone
Seb Chan IS THE BUSINESS. I got to hear him speak a couple years back at a DH thing, and holy wow, that dude is amazing. Anybody who gets a chance to hear him speak, TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT. You will not be disappointed. - RepoRat
It makes me a little bit sad that I just spent more buying 4 Disney movies than I spent on 10-12 Dreamworks movies last month. That's the "magic" of the Disney Vault, I suppose.
Granted, I did buy the combo packs that include DVD, bluray, 3D bluray & digital copy, where I didn't get the 3D bluray with my Dreamworks movies, but, for these 4 movies, the in-store price for those packs was the same as the online price for the packs without 3D. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
For those curious, I picked up Finding Nemo (which I already own on DVD, but it's in rough shape after years of the kids watching it over & over), Monsters, Inc. (which I also own on DVD, but the case has long been missing, so the disc is in a Ziplock bag), Brave (which I haven't seen yet) and Tangled. I also picked up The Jungle Book (without 3D) at another store, where I had a gift card I needed to use. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I wonder if you can get the Blu-Ray of the Apple Dumpling Gang or Escape from Witch Mountain. ;-) - Stephen Francoeur
You can actually get the Blu-Ray of Apple Dumpling Gang. Escape to Witch Mountain isn't yet available on Blu-Ray. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Stephen Francoeur
Stupid me. Set up Google Authenticator app long time ago on my two blogs (Digital Reference and Beating the Bounds), used it easily, and then last month realized I'd locked myself out after I had to wipe my phone and had no backup codes to log in with. I think I can FTP into my sites and rename the plugin folder for the two-factor authentication...
plugin in my WordPress intalls and then be able to log in the usual way (user name and PW), then reset the 2-factor authentication plugin (and grab some printable spare access codes). Sheesh. - Stephen Francoeur
isn't there a "i don't have my codes" option? I usually see one for places with 2-factor... - ~Courtney F
I wish there were. - Stephen Francoeur
There is, revoke them and then restart. - kendrak
Kendra, I'm afraid that only revokes the printed out codes for 2-step authentication for your Google Account. The data that the Google Authenticator app had stored on my phone that tied it to various services where I'd set up 2-factor (including my blogs using the WordPress plugin) got wiped clean during the process of repairing my broken phone (the OS had to be flashed again). I was... more... - Stephen Francoeur
And this is why I haven't enabled two-factor authentication anywhere. I get that it's more secure, and different people will weight that differently for themselves, but for myself I just don't want the hassle. - Deborah Fitchett
I just don't feel myself if I'm not being hassled by something. ;-) - Stephen Francoeur
I'm trying to remember if I needed it when I set up authenticator on my new phone. Probably. Sorry Stephen! - kendrak from Android
Phew. I fixed it, though not without some notable help from Blake Carver (cuz it's always about Blake. Always.) - Stephen Francoeur
Solution? - kendrak from Android
Our University is rolling out 2FA (2 factor authenication), - aaron
Kendra, I FTPed in to my site and then deleted the plugin folder for the Google Authenticator app. I'll reinstall it today and make sure I take the time to print out backup access codes. - Stephen Francoeur
Aaron, where will that 2FA apply? Systems that students use? Staff and faculty only? - Stephen Francoeur
Currently staff only. For intranet. For a moment I thought they would roll it out for email, eresources etc. - aaron
oh dear. trying to prep showing students Early American Newspapers & African American Newspapers from Readex. Great content, but … oh my, the interface is confusing for just about everyone.
in which the pull downs for "standard title" and "title as published" are for SOURCE titles, not article titles. and in which the option to search "headline" is not recommended. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
and in which a search of the entire America's Historical Newspapers from 1800-1827 for the word "Negro*" (for a class on the Black Press) yields 174,000 results. With no real way to limit that makes sense to a novice (or even a seasoned professional). *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
any pro tips in teaching this to upperclass students? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
"OK. So pretend you've traveled way back in time. Back to 2001, when search interfaces looked like this." - Stephen Francoeur
lol!! and when you were, oh, 8 years old. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
(note, I'm really grateful for the content! and glad to go talk to this class!) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Don't forget to make "dial up modem" noises so it feels more authentic. :-) I hope the class goes well. - YvonneM
Oh hey, we just licensed this recently, but I haven't had a reason to explore it yet. I, um, wow. - Catherine Pellegrino
so I am going to introduce this as the Google of old newspapers… if it were the late 90s. and then show 'em how to search & narrow results from >170,000 matching their term. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Is there access to general n00bs? I would peruse this database. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
no, MoTO - it's prolly very expensive. And it's really got great content - this class on the Black Press is going to love it. (once they get past the 90s, that is) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
*cries* - MoTO: #TeamMarina
B: Check the academic libraries near you! The might have access, and most university libraries will give database access to walk-in users. - Kirsten
Yay! Thanks, Kiki! <== *consistently my favorite* - MoTO: #TeamMarina
*struts* - Kirsten
There's another product from Accessible Archives that also gives access to historic African-American newspapers. We don't have the Readex product. There's also Chronicling America from the LOC - which is a broader focus - ellbeecee
Hey, Readex -- 2003 called and they want their GUI back. - Holly's favorite Anna
boy, the content is amazing tho. we were looking for coverage of African Americans pre 1827 (first Af. Am newspaper). I don't think the students realized JUST HOW COOL the search was, but they were impressed with the stuff they found. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
One nice thing about Readex is you can buy collections outright, so if you have a little money at the end of a budget year, it's possible to build up your holdings over time. I don't remember if maint. fees are much. - kaijsa
*Deep breath* - Just did Step VI: Moving your LibGuides v.1 site to its new domain. One more step to go for Libguides v2 migration
I just finish our migration yesterday. Hang in there, the tedium is not over yet! (Fixing all the v1 links took me a while.) - lris from Android
We migrated yesterday, too! I'm working on the v1 links as well. - Stephen Francoeur
All I can say is, watch out for the differences between the URLs on the editing interface and the public interface. Also for URLs from v1 that start aecontent.php. - lris
We are live. The main issue we having is when people used friendly urls pointing to pages/tabs (as opposed to the guide). V2 friendly links are all <domain>.<guidefriendly>.<whateverfriendlyyouchose>, but if you are linking to pages/tabs using friendlyurls that dont follow that format, it will break. - aaron
OMG it's Iris's birthday!!! 🎂 🎉
Woo! Happy birthday :) - Pete
Happy birthday, Iris! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy birthday, Iris! - bentley
Yaaaaaaaaay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRIS! - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Happy Birthday! - Katy S from iPhone
Lobbing a birthday snowball westward. - Stephen Francoeur
Happy, happy birthday dear Iris! - Galadriel C.
Boom! have a great day! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Thank you! You're all so good to me. :-) - lris from Android
Meg VMeg
Haha, yep! Now my parents were born and raised in NSW; I was born in NSW but have spent most of my life in QLD. So I consider myself at least a little bi-lingual ;o) - Melly
They have much better words for Speedos in Australia. The best one from America I know is a "root suit." - Stephen Francoeur
For the record, I eat potato scallops and wear swimmers when I swim, although I used to say "togs" when I was a kid, and Speedos are definitely "dick togs". I use "shallots" and "spring onions" interchangeably, and say "spinach" and "rockmelon". Juice boxes are definitely "poppers", and the mystery meat is "devon" - interesting that this article says Queenslanders refer to it as Windsor sausage as I've never heard it called that! - Melly
We drank from bubblers at school and had free dress days. I use facewashers and drink soft drinks. Sweatshirts are sometimes called sloppy joes in clothing catalogues, but I just call them and the woolen variety "jumpers" - unless it has a hood, then it's a hoodie. - Melly
Tiny prickles in the lawn are bindis, but the larger round ones are burrs. - Melly
ROOT SUIT, hahahahahaha! Love it! - Melly
If juice boxes are called "poppers," then what do you call amyl nitrites taken as a drug? You'd get a lot of quizzical looks here in the States if you said you forgot to pack poppers in your kids lunchboxes. - Stephen Francoeur
I have no idea! I do know it's not legal for sale in Australia - is it over there? - Melly
HEY we Sconnies aren't the only people anywhere who say "bubbler"! I LOVE AUSTRALIA EVEN MORE NOW. - RepoRat
Yeah!!!!!! - Melly
I think bubbler may have been the brand name of the first commercial water fountains? Maybe? - Stephen Francoeur
IICTW (if I can trust Wikipedia), Bubblers were invented by Kohler right in RR's own Madison, WI! - Stephen Francoeur
That can be believed. Kohler's always been kind of big on R&D. - RepoRat
Coworker is looking for a good "What is a lit review and why do I do it 101" Has someone written a blog post or has a favorite article?
Paging Iris to a courtesy cod. - Hedgehog
Will this work? (ignore the homework assignment. But the uploaded ppt might be useful. Might be too cryptic without me teaching from it....) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
what about this from our public health librarian? - ellbeecee
Those may help, thank you! Any article or reading ideas? I feel like there should be some seminal article out there that I should already know but don't :) - Hedgehog
My guide links to the Lit Review page at UNC and also the one at UWisc. I like those two. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I would also like to learn more about this. My departments do stealth lit reviews, so I haven't really been called on to teach a pure lit review very often. - lris
I think an article on "what is a lit review" would be almost impossible to write. A proper lit review is exhaustive, but that really only happens in dissertations. The purpose of any class-assigned literature review is going to be set by the prof and be fairly random and idiosyncratic (For your lit review, look at 5 peer reviewed articles on your topic....). And the way many folks use... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Mary Carmen
Just spent 20 minutes puking my brains out. Mariella came into the bathroom and put my phone on the toilet bowl. *sigh*
In not on. In the toilet. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Oh no. I thought she was bringing it to you, not, er, contributing. Dang :( - Jennifer Dittrich
oh no! poor mama. - Marie
:( - Anne Bouey
Salvageable? - Stephen Francoeur
Oh no. :-( - vicster
:-( - Jason Huebel
Ugh. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Gah. =( - rönin
I'm sorry, MC. :( - Stephen Mack
Thankfully, it lived. Thank you, Otterbox. - Mary Carmen
Yikes! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
literally on the porcelain phone. - Big Joe Silence
I'm asked to submit suggestions for our student assessment fee budget. In years past this money has helped pay for a color printer, additional housekeeping, extra hours during finals, textbooks on reserve, a few databases. I'm kind of blank on ideas for this year, any suggestions?
Keep in mind the money "has to be used for student stuff" --can't be anything that is for staff/faculty--even though the latter tends to lead to more student support. - Hedgehog
Would anything makerspacey make sense? - RepoRat
How much are we talking about, here? And by "students," do you mean undergrads in general or your specific library's students? Also, are the previous years' expenditures still happening, i.e., do you still have extra hours during finals, and you're looking for new projects on top of that? - Catherine Pellegrino
We recently bought backups for all the public PCs. How's your power flow? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Will it pay for - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Puppies! (Okay, I'm leaving now.) - bentley
Assessment is paid by all students, it's not a lot per student but in aggregate we're talking a pretty large amount. A number of things are ongoing (database subscriptions, extra hours). We already have Lynda - Hedgehog
Rudi--backups how? We're pretty stable AFAIK... - Hedgehog
What about small-scale physical-plant refreshes? Signage audit and amelioration? Green fixes like water-bottle refilling stations? - RepoRat
Yeah, there's got to be something around here... we're on the verge of lots of remodeling (someday we hear, presently I think we're shooting for sledgehammers in April) and I'm not clear on what does/doesn't count for that. We got new furniture for students building wide a couple of years ago. I wish there was such a thing as a self-cleaning microwave, that'd be SUPER Useful. - Hedgehog
agh, being on the brink of remodeling makes my suggestion probably impractical, sorry! - RepoRat
I feel like we've asked for the easy stuff the past few years and we're grateful for the money, don't get me wrong, but there's not as much little pick off stuff as we used to have, especially when it feels like we can't buy stuff that will be mostly used by faculty though is student focused. We also can't AFAIK add soft money FT staff (e.g. another ILL person) - Hedgehog
A never-ending supply of staplers? Or all of the little nibbly things that students ask for at the service counters, like pens, glue sticks, scissors? - Marie
Charging stations? Presentation equipment in a couple of study rooms? Those are things we've talked about recently. - Larua Boats from Android
The stapler/school supplies thing appeals to me. Also I like the idea of charging stations, including getting a varied set of recharging cables for phones, laptops, tablets, etc. - John Dupuis
The community college where I worked had moveable charging stations in the study/lounge areas. It was a shelf on a pedestal on wheels and the whole thing plugged into the wall. The shelf had built-in chargers for many different types of phones and stuff. Since the tables and chairs were often moved around for events, having the charging station on wheels meant it wouldn't get stuck out of reach. - bentley
we circulate chargers, and those were paid for from student tech fee, I think. - ellbeecee
Skateboard storage area or cabinets? - Joe
if you're a Mac place, might I suggest a Thunderbolt display or two? Our IT guys gave me two, and they are pretty popular - students plug in their mac laptops to the display & a) charge the laptop and b) get to use a second monitor for their laptop. must be something similar for the PeeCee world. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
What's your cyclist population? Could you put in a cycling toolset thinger a la ? Extra bike racks? Bike lockers? - RepoRat
Other populations well worth considering: parents (changing stations in restrooms? pumping room for new mothers? not my chief area of expertise, obvy), LGBTQ (non-gender-specific bathrooms), commuters (lockers, food, resting spaces). - RepoRat
On the digital side, maybe some help establishing a digital identity? - RepoRat
moveable white boards? (backups: power extenders. We had a ton of blackouts for a couple yearss. As soon as we bought backups, the uni fixed the power....) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Ooh, we're losing study room space so moveable whiteboards might help students create their own spaces for a bit. And I'll ask about movable charging stations--at minimum cables we can circulate, right? We have a lot of bikes, I"ll ask about the toolset. Maybe one changing station? (have never seen an infant in the library but I'm not here all the time) -- gender specific might need to wait until post remodel, but I'll put a but in the project managers ear. - Hedgehog
Moveable whiteboards have been hugely popular here. (Well worth the money, in our experience.) Also furniture that can be easily rearranged for collaborative work in different size groups. - Jennifer Arnott
FWIW, here's a page where MPOW details how tech fee money gets spent. - Stephen Francoeur
Moveable whiteboards also means an additional investment in whiteboard markers, erasers, and Expo squirt-y stuff.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Also to know with whiteboards: we moved to a system where we check out a bag with 3 colors of marker, an eraser and some cleaner to students. We spend a lot less on markers now than we did when we just handed them out. The fine if they don't return it is $10: not a huge amount, but enough that they do remember to bring it back. - ellbeecee
^ this is a good idea. - Marie
Steele Lawman
What the heck is Google Docs up to now?
I love that feature! - Stephen Francoeur
Walt Crawford
Nice of Google Scholar to let me know I'm cited in this article--and the article might be interesting. But, of course, it would cost me to find out ($30):
I'll get it for you. We have access but it's not yet available either. Not sure why.As far as I can tell, there's no embargo on new issues for our subscription via Cambridge Journals. - Stephen Francoeur
I have access now, if you'd like it today - just let me know what address to send it to. - ellbeecee
Thanks. I'm at - Walt Crawford
Sent - from ellbeecee@gmail. Let me know if you don't get it fairly soon. - ellbeecee
Already arrived, already read. What was quoted was my ultraconcise definition of OA from my ALA book--as usual, nothing is cited that's not in The Formal Literature. Interesting piece, concerned entirely with green OA. One interesting factoid: 36% of the green OA articles are quite possibly violating publisher terms. - Walt Crawford
I am surprised that the 36% figure is not higher. - Joe
It's a relatively small sample* drawn entirely from high-profile journals in the field. *But big enough--in the hundreds--to draw reasonable conclusions. Seems to be a well-done paper. - Walt Crawford
Stephen Francoeur
Bricked phone for the past few weeks means I'm locked out of handful of services where I've set up two-factor authentication and didn't think to print out emergency access codes when I first set up two-factor authentication. Until I get my phone back from Samsung, I won't be posting to my blogs or Tumblr. #lessonlearned
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu - Meg VMeg
This seems like an excellent situation for some kind of "loaner phone" deal, where Samsung lends you a cheap dumbphone that just does calls and texts, until your phone is repaired. - Catherine Pellegrino
That's a good idea. Mr. 12yo got a new phone for Christmas. I may take his old one for a while. - Stephen Francoeur
It just seems weird to me that you'd have to be completely without phone service for an extended period, just because your very small computing device is kaput. - Catherine Pellegrino
Well, I do have a landline at home (that I'll never give up) and at work. To be honest, I think I make at most 1-2 calls a week on my cell phone. - Stephen Francoeur
If my phone died, I would feel CUT OFF FROM THE WORLD. - laura x
Oh, so you're basically me with a smartphone, then, Stephen? Cool. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
But I do use it all day to check email, listen to podcasts (during my commute), text with my wife and older son, and read items in Feedly and Instapaper. It's sad to admit this, but I'd guess the phone is in my hands about a 1/3 of my waking hours. - Stephen Francoeur
Meg VMeg
It's all floaty and negligible at the moment. - Stephen Francoeur
It is so freaking gorgeous outside. I don't know how I could possibly live anywhere else. - Meg VMeg
I could never live anywhere without snow, that's for sure. - laura x
Stephen Francoeur
New Year's resolution: use more keyboard shortcuts in Gmail and Inbox. If Inbox hadn't hidden the delete command so well, I would haven't had to learn that hitting # will delete a message you've checked or are currently viewing.
Meg VMeg
First the oil truck woke me up, then my neighbor's alarm woke me up, but THEN I learned about Morgan's Tarot: So today's been good so far.
And it's going to snow! - Meg VMeg
Stephen Francoeur
He Was Present at the Birth of Punk, and He Took Notes , via @nytimes
He Was Present at the Birth of Punk, and He Took Notes , via @nytimes
OMG that photo of him as a teenager at the top of the article. - Steele Lawman
Indeed. - Stephen Francoeur
That's not a picture of Danny Fields. It's a picture *taken by* Danny Fields. - bentley
OMG it's Dee Dee Ramone in the photo!!! (thanks for the correction, bentley) - Steele Lawman
Stephen Francoeur
A Scourge Is Spreading. M.T.A.’s Cure? Dude, Close Your Legs. , via @nytimes
A Scourge Is Spreading. M.T.A.’s Cure? Dude, Close Your Legs. , via @nytimes
Didn't you love that old slogan? "Hit him again, lady. We don't like door-blockers either." - Meg VMeg from Android
Yes, that was awesome. And my exact sentiment. - Stephen Francoeur
Steele Lawman
I hope you will join me in wishing Mama and Pop Lawson a happy 49th anniversary!
Happy anniversary, Mama Lawson and Pop Lawson! - bentley
Happy anniversary! - Marianne
Happy anniversary! - Catherine Pellegrino
Happy anniversary! I think that cake is bigger than both of you! - laura x
Happy anniversary! - ellbeecee
Congratulations! - Stephen Francoeur
Happy anniversary!!! - lris
Happy anniversary to them! - Pete
Happy Anniversary! It's a great time of year for those (my parents are celebrating their 49th tomorrow). - Katy S from iPhone
Happy anniversary, Lawsons! (It's funny, Katy, my aunt & uncle will have their 49th this month, too.) - Corinne L
Also, that's a great wedding photo! Congrats! - Katy S from iPhone
Congrats to Pop and best wishes to Mama! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Happy Anniversary! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Happy anniversary! - Meg VMeg from Android
Happy anniversary, Mama L! - Larua Boats from Android
Thank you all! - Mama Lawson
It's Laurax's birthday!!!!!
happy day! - ellbeecee
Happy Birthday Laura X!! - Hedgehog
happy birthday Ms X!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
happy birthday! - RepoRat
Many happy returns of the Xday! - Lily
Happy birthday :-) - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
X marks the birthday. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Happiest birthday to my dear friend and very favorite Laurax! May this year bring you perfect steaks, lots of sleep, and good writing time. - maʀtha
Happy birthday, Laura! - Steele Lawman
Happy birthday, comrade! - kendrak
Happy birthday! - Jen
Happy day and happy birthday too! - Galadriel C.
happy happy happy! - Jenica
Happy birthday, fellow Laurabrarian! - Larua Boats
Have a glass of wine. No, not that size, a BIG glass of wine. You deserve it. - Stephen Francoeur
An extremely happy birthday to you! - Catherine Pellegrino
Thank you, one and all! - laura x
Happy Birthday! - Katy S
Happy birthday! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
LSW roll call! Go!
I especially encourage those who might be quietly reading out there or might be new to say howdy. - maʀtha
👋 - Julian
Martha, medlib in an academic library with strong focus on serving external community as well as the university. Dark chocolate, yes anchovies on pizza, don't call me on the phone, dogs love me, cats not so much, I like winter. - maʀtha
Dorothea, instructor in a library school. Dark chocolate, vegetarian pizza hold the mushrooms, PLEASE don't call me, cat person, winter's okay except when it's injurious. - RepoRat
Jenica, director of two academic libraries at a small SUNY in upstate new york, and coordinator of our campus's upcoming bicentennial celebrations. Dark chocolate (intense orange is my jam), pizza is best with pepperoni, i only answer the phone for family, my dog weighs more than my child and my cats combined, and I live in the land of perpetual winter so I try not to whine. - Jenica
Science & engineering librarian at York University in Toronto, the largest university you've never heard of. Currently on sabbatical. Interested in open access and its related ideas. As well as sf, horror, mysteries, popular science writing, classic rock, blues, jazz and related genres. Oh yeah, a strange obsession with science-themed graphic novels. - John Dupuis
Laura, middle management at a public library (dear God, how did that happen?). Dark chocolate. I am actually sick of pizza. I envy you people who can get away without using the phone. I love winter, and I am getting a new winter coat for the first time in 22 years. - laura x
Catherine, reference & instruction librarian at Saint Mary's College. No, not that St. Mary's. The other one. No, not that one either. The one that's across the street from Notre Dame. Pizza: yes. Chocolate: yes. New cat: yes. Winter: yes. Dumbphone: yes. - Catherine Pellegrino
Julian, working for a major vendor (not in Libraryland; hint: think about bridges...). Apizza > pizza, good dark chocolate (of course), Android, Linux, likes other people's cats. I take your calls every day. I like October. - Julian
Christina. Librarian in a research lab and phd student. Any kind but white chocolate is fine with me. Have a big dog and toddler twins. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Mary Carmen, former academic library administrator. I now manage the care and feeding of one small human and am currently incubating another one. I actually never answer my phone. Sesame Street is my jam. If the television is on, it's tuned to Sprout. When I can actually eat food, pizza is number one, although I've been very into bagels lately. Dark chocolate. 3 cats. I miss winter. - Mary Carmen
Hello lurker Martha! *waves* - maʀtha
Walt, mostly-retired (except for research/writing) former library professional/non-librarian. Omnivore. Dark chocolate. Landline phone if we recognize the number (the flipphone's almost never on). Mild OCD-like attitude on providing facts to flesh out OA and other debates. My 15 minutes were about 20 years ago. Two cats. California native and enjoy the weather (esp. if we get more rain/snow this year). - Walt Crawford
Good work, people! I would like to hear from more usual and unusual suspects, please. - maʀtha
Sarah, currently Scholarly Communications Librarian at large public research university but soon to be Associate Dean at large private research university library. All chocolate except bad chocolate. My spouse and I make our own sausage. Three cats and a dog. And let's just say that I'm very happy to be moving about as far south as you can go in the US! Also, hate the phone but am getting better at it because I have to. - Sarah
Congratulations, Sarah! Very cool. - maʀtha
Pete. Law and Social Sciences information adviser at Sheffield Hallam University. My main professional contribution is library themed silly songs. - Pete
Rochelle, adult public services manager at a public library. Cat wrangler. I have developed a bedtime ritual of listening to old episodes of Gunsmoke at I seldom stay awake to hear the ending, but it's very soothing. I get a huge kick out of supporting my staff in developing and implementing their awesome ideas. Migraines are my unfortunate jam. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Laura. Currently Team Leader for Social Science, Business & Education at large research university library. Come January 1, the Head, Research & Engagement with the same employer. No kids, no pets, no spouse, though I'd like a cat. I just haven't convinced myself to pay the pet deposit at my apartment complex. - ellbeecee
Laurabrarian tally 2 and counting! - maʀtha
Jaclyn - soon to be ex-electronic resources lib at large public teaching university. Dark chocolate, pizza (hold the anchovies), no pets unless you count the 2 children. In SoCal, where we get no winter (to our detriment). OA/accessibility reviews/diversity in libs are three things I'd like more of. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
John. Assistant Director at largish public library. In charge of technology and stuff. Hugo award winner. Editor of the SFWA Bulletin. Aspiring writer. Not a fan of dark chocolate. Loves to cook (and eat). Mostly love winter but hate all the house upkeep it makes. - John: Thread Killer
Heather, collections strategy librarian at mid-sized Canadian university. Pizza and chocolate are dandy as long as I don't have to pay in USD. Medicated me will love your cats and dogs. Winter's also dandy but I need a new set of yak tracks. I'll pass on Gunsmoke: Terry Prachett audio books do the trick for me. - Heather
Rachel, medical librarian at Vanderbilt *until tomorrow* - then taking on directorship of medical library and biomed communications at ETSU. Will be paying a $600 pet deposit at the new place due to the 3 cats and 100lb dog. - Rachel Walden
Jason Fleming, Information Technology Librarian at a medium sized academic library - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Stephen Francoeur, user experience librarian at a medium-sized public college in New York City. - Stephen Francoeur
Community college library director in the mitten. Chocolate is good. 3 dogs. Winter is good. - J. Marie B
Oh, hey, I'm on a committee which is trying to reach more community colleges with NLM resources. Ping me if interested in learning more. - maʀtha
Stephan!e, small branch library director at oldest public univ. in US. Likes *good* dark chocolate, cats, and pizza. Ordered $45 worth of pizza for student staffers tomorrow, along with therapy dogs. library interests = reference, promotion, journalism, PR, and interdisciplinary things. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Mita, user experience librarian from a mid-sized university in the rust-belt of Canada - but who knows what I will be when I return to work from sabbatical in January. I just talked for an hour for a webinar that no one attended. And it was still awesome :) - copystar
Rudy, currently an outreach & instruction librarian in Nevada. Feminist, vegetarian, foodie, speculative fiction, cats. Dark chocolate. Chicago pizza. Cheese. Library interests: outreach and engagement with campus, the role of liaisons, social science data users, social media and emerging technology in libraries. Looking to move into administration - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Lily, newly-minted, fresh-outta-library-school ref/instruction librarian at a medium-ish for-profit college in NYC. Pomegranates. Ask me about accessibility (universal design, library services to patrons with disabilities, assistive tech, etc.). - Lily
Maurice Coleman -- Master of Training and Speaking. Keynote and Speaker of Color for Hire. Trainer at Best Damn Public Library in Maryland. Host and Producer of Library Training Podcast T is for Training. Geek. Sports. Next week I start heading up our new Innovation Lab. Winter shoveling sucks. Any pizza is good pizza when served with a good beer. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Marianne, circulation team coordinator at a small liberal arts college. I am also fresh outa library school, although for me it's more of a "fresh back from" since I did my degree online while still working at my current job (which I've had for about 4 years now, and a similar job at the same place for 3 before that). Pro-pizza, love all chocolate, but there's a lot of stuff I can't or... more... - Marianne
Definitely interested, Martha. - J. Marie B
Now I want pizza..... - Mary Carmen
Zamms, metadata librarian at an office in the international department of a large, well-known North American country. - Zamms from iPhone
Newbie systems librarian (former e-resources and serials) at large regional university in Oklahoma (yes, we have winter; no it isn't too bad, mostly). Learning the new ILS and my new job at the same time! Dark-dark chocolate (80%+) and cracker-thin-crust pizza are now topping the list of possibilities for my last meal. Yes, I'm suggestible. - Kirsten
Krista, web services librarian at a mid-sized university on a rock in the north atlantic (with our own half-time zone) - weelibrarian
But no halftime show - DJF from Android
*looks around for more lurkers* Come say hi, we're friendly, I swear! - maʀtha
Jen, e-resources/periodicals at medium midwest public university. Winter - no thank you. Pizza, yes please. Chocolate - dark. My mantra is "everything will be fine" because it will, of course. - Jen
Ruth, systems librarian for an astronomical observatory. I'm in Arizona, the observatory is under construction in Hawaii. Chocolate, coffee, pizza and beer: hell yes. Eggplant: hell no. Winter: I've heard of such a thing but not experienced it since I was a child, and I'm damn happy for that. Dogs, cats, child and multiple computers at homestead. Ask me about Drupal or PDM systems! - Ruth Kneale
Colleen, InfoLit Coordinator, Printer Whisperer, and General Purveyor of Awesome at CSU Channel Islands. Former 8-year Access Services/LibManagement wonk, reuniting with my original love for teaching and curriculum. Dog lover and slave to 2 basset hounds, Otto and Igor. Married to fellow ubernerd Jed, Lord of Comics and Pop Culture. I collect advanced degrees for fun (MA, MLS, MFA,... more... - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Joe, at the University of Denver. I even remember when the LSW was using the pre-FF Meebo Chat Room way back in 2008. - Joe
Another Laura, a/k/a LB. Associate Director for Special Collections at a private university in GA, so I'm more of an archivist, really. All pizza is fine as long as you hold the mushrooms and anchovies. All chocolate is welcome. Two dogs, but I will pet your cat. Winter is not a problem. I need to learn more about DSpace and institutional repositories, but I love my job. (I do not, however, love bureaucracy.) - Larua Boats from Android
Jonathan, Head of IT at a mid-sized public university library in SoCal - the land of no seasons, also de facto web librarian and institutional repository manager. Moonlights as a brewer at local craft microbreweries, and free time spent as a youth soccer coach/ref. - jönαthaη
(All anybody needs to know about DSpace is RUN AWAY VERY VERY FAST.) - RepoRat
Deborah, sort-of-accidental systems librarian at small New Zealand university's combined library-and-teaching/learning/research-support dept (two of us supporting *all the systems*, occasionally getting in a bit of training as we go). Dark chocolate, all the pizza. Hot chocolate over coffee or tea, ginger beer over beer. (I don't mind a little alcohol with food if it tastes good but... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Laurabrarian Tally: 3 - maʀtha
(RepoRat: Not nearly as fast as one ought to run away from integrating DSpace and Elements.) - Deborah Fitchett
I see how it is, @DJF, you and your driveby snarking - maʀtha
(Also, I have eaten pizza with Martha. :D ) - Larua Boats from Android
(TRUE!) - maʀtha
Meg, science librarian at a large research university. In my spare time, I teach data-related workshops here and there, in addition to a semester-long MLS course on data librarianship, and I also have a science-writing gig. Clearly I'm bad at hobbies. Beer? Beer. I also love snow. - Meg VMeg
Robin, Director of Technology at a regional system in Kansas. I also write books and teach Project Management at Library Juice Academy. Milk chocolate - any kind; carnivore toppings on my pizza, 2 dogs but I have a cat tattoo. I'm not a fan of winter, but not enough to move away from it. - WebGoddess
(Deborah: what a nightmarish idea. :/ ) - RepoRat
Betsy, newspapers and microfilm librarian at a large midwestern public library. Pizza yes, hold the olives. Like Deborah, hot chocolate over coffee or tea, ginger beer over beer. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, it’s all good. I love winter. Currently dog-less, but hoping to remedy that in the next couple of years. Whovian since 1981. - bentley
Anali, Scholarly Communications/licensing librarian at a large research university. I live in Phoenix, I don't do winter. I love coffee, beer, pizza, but am middling on chocolate. 2 kids under 3 & 3 needy cats, but luckily I have a husband to help manage all the needs. - Grumpator from iPhone
Hi Anali! - maʀtha
Jeff, title-free community college librarian, stapler fondler, tweaker of borrowed scripts, support-ticket-enterer. Somebody is giving out dark chocolate? Ok. - JffKrlsn
Katie, collection development in a specialized division of a very well-known governmental library. Baking addict, yarn connoisseur, romance genre wonk. Lives part of her life as an alter ego. No pets or any other living things in my home, though I wouldn't mind some plants or a dog at some point. Chocolate, yes--though I prefer milk, and pizza as long as I have dairy pills handy. - Katie
Kathy, still in the "who the hell put me in charge?" phase of my career at an acad lib. App to Ed Leadership doc program submitted. Milk chocolate. Pizza is best made at home with friends to feed. I screen my calls. Winter is best with snow. Bouncy guard dog of a rat terrier, Link. H-son's broadening my parenting skillz with lots of new things this year: girlfriend, show choir, wrestling, and low interest in getting his learner's driving permit. - Kathy
(Btw, you don't have to share real names or job details or real anything, say hi anyway) - maʀtha
Jen. Information Technology librarian in the wilds of Maine. Longstanding fascination for 'how to have a better online life' (in terms of getting what you want out of it), computers, books, and organising all the things. (Also currently engaged in an epic knitting project.) One cat named Astra, one folk harp, and I am fond of chocolate that involves either coffee or hazelnut. - Jennifer Arnott
Beth/Elizabeth. Administrator at a medium-sized public university in upstate New York. Coffee: dark roast, chocolate: Cadbury's royal dark; cats: two; child: one; snow: OK but I don't have much choice; pizza: sausage and onions; beer: Spaten or a good Czech pilsner; hobbies: knitting (although in a dry spell right now) and cooking. I like to think of life as material for the ultimate movie comedy. - Elizabeth Brown
(Jen: I miss Maine. I get to go to Waterville in June for my 20th reunion and can't wait. :) ) - ellbeecee
Kaijsa, academic librarian at the only university in Wyoming. I have many titles to choose from, but mostly work with humanities, teach, and play with tech. Am an outgoing introvert. Love coffee, dark beer, white wine, and bourbon. Dark chocolate but into savery more than sweet foods. Am from the PNW and prefer to keep snow in the mountains and not town, but live at 7220 feet--so, you know. Snowshoeing is fun. Hobbies are reading, music, perfume, and being a smartass. - kaijsa
(This feels like an online dating profile.) - kaijsa
Abigail, medical librarian in Chicago. Lots of interest in Data. Compulsive knitter and drinker of tea. 2 cats and one Philosopher at home. Chocolate is always welcome, though I think white chocolate is weird. - Hedgehog
Kendra, transportation librarian in Berkeley. Likes data, policy, and research. Record collector and plucky left back. 2 guinea pigs and a computer chip maker. Chocolate is OK, but I prefer pickles. - kendrak
(I know, Kaijsa! Everyone is sticking with my format which I didn't intend to be a format) - maʀtha
Another Laura, web services librarian at Sonoma State. All the pizza and all the chocolate, yes, please now. Plus coffee. Plus beer. I like California winters, which are actually fall. Feminist bleeding heart liberal. I read and I sew and I knit. Is there anymore pizza? - Laura Krier
Courtney F., electronic and educational resources at Belmont U in Nashville. Pizza should not have vegetables on it at all. I run so I can eat what I like (and drink beer). Winter stinks because it's so gray all the time. I am librarychic around the web and have more hobbies than i can handle :) - ~Courtney F
Laurabrarian Tally: 4. Do we have a quorum yet? - maʀtha
I really feel like there are tribes of librarians, and I'm pretty sure the Lauras are one of them. Also the Jasons. - ellbeecee
(Martha: a friend used to call it a quarrelum.) - bentley
Katy. Supervising Librarian at smallish medium public lib. I work mostly in Adult and Children's services, but I've been known to work in Teen and Genealogy. I've also done some cataloging when one of the catalogers was out. I manage the Children's collection (doing most of the selecting, but i have a few selectors for other areas) and I select in the following areas for the adult collection: 000s, 400s, 500s, 600s, and sf/f. I also manage the blog. I'm the person they can put anywhere in a pinch. - Katy S
Oh yeah, I have no life. Chocolate is almost always appreciated. Servant to two cats. - Katy S
You people are awesome. Okay about the other >900 of you? Feel free to start making stuff up :D - maʀtha
Those other 900 may be making up their entire existence, judging the number of them posting weight loss tips... - Zamms
Andy,head of the reference department at a public library in NJ, very late to this thread, and the my boss's most frequently asked question of me in the six months i've worked there is "have you pissed off any librarians today?" (Usually yes, mostly on Twitter.) - Andy
Nancy, former systems librarian at a small, public, liberal arts college in FL.Currently "between jobs." Likes: dark chocolate, pizza (no mammal-based toppings except cheese, of course), vodka, cats & dogs, cool weather. Dislikes: bullies, humidity. LSW rocks! - Nancy Sp♠id
Galadriel, head of e-resources services at large university library in New England. Only very good and very dark chocolate; two cats; pizza with spinach, feta, and onions; leave a message and I might eventually call back for immediate reply, e-mail. I like all four seasons, am bummed that winter here is sans snow so far. - Galadriel C.
laura x
Happens to me once in a while. A reboot fixes it on my machine usually. - Stephen Francoeur
*sends provisions* - Julian
also someday I will stop yelling. - laura x
Stephen Francoeur
Thinking about whether our library needs an entry in Wikipedia. Anyone have good examples of academic libraries with their own entries?
I would say the Geisel Library is a good example - - ellbeecee
Thanks! That is a good one. I found more by using the category link in Wikipedia for University and college academic libraries in the United States. - Stephen Francoeur
So I got one started for my library: - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen Francoeur
Roger Schonfeld, "What Role(s) Should the Library Play in Support of Discovery?" Ithaka S R -
Pull quote: “It is hard for many of us to take a critical perspective on whether we are making the right level of investment today in a traditional strength like the library as search starting-point. But budgets are not unlimited and there are opportunity costs associated with these choices. For example, if librarians are holding on unduly to the search starting-point role, are they doing so at the expense of new discovery roles where the library’s impact might be greater? These choices have consequences for our communities and over time our libraries’ strategic position within them.” - Stephen Francoeur
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @kendrak: SUV at Telegraph and 49th turns into the crowd because they have places to be right now! #berkeleyprotests #walksafe
RT @kendrak: SUV at Telegraph and 49th turns into the crowd because they have places to be right now! #berkeleyprotests #walksafe
Don't trust SUVs (says this NYC pedestrian who daily dashes from speeding SUVs barreling through crosswalks and red lights). - Stephen Francoeur
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