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Benjamin Golub
If you use the FriendFeed Facebook application make sure you've configured it properly. We are switching to a new method of publishing in the not too distant future. If you see this message at http://apps.facebook.com/friendf... just click on the link to provide the proper permissions.
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We might also be sending you a notification asking for the permissions. - Benjamin Golub
cool, thanks! - Susan Beebe
Attachments FTW! :-) - Jesse Stay
Just keeps looping and I cannot get it to accept. - Scott Whaley
your app does not work - Rimtech4
I disabled Friendfeed wallposts a while ago to avoid duplicate aggregate streaming there. - John Lam
Orpheus' music was so powerful that no one could resist it—not even the fairest maiden. He chose the lovely Eurydice to be his wife. But their joy was brief. As Eurydice walked through a meadow shortly after their wedding, a poisonous snake bit her. She died, leaving Orpheus alone and deeply saddened. Overcome by grief, he decided to travel to the land of the dead to get her. - Azeem Baloch
how can my feedback well - Azeem Baloch
Mmmhh, its 2012 now and Friendfeed cannot publish to my FB account since a couple of days. Any ideas how to fix that? - Michael Hohl
but microsoft has said they will not give up on internet explorer 6 - Rimtech4
interesting info counting down end of ie6 ie internet explorer 6 - Rimtech4
Face report button for illegal links and stalking must happen--http://www.abc.net.au/news...
law enforcement officails are considering it - Rimtech4
it will also ask for no one under the age of 13 to be a member of facebook - Rimtech4
Christian server based internet content filter I use and it is awsome---http://www.familyfellowship.com/
best content filter I have ever used - Rimtech4
New anti piracy video format--http://www.pcauthority.com.au/News...
Mpeg7 mm interesting - Rimtech4
http://www.pandasecurity.com/actives... its called panda active scan two download it allow active x it may take a while depending on hard drive size it will get rid of all viruses etc keep a bookmark of link and use it every so often to help keep your pc virus free
ps its a online virus scanner so it will add to your downloads - Rimtech4
IP4 addresses none left see link--http://www.pcauthority.com.au/News...
ip6 needs to be adopted asap - Rimtech4
New tool transperancy tool - Rimtech4
Tool for facebook new version to set up facebook how you want it coming soon - Rimtech4
Server based content filter one of the best filters i have ever used-http://www.familyfellowship.com/
set it the way you want our they will hold the password for you so you can not over ride the filter - Rimtech4
How to go into windows xp safe mode http://www.pcstats.com/article...
if you have problems get a computer tech to help you our a friend who is a computer Geek - Rimtech4
Report bugs in Chromium and get cash info on blog link - Rimtech4
First cloud based antivirus program for windows seven - Rimtech4
this site is monitered by familyfellowship.com a server based filter I use so no foul language please
moniters all links 24/7 - Rimtech4
Luigi Martin
No internet connection: The first things to try - http://www.computer-aid.com.au/blog...
where are you - Rimtech4
Remember to do your antivirus and spyware updates please
and Scans - Rimtech4
About to watch doctor Who awsome program
SUNDAY 7.30 ABC Australia - Rimtech4
Sabyon pic
sabayon 2.24 sabayon 4 alpha.jpg3.jpg
awsome Linux SABYON PIC - Rimtech4
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