Cut the fluff in press releases by avoiding these 10 words in your writing: via @PRDaily
Congrats to client @GreenwaveSys on teaming with @VerizonFiOS to develop a family of co-created products! #IoT
Congrats to client @GreenwaveSys on partnering with @VerizonFiOS to develop a family of co-created products! #IoT
While notorious for its gender gap, the #SiliconValley #tech scene ranks first for companies with 1+ female execs.
Not all #brand enthusiasts are middle-aged moms, discount-crazy, and rich. However, they can teach us a few things:
WordPress 4.0, released today, promises easier embeds, a plugin browser, and an auto-expanding editor.
.@charlesarthur, only one parent may have a login. All other parents must enter using an interpretive dance. What's so hard to understand?
RT @Jason: With @zealoustiger founder of one of my favorites from @ycombinator demo day: @startweaving
Tips from @dansjensen on how to nail a job after college: Apply, interview, rinse & repeat.
We think it's all connected, but @samueljscott hits the nail on the head: #publicrelations can learn a lot from SEO
Cheers to our client @medallia for receiving one of @sequoia’s largest investments: $50M
A witty reminder from @ginidietrich: "PR is more than just media relations."
Diversity of various U.S.-based tech companies compared would be even more helpful if we could see changes over time.
According to @pewresearch, journalists earn just 65% of what those in PR earn. One factor: digital technology.
Growth is not a strategy. "@twitter admits that 23 million of its active users are actually bots.”
This can't end well for @Uber or @Lyft. Statements from both are throwing fuel on a fire of bad PR.
If your company has $100,000 just laying around, you can get your story promoted by @GQMagazine "elite readers"
New happy hour study from says "Correlation between drinking with coworkers and success". PR people must all be CEOs
We'd love nothing more than for our clients' customers to all use the latest browser, but this will take awhile.
Are folks from Seattle or SF more likely to give you the cold shoulder? @startweaving shares their back-end data here
Have the attention span of a fly? @sarahkoniniec shares tips on how to keep people from spacing out when you speak
Snapchat shares their favorite business accounts and what you can do to be one of them
Watch John Oliver's hilarious rant on native #advertising "Ads are baked into content like raisins into a cookie"
Cutting unnecessary jargon helps people understand your writing better. See 6 more writing tips here
RT @davepell: The best way to combat tweets that give away the whole story is to have some actual content below the headline and giant photo.
Video idea? “@CWarfield: .@dansjensen between two ferns. Testing out desk configs in the new office... @sterlingpr”
Looking good! “@dansjensen: .@CWarfield and @hoffmandy hard at work in the new @sterlingpr #Seattle office”
Why are big social networks "disintegrating" their apps? @selenalarson finds the intended simplicity confusing.
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