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Steve Boese

Steve Boese

Steve Boese - HR Technology Instructor
Thanks @weknownext and everyone on #nextchat today! If you make it out to #HRTechConf in October be sure to say hello!
A8 - Enlist people in planning next steps, system enhancements, improved process design, better communications and training #nextchat
A8 -Circle back to stakeholders to ensure needs are addressed, they understand the new tools and benefits, and that you still care #nextchat
A8 - Enlist enthusiastic employees to be internal champions to help spread the word and evangelize for the project #nextchat
Good luck! RT @CaylorQuinn @weknownext Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I'm going to miss #Nextchat and @SHRM so much!
You can't handle the truth... On Privilege (via @fistfuloftalent)
A8 - Measure the key processes, transactions, and then outcomes. Make sure to have ‘pre’ baselines for all of these #nextchat
A7 - Try and find a quick win - a limited go-live or a single location or function pilot to get some early validation and good PR. #nextchat
A7 - Take your plan estimates for change management, communication, and training and double them. Don’t underestimate these. #nextchat
A7 - Secure Exec sponsor, get key stakeholders involved, try really hard to have a dedicated project team, commit to the plan #nextchat
A6 And don't focus on trying to see if the vendor can meet the 1% or exception process, (unless it is business critical) #nextchat
A6 Selection teams ideally are made up of reps from HR, IT, CFO, ‘real’ users,and Execs.The more diverse viewpoints the better #nextchat
A6 - From that list, and depending on type and complexity of project, from 2 - 4 vendors are brought in to demo #nextchat
A5 - In larger orgs, there are also times when HR tech should be harmonized or standardized with other corp IT systems #nextchat
A5 - HR Tech that hits business issues should come first, then followed by strategic HR objectives and compliance needs. #nextchat
A4 - Price is only one variable in the ROI calculation. Think about expected benefit, cost savings, increased sales, etc. #nextchat
A4 When vendors say ‘Feature X is on the road map’ dig deep into schedule, track record of delivery, and importance of feature #nextchat
A4 -User experience is important,but it isn’t the only important factor. UX varies across role, company, culture, device. #nextchat
A4 - Similar to Q3, there is not yet a single,scalable source of unbiased information for HR technologies like Yelp or TripAdvisor #nextchat
A3 - Even recommendations from HR colleagues need vetting. The ‘right’ solution for one org might not be the right one for you #nextchat
A3 - Some analyst reports will omit new or emerging vendors in a category due to market cap, market share, or other reasons #nextchat
A3 - For example, some external consultants will push you to select vendors for which they have implementation services #nextchat
A3 - Every potential source of info has the potential to be biased. This is not always bad, HR pros need to take it into account #nextchat
A2 - I am a little biased, but the HR Tech Conference is a great place to see, learn, and demo the latest HR Tech #nextchat
A2 Other sources are trade publications, vendor materials, social networks, SHRM, and even online rating sites like G2 Crowd #nextchat
A2 - Top 5 - External consultants, HR colleagues, online research, analyst reports, conferences #nextchat
A1 - HR tech as delivered as a service (usually on 3-year contracts) puts organizations in ‘shopping’ mode more frequently #nextchat
A1 - Improved integration with non-HR systems, better and more modern user experience, enhanced reporting #nextchat
Hi all - thanks to @weknownext for having me back on #nextchat - looking forward to it
You need him on that wall... Can Corporate Recruiters Poach? (via @TimSackett)
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