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RT @btamblyn: Taking charge: the incredible journey of @Microsoft's Chris Cortez. #SemperFi @USMC
RT @satyanadella: Azure ML would have allowed me to predict this post from @johnplattml back in 2009:
RT @SeaTimesFotoKen: #Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella cranks siren in Redmond kicking off first company-wide "Hackathon" on his watch. #tech
The Fasinatng … Frustrating … Fascinating History of Autocorrect
baffles my why some websites still use that Microsoft "logo". Seriously.
.@Microsoft Kiki Wolfkill has the coolest name not yet in a Quentin Tarantino movie
RT @MSFTnews: A conversation with "Halo" executive producer Kiki Wolfkill
RT @chriscapossela: Teenage son discovers his deceased father's ghost car in Xbox rally game via @YahooAutos
Microsoft's Station Q Delves Into Quantum Computing via @eWEEKNews
RT @RWW: Quantum Computing And The Value Of Storytelling In Science by @Dan_Rowinski
RT @fxshaw: last tweet about the Station Q story. My fave line: "quantum particles are kind of like Rhiannon."
RT @satyanadella: Changing the world: @microsoft quest for a quantum future -
RT @marypcbuk: talking about building a topological quantum computer; MSR thinking big at Station Q
is this the best 101 on Quantum Computing? Yeah, I think so
"arguably the best technology demonstration of the past ten years" @thurrott words, not mine
RT @reckel: ICYMI @stevecla Microsoft Partner Conf. demo of #SkypeTranslator in @satyanadella keynote on @MSFTResearch homepage
RT @tomwarren: “Mobility for us goes beyond just devices.” - @satyanadella
Microsoft makes design central to its future
once more in to the big dark room my friennds, once more
RT @TKE_Americas: Wow, Skype Translate is impressive! Loved the jokes about the #WorldCup ;-) #WPC14
RT @erikmagnuson: I kind of hoped @satyanadella would just drop the mic after showing off #Skype translate...#WPC14 #GameChanger
RT @Whiterope: “@Sadalit: For those who have an obstructed view in #WPC14 keynotes - @stevecla 's #shoes. You're welcome.”>BOOM!
RT @jakrigg: @stevecla delivers an incredible Skype voice translate demo.. Scouse <-> German conversation :) Great!! #wpc14
RT @thurrott: Skype Translator demo kills it. Nicely done. #wpc14
RT @tomwarren: Microsoft demonstrated Skype Translate again. Failed a few times, but still v.impressive
RT @tomwarren: Microsoft demonstrated Skype Translate again. Failed a few times, but still v.impressive
RT @nicksplodge: #Microsoft have hastily issued a press release: "No oranges were harmed in the making of @stevecla 's shoes" #WPC14
RT @MSFT4Work: "There will be 212 BILLION sensors, devices, and things by 2020" @satyanadella #WPC14
Wow, future of Cortana looks amazing
Wow, future of Cortana looks amazing
Wow... future of Cortama
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