#BAFTA I think that Russell Crowe & Hugh Jackman should team up more often. Its nice to see to great actors not taking themselves seriously.
Please follow my Tweets at https://t.co/xNTvosMb Change of address=new twitter account. Thanks. Steve X
The Isle of Portland is due for the heaviest storms so far this year. Its horrible outside and is going to get much worse overnight.
Another sleepless night. I've given up and will try to sleep this coming night instead.
There is no 3G phone signal where I live. I'm getting broadband Monday. What's that going to be? A bloke on horseback or a carrier pigeon?
I'm still without broadband. As soon as its connected next week, I'll follow all who have kindly followed me these past few months. Steve x
Signal on blackberry is quite good now. I can't sleep so feel free to email or chat etc. Steve x
Now I can't sleep. Anyone up for swapping emails or chatting for a short while?
...and that I'm crap at any relationships, professional or otherwise. Baked 5 loaves of bread. 2 by machine, 3 by hand.
Put feelers out for a carer yesterday. Inundated today. See 1st Wed midday. I'll be honest and say I'm bad tempered & a sod to be with...
¤lessonsfromhistory. What can be built up can be knocked down. Empires do fall :)
¤quote What's been built up can be knocked down even fa
Its a beautiful day. Very sunny and quite warm for this time of year especially for Portland.
¤pudsey. Eastenders doing Queen and the Kids from Outnumbered doing The Monkee's nailed C.I.N. this year. Mind you I didn't watch it all.
I've got a load of redundant talent going atm :(
Its your own fault, Busby.
Web stats dropped into single figures per month for the first time ever? Who you gonna call? Yikeshaggy!
#The Bondi Bournemouth - become part of the legend. Call 01202 554893 and book your break away from the rat race. www.thebondi.co.uk
www.thebondi.co.uk offers a warm welcome to LGBT visitors from all over the world. The more, the merrier! The #Bondi is truly international!
Why do the weekends come so quickly the older you get? We're all ready to welcome our lovely guests and hope they all have a great time here
The weather is going to be perfect for a weekend break. Phone us to book.
We send our love & prayers for all those in the path of #Hurricane Irene. From all of us at #The Bondi. X
Lots of the pubs & clubs based on Bournemouth's Gay Triangle are having beach parties this bank holiday. Come & stay at www.thebondi.co.uk
Fancy a mid-week break? The Bondi is the only place that welcomes GLBT guests. Book now...01202 554893 www.thebondi.co.uk
Which idiots at Bournemouth Council allowed the Firework display to go ahead when the whole town is mourning for the #Red Arrow pilot?
#Flt Lt Jon Egging R.I.P. The whole of Bournemouth will remember you. Sincerest condolences to your family & colleagues. God Bless you.
One of The #Red Arrows Display Team has crashed at #Bournemouth Airport. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. X
Great guests, good chat and things that I needed to do have been done (code for started!) the rest will get done tomorrow. Good day!
This weekend has been lovely. We've had great guests, great conversation and really lovely comments. www.thebondi.co.uk
Ok, I got it wrong. It is raining, but I reckon we will still have hot temperatures at the weekend.
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