Steve Garfield
The consumer HD video camera I want manufacturers to make for me.
1. Saves to SD Card - Steve Garfield
2. Has Firewire output - Steve Garfield
3. Has audio in - Steve Garfield
4. Has mic that's configurable to shotgun or surround - Steve Garfield
5. Easily accessible power connection - Steve Garfield
6. Supports AT&T SIM card for live streaming - Steve Garfield
7. Allows for extended battery - Steve Garfield
8. Has physical volume controls vs. soft menu control - Steve Garfield
9. Saves video as QuickTime .mov files for direct editing - Steve Garfield
10. Tripod can remain attached while allowing removal of SD card - Steve Garfield
11. Visual feedback for sound input (so you know the Mic is working) - Gary Rosenzweig
12. Headphone jack to monitor sound - Gary Rosenzweig
13. RF remote control - Gary Rosenzweig
Nice list - Rodfather
The video camera I want is a better "pocket" camcorder. I posted here to discuss the perfect pocket camcorder. - Gregg H.
A CMOS sensor that doesn't make the video wobbly when panning. A global shutter vs rolling shutter. - Rodfather
Internal flash memory, and bluetooth capacity for wireless keyboard to chat with live streaming and for wireless mic or headset. - Alex Figueroa
14. An OS like Nokia S60 to support online live streaming services like Qik. - Steve Garfield