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RT @Borthwick: How many people then see those Tweets via amplification. Key metric for Twitter’s future is pace that the core hyper user base is growing /5
RT @semil: Thanks to @Scobleizer @KevinMarks @kteare @dbfarber for yesterday's talk & @stevegillmor for having me on Gillmor Gang. Always a fun debate!
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
I'm waiting for the call! :-) - Robert Scoble
be with you soon Robert - Tina Chase Gillmor
Standby everyone. We are close to liftoff - Tina Chase Gillmor
OK. ready with birds. There's even a woodpecker - Kevin Marks
Let me save everyone an hour. Heartbleed sucks, the NSA sucks, and it will take a while for everyone to patch. Next. - Murray Macdonald
Murray - I spent a good part of Wednesday revoking certs and reissuing. (and a bit of patching and upgrading) - Simon Tennant
Kevin is lucky/unlucky with wildlife - Tina Chase Gillmor
Started, yeehaaww. Already been muted. :-) - Robert Scoble
I was reading this while I waited: - Alex de Soto
Yeah. We updated certs all day yesterday. Annoying. - Murray Macdonald
Ok, I'll tell bad jokes while you're stalling for time. +Kevin, What do you get if you cross a woodpecker with a carrier pigeon? A bird who knocks before delivering its message. - Charlie Isaacs
Heartbleed Explaination - - Murray Macdonald
lovely NSA - clive boulton
This is too depressing - Francine Hardaway
I love that Kevin's shirt matches his umbrella hat - Charlie Isaacs
It's very exploitable - there was a nice demo that connected to and grabbed passwords. - Simon Tennant
NSA should share exploits, not exploit them - clive boulton
everyone seeing the stream fine? - Tina Chase Gillmor
looks great, Tina - Tom Guarriello
Looks great to me. - Murray Macdonald
Excellent stream Tina! - Alex de Soto
ok great - Tina Chase Gillmor
ditto - clive boulton
Kevin looks like he's at a garden party - Francine Hardaway
in a garden - Kevin Marks
the party is on the net - Kevin Marks
Private keys should automatically change themselves daily. - Murray Macdonald
mine is great, receiving at work - Charlie Isaacs
Dave Winer is right. Not a weiner - Francine Hardaway
he had the wrong hotdog - Charlie Isaacs
Sry for running late, gals - Ludwig Ederle
Kevin is lucky to have a gorgeous work environment.... I still want some oranges! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Let's talk the new Microsoft - Ludwig Ederle
what would you do in twitter's CEO role @Dan ? - flyinthesoup
Twitter's new design too alike Facebook for me - clive boulton
There are too many notifications coming in all the time - Francine Hardaway
No safari support? - Murray Macdonald
I'm sure Twitter has been listening to the Gang. We've been talking about the importance of notifications for some time now. Hopefully that will handle the feature carefully - Tina Chase Gillmor
Twitter user statistics: Most People On Twitter Don't Actually Tweet - Nir Ben Yona
Google+ is easier to filter via default circle and circle notifcations - clive boulton
Will be interesting to see if people still stick with FB after all the newstream changes going on - christina sponselli
Hiya - is it just me - video very intermittent - heard 30 secs of Kevin Marks only so far... - Ian Waring
If it defaults to who I follow, that's 1600 people - Francine Hardaway
That's more people than I want to be notified about - Francine Hardaway
I'm hearing everything Ian - Charlie Isaacs
Stream seems strong here on our end, Ian - Tina Chase Gillmor
I don't see settings for mobile notifications on the web, just email - Kevin Marks
FB social graph is too social. I want information. Not data from someone I went to school with. - clive boulton
Thank you - nought here. Will trying switching it off and on again (tip of the hat to the IT Crowd) - Ian Waring
I didn't know Robert had a normal world :=-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I hardly ever use Twitter's standard interface on the Web, I use Tweetdeck. Mostly use Twitter on iPad and iPhone. - Alex de Soto
Threat was enough - i'm getting Scoble loud and clear now - Ian Waring
nobody tell Robert there's a guy behind him photobombing - Charlie Isaacs
Same here, I use Twitter plenty, but I never use the website. - Michael Mahemoff
Wrote this a long time ago about how Twitter will have challenges monetizing ... - Chien-Yu Lin
mobile expects me to add a phone number - Kevin Marks
kevin - can you post the link - Keith Teare
nice woodpecker, Kevin! - Tom Guarriello
the link in just goes to settings - Kevin Marks
One way to control noise for Twitter is to promote the ability for tracking back to root sources and filtering away all "met too" posts that do not include others you follow. That is, no one needs 70 people pointing back to the same ABC story - but I do want to see what the people I follow comment on it. - Chien-Yu Lin
@Keith, totally w/you...about her rolodex... - J.C. Bouvier
She can play the piano during board cocktail hours. - Alex de Soto
Mozilla ... I know that half The Board resigned, but did any rank and file resign? - Chien-Yu Lin
Here's what Marc Benioff tweeted about Dropbox: "Zuckerberg is wondering if he should buy Dropbox for $30B as we watches @drewhouston announce a messaging service" - Nir Ben Yona
She's for a sure a smart woman who was simply was miscast in a fugly White House...and I'm not apologist btw...and she wouldn't be on any list of board members of any length that I would make...but I can't imagine she's dead weight. - J.C. Bouvier
It sends wrong signals, but he can't lead the company if the employees hate him - Francine Hardaway
you're crazy, there's no such thing "his employees" in mozilla @robert - flyinthesoup
+1 Francine - Tom Guarriello
Eich resigned - Kevin Marks
Public opinion matters when you are a leader. If your troops won't follow, regardless of the reason, you're unable to lead. - Murray Macdonald
Chien: the troops threatened to quit with a letter to the board. - Robert Scoble
Marc Benioff went on to tweet: Amazing new @carouselapp and Harmony from @drewhouston demonstrates how far behind Apple's photo and file apps are! - clive boulton
that's totally right Murray - Tina Chase Gillmor
Had a Twitter experience that I wanted to bottle a couple of weeks ago - a conversation between a few folks talking around a virtual water cooler re: Facebook and Oculus. I'd love a newspaper made out of slithers like that. - Ian Waring
The CEO carries the vision for the company. He's the leader. Not effective. - Francine Hardaway
thats what storify is for - Kevin Marks
"troops" ? stop militarizing your thoughts. you're taking the wrong model - flyinthesoup
Storify... off looking - thanks - Ian Waring
we don't need no CEO for a new generation community based company. - flyinthesoup
The dangerous precedent that he would have set had he remained would not be about his leadership skills, but rather what message he could have create in right-to-work states where employees effective have no right to work. If minorities think that it is difficult to work in an environment such as California - which is very liberal - imagine a CEO of a company in a Red State. - Chien-Yu Lin
Roberts right, he didn't want to handle the situation - clive boulton
i don't take Eich as a leader either, he's a very deep nerd - flyinthesoup
Leadership principles were pioneered by military. Ever read Sun Tzu? - Murray Macdonald
he's a tech leader. he and Mitchell have been a good team - Kevin Marks
Scoble: Thanks - Chien-Yu Lin
+100 @Storify, use it all the time... - J.C. Bouvier
So is Eich on the spectrum? - Francine Hardaway
Go to Glassdoor. There are a lot of horrible leaders (as per their employees opinions and ratings), but Wall Street loves them and it is a bad economy for a lot of companies, industries. - Chien-Yu Lin
Francine: I don't know that for a fact but I would not be shocked. - Robert Scoble
Bill Gates is often described as having Aspergers. He demonstrates many symptoms. - Murray Macdonald
Carly Fiorina at HP comes to mind.... - Alex de Soto
Murray: yes. - Robert Scoble
My son has Aspergers. He's amazingly smart, just eccentric. - Murray Macdonald
Bill has never admitted that. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina: no, he isn't as far along the spectrum as Bram Cohen. - Robert Scoble
Does anyone know if Mailbox supports Exchange yet? - J.C. Bouvier
Most adults with Aspergers are un-diagnosed. There's no blood-test. It's a subjective diagnosis. - Murray Macdonald
@Semil, what dou you mean about the transition from platform to services ? - flyinthesoup
A classmate of my daughter's is on the autism spectrum. She says he's one of the smartest people she knows. There are a ton of things that freak him out though but even so, he has made great strides over the years being connected to other students. All the kids are very protective of him. It has been a great experience for all - Tina Chase Gillmor
12 million downloads for Office for iPad ... - Chien-Yu Lin
How about the high-frequency trading revelations ala Flash Boys? Wall St. High Frequency Traders are scamming clients by having a few milliseconds lead time to trade against them. The exchanges are selling them the upstream access. - Murray Macdonald
file sharing will disappear as paper will one day - flyinthesoup
Dan's chin keeps getting closer to the bottom of the screen ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
we're printing more paper than ever before - Ludwig Ederle
"Microsoft’s top lawyer on Thursday said the company’s cloud computing services had met Europe’s stringent data protection rules — the only company so far to receive such approval — and he used the news as a way to woo potential new customers." - NYT - Alex de Soto
Does OneNote have a web clipper like Evernote? - Tom Guarriello
wait till you start eating paper... - flyinthesoup
at macdonalds you already do... - flyinthesoup
I like Evernote more than DropBox - Francine Hardaway
I placed my OneDrive folder in a DropBox folder for easier access across apps. - Alex de Soto
I like google drive - Kevin Marks
Both Evernote and Dropbox are now essential for me - Tom Guarriello
what other product or company could go from 0 to millions of new sign-ups in a few days... the Office for iPad strategy was a good move - Charlie Isaacs
Murray, I'm reading that book now - Francine Hardaway
Stability vs. Innovation - Chien-Yu Lin
Deconstructed gets identity out of the way, with Dropbox be killer - clive boulton
Love Evernote but it has splintered its attention into so many apps! - Alex de Soto
Friend just turned me onto - 50GB free...nice interface...and w/MediaFire now offering 1TB for $25/year...DropBox needs to up their free plan. - J.C. Bouvier
Microsoft vs. "Microsoft Killers"; Apple vs. Android. Outside of tech folks, what is more important? - Chien-Yu Lin
As a customer facing imaging application we have to support a bunch of different cloud sources. FB, Flickr, PhotoBucket, Dropbox, Box, Google, Sky Drive, Instagram, Piccasa, etc... - Murray Macdonald
Used to be bring your own device into an Enterprise - now it's Bring your own Cloud - Ian Waring
interesting ian - Kevin Marks
to win the mobile market MS will have to crush their Xbox into a mobile footprint and allow people to game everywhere, anytime -- moving their 43% market share to mobile - Charlie Isaacs
Sync your own Cloud with - clive boulton
Kindle Fire box is there to undermine Games Consoles... - Ian Waring
When you consider photos, Facebook is the #1 cloud provider. - Murray Macdonald
some noisy bugger is playing basketball in the park and making my sound cut in and out - Kevin Marks
Xioami have a good photo sharing service where you don't need to keep all your pics on the handset - just the latest ones, and the rest are accessible anywhere - Ian Waring
really anywhere? or just using their devices? - Kevin Marks
Using their service, which I think is on their devices. - Ian Waring
Area they monetise on mobile and web - given their hardware is an "at cost" lead... - Ian Waring
How much of mobile is stunted by ceiling established by standard cell phone components? Wifi, location, accelerometer, speaker, phone. - Chien-Yu Lin
Apps exist in a world governed by the web - Francine Hardaway
BTW, Fred Wilson thinks we're now in the blockchain era. Bitcoin - Francine Hardaway
Apps crossing over mobile web ramps fragmentation headaches in enterprise - clive boulton
newsreaders include twiitter + facebook - Kevin Marks
adn email - Kevin Marks
and SMS - Kevin Marks
all those are used to end links around - Kevin Marks
The Amazon apps don't make use of "the Web?" - Alex de Soto
Kevin - the nerve of people playing basketball in the park of all places! - Tina Chase Gillmor
secret posts are on the web - Kevin Marks
PhoneGap makes web apps into app apps. Android Intents allow deep linking between apps. - Murray Macdonald
Looks to me like Secret's DAUs have fallen off sharply since SXSW... - J.C. Bouvier
... and RESTful APIs. - Rob Underwood
HTTP lives long in part because of all the system to system interfaces built of HTTP using RESTful APIs - Rob Underwood
Just gotta say that one of the hottest things right now is the McIlhenny Co. from Avery Island, Louisiana. I know Fred Wilson agrees with me. - Frank Paynter
did you read Sinofsky? Basically saying that he's gald to be free of the office strategy tax - Kevin Marks
bitcoin doesn't need an app to transact inside an iOS app though, like an API to a payment gateway right... - J.C. Bouvier
so no more webapps being invested in, does that mean convergence of mobile and desktop OSes - David Boursin
Akka.js seems poised to extend reactive enterprise notifications into mobile apps. - clive boulton
Sideloading APKs gets around gate-keeping on Android. - Murray Macdonald
Nice step-up in Gillmor Gang production values! - Frank Paynter
as does web based apps - Kevin Marks
like - Kevin Marks
no one has mentioned that Google Glass will go on general sale next week. Apparently no one cares ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
camera + location are web accesible - Kevin Marks
@Tina, right? - J.C. Bouvier
PhoneGap does all that in a hybrid browser. Beacons and other hardware devices are supported through plug-ins. - Murray Macdonald
and what about Robert's preview of new drones? - Tina Chase Gillmor ;) - clive boulton
Drones are old stuff, and most people who want Glass have it:-) @tina - Francine Hardaway
Tina: oh, cruddy, gotta go get my drone. It's in the car. - Robert Scoble
I think Robert's blue shirt is very slimming! - Frank Paynter
I will go get it. I'll be back in a few minutes. - Robert Scoble
Robert is losing weight - Francine Hardaway
yes, agree with Murray -- can leverage a hybrid approach - Charlie Isaacs
I thought he was. I need to pick his brain for beauty secrets. - Frank Paynter
lo carb diet Frank - Francine Hardaway
Just in: Amazon Preparing to Release Smartphone - Nir Ben Yona
Exactly, enterprise won't route notifications via Appledroid - clive boulton
My wife stole my keys. No drone. - Robert Scoble
So my all-chips-all-the-time diet is counter-productive, I guess. - Frank Paynter
Steve jobs invented web applications? LOL. - Murray Macdonald
Francine... it will be interesting to see if that is true about Glass. I might expect so. I'm surprised they didn't drop the price - Tina Chase Gillmor
I wish Dan Farber would tilt his camera down. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, I have lost weight. Drinking a lot less and trying to stay away from carbs. - Robert Scoble
and then Google forked Webkit - Ian Waring
Steve wanted to be like Clint Eastwood and interview Robert's chair - Charlie Isaacs
Robert, will Maryam show me the drone then? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Come on over and we'll fly! :-) - Robert Scoble
multiple open source browsers is a agood thing - Kevin Marks
Robert - Nice on the weight loss. Next step after the improved diet (less booze and carbs) is the CrossFit. - Rob Underwood
Robert, I showed your drone video at the IoT World Forum Steering Committee meeting this week and it totally freaked people out :) the European folks were asking "did he get arrested?" - Charlie Isaacs
I am incredibly close to a Class A "No Fly Zone" for drones but that Phantom 2 Vision+ looks really cool. - Alex de Soto
What is the best fitness tracker today? Which has the most sensors? - Murray Macdonald
They'll start giving glass away when they start to monetize the cloud to the extent that they charge us G+ "customers" for our storage. - Frank Paynter
I've done a course on Google Fusion Tables - and used all my nutrition data and weight i've filled in daily for 12 years now in it. Putting less food in your mouth helps - and carbs is a big factor, much bigger than I expected. - Ian Waring
I lose consistently when 2/3 my carbs of what i'm consuming this year! - Ian Waring
BTW, Semil is a great voice to have in this discussion. I hope he's on the show more. - Rob Underwood
Sinofsky largely moved MS off Win 32 and onto http based interfaces - Ian Waring
+1 Rob - Frank Paynter
Ian, I hate the news that I have to eat less to lose weight. - Frank Paynter
The iPhone wasn't lean. You need a polished product to succeed today. - Murray Macdonald
True, MVP doesn't work well for mobile - Michael Mahemoff
This point that Keith makes week after week is very important, imo. - Tom Guarriello
... is this going to lead to another music discussion. old music vs. new music? - Rob Underwood
Next iPhone will be encased in Liquid Metal. No more milled Alluminium - Ian Waring
and Sapphire screen - Ian Waring
Only if there's a decent tuba part in the new music. - Frank Paynter
I used QUip yesterday. Pretty good:-) - Francine Hardaway
I recommended it to a friend yesterday - Ian Waring
I think this is why Larry has taken up this moonshot idea, Keith. Scale innovation is not what the market is about. - Tom Guarriello
Semil's prescient, none downloadable mobile apps emerging. Ties with Keith's broken lean startup. - clive boulton
iOS is a 45, Android the album? - Kevin Marks
Sinofsky moved MS off of .NET and back onto Win 32. I don't know where you got the idea that he moved it to http based interfaces. That is NOT true in Windows for the most part, except in the tiles up front that most people don't really like that much. - Robert Scoble
Quip that is - though I think Keith was right last year. California seems to ignore the effect of installed bases of lethagic (to change) markets - Ian Waring
Carousal - Kevin Marks
Anyone going to the smart fabrics show on the 23rd? - Murray Macdonald
Carousel reminds us all that Mad Men is coming back on Sunday!! - Tom Guarriello
I find it interesting that Quip has been around food a while but people are starting to talk about it again. giving it a second look. that doesn't always happen - Tina Chase Gillmor
Mad Men is coming back? So is Nurse Jackie. - Francine Hardaway
smaller ipads? - Kevin Marks
Oh, thanks for the Nurse Jackie reminder, Francine. One of my faves. - Tom Guarriello
i really NEED a bigger screen - Tina Chase Gillmor
not want. NEED - Tina Chase Gillmor
I love my bigger screen - Francine Hardaway
I love the big android screens - Kevin Marks
Although I hate the Android phone. Texting is sub-optimal if your friends are on IOS - Francine Hardaway
francine: Samsung? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Insert obligatory, "size matters" remarks here... - Tom Guarriello
Nexus 5 - Francine Hardaway
the texting problem is on Apple's end - Kevin Marks
I'll buy it off you Francine. :) - Murray Macdonald
Self cannibalization by Apple once again... - Tom Guarriello
I have to keep it Murray until Apple releases iPhone 6 - Francine Hardaway
Looking back as far as 2005, Sinofsky was throwing http APIs to Sharepoint and the whole Office Suite - thought this continued into Windows 8... - Ian Waring
How about a bigger battery? - Charlie Isaacs
Oh, that's another thing about the Nexus 5 that I don't like: 1/2 day of battery life - Francine Hardaway
you all know it's not the size, it's what you do with it that matters, right? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Android fragmentation addressed via Google play API services - clive boulton
Android fragments help to reduce recoding. Using a browser (or hybrid app) you can ignore screen size if you practice responsive design. - Murray Macdonald
I love it when Tina talks about batteries like that - Charlie Isaacs
somehow I can only say silly things today :-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I have solved the battery problems in my life. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. Mophie. And a car charger. - Robert Scoble
Interesting thing is that Amazon Fire has YouTube and looks like a carbon copy of Android TV screen shots - Ian Waring
I have a Mophie - Francine Hardaway
I use a Mophie, it almost gets me to the end of the day now - Charlie Isaacs
Anybody on this stream score a WWDC ticket? - Tom Guarriello
didn't try - Kevin Marks
Instead of a Mophie, wouldn't life just be better if you could remove / replace the battery on an iPhone, with spare batteries hanging around? - Chien-Yu Lin
Mophiestopheles!!! - Alex de Soto
3D smartphone giveaway at Google I/O? - clive boulton
Title of the show: "My Heartbleeds for the NSA" - Charlie Isaacs
yes +Chien what a novel concept - Charlie Isaacs
Some of the Boston Robotics Mule replacements sound like a lawnmower too - not good in a conflict theatre - Ian Waring
Take the money and run? - Alex de Soto
Semil, Please return to the show soon. - Rob Underwood
Yes, we like Semil - Francine Hardaway
+1 Semil - Alex de Soto
+1 Semil - Tom Guarriello
No Keith, I live with the left - Francine Hardaway
+1 here too - Ian Waring
I think the sound of a few hundred Boston Dynamics bots would be scary as hell. - Murray Macdonald
Semil = Nice input from a different perspective of the industry - Chien-Yu Lin
Semil works :-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Keep Keith, Keep Keith!! - Tom Guarriello
No, we love you too! - Rob Underwood
Let Keith sing! - Rob Underwood
new campaign: Save Keith - Tina Chase Gillmor
Only person last week who recognised the effect of the Office installed base vs Quip - Ian Waring
+1 Semil - J.C. Bouvier
+1 X 2 Keith - Alex de Soto
Yes, and that's what I'm waiting for - Francine Hardaway
Alternate Semil and John Taschek - clive boulton
I have a feeling this will be one of the more re-watched Gillmor Gang's on techcrunch, etc... this episode will have some traction. - Rob Underwood
There are no Bad Gangsters. Keep 'em all coming through... - Tom Guarriello
What is the world coming to? Everyone is eating better and swearing less. - Rob Underwood
I want to see the bottle again. Thanks! - Murray Macdonald
what happened to the drinking less thing - Rob Underwood
Cheers! - Alex de Soto
+1 on notifications everywhere Steve - J.C. Bouvier
I've been multi-tasking again. Listening to your soothing voices but only just now paying attention ... apps ... something something ... party - Laura Norvig
H/T to Robert S for that shot of the party ... awesome. - Rob Underwood
Okay, that's it. Opening a bottle. - Murray Macdonald
Pete Stringfellow, country star is in the house! - Robert Scoble
+Robert, that vineyard better send you some free bottles for that placement ad :) - Charlie Isaacs
Francine, the over 50 crowd ... - Laura Norvig
Charlie: Pete brought it. It's an award-winning pinot. VERY awesome! - Robert Scoble
Have a nice weekend yer angle! - J.C. Bouvier
Cheers! - Rob Underwood
awesome Robert :) - Charlie Isaacs
No drunk droning. - Murray Macdonald
Always learn something from the show. Be safe. Have fun. See you all next week. - Chien-Yu Lin
Really pleased to have caught the live feed today - boy does the video look good - Roger Shepherd
ha Murray - Charlie Isaacs
great show, Folks!!! Thanks - Tina Chase Gillmor
Gillmor Gang Live 04.11.14 -
Gillmor Gang - Robert Scoble, Semil Shah, Keith Teare, Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. Live recording session today at 1pm Pacific. Chat is here Read More - Steve Gillmor
RT @a16z: WaPo riffs on the latest a16z podcast: with @stevesi and @BenedictEvans.
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
RT @MoeGlitz: @stevegillmor Beatles meets Google Streetview
RT @Benioff: Amazing new @carouselapp and Harmony from @drewhouston demonstrates how far behind Apple's photo and file apps are!
RT @Scobleizer: My first video off of the new DJI drone: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. I can not overhype this enough. Wow.
RT @Scobleizer: My first video off of the new DJI drone: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. I can not overhype this enough. Wow.
@starnescl Phillip defranco
RT @KeithOlbermann: Farewell to the Babe Ruth of modern television, David @Letterman
RT @KeithOlbermann: Farewell to the Babe Ruth of modern television, David @Letterman
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1:30pm PT participate at
Looking forward to today's show, I have to leave early, so if we can get going fast that makes me happier. :-) - Robert Scoble
Greetings and Salutations from Northern Ireland. Looking forward once again to the show on this fine evening... - Darren James
Happy Friday to all, and glad you made it back in time, Tina - Jerome Hughes
I hope I get to hear at least the beginning live. - Francine Hardaway let me know when you see the art card for the show streaming - Tina Chase Gillmor
oh there it is - Tina Chase Gillmor
hello everyone. can't believe I made it - Tina Chase Gillmor
Good afternoon! - Robert Scoble
Test card is live Tina..Hey Robert, hows things? - Darren James
Doing great! - Robert Scoble
Flying drones today, lots of fun! - Robert Scoble
Any complaints from the neighbours with your new toy - Darren James
Ha, beat me to it! - Darren James
Just a lot of interesting questions. "Is that a GoPro?" was my favorite. - Robert Scoble
The kids LOVE them! - Robert Scoble
What you talking in terms of $$$ - Darren James
Ready when you are, Gang! - Tom Guarriello
Greetings from Earth. - Nir Ben Yona
John Taschek - can't hear you yet.... keep trying - Tina Chase Gillmor
TGIF people. - J.C. Bouvier
+1 JC :-) - Darren James
amount ready to rumble folks. having an audio issue with John Taschek - Tina Chase Gillmor
JOhn Taschek we are going to test you on a different line - Tina Chase Gillmor
Darren: the drone I have will run around $1,500. - Robert Scoble
almost almost folks - Tina Chase Gillmor
hang in there - Tina Chase Gillmor
Celebrating in Long Beach today... got VC funded for an IoT play... - Jerry Schuman
Scoble must swapped his Google Glass for his drone. ;) - Alex de Soto
We gonna talk about the Apple purchase of Beats Music? - J.C. Bouvier
Jerry - what is it? - Keith Teare
the play that is? - Keith Teare
yes, all audio is operational... (not sure if good but operational) ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Jerry -- congrats and good luck! - Nir Ben Yona
Giants 6 Dodgers 0 Bottom of 1st? - Alex de Soto
universal message bus... with some interesting twists. - Jerry Schuman
audio is up - Jerry Schuman
Audio and video is live :-) - Darren James
And, don't forget Derek Jeter! - Tom Guarriello
I heard Borthwick speak at #AdAgeDigital this week. Gave a great talk on the theory behind Betaworks" startup choices - Francine Hardaway
Oh, wow. JCBouvier. Apple bought Beats? The headphones? They're not very good - Francine Hardaway
also celebrating my oldest daughter getting into "The Groundlings" - Jerry Schuman
ask Scoble he's partied with them - Jerry Schuman
@Francine Beats Music I think, unless I got taken by an April Fools joke... - J.C. Bouvier
ok, John B. wins for best backdrop in his video - Jerry Schuman
Yah, looking like @Lefsetz got me...only just read his email that was sitting in my inbox...his and only a couple of other minor outlets reporting...should have checked the date... - J.C. Bouvier
Jerry Schuman - that's amazing.Congrats to her. she's on her way - Tina Chase Gillmor
from pop star to groundling.. who would a thunk - Jerry Schuman
Think I will wait for the next Apple TV - Moe Glitz from iPhone
thanks Tina, she is over the moon right now.. been hard work for a couple years but it payed off. - Jerry Schuman
Can stream your Prime video from an iPad to Apple TV, Keith. - Tom Guarriello
Tom - Ahhh - yes - Keith Teare
we have an xbox - Tina Chase Gillmor
New Pioneer AV Receiver has 7 HDMI inputs! - Alex de Soto
Just put a 39" 4K TV on my desk 10 minutes ago... Cost $499 - Murray Macdonald
I have a Marantz SR7005 with 5 in and 2 out as well as an additional at the front..More than enough for a long time to come! - Darren James
Philips prontos used to be good but smartphones are far better as John just mentioned... - Darren James
John T is off the chain today! - Tom Guarriello
@Murray, holy crap! From where? - J.C. Bouvier
and remove them, John B - Tom Guarriello
You can delete apps (hide) on the Apple TV. - Alex de Soto
yeah, John Taschek is gonna get into a fight with someone today. i can feel it :-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Murray M. - how are you using the TV on the desk? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Has anyone found a video replay of the Amazon announcement? I looked and couldn't find one... - J.C. Bouvier
I am going to use it as a computer monitor. When coding I want desktop real-estate. - Murray Macdonald
Except that Netflix doesn't own most of their own content and they can't go licensing it to Amazon - Ankush Narula
YouTube should have been Netflix, but Google fucked up by only using it as just another Advertising Channel. - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Phillip DeFranco - Tom Guarriello
yah, that's him. - J.C. Bouvier
yah, he's a clown. - J.C. Bouvier
Letterman's quitting because he already had heart surgery - Francine Hardaway
I've known him for years. He's a lot smarter than he looks on YT - Tom Guarriello
I consult for a company that licenses a huge catalog of content to Netflix - all of this lack of consolidation is driven by content licensing revenue - Ankush Narula
I have Netflix but no Apple TV. Usually watch it over ChromeCast. NetFlix is somewhat limited in Canada. I often have to watch it on my PC so that I can use Hola to access US content. - Murray Macdonald
Is that right Tom? I've always thought he was smart, but that his delivery/celebrity was a bit clownish...I wish him all the success in the world...which apparently he's had a fair share of... - J.C. Bouvier
Of course it's a tech conversation. I have AppleTV, Chromecast, and Netflix. Also I have Prime, so I've got Amazon instant video. Do I need an Amazon box? And if so, which TV will I put it on? (First world problem) - Francine Hardaway
yes, Tom. Philip DeFranco. he's the guy - Tina Chase Gillmor
@francine - you don't need an amazon box because you can AirPlay Amazon from your iPad - Ankush Narula
Yes, JC, he's created this persona that's made him a very big star in the new world - Tom Guarriello
That's what I thought, Ankush. I have too many ways to watch Netflix now, and I can either Airplay or Chromecast Amazon to any TV I already have - Francine Hardaway
Zuckerberg may want to get into this game and acquire Roku - Moe Glitz from iPhone
OK I walked into the studio and sat down for the show straight off the plane. No bathroom break and no water. Help!!! - Tina Chase Gillmor
the hardware and content ecosystems are a's like apple circa 1995, too many products w/out enough focus...and the consumer loses... - J.C. Bouvier
Tina: I need a bathroom break too! Hah. Then I head to Napa. Gotta drop off at 2:30. - Robert Scoble
The content is beginning to become available, but sorting it out and deciding the best place to find a particular show is the challenge currently. I am confident that someone will disrupt this mess and figure it out. - Thomas Rector
In Philly we have Comcast Xfinity (X1) with TV Go and TV Remote apps for iPhone and iPad. - Alex de Soto
Moe: I was just thinking about it the other day. Facebook will probably have to jump in. - Nir Ben Yona
@Keith you have to be a triple play subscriber? - J.C. Bouvier
Yes - to qualify for X1 - Keith Teare
OK Robert. You doing the music thing up there with Kristie and Heuer? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yup! - Robert Scoble
Have fun and say Hi from me. But hang here until the last meinute please - Tina Chase Gillmor
Re Comcast X1, I have it and the menus are circa 1985. Search is slow and usually doesn't work. On Demand is pretty impressive, but sometimes goes offline. Its not fully formed yet. - Thomas Rector
There's also a new Comcast service called "X1 DVR with cloud technology" which is not yet available in my area. - Alex de Soto
HTML apps.can run on ChromeCast - Murray Macdonald
Robert: you should go here - Nir Ben Yona
Right - but the content you want from them is on Netflix... - J.C. Bouvier
You can download Xfinity on Demand shows to your iPad (using TV Go) but selection is limited. - Alex de Soto
X1 has its own logon (similar to HBO go) so you can watch On Demand show anytime, anywhere. - Thomas Rector
DirecTV Genie Go allows you to download anything you record. You have to be on the network while you download, but you don't need an Internet Connection when you want to watch it. - John Taschek
Good for local Drugs Deals - Moe Glitz from iPhone
I'd follow Amazon drones around and collect the booty. - Murray Macdonald
Connect your drones to your CRM system: - John Taschek
there is a company who is about to do drone delivery locally in the Mission in SF from drugs stores, I think - Tina Chase Gillmor
i want one anyway. - Tina Chase Gillmor
+1 Taschek! CRM exterminator drones! - Tom Guarriello
Robert - What if Amazon were to introduced what Zuckerberg has envisioned in the use of solar panels on drones - Darren James
If you haven't seen the Superman movie done with a GoPro and a drone... go check it out - Jerry Schuman
Darren: solar not that good yet. - Robert Scoble
Insurance Companies will love this. 'You may be hit by a Drone in the future' - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Drone sex! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Texas Drone Law for the record: - Alex de Soto
that is def the name of the show. - J.C. Bouvier
Robert if I come over, are you gonna show me? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina: sure, but I'm on my way to Napa - Robert Scoble
Business Insider said between all the apps they did 12m downloads... - J.C. Bouvier
Isn't it 2 million?? - Tom Guarriello
Scoble's recent Quip interview - Nir Ben Yona
we used it a long time ago. Might use it for dev notes for new show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Interesting: eBay Now Allows Virtual Currency Sales - Nir Ben Yona
Evernote is pretty good, but I don't write long form inside it...If iCloud Pages had the same coherence of export that iCloud Keynote does, would kill Word...and I think that would be the end... - J.C. Bouvier
So eBay now allows users to sell virtual currency like bitcoin. this is HUGE. - Nir Ben Yona
did Steve say "simultaneous" in a British accent? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Is anyone here though using any of these tools collaboratively? I can't find anyone in my world who would share an Evernote w/me, or even an Office365 or Quip session...trying hard enough to get my little team to use Asana... - J.C. Bouvier
Gots to split, have a great weekend everyone! - J.C. Bouvier
bail Asana.... #slack kills it. - Jerry Schuman
Evernote is very sticky, because there is a personal aspect for using it. - John Taschek
Asana feeds into Slack...although I'm still working that out... - J.C. Bouvier
Oye, it feels like 5:30pm to me and I've only have a yogurt and coffee today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Evernote is beyond sticky for me. Can't do anything without it anymore. - Tom Guarriello
My notes needs have been rudimentary. I use Notes on iOS - Tina Chase Gillmor
Can you save an IOS pages documents to .doc format the way you can do on mac? - Darren James
Enterprises are not going to go Quip. They will choose office just cause. - Murray Macdonald
I use Evernote on every device, I have the Fujitsu scanner (recommended), use ZendOne to connect Evernote to Google Drive, Web Clipper for everything interesting I see. Email to Evernote. It's pretty amazing. - John Taschek
John Taschek, that sounds like a nice setup - Tina Chase Gillmor
Murray: I disagree, but not immediately - Robert Scoble
Ouch! - Alex de Soto
I want a real keyboard when writing a document. - Murray Macdonald
my tummy is grumbly - Tina Chase Gillmor
Quip doesn't have an open API. I can generate a XLS document, but with Quip, no. - Murray Macdonald
EverNote rules. The ways Steve just described Quip, I see no use for it. - Thomas Rector
Doc Searls came online - Daniel W. Crompton
In addition to doc and xls documents, our team needs to collaborate on Visio, Photoshop and Designer Vista documents. Lync allows us to do that on Mac and PC and to a lesser degree on Android. Planes have wifi. - Murray Macdonald
Robert - if you have to take off it's ok - Tina Chase Gillmor
there are documents and there are documents - Tina Chase Gillmor
Lawyers use email because email attachments have legal precedence and are legally binding. - Murray Macdonald
I saw boobies! - Darren James
Love Quip but my problem is that none of my contacts (with one exception on this show) have Quip. I'd have to invite them all. - Alex de Soto
I suspect MS will add such features soon enough. - Murray Macdonald
it will not be used to create legal papers. but more creation through collaboration as we have tools to do it - Tina Chase Gillmor
wow, the Quip people should love this show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Oops with the boobs! - Alex de Soto
BUT is about collaborating with other people, NO? --> Keith - Nir Ben Yona
Alex: Andy Grignon did that to show me the first porn site viewed on an iPhone. Hah! - Robert Scoble
We regularly have 6 people in 4 different cities sharing a single design real time using desktop sharing via lync. We can edit every type of document and review it seeing the exact same thing. We share Visio, Eclipse, Browsers, etc... That's real time collaboration. - Murray Macdonald
Darren: that was Hah. (Andy worked on the first iphone). - Robert Scoble
not safe for work! - Robert Scoble
Ok Robert. You get a pass on that. guess. ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Or Gillmor Gang. - Robert Scoble
First porn site on both iPhone and now Gillmor Gang. - Robert Scoble
I must go. - John Taschek
I must go too - Robert Scoble
all we have is now, Keith. ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Bye guys! - Daniel W. Crompton
i believe in collaboration - Keith Teare
How do CAD users collaborate using Quip? - Murray Macdonald
But not in collaboration as a replacement for thought and creation - which is mainly solitary - at least initially - Keith Teare
Great between first porn and drone sex we're doing great today - Tina Chase Gillmor
New Tools for a New World - Alex de Soto
looking forward to seeing the SEO on this show - Tina Chase Gillmor
thanks John Taschek - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hot off the press: Just got prompted for a Safari update for mac (7.0.3) - Fixes some push notification issues to name but a few - Darren James
"First porn and drone sex" sounds like a great title. - Robert Scoble
Quip does have a "private" setting - Alex de Soto
Name of the Show: "Quips and Tatas" - Alex de Soto
LOL - Darren James
Specialized engineering software will never run on quip and these people need to collaborate too. - Murray Macdonald
Thanks guys - Darren James
+1 Alex - Daniel W. Crompton
Have a great weekend all! - Alex de Soto
Thanks - Arnie Klaus
Keith ++ - Murray Macdonald
Thank everybody, great show! - Daniel W. Crompton
thanks to a llllllll!!!!! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Stay safe everyone, see you all next week! - Darren James
I'm so glad we had this time together... - Murray Macdonald
:-) - Keith Teare
Scobleizer's priceless interview with Quips, Bret Taylor - clive boulton
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1:30pm PT participate at
g'day mates - flyinthesoup
@Steve, please let Benioff know we need him for Mozilla CEO - flyinthesoup
here - Keith Teare
Would any of us want to be CEO right now? - Keith Teare
Dress up like a dragqueen or like Marissa and you'll be fine - flyinthesoup
Hi Tina... - Aron Michalski
Whoops... - Daniel W. Crompton
come on Dan, cheer up ! - flyinthesoup
Big Gang! - clive boulton
Your phone is your remote. - Michael Mahemoff
one controller with Chromecast style operation ( access from URL ) is enough for everybody. - flyinthesoup
12 million Office downloads won't kill Quip, but fragmentation might--iOS, Android, Web, Win... - clive boulton
Device success comes down to who has the killer companies (not software companies) - clive boulton
As a long-in-the-planning cord cutter, any recommendations for watching lives sports, especially baseball and football? Apple TV, perhaps? - christina sponselli
English Premier League soccer? - clive boulton
@Steve you're right about still being content licensing limited, box fragmented and user experience unfortunate - flyinthesoup
kids drone @John - flyinthesoup
Robert's interview with Bret Taylor - clive boulton
it doesnt matter how good the app is, people just don't want to change from their old docs - flyinthesoup
google docs? - mal
Quip built to last or built to sell? - clive boulton
Quip is really Sharepoint done right for the mobile web. - clive boulton
you can do that with google docs/drive and search it. - mal
most collaborative sw is hindered by peoples ignorance and fear of demonstrating it on comments, annotations & so for - flyinthesoup
please, somebody agrree with @Steve so he doesnt have to distribute docs in the chat room to prove anything - flyinthesoup
why do techy execs always look after such airplane notifications real-time @mentions crap to make sense out of a butt licking life ? - flyinthesoup
why do techy product conceptualizers always look at the freakiest behaviours of what the kids are doing ? - flyinthesoup
are this good opportunities to stupidilize them earlier ? - flyinthesoup
Skype/Yammer offer contextual collaboration on desktop, not so on smaller mobile screens - clive boulton
what an obcene represenation Keith - flyinthesoup
Quip using Git like unix hashes for synchronization and real-time notification. - clive boulton
RT @dangillmor: Wonderful news! RT @hrheingold: Fired by my oncologist after 4 years cancer-free. No more scans or scopes. #grateful
@Halley @TinaGillmor yes indeed
@Halley sorry I missed you. But great selfie!
RT @a16z: China and Tech: @cdixon, Connie Chan and @BenedictEvans highlight China's players, where they are headed next.
RT @Borthwick: Enjoyed @stevegillmor Gang w/ guest @semil — took a bit to warm up but its good, in particular last 15mins
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
helloooooooooo - Tina Chase Gillmor
what's up? - Ludwig Ederle
show coming up shortly - Tina Chase Gillmor
Waiting for the famous call! - Robert Scoble
Just sitting her in New Jersey VRing myself in Tahiti... - Tom Guarriello
Hello! - Nir Ben Yona
Just updated my Skype. Hope it doesn't cause troubles. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert Scoble gets a spanking for making any changes to his setup right before a show! And I don't mean the fun kind of spanking so don't get excited - Tina Chase Gillmor
did you do the xml preferences change? - Kevin Marks
Tina: getting spanked reminds me of my childhood. :-) - Robert Scoble
Kevin: can you give me the URL to do that again? - Robert Scoble
Kevin: translation: no, I didn't do that yet. - Robert Scoble
Good evening/morning all. Hope you are all well? - Darren James
Doing great here Darren, nice weather in Half Moon Bay and just got back from Sun Valley. Great week so far. - Robert Scoble
Greetings, earthlings. - Laura Norvig
Lots to talk about, too. What the heck is up with Facebook buying Oculus Rift? - Robert Scoble
Don't spank him, Tina, it only encourages him... - Tom Guarriello
Kevin: do you have that link again? - Robert Scoble
Tom: you know me SOOO well! :-) - Robert Scoble
Hey, Scoble, I'm a shrink, remember? - Tom Guarriello
Office apps on the iPad and birds are chirping. - Alex de Soto
Robert - A week in the life of the Scobleizer must be pretty awesome? Not a bad week here in miserable ol' Ireland in all fairness :-) - Darren James
Man! Robert must have installed a skinny lens or he's doing great with his diet! - Alex de Soto
Funny, that's how I feel about Comcast too. - Laura Norvig
Office for Oculus Rift? - Kevin Marks
Your week is always as good as you allow it to be! I've been to my first SMX this week in Munich, pretty disappointing... But the sun is shining in Germany! - Ludwig Ederle
exactly what I was going to say is "kinda late" - Tina Chase Gillmor
Darren: this week was particularly good in my life. Great times in Sun Valley. - Robert Scoble
I'm coming up to the valley tomorrow thru tuesday.. any good events happening that I should crash? - Jerry Schuman
+1 Kevin - Tom Guarriello
Jerry - darn, Im leaving town tomorrow. Would have loved to see you - Tina Chase Gillmor
damn.. that would have been fun. - Jerry Schuman
Hi Everyone - didn't see the friendfeed "on air now" warning to day :-) - Ian Waring
For those of us stuck with clients and bosses who use Microsoft software, the iPad PowerPoint and Word apps are a lifesaver. - Alex de Soto
Maybe I'll have to head for the Ritz @ Half Moon Bay and crash a Robert party ;-) - Jerry Schuman
Nice pair of Sennheiser Momentum, John ;) - Nir Ben Yona
GoodNotes on the iPad - betya can't do this stuff in Word - - Ian Waring
Office is two years too late for iPad - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Office, I could give a rats rear end - Jerry Schuman
iPad Mini, Stylus, GoodNotes and @jargonautical at the controls... - Ian Waring
I imagine if you need to use office, you need a keyboard.. then why not use an 11inch macbook air not an ipad - Michael Roberts
I do not have an iPad. - Laura Norvig
Robert: Me, me, and me :) - Nir Ben Yona
Azure boot camp tomorrow in Redmond, friend is spending all day installing, very painful - clive boulton
I haven't even charged the iPad - Kevin Marks
I have both iPad and a regular Microsoft Office installed on my laptop. I find it great, although I do use Google Docs from time to time for basic tasks. - Nir Ben Yona
Enterprise Agreement Customers will eat it, few in-app purchases with Apple taking their 30% - Ian Waring
i am totally reliant on my iPad - Tina Chase Gillmor
GCP is more my fit. Don't to install buckets of crap on laptop. - clive boulton
agree with Danny about MS trying to get folks into their cloud - Tina Chase Gillmor
I keep my OneDrive folder inside of a DropBox folder. - Alex de Soto
Nadella looks like he's following a Services strategy. Wonder if he'll keep Devices... - Ian Waring
I love the large Google advertisement wall behind Danny - Jerry Schuman
BTW, you can get the Office for iPad subscription for free in the next 3 days, if you can physically arrive to one of Microsoft's retail stores. - Nir Ben Yona
Box is going to IOP - Tina Chase Gillmor
I think there are still a lot of people outside our bubble. People using whatever machine they have forever or get at work, which are probably rather not iPads. And the young folks grow up with google services on apple machines. - Ludwig Ederle
To be relevant today,Microsoft should just buy Dropbox - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Box have shocking losses... - Ian Waring
Where is your iPad today, Mr. Gillmor? Did you send it in to get office installed? - Ludwig Ederle
Heard a OneDrive ad on Spotify yesterday, didn't mention Microsoft once...thought that was very consumers see MSFT as a damaged brand? - J.C. Bouvier
Microsoft should just give up... 10 years from now and they will be the next RIMM - Jerry Schuman
Its too bad Microsoft didn't try something new on the IPAD. They could go back the days of being a great software company, and blow us away with something we didn't expect. - Michael Roberts
Microsoft agreeing Android/Chrome Royalties with Dell - US ANtitrust authorities still asleep - Ian Waring
Or is it perhaps more interesting that MSFT marketing both thought it appropriate and MGMT agreed? - J.C. Bouvier
And Apple gets 30% of in app purchases (365 subscriptions). - Alex de Soto
Microsoft also now giving away all their dev tools for free to any student. - Ian Waring
Whats peoples thoughts on Cisco joining the "Cloud" bandwagon? Discuss later maybe? - Darren James
Satya Nadella is ready to scrap the Windows tax. - clive boulton
Wow, that has to be the first Druid reference ever on GG - Jerry Schuman
Curious to hear about what the Gang thinks about Nadella's performance thus far. - Alex de Soto
Two common formats!!! - Ian Waring
hrm. Do Google Spreadsheets do VLOOKUP? Cuz I need that one a lot. - Laura Norvig
OneDrive site is VERY light on MSFT branding - - J.C. Bouvier
Big Blobs of Binary Cruft...nice ring to it! - Tom Guarriello
UK Govt consultation out - trying to forcer ODF strict - Ian Waring
Kevin wins for the show title - Jerry Schuman
Cisco is betting big on the Internet of Things - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Microsofts two ODFs design to pollute the customer base - Ian Waring
this week on GG --> "Big Blobs of Binary Cruft" - Jerry Schuman
What MS really needs to do is to kill Publisher. The bane of my existence. - Alex de Soto
UK Govt also says "use html, json and csv" - Kevin Marks
Google Docs now has free add ons for approvals etc - Ian Waring
the days of monolithic apps is over - Jerry Schuman
MS gave us all enough time to get very comfortable with Google docs - Tina Chase Gillmor
A major kudo for Microsoft is they have managed to get the Gillmor Gang talking about Microsoft Office again. ;) - Michael Roberts
Moe - IOE is really interesting but will rely heavily on IPV6 implementation - Darren James
Michael: yes, that's a start. - Robert Scoble
@danny, is that, the spreadsheet doc, an editorial calendar? - J.C. Bouvier
Using Google Fusion Tables this week - really nice Analytics, integrated into Drive, free - Ian Waring
Office is for the legacy businesses who are locked into their long investment - Arnie Klaus
I use spreadsheets in google docs until it gets big enough to be worth doing in code - Kevin Marks
Google loves copying. Anyone remember their eBay killer, Googlebase - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Someone asked Siri where the missing plane was. Found it, but served the answer in Apple Maps... - Ian Waring
whoa that was weird. Don't even know what happened - Tina Chase Gillmor
lol, like Microsoft doesn't copy (oops I meant steal) ideas - Jerry Schuman
Is Robert in a Microsoft coma - Moe Glitz from iPhone
google base wasn't an ebay killer, it was a way to get spammers to give them data directly without crawling - Kevin Marks
I sit on a school board and a PTA in Brooklyn. Everyone is shifting to Google Docs, lead by parents. - Rob Underwood
Google Base was a way of feeding a product catalogue into Googles index - Ian Waring
In developing countries people would push open office, but a lot of people wanted to learn Microsoft Office because that's what they needed to know to get a job. Most people under 30 I find use Google docs and work virtually etc. The skill they need is knowing how to use Google Docs. - Michael Roberts
Moe - I think so - Tina Chase Gillmor
When Googlebase was launched, the eBay killer tag was mentioned. - Moe Glitz from iPhone
MSFT seemed to be pitching their Cloud mostly to paranoid enterprise IT professionals – "the heroes," as Nadella said during the press conference. - Alex de Soto
journalists always try and frame any product as an X killer - Kevin Marks
Anyone mentioned Facebook taking over Oculus? One commentator thinks they want to be the next media mogul... - Ian Waring
#slack is great - Jerry Schuman
In Microsoft's future: The Officeless Rift - Kevin Costain
#slack is S. Butterfields new messaging platform - Jerry Schuman
Seeing lots of MS activity in developers this week, and how their devs are helping society here :-) - Ian Waring
Bait 'n switch, Steve... - Tom Guarriello
Students now getting Visual Studio and dev tools for free - Ian Waring
VR is anti-social - Moe Glitz from iPhone
It is a good signal that Microsoft is acknowledging reality. It also signals surface is in trouble. - Michael Roberts
eclipse and gcc have always been free - Kevin Marks
Ok What about the Oculus purchase by Facebook? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Jerry: thanks, my brain is in lock. :-) - Robert Scoble
Ian - Yea, not that i use them but i get all that free via Dreamspark as well as server 08, 12, SQL and so on - Darren James
Ready to hear the GG reaction to Oculus, Tina - Tom Guarriello
Oculus have hired Michael Abreash away from Valve - Ian Waring
The endgame: No one knows what version of Office exists, which link is the "tablet" version, how it should be licensed, or whether it supports your needs. Classic Microsoft. - Kevin Costain
Zuckerberg is following the Google X Blueprint - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Bingo, Steve... - Tom Guarriello
For creatives, Adobe moved us to the Creative Cloud nicely. - Alex de Soto
Still scratching my head over the future that Zuckerberg sees now... other than wanting everyones eyeballs. - Ian Waring
Microsoft connection model is very partner driven (who need to learn new ways of intervening) - clive boulton
Are SkyDrive and OneDrive two different things still? Oy vey... - J.C. Bouvier
One and the same J.C. - Alex de Soto
Thanks. - J.C. Bouvier
If you guys can't figure it out...imagine... - Tom Guarriello
So bad, so so bad... - J.C. Bouvier
I need to reposition Steve's camera. He wanted it in the middle of the monitors but he won't actually look at it - Tina Chase Gillmor
I used to be in an MS LAR. A ton of existing EAs and SELECT agreements in large cos with a base of MS documents - Ian Waring
Danny has a Google Clock. We have a Gillmor Gang clock - Tina Chase Gillmor
Danny has the cool Googlestore skateboards - clive boulton
Enterprise Agreements are virtually all client sw you can eat for £100 ($140) per head - Ian Waring
So true. The one thing that Microsoft and Google have in common is that they create so many over lapping and confusing brands - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Worse than trying to navigate the GoDaddy admin screen... - J.C. Bouvier
Excel is around 15 different use cases - build your own app - Ian Waring
Wait, does Danny have a tattoo on his wrist? - Tina Chase Gillmor
beyond Satya or beyond satire? - Kevin Marks
The emotional reaction to the brand is Microsoft's uber problem - Tom Guarriello
Yes he does, Tina - Tom Guarriello
never saw that before - Tina Chase Gillmor
... while they are still playing playground bully with Android royalties, still fund many 3rd party shills - Ian Waring
I think Steve needs a tattoo. He's lost some street creed since he stopped wearing his earring - Tina Chase Gillmor
What Microsoft should do is innovate the spreadsheet and office model for ipad.. into some completely new.. They have deep enough pockets to take some risks. - Michael Roberts
Where does SEO fit inside Google Now or Siri, Danny - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Buy GoodNotes - Ian Waring
Steve with a full sleeve... that would do the trick - Jerry Schuman
Roku Streaming Stick? - Alex de Soto
Bar bill at SXSW - Ian Waring
I'd rather buy an Office retail package and pay once over the annual 365 subscription. - Nir Ben Yona
I don't use powerpoint - Kevin Marks
I use HTML - Kevin Marks - Kevin Marks
$5 for GoodNotes, $5 for a stylus, and away: - Ian Waring
AMEN, Mr. Scoble. I never want to go back either. The old world is the past. - Rob Underwood
Microsoft should innovate the partner ecosystem to distribute Office and Cloud to SMBs, schools, mentors, Fortune corps - clive boulton
Just created my account on Findery. Making my giant list of HubSpot/Salesforce questions, issues, and To Dos. This week's show is good for multi-tasking ... - Laura Norvig
Round One - Moe Glitz from iPhone
I still do presentations in places where they still have to load my PowerPoint presentations into their projection systems before I can show them. Can't just walk in with my iPad and plug in like I normally do. - Alex de Soto
Alex: I have spoken 50 times in past year and never had that problem - Robert Scoble
Robert: You're lucky that you travel in cool circles. - Alex de Soto
@Danny it's SO bad...WTF did they come up w/that $79.99 for 4 years? And you can't print from the iOS app? - J.C. Bouvier
We spend more time at Deloitte (Consulting, Strategy group) working on making PowerPoint pretty than thinking about our clients' business problems. Had we used any of the alternatives Robert S just laid out we'd not have wasted all that time. But no one wanted to put down the PowerPoint crack pipe. - Rob Underwood
Microsoft has always been about complicated in order to keep techies employed. - Arnie Klaus
I feel your pain Rob! - Alex de Soto
How many companies in Silicon Valley use Office? - Tom Guarriello
Tom: many do. - Robert Scoble
I used Prezi once and the folks in the audience claimed they got dizzy! ;) - Alex de Soto
Amazing, Robert - Tom Guarriello
Someone is NOT watching the Gillmor Gang? What?! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Oculus! - Arnie Klaus
Yay! - Ian Waring
Alex: you can do Prezi badly. - Robert Scoble
Seconded - Ian Waring
What is the future that Zuckerberg sees? - Ian Waring
Every time I hear "Oculus" I am certain they are referring to a Phish song. - Rob Underwood
Don't get me wrong, I love Prezi! - Alex de Soto
Zuck buying drones and a VR headset... he's going for world domination via a drone army - Jerry Schuman
Onavo :) - Nir Ben Yona
Media Mogul 2050? - Ian Waring
Its running! - Arnie Klaus
Games is normally eyeballs of teenage to early 20's... - Ian Waring
Mining leaders from Valve! - Arnie Klaus
Face :) - Nir Ben Yona
Scobleizer nailed MS, folks don't care becuz bosses give you tools to use. - clive boulton
Vint Cerf is mostly on planes - Kevin Marks
Yes on the helmet, its for the oxygen masks we will all need. - Arnie Klaus
Now I can't get the image of everyone on Gillmor Gang dressed in jorts. - Rob Underwood
Skynet - Alex de Soto
Zuckerberg has got his head in the clouds - Moe Glitz from iPhone awesome sauce for #IoT - Jerry Schuman
FacebookX - clive boulton
Meta's augmented reality looks awesome. Robert done a good interview with them recently which is on his Youtube channel.... - Darren James
And Facebook also hired some cool NASA guys. - Nir Ben Yona
Darren: Meta is cool but there is a LOT of execution risk. - Robert Scoble
actually Robert needs to go see Chris Matthieu about - Jerry Schuman
What do young people think about Oculus Rift? - Tom Guarriello
Steve, aren't the girls playing minecraft like mine are? - Arnie Klaus
Oculus itself might be more than just VR glasses in the future.. its a sensor driven company.. its get FB into sensors and in 5 years that might be important for FB - Michael Roberts
We're opening up the world to embed computers in our surroundings. Now Zuckerberg wants to plant it in our faces? - Ian Waring
Arnie - yes, on th Minecraft - Tina Chase Gillmor
Notch of Minecraft walked away from Oculus... - Ian Waring
They are the market for VR - Arnie Klaus
Zuckerberg has 28% of stock but 100% of the control - Ian Waring
At least we're not going to get an Microsoft Oculus Office Suite. Or are we? - Alex de Soto
The social power of Mindcraft demonstrates the market for Facebook VR - Arnie Klaus
Cheap Gyros - Arnie Klaus
I think this is another trojan horse, he wants to bring social media into another world, specifically gaming virtual worlds. - Simon Benvenutto
Notch dropped Minecraft for the Oculus Rift, despite his original $10,000 Kickstarter donation - Ian Waring
Alex: you might get it, but don't worry Microsoft will be the last one to do it. - Michael Roberts
Linden Labs redux? - Ian Waring
Is Second Life still around? - Alex de Soto
yes - Kevin Marks
Gaming is a kids to 20 year old demographic - Ian Waring
nope ian - Kevin Marks
that's a myth - Kevin Marks
Billboard - Nir Ben Yona
That's the demographic when I was at an ISP and mapped all the heavy users - 16-20 years olds without parental supervisions - Ian Waring
My kids who were Nintendo/XBox youths, now 30+, never game - Ian Waring
What about the FB drone story? Seems lots of companies seem to be thinking of beaming internet.. a bit of a redux of satelife low orbit Internet - Michael Roberts
Microsoft permanently owns the Last Screen - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Yup, Second Life is still around, but really has been demoted by Minecraft - Robert Scoble
The kids will be early adopters to a multi app VR - Arnie Klaus
Hello Kitty Goggles - Arnie Klaus
Both Eyeball magnets - Ian Waring
No, "creepy" wasn't what FB was looking for from Notch - Tom Guarriello
Breath Steve, let Tina sort it out!! - Darren James
IBM were pushing Second Life at one stage - Ian Waring
hugely, yes - Kevin Marks
geeeeeez. Something weird when I try to put the titles on. will figure out show is over. - Tina Chase Gillmor
sorry everyone - Tina Chase Gillmor
you're doin' great, Tina! - Tom Guarriello
salesforce1 moving enterprise beyond web 2.0 from inference to intention with apps (how the heck did MS miss this) - clive boulton
Tina: You need to get a theremin to play spooky music in the background when those glitches happen. - Alex de Soto
Many businesses still worried about data off premise - Ian Waring
the video is so sharp it's spooky. in a good way. - Laura Norvig
you don't have a hard drive in your iPad ;-) - Jerry Schuman
Alex - seriously. a sound effect would help - Tina Chase Gillmor
Cant edit until pay... - Ian Waring
Not exactly, Danny. They say they have a free version, which, of course, is view only. - Tom Guarriello
it's a tarpit business model - Kevin Marks
once you touch office you have to keep paying them or you can't see your documents - Kevin Marks
Hey - my Internet came back! And of course cut off my cellular connection in the middle of Skype - John Taschek
nodding tina - Kevin Marks
Great show guys. Thanks. - Darren James
Nir - how could possibly recognize my headphones. - John Taschek
Have a great weekend guys... - J.C. Bouvier
John, I have a lot of headphones, including the Sennheiser Momentum :) - Nir Ben Yona
The Real Housewives of Silicon Valley? - Jerry Schuman
Some good stuff on Oculus/FB - Ian Waring
Thanks all. Happy weekend! - Alex de Soto
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills occupying my wife right now - Ian Waring
You all need a Gangster Nickname - Moe Glitz from iPhone
You can take the kid out of Brooklyn, but can Satya take the Windows out of MS - clive boulton
LOL - Nir Ben Yona
Lesson learned is no one should leave Brooklyn. - Rob Underwood
Thanks everyone. Au Revoir :-) - Ian Waring
Take it easy guys. Speak again next week! Stay safe.... - Darren James
thanks for the show. - Michael Roberts
I have a few Sennheisers -- I have some open air for music creation. Some Audio Technica. I think these are the most comfortable. - John Taschek
John: Go check out the NAD HP50, you're gonna love them. - Nir Ben Yona
Huh, I can't believe I was too caught up in my work to notice when y'all were talking about Minecraft. My son is an addict. He keeps saying he made me a maze that he wants me to do, so I guess I'll be learning it. - Laura Norvig
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Here - Keith Teare
Waiting for the famous call. - Robert Scoble
So I listened to last weeks show on Tuesday. Had to go back and rewind a few times. Anytime I am not getting what you guys are saying I know its worth a second listen :) - Christian Burns
GlassCopter (high schoolers sister demos) - clive boulton
FlappyGlass - Christian Burns
busting Glass myths - clive boulton
I really don't want my kids to use glass anytime soon. - Christian Burns
it was interesting to see and hear you in a different (legal) context, Robert, thanks for pointing to it on #FB - Jerome Hughes
So Robert, do you think that Google will refocus from Glass on their smart-watch? Have they learned from glass explorers that the time/technology is not right? - Petr Faitl
Smart watch with a glass interface - Christian Burns
Most of the Glass Explorers in the community love it at first and fall away from it after a while - Francine Hardaway
I go into the community every now and then to see how folks feel - Francine Hardaway
Robert, you and I joined Twitter within a day of each other. You beat me by a day. 20 NOV 2006. :) - Alberto Lopez
Alberto: that's cool! - Robert Scoble
I jointed Dec. 7 2006 - Francine Hardaway
Riding my bike 6:44 AM - 22 Dec 2006 - Christian Burns
November 2006 here, too - Tom Guarriello
My first tweet: "I'm trying some new software" - Francine Hardaway
here we go, Folks! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Petr: I have no idea what Google is thinking about what I'm seeing is troubling. I sure hope they get their act together by Google IO. - Robert Scoble
But I was on Odeo before any of you :) - Christian Burns
Orange tree is in blossom - Kevin Marks
Petr: ditto Google will refocus on other wearables like watch (i'd hazard a guess) - clive boulton
HEre we go... buffering... wahhh :( - Alberto Lopez
Steve: A Not For Prophet! - Tom Guarriello
do we have a techcrunch URL? - Kevin Marks
For anyone interested I'm about to unbox this - Matthew Voshell
Samil, what is your Twitter handle? - Alberto Lopez
More concerned with how Twitter is going to handle @ replies (or not) - Francine Hardaway
+1 Francine - Tom Guarriello
+1 Francine. I'd like to see @ replies handled better - clive boulton
why do I always think I can not be seen? just dumb - Tina Chase Gillmor
You need an invisibility cloak, Tina - Tom Guarriello
vivian schiller said they're not abolishing them: - Kevin Marks
Greencloak - Christian Burns
you could cutaway before moving, tina - Kevin Marks
Keith's been talking about this VC trend on GG for months - Tom Guarriello
Keith ++ you are spot on - Jerry Schuman
I joined just in time to see Tina's tiptoes, hi everyone :) - Charlie Isaacs
tom... I so do need that - Tina Chase Gillmor
Frost Venture Partners is whom I'm working with - Jerry Schuman
Mall traffic down 60 pct, indicates funds will go for e-commerce - clive boulton
Thanks, Christian - Alberto Lopez
Skype is a laggy dog - clive boulton
great timing Charlie - Tina Chase Gillmor
I need one of those timeturner things, the heck with the invisibility cloak - Charlie Isaacs
I cant understand why the individuals behind the funds are not buying up bitcoin. - Christian Burns
Speaking of investing, seems like kickstarter is having more of an impact no? I am holding one in y hand! And it's amazing I don't see any VC investing in something like elemount - Matthew Voshell
Scoble is a self-muter ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
He needs a hard switch mute - Christian Burns
It's M&A time in the valley... - Jerry Schuman
And he grew Glass eyes on his hair. - Alex de Soto
Facebook has integrated voice recording into Facebook Messenger. Very big - Christian Burns
I used Uber all over Paris this week, just as awesome there as it is in San Francisco - Charlie Isaacs
But city and state governments are blocking Uber - Christian Burns
my average Uber wait was about 3 minutes, pretty awesome; all cars were clean, drivers courteous - Charlie Isaacs
yep, Semil's ethernet is helping - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hedge fund traders already built bitcoin shadow tracking funds. Winklevoss Twins, Coinlab - clive boulton
Are we going to talk about tesla and jersey? These innovate companies are finally getting push back software can avoid that instead of hardware - Matthew Voshell
tell Semil to turn that knob on the wall behind him to the right, turn up the bandwidth - Charlie Isaacs
3 months - Christian Burns
Mt Gox just accidentally found hundreds of thousands of bitcoins in an "old wallet", did you guys see that? wow - Charlie Isaacs
Under a mattress, Charlie! - Tom Guarriello
Distributed investments form bitcoin millionaires in the next few years. - Christian Burns
Finally got to me! - Francine Hardaway
Trying to recall how to build a sampling filter to smooth skypes lag (they obviously dont have one) - clive boulton
Love how stickies are still in vogue even in tech circles! - Alex de Soto
In 2006 it was easy to figure out how to use, but not what to use it for - Francine Hardaway
how about dogecoin millionaires? (that's about $700) - Kevin Marks
Yes, Steve - Francine Hardaway
Bitcoin and IoT... devices that transact autonomously - Jerry Schuman
yes +Tom - Charlie Isaacs
The @mention addy should be worth considerably more attention - clive boulton
Robert, you look great. that no-drinking thing and the low carb diet are working! - Francine Hardaway
twitter is news. micro and macro - Tina Chase Gillmor
Dogecoin is set to be the spendable cash, once it gets mined out at the end of the year, (at 100,000,000,000 coins) the price will start to rise - Christian Burns
@tina you're right it's very good for real time events and in the moment - Matthew Voshell
twitter is conversation on stage - Peter Nõu
@adamschefter - Matthew Voshell
Roberts kids will spend Dogecoin in 5 years all over. It will be thge coin of the realm in minecraft. - Christian Burns
You can go to WeFollow and find out who's in pottery - Francine Hardaway
Lack of twitter signal is exactly why social sucks in enterprise - clive boulton
Facebook messenger vs twitter. No question. - Christian Burns
Flipboard has been pushing a lot of suggestions as well and the music rental services suggest a lot based on interest, twitter could do the same based on who you follow and what you retweet - Matthew Voshell
no one wants to know about 'sports'. that type of segmentation is old, and tied to a limited space media model that had to use broad 'categories' - Peter Nõu
Yes, and their DMs are full of spam - Francine Hardaway
Peter: that is absolutely NOT true. - Robert Scoble
Yea I agree I hate DM it's all spam - Matthew Voshell
@semil that's right and it was a huge mistake - Francine Hardaway
I hate not being abel to DM links - Kevin Marks
Bacl channel's the right way to put it - Francine Hardaway
I use social apps "on context" (when and where I need them). Waze rocked today on my drive back from Washington DC. - Alex de Soto
Me too, Kevin - Tom Guarriello
Kevin, not everyone can create a real password - Christian Burns
2 factor authentication only? - Christian Burns
not a reason to stop me sending links. could selectively block. shoddy infosec - Kevin Marks
DMs have always sucked. - Robert Scoble
Kevin: Twitter takes short cuts. - Robert Scoble
Public figures want to engage thier fans, they just need a twitter body guard to filter out crazies - Matthew Voshell
verified people get better tools. Twitter has broken the defailts by all these notifications about retweets and faves - Kevin Marks
Robert: Absolutely depends on WHO you talk about. Must everybody be only concerned with mass market median uninspired 'why should I use twitter too'? There are more "high worth" audiences. And they matter, too - Peter Nõu
Twitter had plenty of engagement when it started. When the brands got on and over hash tagged everything, the engagement stopped - Francine Hardaway
thing about bicoin is it forces good security - Christian Burns
Google Wear is ONLY notifications. - Murray Macdonald
Miss John Taschek's mastery overlaying GG on the Enterprise. - clive boulton
@tina what books we're sacrificed to make the monitor stand?? - Matthew Voshell
And local swarms - Christian Burns
Francine: Exactly. - Peter Nõu
The metadata from hashtags also has value for twitter - Christian Burns
I really must figure out my PCT>GMT :-(,,,Hello to all anyway from Northern Ireland! - Darren James
Hi Darren - Christian Burns
DM have always sucked but they don't have to. I think Twitter never wanted to direct their service to messages that are private - Tina Chase Gillmor
Jimmy Fallon's hashtag conversations nuff said - Matthew Voshell
Curation, but not a filter bubble that filters out discovery - Francine Hardaway
Unfortunately curation platforms like Storify haven't nailed it yet. - christina sponselli
@tina: precisely - Peter Nõu
Hey Christian - Have we been on long? - Darren James
Twitter is mostly a public conversation. - Murray Macdonald
Right Francine! A curated mode and a discovery mode would be good. - Alex de Soto
Since 1 - Christian Burns
it has always been curated - you curate by whom you follow - Kevin Marks
How do they monitize trends? Seems like they are trying to or the news channels are by covering it - Matthew Voshell
Kevin, I don't have the time to figure out who to unfollow at this point - Christian Burns
Kevin's right, as always. But maybe it's a little bit complicated to explain to folks who's not already swimming in the stream? - Peter Nõu
Christian: me either although I watch my feed and when I see bad actors I unfolllow. - Robert Scoble
Unfollow as you get annoying/off-topic tweets. - Murray Macdonald
My entire feed is garbage - Christian Burns
Matthew...I just pulled some of Steve's books from the book shelf. More size than content... but that too ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yea farming who you follow is an arduous task - Matthew Voshell
Agree with Dan on Twitter curation, What's Scobble's news list? - Arnie Klaus
rarely unfollow, but mute with increasingly longer duration and less frequent reappearances for the annoying ones. Eventually, mute forever - Peter Nõu
lost Semil - Tina Chase Gillmor
Twitter Notifications need granular settings. - Murray Macdonald
they are there but really buried - Kevin Marks
what happened tony cut? Sloppy ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I meant my cut - Tina Chase Gillmor
I do love Nuzzel to check up on what happened everyday on my twitter feed. - Christian Burns
My feed is all journalists and tech people. I find it enormously valuable. - Francine Hardaway
DM has also been buried, Twitter must hate private DMs. - clive boulton
It would be nice to be able to say something like: Follow Kevin Marks only when he talks about "music" or "technology." - Alex de Soto
I couldn't use Twitter without Tweetbot lists as columns - Tom Guarriello
you don't want my lunch tweets? ;) - Kevin Marks
Alex that's a sweet idea, Ted nuggent is funny but could care less about his politics - Matthew Voshell
I miss your lunch tweets Kevin - Christian Burns
I follow about 1500 quality people. And Alex, every once in a while someone I respect talks about something I didn't think I wanted to hear him talk about, and I learn something new - Francine Hardaway
clearly getting banned by the government is the best way to grow usage - Kevin Marks
follow Kevin, but occasionally mute an hashtag he live tweets when you're not fully immersed in that particular topic - Peter Nõu
that's a good idea, Peter - Kevin Marks
Ooh! That's ok Kevin. I'd def. add your lunch tweets to the list. ;) - Alex de Soto
I try to make the hashtags obvious - Kevin Marks
Rebuilding a relationship with developers? THat'll take a while - Francine Hardaway
Go Peter! - Alex de Soto
+10 Francine - Tom Guarriello
my livetweeted hashtag notes collected at - Kevin Marks
Robert followed me which I was chuffed about. Im an avid tech follow and like to read and share as many things possible relevant to the people i follow and vice versa - Darren James
I need to add the #fixpatents ones from tuesday - Kevin Marks
Yea Robert but at the same time, @darthvader and @notelvis is really funny - Matthew Voshell
Facebook messenger voice recording - Christian Burns
Microsoft is also trying to rebuild its developer network, they stopped watering the grass, now its withered. - clive boulton
Is the bigger conversation about "android wear" os? - Matthew Voshell
Oh - GG is live.... - Ian Waring
ubuntu wearable in 2 years - Christian Burns
well, we think we are live ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
The OS that is running the watch (Moto 360) came from WIMM Labs, which Google bought. Glass is a different thing, at least so far. - Robert Scoble
I want it to be Google Now. That's what I love about the Nexus5 and Glass doesn't give that to me - Francine Hardaway
Dan made a good point to show the difference between Samsung and google about thier goals - Matthew Voshell
Yes, the commercial apps are amazing: manufacturing, health care, etc. There is a glassware app list - Francine Hardaway
something in an aquarium? a fish? - Kevin Marks
It is sucky, Robert. Too bad. - Francine Hardaway
For workers to become skilled. Human turned into robots - Christian Burns
do the fish need news? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Keep going, Robert. - Francine Hardaway
Didn't Sergey Brin sponsor the Moscone parachute gig (not Google corp) - clive boulton
They did iterate. It's called Andoird Wear. - Murray Macdonald
It still uploads to G+. - Francine Hardaway
Anybody think Glass development pace is a reflection of Larry/Sergey differences? - Tom Guarriello
Are each in control of one of the teams? - Matthew Voshell
easier to use your phone right now. period. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Does android wear end up on glass? - Matthew Voshell
Robert and Glass in happier times: - Darren James
sergey ran that, yes - Kevin Marks
Google Maps Navigation has a very broken UI... Stuck trying to get out of Legoland.... - Ian Waring
Let's send this show to the Glass Team. Robert has done great work here. Google has to hear this - Francine Hardaway
Bada-bing, Keith - Francine Hardaway
Still can't get glass outside of the US. - Murray Macdonald
aaaaappleeeee - Tina Chase Gillmor
The privacy concerns with Glass play havoc with Google's branding? - clive boulton
Lol here - Ian Waring
Newton!! - Arnie Klaus
The second mouse gets the cheese. - Murray Macdonald
If google is not commited to glass why fix it all the time? - Christian Burns
Something tells me they have iterated but are waiting..... For something.... The barge? Does glass just an integration as an eye for a robot? - Matthew Voshell
google had to experiment on actual users. they have done that - Tina Chase Gillmor
Google have sussed Wearables is an ecosystem, not one end point device - Ian Waring
oooooh, Keith is truth-telling today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Thank you, Keith - Tom Guarriello
glass was googleX for android wearables platform... - clive boulton
I quote enjoy LynxFit on Glass. A bit buggy now but shows promise. - Alex de Soto
But that's exactly why they've allowed only a small sample test audience on the product and they've given the test market sufficiently long to appreciate the tech. I'd say they've done better than asking people in a focus group. - Petr Faitl
I think we need to snipet this Keith google piece - Tina Chase Gillmor
Snippet Robert and Keith on Google, Tina - Francine Hardaway
+1 Keith - clive boulton
Francine - yes... - Tina Chase Gillmor
The Cubed FM guys called Google the GE of the internet. - Murray Macdonald
Youtube working on a kid friendly interface to compete with netflix kids - Christian Burns
I'm tired of being a focus group for the $1633 I paid. By now I should have something with all the feedback I've given. And I'm pissed at Google for fiddling with Voice and Reader, and...and...they do have corporate ADHD - Francine Hardaway
I wish there were kid friendly fail videos - Christian Burns
Keith, isn't that the 'blue sky' thinking they need from Sergey? And Eric talking to the corporate/gov bods. - Petr Faitl
I made a snarky Reader comment on the Google Glass 10 Misconceptions thread earlier, Francine. - Tom Guarriello
Chromecast now in UK since Wednesday - at last! - Ian Waring
Now that it's there Ian, they'll EOL it - Francine Hardaway
Google out of devices, back into software ecosystems apart from that - Ian Waring
BBC iPlayer even has Chromcast support now - Ian Waring
Flckr and tumblr are still awesome - Christian Burns
Not often Yahoo gets mentioned on GG - clive boulton
sorry Mimi the cat. You chose to be outside. Now you have to stay out there until the end of GG - Tina Chase Gillmor
That 2-box shot looks funny, Tina. How do you eliminate the backfrop - Francine Hardaway
My camera is not working today... well it's working but the tricaster is not seeing it - Tina Chase Gillmor
It's all about a ratings sweep, Steve - Francine Hardaway
Petr - not really. It isn't integrated into their management strategy. Just 2 ex leaders doing their thing - Keith Teare
I did enjoy riding the Goog bus - clive boulton
US cable news is the problem. The CBC and BBC provide much less sensationalistic coverage. - Murray Macdonald
I never liked the google bus, much preferred caltrain - Kevin Marks
one of the first times in a long time that we couldn't use twitter... just TV - Tina Chase Gillmor
you can tell Google Now "Listen to TV" and it tells you what channel and show is on - Kevin Marks
It was showing up on facebook - Christian Burns
kevin... that's interesting. didn't know that - Tina Chase Gillmor
Good point, Tina. - Francine Hardaway
Non-public networks of friends means that we can speak with friends of those on the flight, and ex military, - Christian Burns
Just like what happened in the book Reamde - Christian Burns
Get the astronomers involved - Arnie Klaus
Mimi is making SO much noise. And if I open the door she would com in, eat two bites of food and want to go out again - Tina Chase Gillmor
Did the TED/Snowden talk change anyone's opinion on the issue? - Murray Macdonald
Also concerns about disclosing military intelligence discouraging countries from sharing satellites' data. - christina sponselli
It took 4 days to get released. I suspect most aren't being released. - Murray Macdonald
Caltrain's a super ride, space, doors, but leather seats, wifi, tables, what a bus treat. - clive boulton
Any difference that makes a difference - Arnie Klaus
twitter=realtime - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina++ - Murray Macdonald
Don't trust the Malaysian Government - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Don't trust ANY government. - Murray Macdonald
everything is going on all at once - baseline - Arnie Klaus
I've got a private 'never miss' list on twitter that is more than real time, like a feed of importance. only dip into real time (rest of my sub) if there is time. people flow in and out of 'never miss' occasionally. - Peter Nõu
True Murray - Moe Glitz from iPhone
who knew there were planes up there that are not monitored every second? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Its always a delayed surveillance. - Christian Burns
I want to frame that comment! - Ian Waring
which comment? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Dan is so relaxed. Its great - Christian Burns
Robert can serve the Drinks - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Google Wear is genius. They will become the platform for numerous fashion designers. In two years Apple will have a few designs to choose from, and Google will have hundreds. - Murray Macdonald
The lock-in on Facebook is mind-boggling - Francine Hardaway
Here here - Ian Waring
Trillion Dollars? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Archive in facebook of all my chats are great. - Christian Burns
The Desktop News Feed sucks - Moe Glitz from iPhone
When the WhatsApp anti ad CEO made it to the FB board, I bought shares - Ian Waring
Who Steve? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Reboot Joe 90 to find MH370 - clive boulton
Microwaved - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Hyperinflation could create a Trillion dollar company - Christian Burns
keith locked up - Tina Chase Gillmor
Good piece on Techdirt on MS diving into a hotmail account of a journo to trace a leak - Ian Waring
I wish I could like comments here - Christian Burns
Visio and Lync are priceless. - Murray Macdonald
Msoogled - Ian Waring
I can't wait to see MS Office on Android. Why do I feel like I'm the only one? - Kevin Bryan
Voice messages on facebook chat - Christian Burns
+1 Kevin! - clive boulton
I miss arrington - Christian Burns
All companies look at your email - Francine Hardaway
Arrington is near me. - clive boulton
Techdirt!!!!! - Ian Waring
When are you going to do the Gillmor Daily Steve? - Christian Burns
Thanks everyone! - Nir Ben Yona
See you all next week, hopefully on time!! - Darren James
Where are you Clive? - Christian Burns
Nice to hear from new guest @semil and Happy First Spring Weekend to all! - Alex de Soto
Thanks everyone! - Murray Macdonald
Great show - Francine Hardaway
Upstate Seattle! - clive boulton
Sorry I missed last 15 minutes...great earlier! - Tom Guarriello
Me too, Skagit County - Christian Burns
like that was the first time I've ever been accused of being too wordy :p - Charlie Isaacs
Too many birds outside, Kevin? Enjoyed them on TWIG the other day ;-O - Peter Nõu
You're welcome - Francine Hardaway
+1 Christian - clive boulton
the return of thanking those who didn't - thanks to all! - Jerome Hughes
thanks all - Tina Chase Gillmor
Joe 90 - Ep 03 Splashdown ...MH370? (Joe goes all in on Glass) - clive boulton
thanks! from a live first-timer nine hours time zone wise ahead. Late Friday in Stockholm Sweden. - Peter Nõu
Jerome - did you by any chance do keywords? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Great show - Christian Burns
thanks, that was great - Charlie Isaacs
"If only Google would finish a product" - Christian Burns
Oh I see it. Thanks JErome - Tina Chase Gillmor
"sergey's plaything" - Christian Burns
it wasn't the birds, someone was cutting their lawn so I came inside - Kevin Marks
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
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