Steve Gillmor
I'm smoking real time. Want some? :-) - Robert Scoble
dude...primo stuff. - Karoli
Robert, you *are* the Realtime Genie - Jesse Stay
Tottally man, you gatta try this stuff. - Christian Burns
Real time music I'm listening to right now: - Robert Scoble
I can hear Jason Calacanis doing his Marc Cantor impression as we speak. - Christian Burns
Christian: heh, me too. - Robert Scoble
Christian, LOL! Me too. While I agree that FriendFeed has the tools in place, Twitter still has the social graph, and they're holding it in their cold, dead, stiff-with-rigor-mortis hands, which limits the reach of the discussion here, much to my chagrin. It's extremely frustrating to me to have to bridge conversation here and there unsuccessfully, so I find myself migrating between, depending on my mood and ADHD. not especially effective. - Karoli
Karoli: I totally disagree. But I've said too much. When I was at Kozmix today I laid out why. Twitter just doesn't have what is needed to hit the gold mine. Will they add it? Maybe, but then Twitter will have to copy Facebook which is copying friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Hey Steve, you may want to change the link in the article to be the realtime beta post instead of the old boring MSM version of FF - Christian Burns
Christian: even better, if you click the timestamp on that link you'll get a popout window so you can watch just this conversation evolve in real time. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I didn't say Twitter would dominate. Just that their stranglehold on my Twitter Stream limits the reach of the conversation here. It frustrates me to no end that there's such latency between twitter and FF, and that I can't simply get a timeline stream from Twitter here. - Karoli
Karoli: oh, I agree with that. But there's a gold mine out there and Mark Zuckerberg is VERY close to it. I figure his drill bit is a few yards away from finding it. Twitter is hundreds of yards away and friendfeed is close to a small offshoot of the gold bearing ore, but doesn't have either enough people or the expectation of interaction with business that will let them get there first. Maybe later. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I am. I was referring to a link in the article. - Christian Burns
Christian: I know. - Robert Scoble
Karoli: but you give twitter the power by continuing to post there. Twitter actuall lays your graph wide open, but the tools to mine it are not here yet - Christian Burns
Robert, yes, I'm slowly wrapping my brain around what Facebook has. It actually took me observing non-geeks using it to begin to understand it. Since most of the world is non-geeky, Facebook has some clear advantages. Twitter is simple. Friendfeed is powerful. Facebook appeals to everyone on one level or another. - Karoli
Christian, I know I'm giving Twitter power. It's because I actually LIKE the people on Twitter, and trying to have a conversation from here to there is a little like shouting through jail glass. Twitter knows this, I'm sure, which is why they don't care to offer me the ability to pull that stream over here. I can pull it to clients, even to IM. but not here. - Karoli
Karoli: Facebook has demographics and nine-out-of-10 users. Friendfeed has metadata and real time. Twitter has hype. Facebook is copying friendfeed. Facebook will find the gold first. - Robert Scoble
Karoli: you can even make a list of friends on facebook that you can call, "the non-moose club" :) and filter that way - Christian Burns
Twitter has talking heads on radio and TV saying "I am on twitter" and then posting "call me now about such and such topic" - Christian Burns
Why does 'real-time' dump 6 posts from the same user that are minutes apart and not deliver item by item chronologically from all I subscribe to? - Gregg Scott
Gregg: because twitter holds onto them and then dumps them out at that same time - Christian Burns
And how can I block the Twitter @ replies to people I don't follow in FF? - Gregg Scott
I'd like to be able to pick and choose from amongst all the person's sources of content in the event I only want some of their posts from specific apps. Is that possible? - Gregg Scott
Appreciate the attention Steve. I take perverse pleasure in being the representative of the bass-ackwards viewpoint. - Dave Slusher
anybody know the embed code for this convo (realtime view)? - Steve Gillmor
Gregg, yes, you can hide posts from content, but you'll block it all...not just the @replies from twitter. - Karoli
I want to embed it at the foot of the post - Steve Gillmor
Christian, I've got FB lists. I just don't like FB, because too many people cross over my real life/online life conversations there. I know lists do something to limit that, but it's not quite there yet for me. - Karoli
kshep: make it so - Christian Burns
Karoli, what if I wish to just read someone's Tumblr but not their Flickr, can I do that? Sorry if this is an uber-newbie inquiry. IOW can i pick and choose the apps within someone's feed or do I have to take the whole thing? - Gregg Scott
Gregg: Yes. You can do it from their profile page, and you can do it from an entry. If you see a twitter from them and you don't want the tweets here, just click "hide". You'll have the option to hide all entries like it from that user. - Karoli
Karoli: Thanks! It's nice to converse with you again! - Gregg Scott
Karoli: Its the same for me. Facebook is people I know AFK that don't care about twitter but are updating status and commenting on fun stuff. I like to keep them seperate to a point - Christian Burns
Gregg, you too! Christian: I came dangerously near to divorce a couple of weeks ago over something I said on Facebook that the other didn't like. it was innocuous and anyone online would have understood it perfectly. The spouse, not so much. - Karoli
Facebook is only people I've met. Most Twitters I haven't met. I've started another Twitter only for people I've met in my city(Vancouver-for now). - Gregg Scott
Steve: I think you could copy/paste the source from this page: - Ken Sheppardson
Here you go steve <iframe style="border: 1px solid #437ec7;" frameborder="0" width="400" height="600" src=""></iframe> - Christian Burns
Karoli. I am baffled. I cannot find either a way to Hide or or from entry. Better Google this. - Gregg Scott
Gregg, i sent you a direct Friendfeed message with directions. - Karoli
I hope that not just anyone can post a comment with an iframe on techcrunchit. - Phil Maxwell
So it's a Safari 3 issue. The Hide command doesn't even show. Just so you know that it wasn't a deficiency on my part. - Gregg Scott
yo, dawg, I herd you like comments, so I put an comment in your blog so you can smile while you blog. hmm I think there was a meme on rocketboom about what's going on right here, embedded comments in Steve Gilmor's comment. now to figure how to embed another comment system into a FriendFeed comment. Disqus? - rob
I just can't help wondering what needs these developments serve. There are many marvels both nascent and alive at the moment but it is feeling in the dark. The only sure touchstone is uptake but even that is problematical in terms of return times.It seems cloud can be cloudy as well. - tom murphy
From Jackson Browne we have the concept of Running on Empty but in this case I think you're Running on Intuition. I think you're right and I'm that you're sure you are too, but I can't help but wish you had more than intuition to guide us through this. Half blind or not we're rushing headlong into something and I'm enjoying following along on this wild ride. Keep writing. - Richard Shulman