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Steve Gillmor
Twitter items seem completely stopped now on FirendFeed. Bad or about to be good news?
have they? are you sure? - Zee.
You mean Tweets imported into FF are near completely stopped? I've noticed they're 30/hr to 1hr lethargic though at that speed re: Real Time, that is dead. - sofarsoShawn
not sure of anything but that RSS is dead - Steve Gillmor
OH hey, yeah you're right, no Twitter updates since yesterday. - Scott Beale
lets not open that can of worms... :] About twitter, i see one 4 mins ago, but that's less than normal - Zee.
not a can of worms, an important recognition of fact - Steve Gillmor
it is important, re: especially my FF desktop notifier is severely behind on comments/likes to my tweets, so much so I had to turn it off, it was no longer relevant ~ FWD'ED to the Feedback room - sofarsoShawn
I've been using Twitter intermittently while waiting for the resolution of this legal thing - Steve Gillmor
did i read something saying Twitter was opening their firehose? - Karoli from IM
Patrick: what do you mean can't add - Steve Gillmor
Karoli: twitter announced opening firehose next quarter (spring) at LeWeb - Steve Gillmor