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Gillmor Gang Live
hi. Here's today's show! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hello - no link to the video though - Kevin Marks
Aloha! - Nir Ben Yona
That pic went VIRAL robert.... i was both scared and proud at the same time - Matthew Voshell
Wink to take a photo #Glass - Nir Ben Yona
hey everyone... - Tina Chase Gillmor
Graph Search gonna give Google headaches - clive boulton
@kevin Facebook seems to be trying to figure out how to take all that traffic and turn it into money... unlike ost companies who know how to make money and are trying to get traffic..... what does that say? - Matthew Voshell
@clive I tried graph search... it "works" but I never use it... - Matthew Voshell
Hey all - Christian Burns from Android
Name the show? "Pooping in Public"? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Too early to tell Tina! Needs to ripen a bit. ;) - Alex de Soto
Keith, I also had an internet cafe in the same time period with CU-SeeMe in SoCal - Jerry Schuman
Segway came up against the same type of regulatory scrutiny that glass will. - Jerry Schuman
yes Alex but Pooping inPublic is a contender already - Tina Chase Gillmor
Scoble is spot on - Christian Burns
"Walked outside with Google Glass for the first time. Stepped in dog poop almost immediately. Pretty sure this is what the future is like." Aaron Gotwalt - Kevin Marks
I would rather have a google watch, - Christian Burns
I dont want my kids to grow up using glass - Christian Burns
You will be assimulated - Kevin Marks
@Kevin hahahahaha - Matthew Voshell
Jerry - Awesome - Keith Teare
Just proves how old we are ;-) - Jerry Schuman
so looking forward to Glass, my neck hurts having to constantly look down at my phone - Da
Because kids dont have enough access to video games.. - Christian Burns
@Matthew Google search became terribly boring, link results too predictable or gamed. Graph Search much more interesting. FB engineering paper explains why. - clive boulton
The issue is CPU speed vs. battery life. - Murray Macdonald
That thing looks fragil. Think I might break it quickly - Tina Chase Gillmor
"There is no Moore’s Law for batteries." - Alex de Soto
Vuzix M-100 is $499 and it has better CPU specs. - Murray Macdonald
stopgap battery measure - mini usb plug to a usb external battery - Da
Playing Ice Hockey with Google Glass - Nir Ben Yona
@Da They might need to figure out how to cool the CPU when Glass is attached to an external battery. - Alex de Soto
You can't write local apps... My understanding is all 3rd party apps are in the cloud. Is that not true? Can you install a local app? - Murray Macdonald
you need to hack it to write local apps yes - Kevin Marks
the Mirror API is all cloud - Kevin Marks
It occurs to me that the feedback from wearing this device is where the real product is going to come from. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Vuzix allows real local apps on the device... - Murray Macdonald
Glass camera should recognize a limited set of gestures but ignore others, like fly swats for example. - Alex de Soto
The fact it works at all is awesome. Main discussion is, is it ready? - Keith Teare
And is it the right way to incorporate computing into the person - Keith Teare
what I mean is that the things people discover in using the early product will create main features and dictate what this product looks and feels like eventually. Might be a "duh" statement but real important here - Tina Chase Gillmor
so as good as google voice recognition on android - Christian Burns
agree Tina - Christian Burns
That was excellent speech recognition. Say "period" to end a sentence. - Murray Macdonald
better than Siri then? - Kevin Marks
Because of context.... - Murray Macdonald
Kevin, different than Siri. - Robert Scoble
Glass is just like every other Google "product". Nothing more then another input to their global information AI. It will go the way of Reader as soon as it's signal to noise ratio is bad. - Jerry Schuman
virtual keyboard floating in front of you? plenty of times when i don't want to talk out loud - Da
I almost never want to talk out loud to a gadget - Kevin Marks
Kevin: this slide shows that both Siri and Google sucks: - Robert Scoble
The camera belongs on the head. You can't easily turn your chest... - Murray Macdonald
Kevin: you will with this one. You can control it with your finger too. - Robert Scoble
Oh, now I understand that the Star Trek uniforms are more due to the technology built in and less to do with military/government - Tina Chase Gillmor
AirPlay? You mean Wifi Direct? The last thing we need is a proprietary standard when open standards exist. - Murray Macdonald
that didn't work as a link robert - Kevin Marks
like wifi direct, but functionally limited - Keith Teare
airplay currently better - Keith Teare
took me to my instant uploads - Kevin Marks
Better how? AirPlay is limited... As a developer Wifi Direct will do what you want... - Murray Macdonald
google can start to look for your face and see what you are looking at, - Christian Burns
Same goes for humans... Try being named Macdonald, not McDonald. 90% human failure. - Murray Macdonald
"Send full info to my living room Google TV" would be cool. Or to AirPlay.... - Alex de Soto
Screen sharing - Tina Chase Gillmor
google manages both MacDonald and McDonald - Kevin Marks
the golden arches and the golden archs - Matthew Voshell
WiFi direct is capable of much more than screens; any p2p communications between apps. If the eyepiece, camera, phone and such are going to collaborate together, you need much more than screen sharing. You need an open p2p API - Murray Macdonald
i want multiple windows on my Glass. no external, multiple physical screens wanted - Da
Google not tuning for personal nuances opens up for competition - clive boulton
They are also using the SnowCrash paradigm - Christian Burns
Doesnt that one samsung device allow multiple screens? on a phone? seems stupid - Matthew Voshell
keith getting noisy again - Kevin Marks
multiple screens on an iPad would eb more sensible than 3/4 of the screen being black - Kevin Marks
dual windows on the Galaxy Note 2 is awesome - Da
Bluetooth is too slow, unless it uses wifi. Wifi direct is all that and more... AirPlay is the new FaceTime. A proprietary flavor of a generic ability. - Murray Macdonald
GoogleWave - Murray Macdonald
I got Steve Hill Mall - Kevin Marks
Google is working on an open alternative to Airplay that will also integrate with DLNA - Mark Krynsky
Xbox IllumiRoom Project - Da
It's called WifiDirect. Samsung phones share photos and videos... - Murray Macdonald
That blackberry screen sharing was cool; google hang out has it too... - Matthew Voshell
Reflector is pretty cool. - Alex de Soto
Just played with the Blackberry Z10 the other week. Awesome device (comes from an iphone fan). - Nir Ben Yona
@Nir.... i feel the same way... so sad - Matthew Voshell
@Matthew: I hope to see a real change by the summer. Whether it's a new iphone device or a completely revamped iOS 7 platform - Nir Ben Yona
Anyone also see the parallel to the novel Deamon and Freedom TM? - Christian Burns
switch the camera back keith - Steve Gillmor
I'd rather have a device I can write local computer vision application on... Everything in the cloud is going to make everything latent. The problem is battery life... - Murray Macdonald
Arrington is playing Dots I see - Kevin Marks
Kevin's birdies sing pretty songs - Tina Chase Gillmor
"They" should get out of the way. Writing filters should be open to the 3rd party market. Notifications and "page rank" are proprietary solutions the 3rd party market can't innovate on. Let others write filters.... - Murray Macdonald
OK time to name the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
What's this Close Friends trick? Is there a blog post about it? - Evan Prodromou
@Nir yea, Sir Jonny is hard at work, rumors point at a simplier design (ala google) and more continuty across softeware and hardware.... idk, i'm excited i think he's a visionary - Matthew Voshell
When's the next show? - Murray Macdonald
if you mark someone a close friend, you get notifications of all their posts - Kevin Marks
I'm ready for $200!! - Da
Jean Luc Picard Proticals - Christian Burns
Earl Grey Tea, Hot - Kevin Marks
Ok, Glass, Earl Gray Tea hot - Christian Burns
Why can't his computer remember the prefs? Enterprise software. - Kevin Marks
I want my air screen - Tina Chase Gillmor
No third party apps - Christian Burns
Everyone on this show already wears something... Glasses are pretty common. - Murray Macdonald
thats a fashion thing too though. At one point contact lenses were taking over - Kevin Marks
When's the next show? - Murray Macdonald
@Matthew He definitely is. - Nir Ben Yona
Friday at 1pm Pacific - Christian Burns
YESSSS.... this should be be so easier if you did a Hangout On--Air... then robert should broadcast what he sees! - Matthew Voshell
If there every is going to even be another show - Christian Burns
good - siddharth