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Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang Live 04.05.13 (TCTV) -
Gillmor Gang - John Borthwick, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor. Recording live today at 1pm Pacific. - Steve Gillmor
We're on! - Kevin Costain
Hi Gang - Keith Teare
For some reason I have the feeling that we're going to hear about Facebook Home, right? Well, here's my take, it's all about engagement, the more you engage the more you click on ads, and ads are money, so Facebook Home is all about the money. - Nir Ben Yona
I finally got my first piece of "healthware" today... so far it's pretty sweet!! - Matthew Voshell
Facebook Home isn't it like carrier cruft? - clive boulton
I just don't see how anyone would *want* Facebook Home. - Kevin Costain
I think the Facebook Home has quite a good potential in emerging markets. - Nir Ben Yona
SInce Robert is in Miami, I'll say it: Facebook will be able to push notifications styled like Home "cards" to Google Glass too. Just change the presentation to horizontal and tweak to use Mirror API. Those Chat Heads could also be pushed to Google Glass, If you like that sort of thing. - Alex de Soto
Google+ coming to you phone Home soon - clive boulton
@Matthew nice. I recently got the Fitbit Aria scale myself. Also, I'm currently testing 4 different activity trackers. Withings is releasing one of their own soon. - Mark Krynsky
FB Home = Microsoft Bob for Android - Kevin Costain
That's pretty funny Kevin Costain ... - John Taschek
Google Glass already has pop-up faces in circles, at least in the original promo film - Kevin Marks
:) It just doesn't make sense why Facebook didn't just fork Android. That would have seemed like a more prudent move. - Kevin Costain
theywant to run on all android phones - Kevin Marks
even the ones google isn't on - Kevin Marks
Indeed @Kevin, and for that, they likely will fail. - Kevin Costain
The movie referred to is The Truman Show with Jim Carey - Ed Schlesinger
Imagine though, every single app wants to become the launcher? The launcher? The Path launcher? - Kevin Costain
harder for them to pull it off - Kevin Marks
@Mark... i almost bought the firbit aria as well.. but it's WIRELESS B?!?!! - Matthew Voshell
By being the top-most layer app on the home screen, Facebook fans will be more likely to use Facebook services (check-ins, messaging, photos, even email) instead of using other apps "hidden" on the device. Smart. They really want a Facebook app-centric phone. - Alex de Soto
Now, on a more simplistic level - Facbook Home is a worse launcher itself than any of the older, more crude versions of Android. It's a regression for launcher features. - Kevin Costain
also the data speaks for itself too - Ed Schlesinger
@Mark.. add this to your list.. i'm waiting for mine - Matthew Voshell Zuck's vision statement - Keith Teare
its not meant to be a good launcher, it's meant to be a good screensaver and notifications shell - Kevin Marks
Yea, when you go to a website in mobile safari and if it has an app it shows the bar along the top... thats really useful for me - Matthew Voshell
it's goal is to de-emphasize launching apps - Kevin Marks
is zuckerberg just trying to open up the data intake like a beluga whale to sell on the back end? - Matthew Voshell
@Kevin - yes, clearly it's what they're trying to be. But, as an Android user, do I want to give up features to get "Chat Heads"? I'm not so sure. - Kevin Costain
#Chatter should be the Social Home Page for the Cloud - Ed Schlesinger
us here aen't the target - Kevin Marks
I just wonder, if people aren't that unsavvy, this might not be very popular. The mass install has to come from downloads - not from buying the phone (Zuck said it himself in the presentation). - Kevin Costain
And, my feeling is that on the HTC First, the launcher won't be replaceable from FB Home. If that's the case - brutal. - Kevin Costain
Facebook is to the social web what Goldman Sachs is to the giant sucking octopus - clive boulton
Google glass "cards" are another example of closed notifications. They all have to go through the google servers. No apps can run locally on the device. Apps can only live in the cloud. - Murray Macdonald
@Matthew I'm aware of that device...and many others :) - Mark Krynsky
Like, are we talking about Facebook home turning a "Smart" phone into a "Feature" phone? - Kevin Costain
kind of, Kevin. - Kevin Marks
I for one am sick of this "Mobile First" mantra. I still use my desktop much more than mobile. Call me old school....and get off my lawn. - Mark Krynsky
.. all in the name of simplification (hello Metro tiles) - :) - Kevin Costain
The dumbing down of OS's is just another step towards our march to Idiocracy. - Mark Krynsky
No, get off MY lawn! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Android can't respond placing Google+ on Home w/o risking run-in w/ t/ regulators - clive boulton
they can make it more pluggable - Kevin Marks
@Mark - maybe we're all just getting old :) - Kevin Costain
the next phone I buy wiil have a higher res screen than my laptop - Kevin Marks
Google could copy Facebook Home using Google+ exclusively on a new Motorola phone as a test bed. - Mark Krynsky
I am an assembly programmer. (embedded microcontrollers) - Murray Macdonald
Murray - rewire works great on Windows. I'm a Cubase (Steinberg) user. But audiobus does it on the iPad - - John Taschek
Galaxy S4 to Launch in Korea Packing a 1.8GHz Exynos Octa-core Chip, woohoo!! - Da
Kevin EXACTLY! How is it that we can get these mobile devices to have such awesome resolutions and PPI specs and you have to pay a fortune to get an LCD monitor with that resolution? - Mark Krynsky
Consider this: In all the years of Windows, how many applications took over the shell (easy to do) and became our "Facebook Home" on Windows? - Kevin Costain
Jet here... low and loud - Tina Chase Gillmor
@John...ah the memories. I used to play with Cubase Digital Audio on an Atari Falcon with 8 tracks of digital audio! - Mark Krynsky
It seems to act more like those live wallpapers that Android used to offer, back in the early days. - Nir Ben Yona
John: I'm a Cubase/live/metro user. I agree Rewire is brilliant. - Murray Macdonald
I've got a 12 volt car battery as a mophie - Kevin Marks
the 3800mAh Extended Battery for my VZW Galaxy Nexus is awesome - Da
Mophie Steve. Mophie. - Tina Chase Gillmor
He's used as a battery inside the Matrix - Mophieous :) - Kevin Costain
Yeah, Lowbat! Android screen sucks battery compared to iOS why? - clive boulton
CPU isn't the issue. Getting connections across walled-gardens is the problem... - Murray Macdonald
it's more the computations per energy curve: - Kevin Marks
Boy I sure feel extra ranty today. I blame no Scoble. - Mark Krynsky
Google Glass only uploads to G+ - Murray Macdonald
running two Youtube videos on a Galaxy Note 2 is great - Da
yup - "Getting connections across walled-gardens is the problem..." - clive boulton
John Borthwick has a nice head of hair. Just had to be said ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
i used to have - Keith Teare
OLED displays will save battery. - Murray Macdonald
That's a mod mop Tina! ;) - Alex de Soto
The Nexus 4 is great, except for the speaker phone... Can't beat the $300 no-contract price. - Murray Macdonald
I'm actually more excited about the HTC One than the S4 but I do like how Samsung is going down activity health tracking with the S4. I currently have a Nexus 4 but see myself upgrading to a new phone this year. Ah, so nice not to be tied to a contract. - Mark Krynsky
I am tempted by the Nexus 4 to replace my craked galaxy, but I think I shoudl get a 1080p one to examine - Kevin Marks
Alex ah, true. - Tina Chase Gillmor
If glass takes off all that content will go to G+, not FB. - Murray Macdonald
4 hours of Ingress portal battle chews up a 10k mAh external battery pretty well - Da
Mark - why are you so cranky ... :) I had an HTC Thunderbolt -- good phone. I'd get another HTC. It just that HTC didn't innovate as fast as others. And at the wrong time. - John Taschek
I don't think Google is even worried about Facebook Home taking anything away from G+. Won't sway the few that use G+ more than FB. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
My ear has been "stuffy" lately. It's been driving me crazy! - Tina Chase Gillmor
John...I think the HTC One is pretty comparable to the S4. - Mark Krynsky
I've seen Dropbox on Facebook Home. - Nir Ben Yona
If Glass takes hold, G+ will be the only place to get all those social shares and notifications. - Murray Macdonald
Path is already working with Google's Mirror API for Glass. - Alex de Soto
The mirror API doesn't allow for local applications. Everything has to be done as a restful cloud service that talks via the googleapis servers. - Murray Macdonald
Yes Murray...all in the cloud. ¡-) - Alex de Soto
somebody is clicking an old school bic retractable ballpoint (or so it sounds) - Andrew Hazlett
I don't think G+ has evolved yet. If I were Google, every percentage of ad revenue makes a difference. If FB takes over some part of the monetization of search, then Google can be hurt (emotionally perhaps). - John Taschek
It's not much of a risk actually. What's the big deal if it flops beside maybe FB's stock view of future potential. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I don't think even "normal" people are ready to give over *all* of their lives to Facebook - Andrew Hazlett
Really, there can only be one launcher. What if *that* catches on on Android? - Kevin Costain
the Facebook folks listen to GG - Tina Chase Gillmor
Mark -- think that's why HTC is in the mix too. - John Taschek
Alex: That rules out decent speech recognition and image processing applications. I think we'll see other real headsets that allow local apps, like the Vuzix M-100 - Murray Macdonald
Good point John - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I'm very interested in how apps are developed on FB and deployed on Home. I don't think that was analyzed well. - John Taschek
@John - maybe apps aren't allowed? Just merely exposed through their own launching mechanism? - Kevin Costain
Official FB home promo video resonates - clive boulton
I wrote about this, with links: - Kevin Marks
Facebook Home highlights Apple closed ecosystem - people can either get trapped in Apple or be free with Android - Da
it will allow efficient web apps that flow like native. - Murray Macdonald
The old specs were ambiguous. - Murray Macdonald
I love that I can chose many, many different browsers for my Nexus - Da
Forking and spooning ... very different - Tina Chase Gillmor
Fork You. Don't even start talking about pull requests. - Murray Macdonald
Kevin getting TESTYYYYY - Matthew Voshell
Where is Scoble to set everyone straight!!!??!! - Kevin Costain
one of the best vanity plates have ever seen, on an Audi Quattro - "IV Q II" - quite an accomplishment to get it past the DMV (SecOfState here in IL) censors! - Jerome Hughes
I disagree. HTML5 has resolved that. PhoneGap developers hit cross-platform HTML5 everyday. - Murray Macdonald
They care about standards? HA! They want to MAKE the standards! - Kevin Costain
They're open-source. Port the source. Chrome extensions are just web-page extensions. You just need an environment that supports the standards and required events. - Murray Macdonald
HTML5 is just beginning to be standardized - John Taschek
Fact is though, browsers still render the same page differently. That (after how long the web has been around) is pure BULLSHIT. - Kevin Costain
HTML5 has a standards process that is working - Kevin Marks
Kevin is right -- every browser renders differently - John Taschek
oh, I thought he mean a mac mini - Kevin Marks
I am very glad that HTML5 will be a stronger standard, but it is moving slowly - John Taschek
3 Brits - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yea.. every brosers does render diferntly :/ - Matthew Voshell
it isn't any more becasue the browsers ae now moving quickly to deploy changes - Kevin Marks
You guys are ending this too early :( - Kevin Costain
Open Mikes! - Alex de Soto
been a good show, me thinks - Tina Chase Gillmor
Browsers are all standardized -- as long as you use Chrome (that's why I use it!) - John Taschek
Another good show. Have a great weekend everyone. - Mark Krynsky
taschek, I should show you some html presentation stuff - Kevin Marks
Thank you everyone! - Kevin Costain
You're dreaming Steve. The major players are going to fight to keep their notifications isolated. Apple and Google will be holdouts. - Murray Macdonald
Good show. Thanks. - Alex de Soto
5 stars - Jerome Hughes
Show shows Moore's Law is mobile - clive boulton
"Sir, I need you to put that away - ok" - clive boulton
Really good show, if I do say so myself. Thanks everyone - Tina Chase Gillmor
I hate it when I have to actually work on Fridays and miss the show ... - Laura Norvig