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Steve Isaacs
New Vlog at "In Praise of “Watchmen” -
New Vlog at  "In Praise of “Watchmen”
"02-10-09: In preparation for the March 6th release of “Watchmen”, the movie adaptation of Alan Moore’s groundbreaking comic series, I give the uninitiated a primer. For Watchmen fans, I reveal the secret of issue #5: “Fearful Symmetry”. Don’t be surprised if this isn’t my last vlog on this subject ;)" - Steve Isaacs from Bookmarklet
Steve Isaacs
Has anyone seen Coraline? I'm curious about it...
I think it opens on Friday. - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
Nightmare, yes, Pan's, no. - Steve Isaacs
I loved the audiobook, but generally do for anything Neil Gaiman. - J Wynia
I think that I'll be seeing it tonight - Chieze Okoye
Love the book; hope the movie is good! <3 Neil Gaiman - CJ
You didn't like Pan's Labyrinth? It was *such* a great movie! A kid's movie but aimed at adults ;) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Zo - No, I didn't like it. Felt it was too disparate. The fantasy movie didn't hold up on it's own, and the weird revolution story was just weirdly dark, I didn't feel the thing as a whole. - Steve Isaacs
Going to see Coraline tomorrow night, I think. And I'm with Steve on Pan's. I had really high hopes as I like the director, but was ultimately unsatisfied. - Derrick
I want to watch it. I'm liking all these 3D movies. :) saw my Bloody Valentine, it was fun. 3D used to be such a hype, then it went away....I'm hoping the comeback is on. I watched the U2 3D concert at an IMAX, like four times....the price of a cheap u2 concert ticket, but I got to see it 4 times! it was awesome. There should be MUCH more "concerts" like that. - dafire
So I did see Coraline but not in 3D and the beauty of it almost brought tears to my eyes. It struck me the first time she went outside and was walking down the stairs and everything was gray but so clear. Then the "Other Mother" garden scene just blew me away. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Steve Isaacs
Frozen Pickle Juice Pops. I'm so getting these... -
Frozen Pickle Juice Pops. I'm so getting these...
My little sis has made these herself since she was 5 - Michael W. May
Right on! Make sure to vlog about it. I had no idea that pickle juice had such a following - there are lots of recipes and cocktails on the interwebs. And here's something for your fall calendar: - Caffeinated Sue
No way!!! MY mouth is watering just thinking of this. I need to get some of these asap. - Miranda
Ur....gross?! - Vicky
I totally drink pickle juice. - Mona Nomura
Dave does too, Mona. He swears it makes a good tequila chaser - FFing Enigma
For some reason, this actually sounds interesting. I also drink pickle juice. I don't know why people get grossed out over that. It tastes good. :P - Molly Song ;)
Pickle pop tasting? Make sure to get a non-biased group...ones that like pickles and ones that don't....I'd be in the don't category....You guys ate Bacon pickle pops HAD to be the next thing? huh? lol. so funny...can't wait for the SvLog! - dafire
Told my sister about she wants to try it. lol. - dafire
Steve! have you had the deep fried pickle spears at Heartland Brewery?! yum! :) - Krista K
Krista- Not there, but I've tried the fried pickle slices at some other places - yum. - Steve Isaacs
i could do pickle juice, but only in quick bursts. like shots of pickle juice for instance. suckin on a pickle pop might be aight. why does that pickle in the photo have a mexican hat and a moustache though? hot pepper pickle javier, eh? - Cee Bee
Steve Isaacs
"Rock of Love Bus" Coming... Oh God. -
"Rock of Love Bus" Coming... Oh God.
"Rock of Love Bus" Coming... Oh God.
"This time it’s called Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels and the women vying for his affection will follow the rocker on a month-long tour across the country." - Steve Isaacs from Bookmarklet
yesssss! - Christa Imbriale
More Drama. Flavor of love wasn't as good the second time around. - Jonathan.Rivera
I have to watch it....but I can't take another season of Mr. Bandanna and super sluts/super gross females. Hm....more entertaining: Flava Flav or Rock of Love?! Maybe someone else will get a name tattoo. name = loooove <3 - Krista K
just wanted to add that this really makes me want to vomit. i can't tolerate it anymore! - Krista K
Steve Isaacs
Japan Pledges To Halt Production Of Weirdo Porn That Makes People Puke -
Japan Pledges To Halt Production Of Weirdo Porn That Makes People Puke
Japan Pledges To Halt Production Of Weirdo Porn That Makes People Puke
"TOKYO—Acknowledging its embarrassment over worldwide outbreaks of violent, uncontrolled regurgitation, the Japanese government apologized Wednesday to the millions of viewers who have been sickened over the past three decades by the revolting depravity of the nation's pornographic exports." - Steve Isaacs from Bookmarklet
THANK GOD. - Mona Nomura
^^^^^^^^ - sean percival
LOL, Mona - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Now where am I going to get my vomit porn? =0 - Robert Hafer
The most puke-inducing one I saw involved dead sea creatures. (Yes, real-life tentacles.) - Oliver Ortega Chua
they really gotta stop it with the octopus, amphibian and bug infestation porn. it'll just go more underground - Cee Bee
Steve Isaacs
Apoteka and “I’m on a Boat” -
02-08-09: Talking about the weekend apparently unaware of how odd my hair looks. On Saturday I went to a strange bar in Chinatown called Apoteka, and laughed my ass off at the new Lonley Island SNL Digital Short “I’m on a Boat” (see below). End Video: Tompkins Square Park, St. Mark’s Place and Chinatown. Music: Beck - [...] - Steve Isaacs
That "I'm on a Boat" music video is hilarious! It's the new Dick in a Box :p - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Steve Isaacs
I got a nautical themed pashmina afghan.
hmm, post a pic? I cannot imagine the grouping of nautical, pashmina and afghan all as one unit. - Janet
how does one have relations with a mermaid? - Janet
Keith McDuffee
American Idol - What’s the point of group performances? | CliqueClack TV -
What's the point of American Idol? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I like em. It's survival of the fittest, and puts unique strain on the contestants. Personalities emerge, weaknesses are displayed. - Steve Isaacs
I enjoyed the group performances this year. In past years I've found them excruciating, but I guess I'm getting meaner? I dunno. In general the auditions were much more palatable for me this year - 1 hour at a time is a LOT better than 2. - Jandy
They key for groups is teamwork and ability to adjust to change and conflict which is important for a potential artist who will be in a house with 11 other competitors for the final 12. Let's see what happens in Hollywood round 3. - Amani
Steve Isaacs
What is your favorite word RIGHT NOW?
Blagojavich. Said with an explosion of the cheeks. - Akiva
Which cheeks? - Outsanity
Borked. - Caffeinated Sue
blurgh - George Smith
buzzed. - imabonehead
Elusive. - Bora Zivkovic
Trickle - Majento
Horseradish - FFing Enigma
Ataraxia - L.J. Leng
Cookies. No wait, Ice Cream. No wait, that's two words. AAAAAGGGGHHHH! - Jeanine W.
imabonehead beat me to it.... Buzz - BEX
Contango. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
KookaMUNGA - Jay
Air-conditioning. I don't have. :( - Andrew Trinh
Invigorating - Lola Bean (Penguin)
tantalizing - imabonehead
Either Eschaton or Immanentize - iTad
Wait, can I go again? Framling. - L.J. Leng
Ridonculous! not a word....but I say it a lot! - dafire
Haven't you heard? The Bird is my favorite word! ;P - Jeff P. Henderson
Grease. - imabonehead
love. - Bren
Ecstatic. - Steven Perez
NOW - Josh Haley
{@}==--- -- - - Johnny
Rugby! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
BABBY! - Lisa L. Seifert
plethora - UncleCreepy13
Hulk Smaasshh - Sarah Peterman from fftogo
Fjord - David Knight
boink - MicahBear78
Syzygy - Phil Boiarski
I'm with Sue- Borked. - Steve Isaacs from BuddyFeed
spork - MicahBear78
boobs. is always boobs. - Simon Wicks
Wow! - Susan Beebe
Induitably - Roberto Bonini
Cromulent. - Chris Charabaruk
blech - is that a word? - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
Nap - Bob Gannon
Usurped - Nathan Chase
verdigris - Dawn
ponerology - bcultral
bizarro - Patrick Jordan
Sexy. - Steven Perez
Comfy - Just Mrs. V
Give 'er. As in "You've just got to give 'er!" - Jenny
Bonspiel. Sounds like a German sex toy. - Michael Forian
Segmentation - imabonehead
balls - (jeff)isageek
Replevin - Micah
Douchebag - Jim Goldstein
Boogaloo - Rodfather
amazing - Live4Emma (L4S)
wondrous - michael sean wright
Blah - David Cook
Steve Isaacs
My Lovefest Room vlog: "It's a Lovefest in here." -
Pickle Juice - oh yeah - Janet
I do a Lovefest vlog and this is all the love I get?? - Steve Isaacs from BuddyFeed
Aw Steve! Just managed to access this as it wouldn't work the other day. Special! Sending the love out... - Vicky
That was so fun! I love the waitress one. And I have to say that I did listen to Tea House of the Spirits over and over again. And in the comments on your vlog, I like that someone noticed the little branch on the left. :) - Trish Haley
Haha - that's actually a Charle Brown Christmas tree poking into frame there. You get them at Urban Outfitters. - Steve Isaacs
Live4Emma (L4S)
dudes...totally LOVE the Red Rooster Sauce...makes plain ramen noodles SO MUCH BETTAH!!! -
I eat Sriracha with almost every meal. I am addicted! I love it! - Victoria Champion
yes! - Shevonne
Yes - I love this stuff! - Steve Isaacs
I want some Pho now - Rodfather
Great Scott! Snow!
O.J. Simpson gets at least 15 years in prison - -
O.J. Simpson gets at least 15 years in prison -
I wish it were more, but at least he's going to do time for something. - Great Scott! Snow! from Bookmarklet
I think that's reasonable given the crime; the fact is, despite how pissed the world is at the murder trial, this one not that trial. It would be a travesty to sentence him based on bias from a previous criminal trial. - Clay Newton
I admit I haven't spent a lot of time researching this case, but from what I've heard about the event, it's pretty serious. Walking into someone's space, holding under duress and then taking their stuff? Put yourself in the victim's position: this is serious stuff. He's convicted of "two of assault with a deadly weapon, two of coercion with a deadly weapon, burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit a crime, kidnapping and robbery". This is not petty crime. - Clay Newton
Don't you think that rather than mucking around with all this stuff on this OJ robbery that they should really be out looking for the *real* robbers? - Thomas Hawk
Wow, this sounds like a bit of reverse discrimination. We all know OJ and so feel more sympathetic to his case (in a very weird way) but, as the judge said, he organized and led a group of armed men into a hotel room with the intent of confronting people and stealing a significant amount of property. I don't know whether 3 or 15 years is 'appropriate' on a moral or punative level, but if I read a story about some unknown gang leader doing the same thing I wouldn't think 15 years (parole in 9) was unusual. - Kevin Fox
normally don't you just get 6 months for robbery, maybe 3 months if it involves a handgun? - Thomas Hawk
Ha Ha. F U O.J. - Steve Isaacs
When he was speaking he got himself in trouble by saying " I didnt know this would get me into trouble." His own stupidity got him in to trouble so who can you blame? - Patrick from twhirl
@Thomas Hawk Yes, but that's not the only thing he did, lok at everything he did it all adds up. - Patrick from twhirl
I read it was 33 yrs... hmmm.... - Adriana E. Reyes
I think I'd be asking more why some people get lighter sentences for rape, murder and arson, than thinking this was too harsh. And if the problem is housing all these prisoners, then doesn't that suggest there is something pretty seriously wrong with the society that so many turn to serious crime? - John
I'm just saying I thought it was impossible to get a sentence of more than a year from a judge if a handgun was involved. - Thomas Hawk
@TH - It happened in NV not CA. Had it been in CA, then yes, he'd probably get 3 months and his gun returned to him. ;O) - Andre Maltais
Wow. He didn't get it for the real crime but he gets it for this. least he got it for something. - Adriana
Try the TripChill iPhone travel assistant the next time you travel. Get real-time flight alerts, book hotel and car, view alternate flights, notify friends of travel status, manage your itinerary, and much more. - Martin121
Steve Isaacs
More Pepsi and GE’s Smart Grid Site -
02-05-09: After a couple days of basically exploding, I start it up again with another word about Pepsi and MacGruber, and a look at GE’s awesome “Plug Into the Smart Grid” site. GE Site First Vlog about the Pepsi SNL “Sketchmercial” - Steve Isaacs
you're tooo funny!! tee hee......what went through my mind? "OH, NO you didn't!" lol. - dafire
Steve Isaacs
Awesome! Dave Gibbons at Apple Store Soho tomorrow!
WHOA. - Derrick
take video! :) - dafire
Couldn't make it - had to work late. SUCKS. - Steve Isaacs
yeah, me too...I'm still at work, but it's still a little early here in az. - dafire
Steve Isaacs
Dude in the stall, let's ease up on the "effort sounds", okay?
hahaha - Adriana E. Reyes
ew :/ - embee
TMI ha - Shevonne
Hah - Tyson Key
Poop jokes never fail to amuse me! - rowlikeagirl
Twitter is everywhere. :) - JazJaz
All hail the Twitter Shitter! ;) - Tyson Key
Tyson - Hahahahaaha! - Steve Isaacs
ok, using your twitter in the even ruder than talking with your mouth least you can't spread germs. germs...spreading....hahahaaa! - dafire
Actually sent that one AFTER said experience. - Steve Isaacs
HAHAHAHA this reminds me of Raymond Raving Rabids... there's a minigame where you have to shoot toilet plungers at the stall doors to keep them closed (there's like four in a row) and you can hear the rabbits grunting while on the pot. - Trish Haley
I'm reminded of the scene in the first Austin Powers movie where Tom Arnold was in the adjacent stall while Austin was attacked by an assassin. - Joey Gibson
@ Steve - yey! I hope you washed your I'm kind of a germ freak...can you tell??!! lol. - dafire
Steve Isaacs
Hey check out my new job! Just got hired! -
Is this serious? I'm intrigued. - Vincent X
Huh? - Aaron Hood
Congratulations! Looks awesome! - James Ferguson
Human Body Regeneration is a great new field, I'm so excited to start regenerating human bodies yeah! - Steve Isaacs
Wow. Very interesting because lately I've been reading about kundalini and its link to cellular regeneration and a bunch of other stuff... Anyway, this is quite exciting! Can't wait to see what will come out of this. - Vincent X
is this some kind of viral marketing site for "Frankenhooker II?" - Karim
Steve Isaacs
The last two days have been rough on My webhost took a big crap, and my Wordpress theme decided to go belly up not once, but twice, causing yours truly a massive tech headache. The site was “borked” as I like to call it. Cut to two re-installations of WordPress later, and many fevered emails [...] - Steve Isaacs
I had to Google "borked". How sad is that? Sometimes I feel like I've jumped the shark. - Caffeinated Sue
Sue - It's cool, I have only one buddy who says it, but I like it because it seems to mean exclusively TECH fuckups. - Steve Isaacs
Steve Isaacs
Fucking iMovie. I said throw REJECTED to trash, not VITAL PARTS of my project...
lol...anti-i rant! - dafire
"undo" - orionstarr
Haha - Tyson Key
All that hype and for what? - Outsanity
I love iMovie and still use it everyday, it just has a finicky way of trashing stuff that should be safe, from the active project that isn't cool. - Steve Isaacs
Steve Isaacs
HBO's "East Bound and Down" - Will Ferrell Clips -
Clips from a new HBO show I'm working on the online ads for starring Danny McBride. Super funny show. - Steve Isaacs from Bookmarklet
Steve Isaacs
I'm digging Gmali's new Labs feature: "Multiple Inboxes" (Multi-Pane viewing). -
I'm digging Gmali's new Labs feature: "Multiple Inboxes" (Multi-Pane viewing).
Works really well with my Steve's Gmail To-Do List™ ;) - Steve Isaacs from Bookmarklet
Going to hit NYC Comic Con later today...
Doh!!! What about Steve!?! - Steve Isaacs
Steve Isaacs
New York Holiday Windows -
Steve & Melissa’s tour of the holiday window displays in New York City. Seen are the windows of Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Saks 5th Avenue. Music: Vince Guaraldi Trio, “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” (From December, just now getting this into the library) - Steve Isaacs
(From December, just entered this into the video library at - Steve Isaacs
Steve Isaacs
Pepsi and Saturday Night Live -
02-02-09: Weather and the impact on the faces of New York. An appearance by Chalupa. Talking about the “PepSuber” Pepsi/Macgruber product placement/commercial on last week’s Saturday Night Live and the accompanying Twitter presence. Pepsi MacGruber ad: “PepSuber” Twitter page: Article about the “sketchmerical”: Update: Apparently, what I thought was an SNL sketch was actually a commercial [...] - Steve Isaacs
Goodness, your cat is too cute! I love the other one sitting on the couch behind you too lol. - Adriana E. Reyes
I have to watch a little later today. So excited! Hey did anyone see that Pepsi for MEN commercial??? lol. Did they show that during the superbowl? I saw it while watching Lost last night.... - dafire
Steve- What was Lily so infatuated with? I didn't notice her being there till Chalupa jumped on the sofa. - Miranda
I think Lily was watching out for spaceships! We need a Lily cameo...cute cats. - dafire
Steve Isaacs
Technical Difficulties and the Vimeo Channel -
My computer and my camera had a little tiff last night so I wasn’t able to edit and upload yesterday’s video, but everything is back up to speed now, and I’ll have a new video up today. Unless of course, there is some kind of alien attack or act of God. Also I deleted my [...] - Steve Isaacs
Son of a..... - orionstarr
m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I love grilled cheese and tomato soup on a cold night.
C:\Documents and Settings\Jain\My Documents\My Pictures\2009 01 30\DSCF1225.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Jain\My Documents\My Pictures\2009 01 30\DSCF1223.jpg
To do this you have to go back in time and get a "Toas-Tite" sandwich press. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
That toaster has been providing me with grilled cheese for more than 60 years. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Dang, 70 bucks on ebay for the camp style shown. - Janet
I found some online in cleaned-up condition. I like the "well-seasoned" look of mine - it's been in continuous use all my life. Picture of another old one here showing sandwich making: - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I collect old Wagner and Griswold and use them! My tip to clean and re-season won't work with wooden handles but if you are interested - cast iron, place in oven and hit clean cycle. When it is finished just spray with Pam style and keep using, keep spraying. I don't have luck with straight oils. - Janet
...equals the best thing ever... - Steve Isaacs from BuddyFeed
Yes! - Shevonne
With gherkins. yur doin it right! -
Steve Isaacs
Talking Lost from the Bathtub -
01-29-09: 01-29-09: Soaking in the bathtub and talking about last night’s Lost, John Locke’s boobs, and what’s on my Tivo. Special appearance by Chalupa. - Steve Isaacs
I'm glad I was at home waiting for a plumber! That was a CRACK up!! Chalupa is very special...I vote more cameo's from the cats! Kudos to your multi-tasking and courage to do a SvLog from the tub! I'm posting's soooo funny.....Oh, and so next season is Lost's final season right? So, excited to see how it all ends. Hope it's better than the ending of Seinfeld and Friends....I'm excited for the end, but also worried...they could totally ruin it. Then that many seasons will be down the tube! - dafire
I might have to spin Chalupa the cat into his own vlog. IMAGINE THE HITS! - Steve Isaacs
Phytoestrogens can cause gynecomastia (man boobs). Is there too much soy in Locke's diet? =) - Caffeinated Sue
one dares to dream of the I wonder if there are sites about his man boobs yet.....comparing the changes over the seasons.... - dafire
LOL. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Locke's chimichangas. - Anika
This whole vlog just made my freakin' day. The range of topics, Steve! WIN. - Derrick
this vlog is TOO MUCH WIN!!! lolz.......and totally locks sportin some c-cups me flashbacks of my gpa.......who resembled him.....boobs and all in his later years......theres some kind of steroid for post cancer surgery that grows tits in men like that........then again he may have just stopped walking miles in the hawaiian jungles for a while....and too many kruspy kremes =P - UncleCreepy13
brilliant- agree with you re: Lost but haven't seen the moobs/man-boobs that you're talking about on Lost. I like seeing pistol-whipping, I guess. Each time I come back to Lost I realize how melodramatic it is. - anna sauce
I second the vote on the tats Svlog! - dafire
Steve Isaacs
I’ve been shooting all weekend, but didn’t sit down and assemble a new video. I’ll be back in gear tomorrow, complete with some great footage of the Indian section of Queens, karaoke, and Times Square. Hope you had a great weekend! - Steve Isaacs
Karaoke! I wanna see how you all roll with - dafire
Steve Isaacs
Video Not Playing? - My Bad. -
Today I posted via the iPhone while I was in Queens indulging in some amazing Thai food. Sadly I forgot to include the embed link, so if you tried to watch today’s video, it didn’t work. My bad, sorry. All is working fine now. - Steve Isaacs
Steve Isaacs
It’s a Lovefest in Here -
01-30-09: In the spirit of the FriendFeed “Lovefest” room, I decide to run through some of the things that I love. Some of the things mentioned: The first snow in the city, 30 Rock, Halloween, Radiohead, and a good cup of coffee. The “Lovefest” room on FriendFeed - Steve Isaacs
Weird, the video for this one won't show up, but when I click on the others they do. - Adriana E. Reyes
My bad - I posted from my iPhone and didn't include the video embed. Sorry - it's fixed now. - Steve Isaacs
LOL. I love this video. Steve, you always bring a smile to my face. - Derrick
Love the vlog! Surprised to hear pickle juice on the list - did you know they have pickle juice popcicles? - Caffeinated Sue
Yay! I don't have to feel like a freak with my pickle juice fetish anymore... - Hookuh Tinypants
♥ Stephiepooos ♥
What word do you use to say your drunk?? e.g. trolleyed, plastered......
I don't get drunk, I get "nice." - Bryan R. Adams
Chewed - Sean
"Ræss-mongo-drita" which is Norwegian for (approx...) "Ass-mongo-wasted" which doesn't really make all that much sense in English now that I think about it - Daniel Bruce
hmm you don't say Daniel lol - ♥ Stephiepooos ♥
We use Rass/Ræss as an adjective closely related to "extremely", even though it actually means ass. =p - Daniel Bruce
liquoriced or smashed - Ian May
Shithammered. - Steve Isaacs
wasted, shitfaced, blitzed - Lola Bean (Penguin)
tipsy....smashed....f*cked. All different degrees of drunkeness. - Just Mrs. V
Hammered - Michael Fidler
My mother-in-law uses the term "puss-full" the puss part meaning mouth not something dirty. - Janet
gettin' maggot and having a spew... OK, i learned that one from Johnny Worthington on ffundercats. - Trish Haley
"blind as a welders dog" - heard that last week from an Australian - Wilka Hudson
Polluted. - Martha
Hammered, blind or pissed .. sometimes smashed - Penny
stirring - Adriana
I don't get drunk - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
sloshed - tony
Strunk - a combination of Stoned and Drunk. Haven't been in this state of being in many years. - MicahBear78
twatted! - Vicky
I'm-am-not......want a sippy..... - John D Reasor
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