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Jason Priem
The scientific journal may "follow newspapers into oblivion"...a nice little article. via @adametkin
We can hope. - Bill Hooker
If we want to keep the scientific enterprise moving, it needs to happen. Or the bubble will burst with unforeseeable consequences. - Björn Brembs
Is peer review necessary? Can preprints be successful in the life sciences?:
Heather Piwowar
Just received some spot-on reviews. Darn I wish they were signed so I could up my respect for whomever wrote them.
put it on your blog; there's some chance the reviewers will see it. - RepoRat
Daniel Mietchen
Fund Science and Explore the World with Renowned Researchers - Petridish -
Yet another crowdfunding site for research. Looks interesting so far. - Daniel Mietchen from Bookmarklet
John Dupuis
My exciting new job at Elsevier: Inaugural editor-in-chief of The Journal of Applied Publishing Experiments -
Thanks. Hand-picked! But you know, there are more spots available, you just have to apply in the comments... - John Dupuis
I have done so, as a long-time expert APE. - Walt Crawford
Most honored to be a part of the Journal! - RepoRat
this will be a huge boost to my career! - jambina
So happy to be on board! Cant wait to add value like there is no tomorrow! - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
I still find it hard to remember that while it is already April 2 in New Zealand, that may not be the case elsewhere. :) - Kubke
Where is my plane ticket to the island of Belize! I WANT IT NOW! - Joe
The tickets are in the mail. - John Dupuis
According to Lambert Heller, reality and satire are difficult to tell apart in Germany:!... - John Dupuis
Heather Piwowar
RT @davidwhogg: My version: "If you are not embarrassed by the data analysis code you are posting on the web, you are posting it too late" #openScience
Cameron Neylon
"this is the actual pipeline we ourselves ran to produce the figures in the paper. All the data is there, and all of the code used to process the data, analyze the results, and produce the figures is also there. In version control." - Daniel Mietchen
The Open Science version of "shut up and calculate"? - Bill Hooker
John Dupuis
For those that missed it, my April Fools post wherein I and others sell our souls to The Great Satan, Elsevier:
Google Scholar Metrics. Announced on 1 April but definitely not a joke... #altmetrics -
Heather Piwowar
Wow, SourceTree makes git a whole different experience. I'm liking it! Free mac client for Git, Mercurial, SVN:
Carlos Leiva Burotto
"Do less.But do what you do with complete and hard focus.Then when u’re done be done, and go enjoy the rest of the day"
Heather Piwowar
RT @jberzowska: "if we had not evolved into this situation where top conferences require copyright transfer...we would never accept it"
Richard Badge
Wow, there goes another set of lecture notes out the window RT @yokofakun "New Layer of Genetic Information Discovered"
Todd Vision
Ruth Wilson: Nature PG loath to include non peer reviewed items in reference lists. A problem for citing data in many repos.
RT @SauropodMike: You couldn't make it up! A human genome paper is free at Nature ... but access to the corrections costs $64.
Carl Boettiger
"Must try harder" Nature editorial should've mentioned sharing code & sharing data would make errors easier to catch
And by saying "The evidence is largely anecdotal" it completely misses that there is a huge body of evidence the author could have cited. They clearly don't know what they're talking about. This editorial comes only days after our manuscript reviewing said literature was rejected by Nature with the reason: "we feel we have aired many of these issues already in our pages recently"... - Björn Brembs
Bjorn, good to know about this experience, thanks for sharing. Very frustrating re: your manuscript. Good luck with it as you submit to the next place! - Heather Piwowar
Karen James
Just read the email from @boraz @mistersugar & @ktraphagen on #scio13, ScienceOnlineNOW & ScienceSeeker. Those 3… what a bunch of slackers.
your afternoon chuckle: How to write like a scientist -
“Twenty million children die of scabies every day. OMG we built a robot kangaroo!” - Jason P
"If you ever write a review article, EndNote might explode." - Catherine Pellegrino
"Your paper will be peer reviewed, so include flattering descriptions of all of your peers. Scientists call these “shout-outs” or “mad props.”" - jambina
victoria stodden
a real revolution in scientific communication: runs the code associated with published results - verify and reuse code.
We have a paper coming up where the data and the code (in R) will be public. I'll test it! - Björn Brembs
Awesome! - Steve Koch from Android
Cameron Neylon
A big leap and a logical step: Moving to PLoS -
As a child I was very clear I wanted to be a scientist. I am not sure exactly where the idea came from. I part I blame Isaac Azimov but it must have been a combination of things. I can't remember not having a clear idea of wanting to go into research. I started off ... - Cameron Neylon
And look, if there's anything I can ever do this side of the pond, you know I will. - RepoRat
I second RR. - John Dupuis
FANTASTIC. now i totally wish i had applied for one of those gigs! - jambina
Thanks all, really excited about this. Jambina, I think there are still a few more jobs coming up ;-) - Cameron Neylon
RepoRat, may well be taking you up on that, part of the job is to really map out the tech landscape, stress test what is already around and identify what is missing... - Cameron Neylon
ooooh, awesome. - jambina
Wow congratulations! :) - Hedgehog from Android
Happy to help with that! I saw some good platform development happening at RDAP12, but places stuck on the Big Three (by which I mean DSpace, EPrints, and Digital Commons) are still... stuck. - RepoRat
Congratulations to both parties! - Bill Hooker
That's great! - Daniel Mietchen
Are you going to stay in the UK? Or move to a different home base? - Joe
Attila Csordas
RT @egonwillighagen: does @plosone accept papers that appeared first on @arxiv ? ->
for PLoS prepublication on Nature Precedings is fine, F1000 Research is fine, Open science is fine... I'm guessing arXiv is fine. - Heather Piwowar
Also relevant bits here about how BMC defines prepublication (from 2007): - Heather Piwowar
would be a good idea though to ask PLoS to make it explicit on their site, if it isn't already? Can someone do that? I'm on the run.... - Heather Piwowar
Answer will be yes and I would guess Titus Brown's recent paper will be a type case but agree would be good to get that made explicit on the website. - Cameron Neylon
We went all around this years ago with the Open Notebook stuff as well. As long as there isn't a formal version published in something expliclty labelled as and smelling like a journal which is more or less identical it should be fine. - Cameron Neylon
Heather Piwowar
RT @edsu: *wow* smithsonian has started releasing data using cc0 on github & it's getting forked and merged already; via @sebchan
Christina Pikas
All of us are well boy is in nicu (4.1lb, 17"), girl is in nursery (5lb, 18.25") waiting for me to get out of recovery.
Should I make a joke now or later about how you will never really recover? - Joe
Mazel tov! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Woo-hoo! Congratulations! - Betsy
Congratulations! - Bill Hooker
Yay!!! - laura x from iPhone
Congratulations!! - Hedgehog
Congrats! - Meg VMeg
Yay! - Kirsten
Congratulations! :) - Laura
Congrats! Glad all of you are well. - Elizabeth Brown
Congrats! - Kubke
Congrats! - Rachel Walden
congratulations, brilliant :) - Winckel
Albert Einstein's complete archives to be posted online -
Albert Einstein's complete archives to be posted online
"Hebrew University releases initial 2,000 documents including unseen letters, postcards and research notes. (...) Only 900 manuscript images, and an incomplete catalogue listing just half of the archive's contents, had been available online since 2003. Now, with a grant from the Polonsky Foundation UK, which previously helped digitise Isaac Newton's papers, all 80,000 items from the Einstein collection have been catalogued and enhanced with cross referencing technology. (...) The collection includes 14 notebooks filled with research notes in small cursive handwriting, letters to Einstein's contemporaries on his physics research, and a handwritten explanation of his theory of relativity and its summarising equation e=mc2. It also includes lesser-known papers, including a postcard to his ailing mother, private correspondence with his lovers, and a pile of fanmail Einstein received about his wild hairdo. (...) In another note, a researcher wrote: "I'm making a scientific survey to... more... - Amira from Bookmarklet
Bora Zivkovic
8,200+ Strong, Researchers Band Together To Force Science Journals To Open Access
Rajarshi Guha
sick of publishers and their idiotic formatting rules. It's the f'ing 21st century. Take my BibTex/RIS and f'in format it yourself.
They're too busy adding value. - Bill Hooker
Yeah, if only. Disgusted that publishers whine about LaTeX - dealing with *documents* is their %$^ing job - Rajarshi Guha
Sarah G.
The best revenge is realizing that you're no longer interested in getting revenge.
Bill Hooker
If You Want Open Science, Then You Need to Convince Funders | Mike the Mad Biologist -
Open Notebooks
Have you ever found yourself limited by the constraints of a journal? Traditional journals often have limits on the number of files that you can put into the paper, even as supplemental information:
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