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Have you ever found yourself limited by the constraints of a journal? Traditional journals often have limits on the number of files that you can put into the paper, even as supplemental information:
Michael Nielsen
SPARC Innovator: Michael Nielsen (SPARC) -
I'm totally chuffed. - Michael Nielsen
Dude, you deserve it! Like totally. - Joe from iPod
Thanks Joe! - Michael Nielsen
Cool thing, and well-deserved! - Daniel Mietchen
Heather Piwowar
A view of the rights and responsibilities of the NSF wrt data -
Marking to read tomorrow - Hedgehog
In which I stick my neck out. - Heather Piwowar
Does the NSF have much (any?) pan-funder infrastructure? If not, isn't it time it gets some??? - Heather Piwowar
this is really good. I have some nits, but they'll wait. - RepoRat
Nah, give me the nits. If you do and I see the error of my ways I can work them into my to-be-submitted responses tomorrow :) - Heather Piwowar
Posted to both but shattered now so I will put the data one on the blog tomorrow... - Cameron Neylon
Alexandria Haddad
Alexandria Haddad
Open Notebooks
Cameron Neylon
And I may as well make the document live as I write it so here is the live response. Anyone is free to comment:
Cameron, nice job. I like how you've pushed back on the framing of the questions. I really like this bit and the arguments that lead up to it: "Once the misleading focus on intellectual property is discarded in favour of a service based analysis it is clear that there is no justification for any length of embargo" - Heather Piwowar
Same theme now developed further here: - Cameron Neylon
oh, excellent post, Cameron! - RepoRat
I was pretty happy with that post - not getting much traction tho, probably needs a repost tomorrow I suspect when people are in/awake etc. - Cameron Neylon
Yep, a lot of stuff will need RTing for the weekday crowd. - RepoRat
Will put in on my list of things to do tomorrow morning :-) - Cameron Neylon
*bump* for the Monday am crowd, US West Coast. - Bill Hooker
Daniel Mietchen
Take Action: Oppose H.R. 3699, a new bill to block public access to publicly funded research - SPARC OA Forum | Google Groups -
"A new bill, The Research Works Act (H.R.3699), designed to roll back the NIH Public Access Policy and block the development of similar policies at other federal agencies has been introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives. Co-sponsored by Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), it was introduced on December 16, 2011, and referred to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Essentially, the bill seeks to prohibit federal agencies from conditioning their grants to require that articles reporting on publicly funded research be made accessible to the public online. The bill text is short and to the point. The main point reads: "No Federal agency may adopt, implement, maintain, continue, or otherwise engage in any policy, program, or other activity that -- (1) causes, permits, or authorizes network dissemination of any private-sector research work without the prior consent of the publisher of such work; or (2) requires that any actual or prospective author, or the... more... - Daniel Mietchen from Bookmarklet
Sent a letter to my congressman. - Andrew Lang
Andrew, can you put up the letter somewhere, so that others can take it as a template for their own letters? - Daniel Mietchen
I used the template that Graham mentioned. I just followed the link in your original post and it got me there. The form allows you to add few additional comment of your own/personalize. It worked well - took 5 mins. - Andrew Lang
Thanks, Graham. Now, which representative(s) would it make most sense to write to as a non-voter in US elections? - Daniel Mietchen
Donnie Berkholz
My latest paper was just published in PNAS, only one week after the last one! It's all about our incorrect assumptions regarding a basic tenet of protein structure. "Nonplanar peptide bonds in proteins are common and conserved but not biased toward active sites" -
Cameron Neylon
The stupidity of SOPA in Scholarly Publishing -
It was Michael Kuhn who pointed out to me over the holiday break that both Elsevier and Macmillan (parent company of Nature Publishing Group) were listed as supporters of the Stop Online Piracy Act. If you don't know about SOPA and why it is one of the most politically and legislatively incompetent actions of ... - Cameron Neylon
We should start collecting such instances right away - if SOPA comes, we'll take down all these sites and post the papers that we've secretly downloaded before in our libraries :-) - Björn Brembs
I am a bad, bad person. Trolling the big pigs for SOPA violations seems like an awful lot of fun. - RepoRat
This is why we need to be able to "like" comments, RepoRat, - Mr. Gunn
note, Macmillan US and Macmillan Ltd (our and NPG's parent company) are separate companies ... Macmillan US being the one listed, if I'm reading correctly ... - Kaitlin Thaney
I don't mean to poke you in the eye about this, Kaitlin. I think you're one of the good ones, but if Nintendo can reverse their support, so can Macmillan (US). I think people understand that SOPA is a US law, too, even though it would have widespread effects. - Mr. Gunn
Completely understand :) Just clarifying that this is not our parent company, nor Nature's. Still doesn't make it right, but just to make sure the 2 aren't conflated (common mistake often made). - Kaitlin Thaney
If you look at the publishers "supporting" SOPA through the Association of American Publishers it gets even more insane, a whole bunch of university presses and smaller societies that could be at real risk from this. I can't help but feel that a bunch of members telling the AAP to withdraw would be a good thing. - Cameron Neylon
pranav rathi
Extend your Opto-mechanical controls with Lego for out of box control. One step closer to servo-control the optics with Lab View.
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Love it! - Steve Koch
Michael Nielsen
Trials and Errors: Why Science Is Failing Us | Magazine -
Björn Brembs
Impact factor predicts unreliability of research papers -
Anthony Salvagno
Anthony Salvagno
Anthony Salvagno
FTIR study of differences between D2O, DDW, and DI water -
Stop fetishizing the scientific paper: Our invited Comment in Nature « Retraction Watch -
Jonathan Eisen
A few tweets about open science for the non twitterati -
CrowdoMeter is a web service that displays tweets linking to scientific articles, and adds semantic information to these tweets -
Anthony Salvagno
Should I write a formal peer reviewed article on the plant-ddw experiments? -
Tl;dr version of my comment on the OP: yes, unless you can say clearly why/how you think NOT doing so would be useful. - Bill Hooker
Anthony Salvagno
Cameron Neylon
For the morning crowd: My post from last night - An open letter to David Willetts about #OA and last weeks strategy announcemnt
Heather Piwowar
My dad is turning 70: we're having a great big party this weekend. He's doing well, chemo has knocked the cancer way back. #yay #yayyayyay
Very glad to hear it! - RepoRat
That's good news! - Cameron Neylon
Cameron Neylon
An Open Letter to David Willetts: A bold step towards opening British research -
On the 8th December David Willetts, the Minister of State for Universities and Science, and announced new UK government strategies to develop innovation and research to support growth. key aspect for Open Access advocates was the section that discussed a wholesale move by the UK to an author pays system to freely accessible research ... - Cameron Neylon
Heather Piwowar
RT @sharmanedit: RT @kejames: Author of paper @phylogenomics critiqued on his blog leaves comment, says blogs R 'a dangerous venue...'
heh. dangerous to HIM, sure. - RepoRat
and demining... what ever that means :) - Christina Pikas
Since Anne Rice went spla, novelists have pretty much known not to go off on bad reviews. Apparently academia still needs to figure that one out. - RepoRat
I think Dr Mora did pretty well there. The tone veered away from the heated and headed for useful pretty early in the discussion. Score one (more) for blogs-as-(peer)-review, I say. - Bill Hooker
Anthony Salvagno
Analytics Monday: Week of 12/5/11: The big news of this week is the addition of FigShare to my open notebook rep...
pranav rathi
I am not doing any tests just pointing the green laser any where and reading the beam intensity with a webcam. I must say it is working better than i expected. Like this one; it is reading the laser reflecting of my TV 4 feet away with no nd-filters. I am not going to claim that one can do beam profiling with this but there is no harm in trying...
Anthony Salvagno
Today I learned how to synchronize yeast cells: I spoke with Kelly Trujillo about cell synchronizing after Koch ...
Cameron Neylon
Open Access for the other 85% -
One of the things you notice as a visitor from the UK in South Africa is how clean the toilets are. In restaurants, at the University, in public places. Sometimes a bit worn down but always clean. And then you start to notice how clear and clean the pavements are and your first response, ... - Cameron Neylon
<badJokeWarning/> ... <pointOfNoReturn> ... that's because they have twice as many toilets. - Egon Willighagen
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