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I'm just going to leave this here:
Eye Massage - Marie
Very second lifeish. - Joe
An alumna wants to talk to me about librarianship as a career. She wants to know about "the nature of your interaction with books and the literary community." Should I tell her the truth, that lately it's mostly throwing them away?
Yes. If I'm reading her app, I want it to demonstrate she knows what she's getting herself into. - RepoRat
Yes, tell the truth. I will say that my interactions are very different. I work with an MFA program, buy and don't weed books, and bring authors in a lot. - kaijsa
I guess I was mostly kidding--I'll surely tell her the truth. The problem is, my own truth is wrapped up in a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction that has nothing to do with books. - Steele Lawman
Well, and I think you can tell her your truth, and frame and contextualize it such that she can make of it what she will. I mean, I have virtually no interaction with books and the literary community, but that's largely a function of what KIND of librarian I am; someone like LauraX undoubtedly has a very different experience. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yes, Catherine, that's a good point. And I bet I could be more involved in the English department's extensive program hosting literary visitors if I had the inclination. - Steele Lawman
Most of my interaction with books and the literary community is emailing people my template instructions for how to download a doggam ebook from doggam ebrary. - Deborah Fitchett
Maybe tell her about your experiences and then put her in contact with other librarians as well? There's a huge range of "truths" out there - Soup in a TARDIS
Yup to what others have said-- my truth is students want e-access to textbooks and faculty occasionally (very occasionally) want to see books. Medical is so much more in the articles. - Hedgehog
I buy about 100 fiction titles a month and weed probably not quite that many (I'd have to check the numbers). I run a small press and self published authors fair every year (well, I've done it two in a row--that counts as every, right?). I am organizing a series of talks by Marvin Bell, Marilynne Robinson, and Robyn Schiff (who will be talking about Jorie Graham, as my budget does not... more... - laura x
One of my fellow Grease-ers posted this to Facebook this week, and I thought I'd share it here for Throwback, uh, Monday? I'm the one with the cigarette. :)
I love how this photo is simultaneously So Fifties and So Eighties. - Catherine Pellegrino
I need to scan a Daniel Clowes comic where he has two future hipsters, one dressed like Fonzie, the other like Brian Setzer, talking about their looks: "I'm not into the fifties per se, I'm into the seventies' reimagination of the fifties." "Yeah, I'm into the eighties' fifties myself." - Steele Lawman
Remember, kids; when a student comes in and says "my professor recommended I read an article in [publication] by [author] about [subject], that they read [time period] ago," at least one of those variables is certain to be incorrect.
Only one? - Aaron the Librarian
Oh, you said *at least* ... alrighty then :) - Aaron the Librarian
That should also be "an [article]". - Deborah Fitchett
The public library version is "My friend recommended [title] by [author]. The book cover is [color] and it's about [plot]." - Andy
You know what I love most about this? I bet in 90% + of the cases we can find the book/article/etc. for them... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Working too hard will give you a heart attack -ack -ack -ack -ack -ack
You oughta know by now. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Is that all you get for your money? - bentley
And it seems such a waste of time - Steve C Team Marina
is that what it's all about? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Mama if that's movin' up then I'm movin' out. - Joe
Sergeant O'Leary is walkin the beat - ellbeecee
At night he becomes a bartender - MoTO: #TeamMarina
he works at Mr. Cacciatore's down on Sullivan Street - Catherine Pellegrino
across from the medical center - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
And he's trading in his Chevy for a Cadillac -ac -ac -ac -ac -ac -ac - Hedgehog
Mr. 9 at his orchestra concert last night. Photo, as usual, by my dad.
This deserves a frame :-D - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
That un's a keeper. (Well, and the photo, too.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Gorgeous. - Marie
Rockin' the cello! - Elizabeth Brown
Things That Make the Librarian Angry: Enforcing artificial scarcity is a bad role for a public institution. By Jessamyn West
"Every job requires compromise, or at least this is what I tell myself. My job involves giving things away—which is very much in line with my Free Culture values—and at the same time teaching people a byzantine hokey-pokey dance over email to access that “free” material spreading a deceptive and unnecessary “tech is hard” message." - Steele Lawman
God, I love how Jessamyn always, always distills exactly the things I find troubling about my job. - laura x
Wasn't someone posting about man-buns earlier? I'm talking hair, not bottoms. Anyway, I have seen two in the last hour walk through the front door of the library. Both were tiny.
It was Martin Garnar in FB. - Joe
First, why would anyone want to give away Brenda Morton's "Needlework Puppets?" - Steele Lawman
Second, there is a garment on the floor that I think might be a bra. Oh, wait! While I was typing that, someone must have picked it up! But I have photographic evidence of its existence. - Steele Lawman
Dammit. I wanted to see video of you turning a cartwheel in front of said garment. - Catherine Pellegrino
I think my cartwheeling days were five years and 50 pounds ago. - Steele Lawman
well, Sundaybrarian fistbump anyway. - Catherine Pellegrino
Better than a condom (in my experience). - Meg VMeg
"No, the 'Find Full Text' button doesn't actually always find full text. It's more aspirational." - Steele Lawman
"I'm feeling lucky" - Meg VMeg
cross your fingers when you click on the "the find @ UNC" button. it works ~90% of the time. (or 80% or 95%, depending on my mood) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Steve, I'm totally stealing that line - maʀtha
Apparently bras-in-the-library is a thing? - RepoRat
“Look, the point isn’t that we’re whores and we’ll do whatever,” Lashes’s lawyer Kamran says. “The point is this is a fucking meme. So we’re not too precious. If somebody wants a koozie with Grumpy Cat on it, mazel tov.”
Somewhere, somebody is mystified to find out that there are card boxes, card sleeves, and playmats for collectible card game players (games like Pokemon and Magic) with Grumpy Cat's face on them - Steele Lawman
Creeping grinch feelings are creeping.
I played in two (2) trading card game tournaments today. Playing Pokemon in the morning, I went 0-3 and dropped out. Playing Magic tonight, I went 3-1 and came in second place. Yay for games!
I'm thankful for our little niche on the Internet, and all you criminals who put up with me here. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.
❤️ - Marie from iPhone
Happy Thanksgiving, Steele. I'm thankful for your glorious hair - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
I'm watching Magic the Gathering judges do online reference. Q: "if my opponent has Glacial Chasm in play, my Shepeard of Rot doesnt do anything to them correct?" A: "The Chasm only works against damge. It does nothing about loss of life. So they'll still lose life due to the Shepherd's ability."
They are doing good work, but could benefit from a refresher on the reference interview. - Steele Lawman
Weeded book of the day: "Sexual reproduction and the organization of the nucleus in certain mildews," 1905.
In no fewer than five Colorado libraries, not to mention in full text online: - Steele Lawman
wow. y'all take mildew seriously out there. not sure why, isn't most of Colorado a pretty dry climate? - RepoRat
It was part of a series of "Carnegie Institution of Washington Publications" which I guess was a pretty standard academic library subscription in the day. - Steele Lawman
Thank God that we still have that book. It has been checked out 0 times since 1997. - Joe
^^ put a lock on that, Joe! Special. Collection! /sarcasmoff - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
I don't know if I'm a good teacher, but I'm pretty sure I'm a good host.
you're cute too. In a strictly manly manner of course - MoTO: #TeamMarina
You are definitely a good teacher. When I was finally getting started on a computer, you talked me through a lot of things. Including once when your dad was on a trip and I couldn't figure out how to turn off his computer, remember? You did all of this over the phone, while you were in San Diego and I was here in Parker CO. You are logical and concise. And of course Barry's right, you're also cute. - Mama Lawson
I'm putting these comments in my assessment file. - Steele Lawman
Nothing feels better than crushing someone at Magic the Gathering.
Except, like, spending time with family and stuff. You know. - Steele Lawman
Here is the after haircut photo.
Laura's haircut photo reminded me that my friend at the coffee shop called me "Wolverine" this morning due to my "gorgeous" hair. I had to tell her that I'm having it cut tomorrow.
I would say "ridiculous" rather than "gorgeous," but I didn't mind the compliment. - Steele Lawman
well hello there - MoTO: #TeamMarina
I for one will miss the curls in the back. - Mama Lawson
OMG you guys, there's going to be a Magic the Gathering Grand Prix tournament in Denver in January!
Some of the books from the Fine Arts Center collection are more interesting than others.
ACADEMIA! I have been meaning to share this mens room graffito for a long time.
So as not to gum up Pete's post. Why do brits say "maths" and "sport" while yanks say "math" and "sports?"
either way, I like "maths". Waif and I use it all the time. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
we're all about superfluous letters - Pete
except when you're not - John (bird whisperer)
we're a capricious people, John. It's a big thing in sport ;) - Pete
Why does the US Postal service deliver the mail, while the Royal Mail delivers the post? - Glen Campbell
And is Mathy Spice like the fifth Beatle? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Fighting the fall snow and gloom with sunny music. Hence: BUMP. - Steele Lawman
Yesterday was a good day.
Oregon Ducks' uniforms are fugly.
Playing against one of my favorite Magic Online usernames ever: "Pastor of Muppets."
My previous favorite was "Phyrexian Pants," but that's more magic-specific. - Steele Lawman
Tried to type "ebola" on my new smartphone using gestures. Ended up with "ebooks." Think the phone is suggesting a rough equivalence?
nope. they are exactly the same thing. Arent they? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Of course, with ebooks, there's no way you could defiantly go on a bus trip or vacation cruise and still be able to enjoy them. - John Dupuis
can't you get ebola from reading ebooks that were in Liberia? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Museum map poetry. -
You guys, my friend Jessy has turned museum maps into poems. They are funny, you will like them. I'm posting to LSW because Jessy is a librarian and museums are kind of like libraries, right? Also you will love these. - Steele Lawman from Bookmarklet
#firstworldproblems We ran out of K-cups and I had to grind coffee and boil water by hand. This happened yesterday; only just now have I been able to talk about it.
Steady on, friend. - Marie
Stiff upper lip, ole chap. - Eric - ill subliminal
I'm so sorry. Just your pride bruised, no lasting trauma, I hope. - ellbeecee
Thank you all for your support in this difficult time. - Steele Lawman
Just $2 a month can help us help Steve avoid minor manual labour. Please give generously to Keurigged and Ready. - Pete
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