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Steve Outing

Steve Outing

Work: reinventing news. Pleasure: 2 wheels.
8 hours of airliners departing from Los Angeles in one single photo
Glass half empty or half full on "robot journalism"? I'm of the half-full persuasion. Think of AI doing journalism a…
Compilation of Google gags for the day. GoogleCoffee but no GoogleChai?!
RT @Journalism2ls: “How investigative journalism can go viral” by @ikepicone
A bit of Humanist humor: "God Exists, Reveals Himself to Humanists" @americnhumanist
My answer to What are going to be the most important industries 20 years from today (March 28th, 2014)?
10,853 out of 10,855 scientists agree: Global warming is happening, and humans are to blame
Reflective bike (cat eyes-like visibility). Might save some lives, broken bones.
RT @debgalant: @jeffjarvis says to people who say "we like newspapers," "yeah, we liked horses too." #msumeetup @FelicianoCenter @Montclair_SCM
Amazon Customers Wake Up to Unexpected Cash in Settlement I got $1.46! I'll try not to spend all in one place.
Are higher-education administrators on a path to demote 'Journalism'? From my MediaDisruptus blog.
'The polar bear is us.' Long awaited UN climate report.
Camera-magnifying glass, via Thomas Frey, who says: "Really surprised no one thought of this before.
RT @caroleagent: Wonderful Tom Gauld cartoon in today's Guardian
162 Future Jobs: Which ones are you preparing for? by @ThomasFrey
Is All of Twitter Fair Game for Journalists? -
Apropos name for music photographer's business: Tinnitus Photography #occupationalhazzards
I just submitted an image to @Pixoto. Check it out at
I just submitted an image to @Pixoto. Check it out at
I just submitted an image to @Pixoto. Check it out at
I just submitted an image to @Pixoto. Check it out at
In David Brin’s ‘Existence,’ a sci-fi journalist relies on credible smart mobs and ubiquitous connection -
The ultimate interview tool: Lie detection on the spot -
Exponential speeding up of disruption: It’s media’s challenge to deal with it -
The inevitable spread of constant public surveillance -
Futurist interview: What Intel knows, perhaps news industry doesn’t -
Partners, funders, collaborators needed to bring futurists to news industry -
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