RT @joerogan: If you like animals more than you like people it's likely because your personality fucking sucks and no one cool wants to be around you
This account just won't die! Please follow me at @stokesTVB while I continue to try and shut this bitch down.
Sounds great. I'll tell my pilot to warm up the jet
RT @ThatEricAlper: Woody Guthrie tribute, Mermaid Avenue(Wilco/Billy Bragg) will be reissued as box set in 2012. Includes outtakes, & 1999 making-of doc.
RT @BillCoulter2309: Hangin in the Hampton's. http://t.co/P1c3gmn
Today is the first day of my "Make Toronto Fun Again" challenge. Now to find something cool on the go this week. Patio drinks need not apply
RT @salhousser: You can send @JackLayton your get-well message here: http://t.co/wcDCkrM
Kind of excited to spend the next 4 nights at the @Delta_Chelsea with my little sister. Staycation! (except I work every day)
Rita is just so cool. Aspire. RT @rockitpromo Media, Darling: Rita Zekas http://goo.gl/fb/3eVLA -
You know it! Am partial to Silk and only in tea - otherwise Almond Milk. So picky this girl. #teadrinker4life
Happy Birthday @NatDunk! Hope you're enjoying this stunning day while we're all slaving away at the office.
And me and @cathykurzbock - great company! (no pun intended) RT @JessRachelGold My one year anniversary!!
Just realized that tomorrow is my one-year work anniversary. Contract is up so soon! (pretty) Please send job reccos my way :)
Debating an office winter wardrobe to change into during the summer months. AC killing me. Thank god for the Global Reality Snuggies!
Last big junket before contract is up and it is easily the craziest thing I have ever put together in my entire career. #positivethoughts
(Preface: We're all in this together) Dear fellow PRs, if you're tweeting about a client then SAY SO. #nailsonachalboard #comonnow
Massive 3pm wall hit. How do I stay awake? CuteRoulette break time. http://www.cuteroulette.com
The second most stressful job in America? PR Exec. Second only to Commercial Airline Pilot. Like? Surgeons HELLO! http://tinyurl.com/3cztb27
It's Cat Friday @dannimontgomery @cathykurzbock @_oliviah @Ursula36 Start your engines.
My best friend opened a store today! @BYOBtoronto Cocktail Emporium. Go to 972 Queen St. West to check it out - be your own bartender!
Office pranks just in time for April Fool's Day. @dannimontgomery @cathykurzbock @NatDunk @MsLemmon you guys in? Voice activated, methinks.
Hello poor, neglected secondary Twitter account.
There are three of us in the office today. THREE! I miss the buzz of my pod mates @dannimontgomery @Ursula36 @cathykurzbock and @NatDunk
*heart expands* Miss you too @kiva_jane
How can I be expected to eat healthy when my office mates practically throw baked goods at me? I mean, Skor Bar cookies? Cruel-delicious
#Ketchum's list of Best and Worst PR of 2010 (Go Danny!) http://www.princanada.com/ketchum... See if you can spot the typo I did
Having far too much fun sharing @astrologyzone with coworkers @dannimontgomery @cathykurzbock and @ursela36 Susan Miller is the shit.
Today's lesson in the obvious: Don't take vitamins on an empty stomach.
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