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The spirit of Tom Sawyer and his white fence lives on in Democratic politics.
Whoever said sunlight is the best disinfectant was probably just shilling for Big Sun.
RT @Amy_Schatz: Major League Baseball cries foul on FCC's net neutrality proposal
Two years after Sandy, and right before an election, Andrew Cuomo hands out $144M to Long Island for Sandy repairs.
RT @AntDeRosa: I love that TV news today is basically people reading things off Twitter
Someone hacked and tried to blackmail the European Central Bank.
RT @blakezeff: New NYT editorial: "New Yorkers will have to decide if their reps are politicians they can trust, including Mr Cuomo"
RT @asmith83: "New Yorkers will have to decide if their representatives are politicians they can trust, including Mr. Cuomo."
RT @blakezeff: Cuomo was slated to go to Bronx Dems dinner tonight. Something came up RT @jacobkornbluh .@rubendiazjr at BDCC: "[Cuomo] could not be here"
RT @KieranLalor: $55,000 in campaign contributions to Gov. #Cuomo just bought CBS $16 million in subsidies from NY taxpayers:
This from @SSNewberry on @zephyrteachout and her campaign against Andrew Cuomo is beautiful.
RT @BiIIMurray: Be nice to people on your way up so they won’t get suspicious when you’re rich and you invite them to your island to hunt them for sport.
"The right of protected free speech, however, is not unlimited and may not extend to some lawless action."
"Speech that may be repugnant to ideas of the majority may still be protected by the U.S. Constitution." May?
This doc explains that if a gov't official doesn't like what a foreigner says, that foreigner then goes on the terrorist watch list.
"Email addresses and phone numbers are increasingly useful for screening purposes." <-- But it's just metadata!
Footnote on p. 10: "The First Amendment does not apply to non-U.S. PERSONS outside the United States."
Reading terrorist watchlist doc. Fascinating stuff.
$12M Mayday PAC founder @lessig calls on Andrew Cuomo to resign:
RT @clenchner: .@NYGovCuomo should consider resigning, according to @lessig. #unitedblue #p2
RT @ddayen: Surely MSNBC will give the exact same weight this time to a Governor in the tri-state area with a corruption scandal.
RT @blakezeff: Most important person in Cuomo mess is now US Attorney Preet Bharara. Here's why I think that's bad for the Governor:
RT @daveweigel: Can I vote for you twice? RT @DavidCataniaDC: Never been happier to NOT be there. #DCCanDoBetter #DCision14
RT @ddayen: "Investigators believed a Cuomo appointee was monitoring their communications w/o their knowledge" #surveillancedems
RT @PaulBlu: The key line from NYT bombshell on Cuomo: "federal prosecutors are investigating the roles of Mr. Cuomo and his aides"
RT @NewYorkObserver: Zepyhr Teachout to Andrew Cuomo: Resign Now
RT @mgsledge: .@CommissBratton promises "no changes at all" in broken windows focus after #EricGarner death
Andrew Cuomo is trying to knock Zephyr Teachout off the ballot. He knows he's vulnerable.
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