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Former NSA Director Keith Alexander is getting huge $$$ for coordinating gov't-bank responses on cybersecurity.
Keith Alexander isn't making $1M for patented products. That's false.
Most progressives prefer to say that political problems are structural so they don't have to say that their leaders are terrible.
In a genuine challenge in the Dem party to a powerful incumbent, lots of progressives are on the side of oligarchs.
The insightful part of this article is the observation that Democrats like their leaders but dislike 'politicians'.
Some people in the Democratic Party are trying to resurrect Ralph Nader's reputation.
"As public alienation deepens, polls show Democrats generally content with their party’s leaders. Of such stuff revolutions are not made."
RT @joguldi: New blog post: “Finally, Google Begins to Think Big (Big History That Is)” @evgenymorozov #historymanifesto
"Hardball Canada", a spot on hilarious impression of Chris Matthews by @JAdomian
Whoa, this is cool. It's a feed of proposed arms sales from the US to foreign governments.
RT @JasonLeopold: .@MargotWilliams this is great rpting: Kuwait spent $745,960 in 2013 lobbying on behalf of two Guantanamo detainees
RT @robfee: So Steve Austin can hit someone with a chair & become the WWE Champion, but I do it & I’m “banned from Petsmart” & “arrested for murder???”
RT @MarkAdomanis: Want to watch a shockingly well produced commercial for Russian beer starring David Duchovny? Of course you do
'Founding fathers' fired Thomas Paine for leaking secrets about covert aid from France. (h/t @WilliamHogeland)
Original name of Foreign Affairs Committee in Congress was "Committee of Secret Correspondences." Armed Services was "Committee of Secrets."
Doing some research, it turns out the 'founding fathers' loved secrecy and would have hated Snowden and Wikileaks.
We are going to look back at 50 Shades of Grey like the Macarena. That was a thing once, an ode to the random whims of pop culture.
RT @MarkCalabria: Issa to Justice Department: Show Me Your Bank Settlement Files via @WSJMoneyBeat
This is some quality inside the Beltway policy trolling.
RT @StevePampinella: Anti-@zephyrteachout protesters are interns at real estate firm SL Green, one of @NYGovCuomo's top corporate donors
The spirit of Tom Sawyer and his white fence lives on in Democratic politics.
Whoever said sunlight is the best disinfectant was probably just shilling for Big Sun.
RT @Amy_Schatz: Major League Baseball cries foul on FCC's net neutrality proposal
Two years after Sandy, and right before an election, Andrew Cuomo hands out $144M to Long Island for Sandy repairs.
RT @AntDeRosa: I love that TV news today is basically people reading things off Twitter
Someone hacked and tried to blackmail the European Central Bank.
RT @StonewallDemsNY: Tonight, our members voted to endorse @NYGovCuomo for #NYGov. #SDNYCvotes
RT @blakezeff: New NYT editorial: "New Yorkers will have to decide if their reps are politicians they can trust, including Mr Cuomo"
RT @asmith83: "New Yorkers will have to decide if their representatives are politicians they can trust, including Mr. Cuomo."
RT @blakezeff: Cuomo was slated to go to Bronx Dems dinner tonight. Something came up RT @jacobkornbluh .@rubendiazjr at BDCC: "[Cuomo] could not be here"
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