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RT @HealeyParera: Reagan called Thatcher to apologize for invading Grenada. But real news is the existence of White House recordings
RT @thatbilloakley: I am not a big whiny baby I am just trying to RAISE AWARENESS of my own dumb trivial complaints in a shrill and relentless manner PLEASE RT
RT @BillyCorben: Florida man caught on video shoplifting a chainsaw by stuffing it down his pants h/t @Canes411
At what point does Tony Blair's post-Prime Minister life stop being corrupt and just become performance art?
RT @russellbrandom: Obama wants the internet to be a utility -- huge news for Net Neutrality
RT @WhiteHouse: I'm urging the @FCC to keep the internet open and free. Here's my plan to protect #NetNeutrality for everyone: –bo
.@emptywheel @NoahShachtman According to this article Bush didn't give the ok to spy on Iraqis until 2007. Ok then.
This is obvious propaganda. RT @NoahShachtman: How the NSA became a killing machine:
"The tragedy is that we live in surpassingly unreasonable times." That's from @noamscheiber
"It’s no surprise that Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett would govern as reasonable people. It’s who they are...."
RT @tinyrevolution: TOO MANY COOKS lives up to the hype extremely funny & genuinely frightening thx to @matthewstoller for alerting me
RT @leepacchia: By the way, I think Too Many Cooks puts an end to the "internet videos need to be under 2 minutes" thing. People watched the full 11 minutes
RT @nereidadin: a path paved with good intentions, i suppose. matthewstoller on Al From and the rise of the non-left.
RT @neilbarofsky: Translation: Govt picked winners (Citi/BofA) and losers (Lehman): Solvency, Lost in the Fog at the Fed
RT @ddayen: Interesting line in Warren's post-election email blast: "Americans are deeply suspicious of trade deals negotiated in secret"
RT @DougHenwood: Chinese media on Obama: "...insipid...US society is tired of his banality."
RT @Thomas_Drake1: Who shot UBL turning in2 claim/counterclaim soap opera of who shot JR. Says lots abt narcissism of NatSec led by top.
RT @Crewof42: Black Caucus Chair: Will Hurd, Mia Love, Tim Scott are Welcomed to Join CBC
"Everyone else is in a different kind of polity, a weird space where there is voting, but no possibility of that vote mattering."
"In this system, there are democratic spaces, but those are restricted to those who fund super PACs."
"The lesson of the 2012 election... is simple, and disturbing. America is shifting from a democracy into an authoritarian state."
RT @emilydshaw: @matthewstoller Plenty of state races I watched made populist args. They didn't work. Fear worked.
RT @deebers17: @matthewstoller @daveweigel bellows in ME, possibly the most populist candidate in country, was thoroughly embarrassed. In purplish ME
RT @ddayen: Loretta Lynch joined the board of the New York Fed in Jan. 2003. The board hired a new President later that year: Tim Geithner.
RT @ddayen: 4. Lynch then became a partner at Hogan Lovells, one of the largest lobbying firms in the country.
RT @ddayen: 3. Lynch began career as a litigation associate for Cahill Gordon & Reindel, who advises virtually every big bank in bond underwriting
RT @ddayen: 2. Lynch was also involved in the abominable HSBC settlement for a paltry $1.2bn for laundering money for Mexican drug cartels.
RT @ddayen: Likely AG nominee Loretta Lynch was on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 2003-2005
Of course populism *can* work. It *can* be a great way to get elected. People really want it. But they want the real thing.
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