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So the Saudis hired a U.S. lobbying firm to run the twitter account of the moderate Syrian opposition? Ok then.
RT @jamescdownie: I have *minor* quibbles, but overall a really good piece from @matthewstoller on ISIS and the 1st Amendment:
Joan Rivers, RIP
B/c she has a reasonable shot of winning the primary. RT @NickReisman Cuomo allies today are actually using Zephyr Teachout's name.
RT @emptywheel: @matthewstoller ISIS wants to beat us. They think they can.
It does seem pretty obvious ISIS wants US involvement in Iraq. Why do they want that?
RT @JohnWonderlich: if you work all day, a night curfew is a protest ban
RT @csoghoian: WaPo: In some parts of US, crime labs are paid fees only if their analysis leads to a conviction.
There are now several police chiefs with track records brutally crushing protests criticizing the #Ferguson police. Good bad guys?
RT @Obi_Mar_Kenobi: One of the most horrible pictures tonight #Ferguson #OpFerguson
RT @ioerror: If regular folks fear for their life - they don't get to shoot cops - why is this considered an OK course of action?
RT @xeni: It'd be nice if the governor of Missouri fired Michael Bay and let someone else oversee the #Ferguson situation.
NY Gubernatorial candidate @ZephyrTeachout calls for an end to the militarization of New York police.
RT @chrislhayes: Headed to the scene of what STL PD are calling a "officer-involved shooting" just 2.5 miles from Ferguson
RT @Recode: Uber Hires Top Obama Adviser David Plouffe as New “Campaign Manager” / by @karaswisher /
RT @daveweigel: The guys who nailed Benny Johnson present a new plagiarism case against Fareed Zakaria
This sure makes Fareed Zakaria look like a serial plagiarist.
RT @untamedjg: Interesting that Facebook is censoring information around #ferguson while Twitter is not -
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is brilliant. Read. Now.
The First Amendment right to speech and assembly only applies during the daytime. Night is for sleeping, silly.
"Woman Killed in Capitol Hill Chase Was Shot Five Times" - Remember this?
RT @techmktggirl: Square CEO Jack Dorsey Joins Protests in Ferguson, Mo. #STL
RT @evan_greer: @matthewstoller i see what you're getting at, but seems to me like both are the "main issue" and inextricably linked. Whole system.
RT @aheram: @matthewstoller To be fair, those two things are related? Military-style ROE leads to dead teenagers.
RT @quinnnorton: @matthewstoller no, there are two issues, that is one.
Yes, militarization of police is bad. But the main issue is a police officer shot an unarmed black kid six times, including two head shots.
I'd like to know if this anger by protesters at Jesse Jackson was for real.
RT @MrChuckD: I hear ppl criticize @revalsharpton jessejackson BUT young movements need to take notes & not freestyle rebellion.Learn & build then move
RT @HarrietTorry: Woman shows symptoms of infectious disease in Berlin; Ebola virus feared via @WSJ
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