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I'm having a really hard time seeing positive use models for this ...
Perhaps not the best solution ...
RT @dbtindall: My son pointed out to me today that Mars is the only planet in the solar system solely inhabited by functioning robots. #fb
For an organization that supposedly knows all how to create the best shareable content, Klout missed the mark offering me a movie.
Like an Etsy for 3D printing? Amazon Launches a Portal Dedicated to Customizing 3D-printed Products
RT @firefox: Since 2004, @cbeard has touched almost every part of our business. Today we’re so happy to have him as our new CEO:
Ubuntu advertised as Windows for when you don't have a Windows license. Wonder how buyers feel about that.
A team working on a robot to scan historic photos created an international team by open sourcing it. Learning about @projectgado at #oscon.
RT @robertnyman: Resources for HTML5 game developers - Options built by Mozillians that allow you to code & debug HTML5 based games
I cannot even imagine living in such circumstances with my kids. NYTimes: Fleeing Gangs, Children Head to U.S. Border
RT @andreasgal: Google dropped support for any browser other than Chrome in Hangouts. This is not the Web we want.
New Orleans murder rate is dropping ... because their trauma care is better.
If companies can deny health care services based on owner beliefs, when will we see the first instance of child vaccination denial?
Look ma, no hands - Swedish start-up launches touchless selfie app | Reuters
RT @PopSci: A bear contains 600,000 calories. Just FYI, if you eat a bear.
RT @hereissimone: Interesting for #m4d #ict4d cc @GSMAm4d RT @phat_controller: Mobile Internet now 25% of all Global Internet Traffic
Google frees chromcast from wi-fi bonds
Interesting addition to the Internet of Things ... This Tiny Sensor Adds a Virtual Caddy to Your Golf Game
A great, successful @kidsoncomputers trip to Mexico this year! Our 2014 Mexico Trip « Kids On Computers
RT @ramcq: We've been working with @mozilla at @CollaboraLtd to port Linux Firefox to Gtk3. It makes Wayland possible too.
RT @breakingbytes: Google announces it is working to bring a 4.5-inch phone to India in the fall that costs less than $100 - live video
Mainstream news using early research to freak people out: Mother’s Birthplace May Affect Autism Risk in Kids
Mozilla puts a development environment into the browser with WebIDE
I asked for a quiet room and it's kind of creepy quiet ...
80 degrees and chunks of ice are falling out of the sky.
Anybody else have trouble keeping a private journal after having a public blog? What did you do?
You’ll Absorb More if You Take Notes in Longhand - Andrew O’Connell - Harvard Business Review
Where is Mozilla (speaking) on Lanyrd,
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