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Sounds like you were at the dinner talk I have last night @deb_lavoy @johnstepper @britz
Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board Now Nadella only has Gates looming over his shoulder
I particularly like it when they start by praising me @kcarruthers how perfect I am for their project
93% of us think we are above average The Dunning-Kruger effect which blinds the incompetent to their incompetence
Social Networks Scale, When Will Social Tools? Most social tools are designed for large orgs, not small teams: fail
Moochers @StuartMcIntyre It's irksome b/c I know they are billing the client a boatload
American tech companies operate seven of the 10 most visited websites in Europe revenge of the emigrants
RT @bloomfire: Evolve or go extinct: the future of work webinar with @stoweboyd @BobZukis this Thurs at 12pm ET. Register: w/
Workforce-as-a-service, while precarious, is here to stay Do we need new regulations for online work marketplaces?
Workforce-as-a-service, while precarious, is here to stay Fiverr raises $30M, OnForce acquired by Adecco…
lol at the phrase “accused of menstruation” - Ann Friedman priceless
A first: in Q1 the biggest cable TV providers sold more broadband subscriptions than video subscriptions #asymptote
Syncplicity is newest file sync-and-share player to drop prices trending to zero cost storage, pay for connection
The brain has as many neurons as there are stars in the Milky Way - Nancy Andreasen
RT @bloomfire: Use social to harness the wisdom of crowds. Future of Work Webinar with @stoweboyd and @BobZukis. #collaboration
Starbucks agrees to change scheduling policies: Too little, too late? Retailers' erratic schedules disrupt lives
(Sneezing and coughing. A high pollen day, I think.)
I am unfollowing people I don't remember and media outlets
RT @aaretz: Once again it does not feel like mid-August
Part 3: What makes teams successful? A diverse problem-solving group will generally outperform a high-ability group
Part 3: What makes teams successful? Diversity In problem solving our value depends on how we better decision making…
RT @bloomfire: @Future of Work - Evolve or Go Extinct @GigaOm Webinar 8/21 with @stoweboyd & @bobzukis – Join us! Register today:
But @sandymaxey the 'rebust' hasn't happened yet
RT @fayepenn: Today in troubling bra industry press releases: "The number of girls developing breasts in first grade has tripled since 1997"
Wall Street’s heavy use of short-term debt markets to finance their operations is a redo of '08 waiting to happen
Using a Tactic Unseen in a Century, Countries Cordon Off Ebola-Racked Areas Last cordon sanitaire was 1918
Capitalism, as a social order held together by a promise of boundless collective progress, is in critical condition
up to 60% of PCs shipped in Asia have no Windows operating system pre-installed #nakedPCs
RT @justinpickard: As part of the slow fade into autumn, thinking more about @stoweboyd's 'constructive uncertainty':
In 2011 >27% of new companies went out of business in their 1st year, up from ~20% two decades ago Startups failing
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