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RT @daverage: Web developers. If there is an error on a form - don't wipe it an make me re-enter everything.
It’s not easy being a country anymore. - Tom Friedman welcome to the #postnormal
>1/2 of all violent crimes nationwide, and 4/5 property crimes, went unsolved in 2012 #legalizeit
Beyond The Office: Workplace As A Service The typology of the emerging unbundled workplace: like cities not offices
(Way too late to be you @simnett def something going around Beacon)
Trello and Atlassian are quietly making inroads and announce new funding Work tech companies to watch
(Sick in bed w some flu-ish bug. Ugh)
The New Visionaries: Richard Martin on the Peloton How the new way of work is like a bicycle race
Don't forget to thank @midmarketIBM which is sponsoring the #socialogy series @elsua @AnaDataGirl @ianGetler Very supportive
Don't forget to thank IBM which is sponsoring the #socialogy series @elsua @AnaDataGirl @ianGetler They've been great to work with
David @DavidSacks I'm sure you'll be off doing something amazing
RT @joshuatopolsky: Read all about my new role here:
B/c this is the day they cut over from Foursquare @daverage and I had to take a peek
RT @carr2n: Cuomo's empty promise of reform on naked display.Remarkable work by @susannecraig, Willie Rashbaum and @thomaskaplan
Working (@ Beacon, NY w/ 2 others)
The best thing about Auto Scroll [on Amazon Fire Phone] is that you can turn it off - Farhad Manjoo
Dropbox makes some announcements about Dropbox for Business, but not the 1 I’m waiting for: Contextual conversation
Acetaminophen works no better than a placebo for back pain #witchdoctors
An Egyptian judge ruled 3 Al Jazeera journos were brought together “by the devil” to destabilize Egypt #harshcritic
I am working on a compilation of the themes that came up in Socialogy series so far @elsua @IanGertler @AnaDataGirl Hope for early August
I interviewed Ana Silva @AnaDataGirl about making business more human #socialogy - Stowe Boyd
Dear @wired, raccoons are not rodents, they are procyons, a genus of the carnivore order of mammals - Stowe Boyd
RT @rhappe: I was just chatting about what's going on (or not) in the social software market. New market analysis by @stoweboyd -
I interviewed Ana Silva @AnaDataGirl about making business more human #socialogy
Apple and Microsoft post financials: Microsoft is all enterprise, Apple is all iPhone Will Nadella really focus? - Stowe Boyd
Looks like I am the tipping point on another piece at Techmeme,... -
In Print: A Panel Session For EVEN Hotels -
Socialogy Interview: Ana Silva -
Key moves from 2Q and what's ahead for the Future of Work via @gigaomresearch and @stoweboyd - Stowe Boyd
RT @WhyMrAndersen: Key moves from 2Q and what's ahead for the Future of Work via @gigaomresearch and @stoweboyd
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