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Loomio provides structure for decision making 'showing our work' in decision making is a big idea esp in large groups
Would you use BitTorrent for file sync-and-share? Maybe people working on huge files, but otherwise, I don't see it
(took the afternoon off (!!) and went to Storm King and Indian food, afterward.)
Nearly one-fifth of China's arable land is polluted
RT @KarenSwim: Just read @stoweboyd paper on New Charter for HR, very well done & insightful
RT @WillSarni: Documenting the Disappearing Rio Grande
RT @DesignObserver: The Conceptual Advertising of J.G. Ballard. By Rick Poynor
(Trying to prune 500 or so organizations from my Twitter world. Trying to get back to just flesh and bone.)
The End of Our Financial Illusions - Simon Johnson why another bank-led crash is likely: too much risk in the system
90% of GDP and 86% of jobs are generated in 3% of the continental United States: our cities - Vishaan Chakrabarti
Great call with Clay Parker Jones of Undercurrent @clayparkerjones takeaway: speed is the new IP. Next speaker for Future of Work NYC 1 May
Gordon Ross video interviewed me as a preamble to a Future of Work panel session that is coming up 29 April 2014
I logged into Documentum's eRoom for the first time in almost 10 years. Now I am getting daily alerts. Time to delete it.
Nadella is pulling Microsoft into the 21st century Cultures move slow, but Nadella's changing the discussion, fast
No I didn't think you were impugning @jbordeaux just clarifying
I used imbalance b/c that's what the survey used @jbordeaux personally I talk about lifeslicing or workslicing depending on the angle
59% in Ideapaint survey say their office is ‘noisy’ and 47% identify ‘interruptions’ as a problem
Are today’s office workscapes helping or hurting? Ideapaint survey shows we've a long way to go to fix the workscape
So stop @mentioning me in Twitter @jacobm
A civilization that speaks in smarm is a civilization that has lost its ability to talk about purposes at all -Scocca
I wrote 'smarm' which you misread as 'smart'? @digiphile @jacobm @ProPublica
PS The idea that we should call people up to discuss things before saying anything publicly is just smarm @jacobm see
But why call your effort 'the only community dedicated to the future of work' @jacobm obviously misleading
Please stop using the name Future of Work Community @jacobm It's confusing and doesn't benefit the greater community
Jacob Morgan knocks off the Future of Work Community Creating confusion for personal profit?
Soon, cloud capacity will be available in a spot market This is the currency of the future: computing cycles
(I've decided to *not* buy this generation of Google Glass. Maybe I am still hoping that Apple will leapfrog it.)
Most Americans say that climate change is real, but it's at the bottom of voters’ priorities Proof of human stupidity
Aost Americans say that climate change is real, but it's at the bottom of voters’ priorities Proof of human stupidity
Anne Marie McEwan human beings have an innate drive to be autonomous, self-determined and connected to one another
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