RT @fredmcclimans: @stoweboyd Anything that brings a tighter business integration to Skype is welcome. @dhinchcliffe @Microsoft @maryjofoley
The story says they will make Skype for Business more like Skype @dhinchcliffe @Microsoft @maryjofoley
Video gaming increases 'better templates' for learning http://stoweboyd.com/post... once again cognitive science debunks conventional wisdom
Microsoft rebrands Lync as 'Skype for Business'; readies 2015 releases - Mary Foley http://www.zdnet.com/microso... Skypifying Lync
Q for Dassault: What if a company is already using Yammer, IBM Connections, or Jive? #3DXForum How does 3DExperience fit in that case?
Q for Dassault: If they are partnering with SAP etc for business data #3DXForum why did they build their own social platform? Too core?
iOS made up 69% of enterprise device activations in Q3'14, up 2% from 67% in Q2'14 http://venturebeat.com/2014... Android down to 29%
Apple's enterprise push reflects reality: Apple has a moat around its business that has to be defended soon - Dignan http://www.zdnet.com/six-rea...
RT @eseiberling: @thebrandbuilder I love @zefrank def of brand = emotional aftertaste of sum of interactions. Experiences have more flavor. #3dxforum
I wonder how social the social side of 3D Experience is? #3dxforum
Menghini: Dassault Systemes 3DExperience is a business experience #3dxforum sourcing data from companies like SAP
Menghini: a new, social platform #3dxforum both for internal development but also for customer experience
Menghini: single-point solution will no longer work #3dxforum you need a platform to connect the dots leading to product experience
Menghini: experience management is a new way of doing business #3dxforum
Menghini: experience management is a recipe #3dxforum getting all the ingredients right in the right order
Menghini: the spiral of experience management #3dxforum is how Apple has become the highest valued company of all time
Menghini: Apple's strategy is Lazarus strategy #3dxforum resurrecting dead product categories
I'm generally immune to keynotitis, but Bill Taylor was solid #3dxforum
Taylor: Final message or challenge #3dxforum You can't let what you know limit what you can imagine
RT @laurianefavre: After the "déjà vu", the "vu ja de" mindset: look at things you know as if you never saw them... Rethink and reimagine #willtaylor #3dxforum
Taylor: Umpqua(?) Bank -- success story -- grew to $4B valuation by rethinking banking around the 5 senses #3dxforum
Taylor: quotes George Carlin 'I'm experiencing vuja day, the opposite of deja vu' #3dxforum
Taylor: most companies in most industries have tunnel vision #3dxforum there are millions of opportunities if you can visualize them
Taylor: your strategy is the outward manifestation of your culture #3dxforum You can't make great products without a great way of working
Taylor: the true metric of success today is not to be the best #3dxforum but be the only one that does what you do
Taylor: the best companies do not attempt to compete #3dxforum they seek to create new ways to change the terms of engagement
Taylor: strategy as advocacy #3dxforum brands have to stand for something, and stand out
Taylor: How to compete in a world where average is not an option #3dxforum
RT @ConnectPressLtd: Next up William Taylor of Fast Company and author of "Practically Radical." #3DXForum
they finally announce the hashtag #3dxforum
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