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Since I have had no vacation time this year I booked the entire month of December off.
Much to my surprise, it was actually approved. - Stephan from iPhone
Still 400 hours to go. - Stephan from iPhone
Well done! Anything exciting planned, or will you hibernate for a month? - Corinne L
Always a smooth move to use up leave during the Secret Santa Season. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Niiiiiice! - Kristin
It wasn't planned, I was afraid they wouldn't carry over everything. But after a year of only three days off I need it. No plans, just a lot of extra time with the two year old! - Stephan from iPhone
I will just work Dec 31. For the social aspects. :) - Stephan from iPhone
That sounds great, Stephan! - Jenny H. from Android
You could go south for the winter.... - Spidra Webster
That's wonderful! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
I decided to book sick leave for the remainder of the day (first time this decade). Even though the unit is hours, it doesn't allow selecting today's date. This logic doesn't make sense.
With iOS 8.1.1 Bluetooth was still disabled like it was prior to the update. Well done, Apple.
iOS started updating during a wifi sync. Let’s see which one wins. :)
In 2000 we owned a pair of Sony Ericsson R320s. They were horrible. I remember acknowledging missed calls to suppress the terribly annoying voice mail reminder beeps but it always refused to shut up. It would just continue to beep until you listened to the voicemail.
It was always tempting to toss it out the window while on the highway. #saturdayff - Stephan from iPhone
Vegetable or... scary bug?
Vegetable or... scary bug?
or scarier sentient vegetable? - bentley
It definitely looks capable of going after you. :-) We had fun with it, pretending it was crawling across the table, stealing food. - Stephan from iPhone
This morning is best expressed in gallons, not cups, of coffee.
UB40 - Love Songs - I'll be your baby tonight
(Just because I heard that love is in the air somewhere over the Nevada desert.) - Stephan
:) - Jenny H. from Android
The theme song from Frozen would be a better choice nowadays. :-) - Stephan from iPhone
If I (finally) get to run my own country, I will ask @reddite to write the national anthem.
Oh nooooo ... Shivering by looking at picture!! :-) - Sepi ⌘ سپی from iPhone
Commencing Operation Snow Fence.
Last winter I dug the same path out over 60 times. I'm not going to do that again. Creating a substantial snow barrier. - Stephan from iPhone
Operation completed. I was going to say "bring it on" but eh... never mind. - Stephan from iPhone
Berlin Wall: Before and after
Meanwhile in rural Canada I renewed my driver's license in 8 minutes, including walking back to my vehicle to retrieve proof of insurance.
The bane of the US folk. - Janet
Proof of insurance to renew a drivers license? You mean you have to actually own a vehicle to have a license there? - April Russo
even drivers without vehicles have to carry proof of liability coverage. the driver is insured, not the car. car coverage is called "collision", IIRC. - Big Joe Silence
I suspect the key word is "rural" in that statement. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
^ Yup - Stephan from iPhone
Uh, I did mine over the internet in about 3 minutes. - Glen Campbell
I actually renewed mine this past Friday in ~30 minutes which was pretty shocking. Also no wait for car inspection. Even more surprising because we used to have 3-4 DMVs in our county but they closed all of them and opened up a new one farther away. At least it's not a drab, lifeless building anymore. I had to go in for a new photo ID otherwise as Glen mentioned normally we can just renew online. - rönin
They always take a new photo, I believe. Other than that is a matter of checking the insurance policy number and the financial transaction. - Stephan from iPhone
Reading all about Snowden with our four year old.
Reading all about Snowden with our four year old.
Citizenfour is playing today at an Atlanta art theater. Thanks to the reminder I looked it up. I want to see this film while it is still here. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
This is a book about Snowden, the snow man. :) However, I'd love to see the film. - Stephan from iPhone
RT @kashhill: Exactly. RT @TechLawGuru: Illustration of how websites can use Verizon's UIDH tracking header to profile visitors.
RT @kashhill: Exactly. RT @TechLawGuru: Illustration of how websites can use Verizon's UIDH tracking header to profile visitors.
Berlin leaves divisions behind as Wall's traces vanish
Berlin leaves divisions behind as Wall's traces vanish
I am always receiving 5 Facebook reminders via email. How fucking annoying.
RT @amanda_grigg: Taking museum selfies to the next level
RT @amanda_grigg: Taking museum selfies to the next level
I better start planning on how to use up the remaining 20 holidays for this year.
My Drupal database increased by 300%. I updated a few hours after 7.32 came out but I'm suspicious.
More logging? - Todd Hoff
I am aware of the vulnerability. It is just the accesslog table that grew considerably. Apart from that, all is OK, we're good. - Stephan
Wife: "Sarah, Daddy's home!" Sarah, watching cartoons: "Too busy."
Have your people call her people. - Spidra Webster
I probably am her people. :-) - Stephan
I received email from the FBI's Anti-Terrorist and Cyber Crime Division. They just want some credit card details. We could argue about minor details like the 62 typos but why I know that this is a scam? The real FBI already knows all about my banking.
:) - Alistair
I noticed that the company chose to block Delicious. Apart from the obvious fact that I now don't have access to my bookmarks, how much time do they suspect employees spend on there? (I bet that 90% doesn't even know what it is.) Probably some software setting to block anything "social".
It might be in response to Google listing the old delicious url as a hazardous site. - John (bird whisperer)
Good point. I just looked that up, wasn't aware that the old dotted URL was a problem. - Stephan from iPhone
And... It started to snow. It was too good to be true (six weeks since the last time). #hellberta
And... It started to snow. It was too good to be true (six weeks since the last time). #hellberta
Following your weather updates almost makes me feel good about local conditions. - Eivind
It was 34C here today, can we meet in the middle? - Melly - #TeamMarina
Ha, we should work on making that happen, Melly. Mother Nature was nice enough to give us advanced warning of the weather to come and I'm still not ready preparing for winter. - Stephan from iPhone
RT @avilarenata: The very telling picture of Jared Cohen published by @Wikileaks, with new article by #Assange
RT @avilarenata: The very telling picture of Jared Cohen published by @Wikileaks, with new article by #Assange
Interesting read about Google's very cosy relationship with Washington. And the world still flocks to their services. - Stephan from iPhone
Since iOS 8 Safari has been locking up regularly.
I was going to say that I hadn't noticed, and then the damned app hung as I was typing! - Eric - Regulate from iPhone
The new release that came out on Wednesday temporarily bricked my friend's iPhone (it told her she had to connect to iTunes on her computer - we were in Portland, and her computer was in Pennsylvania). As a result, I've been hesitant to install the latest update. Regarding Safari on iOS 8, I so rarely use Safari (I use Chrome all the time), that I haven't really noticed. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
8.1 solves several issues for me (apps auto rotating) but this happens all the time, while typing. I use Chrome for now. - Stephan from iPhone
One less burden
Right on :) - Brent Schaus
Congrats! - Stephen Mack
W00t! - Spidra Webster
Now we actually own one of our vehicles. :) - Stephan from iPhone
Sophie woke up seven times screaming but only remembers waking up once. She looks well-rested. Unlike her dad.
our youngest does that sometimes. she's also a morning person. - Big Joe Silence
Not sure if she had a bad dream, she doesn't remember. - Stephan from iPhone
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