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If people choose to use speaker phone I should be allowed to blast Metallica through my speakers. Fair?
Finally uninstalled WinZip ($$) bloat ware in favor of 7-Zip. Only 1/100th of the size, and much, much quicker. No hidden toolbars, ads.
Smart decision. - Sean McBride
Had a paid version of WinZip from ages ago, but a few upgrade cycles back they suddenly stopped recognizing that and wanted $$ for each upgrade. #fail - Nils Sandin
What's the advantage of WinZip over the native ZIP interface in Windows nowadays? I know that 7-Zip is capable of handling formats other than ZIP, but was WinZip able to do so, too? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I was going to ask the same question: what's the OS functionality lacking? - Walt Crawford
My software can use it to archive projects at the end of the day, it has support for WinZip built in. - Stephan from iPhone
What gets me is this: I am a paying customer, this is not free software. But it installed some toolbar along with it. Plus it forces a context sensitive menu item as advertisement for more software. Plus, version 19 started to load all sorts of modules such that it took 30 seconds on average to start. In comparison, 7-zip compresses the entire project in less than 6 seconds (~12MB... more... - Stephan from iPhone
Is there a way to access the Windows compression via a command line? - Stephan from iPhone
Sort of maybe I haven't tested this don't blame me if it doesn't work: - Walt Crawford
Bookmarked, I'll experiment with that Monday. Thanks for the link. - Stephan from iPhone
I am still using the free copy of WinRar 3.51 that they gave away back in 2005. Was also using Winzip 9 (I refused to pay again to upgrade) until I moved to Win7. Couldn't get it to work right, which was disappointing. For a long time I was extracting archives with WinRar, and using WinZip to create archives from the Explorer context menu, when distribution was intended (I don't believe... more... - April Russo
7-zip lets you configure that from the file manager tools menu. - Stephan from iPhone
I just checked on that and remembered why I could not change it. Everything I do throws an error. - April Russo
I'm sure you are aware but the system wide settings require admin privileges. - Stephan from iPhone
Stephan, years ago now I wrote a batch script for doing backups centered around the 7zip command line interface. In case it's useful: - Micah
Thanks, Micah! - Stephan from iPhone
I believe this one uses the built in zipping capabilities in Windows, and the config file for it will probably give you a really good hint as to how to do something similar from other apps. - April Russo
Interesting concept, thanks, April. - Stephan from iPhone
I'm probably the most clueless user ever … can't figure it out, so I move the zip/7z/rar/arj to my dropbox, then unzip/un7zip/unrar/unarj on a unix command line, then I move the resulting folder back out of the dropbox folder. :-( - Amit Patel
Interesting workflow. Sounds like you're a hardcore command line junkie. :) As long as it works for you, it doesn't matter in the end how you get there. - Stephan from iPhone
Unless decent bandwidth will become the norm we will not see the end to DVDs via snail mail.
The service pack I need for a software package is well over 4GB. D/L at home via 3G will be cost prohibitive; at work it will take too long. So I just ordered the disks. Welcome to 2015. - Stephan from iPhone
Facebook just had to go create a whole new app (facebook lite) for countries with low bandwidth. - Brian Johns
I am wearing a shoe on my bad foot. An actual shoe for the first time in six weeks. (Feels terribly strange, by the way.)
Such great progress! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
I almost feel human again. Wait... let's not go crazy. - Stephan from iPhone
You know it will be a good day when your nose starts dripping again right before the start of the meeting.
Only used a few tissues so I wasn't too much of a disturbance. :) - Stephan from iPhone
Just took two small but smooth steps without crutches for the first time in six weeks. Another micro-victory.
An huge step for man, a hugely insignificant step for mankind. - Stephan from iPhone
It will be a while before any of my shoes will fit but for the first time I can believe that day may actually come. - Stephan from iPhone
I walked 20 feet without any crutches. I'll probably regret it tonight but common sense is not going to stop me. - Stephan
After my accident, the first few steps without my walker or crutches were the best things ever. Yay for micro-victories! - Jonathan Disher
Yes, it felt so good. It is difficult to determine whether something hurts because I'm pushing myself or pushing myself too far. So far, so good. - Stephan from iPhone
The one that will be happiest when I can ditch the crutches: our dog. She stands in front of the door holding a stick in her mouth, waiting.
She saw me, grabbed a stick and stood there. Saw that I wasn't coming to the door so picked up her stick, came closer, then dropped the stick and waited. Eventually she just let out this sigh and gave up. Sorry, girl, I will continue to let you down just a little bit longer... - Stephan from iPhone
How about a chuckit? - Todd Hoff
I went outside and let her retrieve the stick. I wasn't doing too bad holding on to the snow blower for balance. :-) - Stephan
In Saudi Arabia, change will come from below, not from the throne -
Incredibly brave Saudi men and women are risking their freedom and their lives to continue to unravel that tyranny. The more we hear – and watch them – the less likely will western officials be able to call a dead tyrant a “reformer king” as they did with Abdullah, and will be forced instead to call him as he was: the king of counter-revolution. - Stephan from iPhone
Best word of the day: Sitzpinkler
This what Siemens considers to be reverse chronological order. #okthen
This what Siemens considers to be reverse chronological order. #okthen
This four and a half hour meeting drained the little energy I had left.
I've only had one of those happen to me once, but I remember wishing for canned oxygen like what tourists in the Andes can get. - Andrew C (✔)
At least I hopped away with a nice souvenir, a huge headache. :) - Stephan
Bah. :( - Alix May
EU wants internet firms to hand over encryption keys
EU wants internet firms to hand over encryption keys
"But critics warn that tech-savvy criminals can also exploit backdoors, leaving users more vulnerable to cyber attacks. “Instead of protecting citizens, it will actually endanger citizens’ net security and trample fundamental rights to data protection and privacy," said German Green MEP Jan Phillip Albrecht in a statement." - Nils Sandin
After falling down the stairs five weeks ago I see that I was scheduled for a safety course regarding slipping/tripping. Who knows, it could have prevented my nasty fall. #crutches #limping #dumbass
If your toddler is sick keep him/her home. School is NOT free daycare. #commonsense
Stomach flu is the free gift that keeps multiplying. If you let it. Oh, and thanks, asshole parents. - Stephan from iPhone
The photo posted on FF that presumably demonstrates how people used to ignore each other in the past reminds me of our situation. The girls are watching a cartoon on the laptop during supper (long story). "Sophie, what was the greatest thing you did in school today?" "Can't remember." "Sarah, how was your day?" "DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!!"
An unexpected visit at work from my wife and two-year old, can’t get any better than that! (They brought gifts too.)
I now have a coffee maker so I don't have to hop a mile to get coffee. I know my foot needs the exercise but this makes me happy. And lazy. And happy. - Stephan from iPhone
The concept of workflow is lost on some people.
Last time I filled up the truck was November, when fuel prices were already low. I was pleasantly surprised to see it has dropped to Can $0.739 / liter (taxes included).
Saves $50/tank. - Stephan from iPhone
*/me sobbing in a corner* - Xabaras (G.O.)
You're paying under a $1 a gallon for gas, Stephan? - Stephen Mack
I thought that was a per-liter price. - Brian Johns
Ah, that makes sense. - Stephen Mack
I filled up my truck yesterday for 140€, in november it was €180, about the same saving but on *slightly" different basis - Ivan Crema
Ha, Stephen, I wish. This is per liter. (You're probably laughing by now.) -- I edited the post. - Stephan from iPhone
Honestly, with our local taxes, that's still cheaper than here :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Ivan, ouch, that's expensive. It only took 100 liters this morning, I can live with that. - Stephan from iPhone
Jenn (whose name iOS keeps correcting to Ken), this is including taxes. - Stephan from iPhone
You Americans complaining about fuel prices makes me laugh, come over here to UK and your jaws will drop to the floor, bring a pillow to lessen the blow! ;-) - Halil
Oh, I'm not complaining - just comparing. I'm used to our northern neighbors having higher prices, but in this case, the difference is likely tax-related (I don't remember what ours is, but it is very high compared to most of the country.) - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm this case, I wasn't complaining, more the opposite. If it weren't for these crutches I would have done a happy dance around my truck this morning. :) - Stephan from iPhone
I'm just being cheeky, sorry, wasn't being serious, just having a dig! Sorry if offended! - Halil
When I drove to Michigan for Christmas, my local Chicago station was charging about $2.50, I think, but I had already filled up in the suburbs for $2.09 or so. I made an unplanned stop at the Meijer gas station in Kalamazoo, $1.89. Nice! Leaving Ann Arbor on Christmas evening, the local BP where I usually go was charging $2.19, but they were closed for Christmas. So I went to the TA... more... - bentley
You weren't offending anyone, Halil. Although your "you Americans" was a bit on the edge. :-) - Stephan from iPhone
Sorry about that, didn't mean it the way it sounded and I should of phrased it better, but all I was trying to do and failed in a jestful manner was to say that fuel prices in UK are high. I don't actually drive myself but all the drivers I know always complain about fuel prices and then go on to complain that US prices are much cheaper. - Halil
Absolutely no need to apologize, Halil. The grass is always greener on the other side. Plus, what human being doesn't complain about the weather or the gas prices? - Stephan from iPhone
@Stephan about a hundred liters also here (F150 with a 26 gallons tank) - Ivan Crema from Flucso
That would still hurt my wallet. :) - Stephan from iPhone
I'm just glad we walk or take the train. Gas prices here are frightening. - Jenny H. from Android
Last week I filled up for $2.29 a gallon. Never thought I'd see gas this low again. It's definitely helping me in this crazy busy running-around time. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Saw gas this morning for 1.79! - Jenny
I just filled up Diesel at 1.049 €/L, or $4.58/gal. - Nils Sandin
Current price around here is around £1.04 per litre which is ridiculously low compared to this time about a year and half ago; if I could be bothered to work out what that is in dollars per US gallons I probably still wouldn't. All hail American fracking and the need to compete in the market from the remainder of the world's petroleum producers. - Mark H
most of the fracking in my neck of the woods is for natural gas. it's a disastrous mess. - Big Joe Silence
Oil prices have not yet impacted fracking activity here. (Will not hurt my feelings if it does.) - Stephan from iPhone
Maryland parents investigated for neglect after letting kids walk home alone from park -
"It was a one-mile walk home from a Silver Spring park on Georgia Avenue on a Saturday afternoon. But what the parents saw as a moment of independence for their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, they say authorities viewed much differently." - Stephan
“Parenthood is an exercise in risk management,” she said. “Every day, we decide: Are we going to let our kids play football? Are we going to let them do a sleep­over? Are we going to let them climb a tree? We’re not saying parents should abandon all caution. We’re saying parents should pay attention to risks that are dangerous and likely to happen.” - Stephan
Seriously...WTF? I suspect most of our generation were "free range" kids. (Although, we never needed a description of it.) You left in the morning and came home when you were hungry or the streetlights came on. - C to the A to the J..Hey!
My elementary school was a mile walk each way. The authorities didn't seem to have a problem with kids walking that far alone. Only the kindergarteners got a bus ride. Why are we raising entire generations of kids that are going to be totally unprepared for the harsh realities of life? Kids are so much tougher and self-reliant than they're given credit for- if we let them. - Jenny H. from Android
The threats uttered (also checked that link) just don't seem to make sense. At that age my dad had the car so if you wanted to go somewhere we walked. - Stephan from iPhone
>.> If you were a mile or less away you were expected to walk to school when I was wee. - Alix May from iPhone
Sounds like their CPS office doesn't have enough to do! - Jim #teamFFrank
Have western societies become overly protective in general? - Stephan
i wouldn't call this protective. - Big Joe Silence
Well, if we consider walking a mile to home dangerous... - Stephan
I think people see the world as more dangerous and threatening than it is. Which means everyone is expected to act according to worst case scenarios at all times. - Heather
It's one thing that a citizen calls police. It's another matter for them to take it to the next level. - Stephan from iPhone
Made my first (semi) steps using only one crutch today. Felt so good!
It's disturbing when your two-year old runs between your legs, murmuring "out of the way, slow poke!" (sort of). :-) - Stephan
Forget low gasoline prices. Just refilled the 1500 liter (those are Canadian liters) propane tank from 16%: $300. I could get used to mild winters.
See, there you go :) - Jennifer Dittrich
(Watch us get slammed by six feet of snow next week, that will just be my luck.) - Stephan from iPhone
"In dog we trust" sounds a lot more appropriate for a sherrif’s office if you ask me.
"In dog we trust" sounds a lot more appropriate for a sherrif’s office if you ask me.
Is that a druid? - bentley
That was my first impression as well. :) - Stephan from iPhone
Unexpected visit from a friend I hadn't seen in a while.
Kraft dinner: hybrid of snot and glue.
To done list for today:
Got up. - Stephan from iPhone
-end- - Stephan from iPhone
sounds like the beset list in the world to me! - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm feeling ambitious today. - Stephan from iPhone
Well, that's different: Sarah picking Sophie's nose.
pics or it didn't happen - Mike Nencetti
Oh, there were picks alright. - Stephan from iPhone
Best part of crutches is not having to do anything. Worst part of crutches is not being able to do anything.
:-( - Amit Patel
:( - Anne Bouey
Sorry :-( - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I have no one to blame but myself. - Stephan from iPhone
I always blame the cats. - Amit Patel
You know, it could have been worse. A former colleague's dad also fell from four steps. Six days later he passed away. - Stephan from iPhone
Three years after suffering complications following surgery after a car accident, my husband is still on crutches. :( - Anne Bouey
It's only been 4 weeks. I can see how this is having a significant impact on your life. Sorry to hear that, Anne. - Stephan from iPhone
Microsoft's advance security notification service no longer publicly available
Microsoft's advance security notification service no longer publicly available
Sophie lost her first tooth. She put it under her pillow right away and was disappointed this morning that the tooth fairy hadn't visited yet.
OneNote insists that one of the notebooks is not connected, thought it’s there on/offline. What a hassle...
OneNote tells me the notebooks all live on but the properties tell me The browser redirects me to Get your act together Microsoft. - Stephan from iPhone
Then when I switch to the parent folder with the notebooks on I always get redirected to the login page, so I can't access anything. - Stephan from iPhone
The saga continues... So I created a new notebook and moved all content from the one that couldn't sync. Now it gives me "partial sync" error. You can't win with OneNote. - Stephan from iPhone
I'm still trying salvage my notes. Every fomented is another notebook or another section that won't sync. I have come to the conclusion that OneNote is unreliable. If you're notes are important, use something else. - Stephan from iPhone
I found the backups on my local hard drive from just before the sync went wrong. I'll be looking for a different way to get them to my phone. :) - Stephan from iPhone
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