Stephan Planken
I detest iTunes. If the iTunes store window is blank it will remain that way no matter what. Have I mentioned how much I hate iTunes?
I don't think you said it loudly enough. :-P - John (bird whisperer)
May I? Have you tried Spotify? - Sir Vali
Well, I need iTunes for syncing with the IOS devices. Tonight it clearly had a mind of its own. Plus, often the store's main window remains blank for reasons I cannot explain. It must have something to do with the way it is rendered because often I can click with the mouse on areas that I guess contain objects and it will take me to whatever the link pointed to. - Stephan Planken
Funny you should say that, I don't recall you ever mentioning that - did I ever say that despite being an excellent and user-friendly piece of software, sometimes, just sometimes, I think it might fall slightly below the extraordinarily high standards those good guys at Cupertino have set in other things? - Winckel
Slightly. :-) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Of course, Glen. :) - Stephan Planken