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Stephen Mack
To my Canadian, Australian, and British friends, I would like to wish a safe and peaceful Happy Random Thursday.
Thanks mate, but it's Friday :D - Mo Kargas
Thanks, Stephen :) - Brent Schaus
I love *Random Thursday* - Janet
Hmm Mo, good point. Happy Random Canadian Thursday then? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Mo, welcome to the time machine. - Janet
Good one, Mo. - bentley
The future is nowww - Mo Kargas
Happy Thursday, Stephen. - Stephan from iPhone
Yvonne Renee
My nieces and nephew are sleeping upstairs and my brother and sister-in-law are at a movie. They don't get out much because, as my brother puts it, they have 4 kids and trust issues. Lol! Glad I'm here to give them a night out.
Nice! I bet they appreciate that. - Stephan from iPhone
What did they go see? - Stephen Mack
Mockingjay of course! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
The Special Weather Statement is very useful; it only says that a Special Weather Statement is in effect.
"After this system passes, a plunge into the deep freeze is on tap." Gotta love the sense of humor. - Stephan from iPhone
Presumably the tap will be frozen too. - John (bird whisperer)
No doubt. :) - Stephan from iPhone
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
OMG YOU GAIS I DID IT! trapped the stinging bug of unusual size and put him outside! my days of terror are over.... for now. if he comes back, it's war.
A flame thrower is so much more exciting, though! :) - Stephan from iPhone
Like a boss! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
it felt pretty great, honestly. even if that's silly. I don't like stinging bugs. also not afraid to admit I'm a little nervous to go outside for awhile in case he's hovering out there, waiting to exact his revenge. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Michael W. May
It seems innocent enough #pretty At first. #andsoitbegins but #itmakespixiehappy @ the little white…
It seems innocent enough #pretty At first. #andsoitbegins but #itmakespixiehappy @ the little white…
I feel your pain. - Stephan from iPhone
It went away again. :( - Alix May
I want snow. It would make me happy too. #teampixie - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Total reward to solve MH17 case increased to $47 million (Spiegel), hoping for insider to come forward
Curious who is behind the reward. - Stephan from iPhone
Since I have had no vacation time this year I booked the entire month of December off.
Much to my surprise, it was actually approved. - Stephan from iPhone
Still 400 hours to go. - Stephan from iPhone
Well done! Anything exciting planned, or will you hibernate for a month? - Corinne L
Always a smooth move to use up leave during the Secret Santa Season. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Niiiiiice! - Kristin
It wasn't planned, I was afraid they wouldn't carry over everything. But after a year of only three days off I need it. No plans, just a lot of extra time with the two year old! - Stephan from iPhone
I will just work Dec 31. For the social aspects. :) - Stephan from iPhone
That sounds great, Stephan! - Jenny H. from Android
You could go south for the winter.... - Spidra Webster
That's wonderful! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Steven Perez
I'm now officially on vacation for the next 30 days. Ahhhh.
Did you become a German citizen all of a sudden? - Spidra Webster
Nope, I'm just very good at scheduling my PTO. :) - Steven Perez
Nice, enjoy the vacation! - Stephan from iPhone
Awesome! Enjoy! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
I bow to your skills. Enjoy the vacation! - Spidra Webster
Stephen Mack
I'm not a natural-born citizen, but if I were to run for President, my platform would hinge on not just the usual liberal stuff I always go on and on about like voting rights, freedom of choice, minimum wage, drug legalization, etc., but these two items I would push in particular:
1. No more time changes, ffs. - Stephen Mack
2. Before Halloween, ONLY Halloween decorations. Before Thanksgiving, ONLY Thanksgiving decorations. Christmas decorations, carols, and sales before December 1 will be considered treason. - Stephen Mack
In conclusion, please vote for me in 2016. - Stephen Mack
Mr Mack! Mr Mack! If I could follow up on #2, what is your position on seasonal latte beverages? - Andrew C (✔)
It's a weak platform but it does benefit from being achievable so that's something. - Mark H
Andrew, thank you. This is difficult to say. You may have seen press reports about some of my earlier papers, written when I was in college (and highly impressionable), endorsing pumpkin spice lattes, eggnog lattes, peppermint lattes, and other similar fare. Let me be clear: I WISH TO REFUDIATE ANY POSITIVE WORDS I HAVE EVER WRITTEN IN THE PAST ABOUT SUCH ITEMS IN THE MOST STRIDENT... more... - Stephen Mack
Mark, my staff and I thank you for the glowing endorsement. I will now kiss your wife and/or baby and firmly shake your hand while gazing around the room. - Stephen Mack
FLIP-FLOPPER - Andrew C (✔)
I can agree with most, but I would propose a change in #2. Christmas decorations are only allowed the earliest of thanskgiving weekend. Its the long weekend to spend to put everything up. And they must be taken down by the 15th of Jan (This is leniency due to vacations, trips, and recovery from the holiday hangovers.) I would also like to offer that valentines and easter decorations/gifts/mentions are not allowed until a month before the actual holiday. #DownwithHolidayCreep! - Me
We have no babies (by choice) and my wife finds public displays of affection from strangers abhorrent. You'd still have our vote if you campaigned in a mankini, though, because we welcome challenging politicians. - Mark H
*puts on ball gown and beret* - Johnny from iPhone
*digs for blackmail material on Mr. Mack, hopes to make a fortune* - Brian Johns
CW, I would hereby like to offer you the position of Running Mate. Mark, you are hereby hired as my wardrobe consultant. Johnny, you are elected Chief of Chief of Staff. Sparky, you're going to be BUSY, there's an awful lot of dirt out there. Fortunately, I believe that thanks to my two positions enumerated above, I will be elected in a landslide despite my youthful "indiscretions." - Stephen Mack
You want us to elect you on your number 1 and number 2. Sounds like a typical politician to me. #shitofthebulls - Kristin
Stephen, I'd like to be your press secretary. This is a campaign I can get behind. - Corinne L
Welcome aboard, Corinne! Kristin, my #2 doesn't stink. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Where were you born? - Meg VMeg
Don't answer that, if it's, like, related to a security question or something. - Meg VMeg
My money is on Kenya. - Kristin
Ha! (England.) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
One of us!!!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
That's all the time we have today for questions. - Corinne L
*is escorted off-stage while holding up Nixon v-fingers and making Howard Dean yelps* - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Stephen, you are the bright spot in my evening. Want to come take over Sacramento city government with me? - Corinne L
Sounds fun! Are there a lot of kickbacks in it for us? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Of course! How about arena naming rights? Or perhaps free parking in perpetuity? - Corinne L
When are you going to post your birth certificate? And your income tax? But mainly your birth certificate? - Stephan
Please hold all questions until our next press conference tomorrow at noon Pacific Standard Time. Thank you. - Corinne L
You won't be running unopposed. I'll be running against you on a platform that includes year round egg nog, requires some actual pumpkin flavor in all things "pumpkin spice" (not just the spices), and allows nothing Christmas related until Santa enters Macy's at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade, the way it should be. Halloween things will be allowed year round, for the benefit of... more... - April Russo
I want to pick this thread up and hug it. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Please refrain from touching the candidate, sir. Thank you. - Corinne L
PEOPLE OF FRIENDFEED: I'd like to announce my third key platform item: Any big-box retailer that opens on Thanksgiving will be levied a special tax on sales on Thanksgiving Day -- at the rate of 100%. - Stephen Mack
Can I be the one Fox News interviews after I accuse you of an impropriety and then rescind my statement? #iwantmy15minutes - Janet from FFHound!
Steven Perez
Good afternoon, FriendFeed. -
Good afternoon, FriendFeed.
Feelin' lazy today. Unfortunately, I am at work, so no napping for me. I can only dream about it. - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
bunneh! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Good afternoon, Bunneh.:) - Anne Bouey
Good afternoon. - John (bird whisperer)
If you're dreaming about it aren't you napping? Good morning, Steven. :-) - Stephan from iPhone
Barry! :) - Steven Perez from Android
Good afternoon, Anne. :) - Steven Perez from Android
Good afternoon, John. :) - Steven Perez from Android
Good afternoon, Stephan. I'm always dreaming, usually of snow. :) - Steven Perez from Android
April Russo
Things have been going so well for me for the last year (for the most part) that I keep waiting for disaster to hit. And instead of disaster, I end up with another raise! I am now making double what I was at this time last year.
And what's more, I just landed a one-off side job building a site for the parent company, and they insist on paying me double my asking price. - April Russo
kickazz! - Big Joe Silence
YES! Nice work - Mo Kargas
BOOM! *does a little dance* - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Nice! - bentley
HUZZAH! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
That's great! - Stephan from iPhone
Fantastic! - Spidra Webster
*throws confetti* Woohoo! - Heather
I'm really happy for you, April. Congrats! - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Congratulations, April! And thank you for sharing your good news :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Mike Nencetti
Nearing the end, holding her hand. Love my girl.
You're a good man Mike. - Mark H
You two are present in my thoughts today. *hug* - Marie
Loving hugs for you and Beverly. - Anika
We are holding you both. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
You are both in my thoughts. - Kristin
Much love to you both. - Corinne L
Mike, you and Beverly are incredible people!! strength and love to both of you ... (((((((Hug)))))) - Sepi ⌘ سپی from iPhone
Holding you and Beverly so tight in my heart today. - vicster: hon. canadian
So much love for you both. <3 - Jennifer Dittrich
Love and peace to you. Endings are hard, but an ending that's as peaceful as possible is a blessing, to my mind. May she slip as easily as my father did. My thoughts are with you both. - ellbeecee
Peace be with you both. *hugs* - Anne Bouey
Wishing you peace, love and light. - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
I've been thinking about you from across the state. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
*many hugs* - bentley
Love and peace to your whole family. You are wonderful, amazing people. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Thank you everyone. we do no know how long, she's refusing food drink and medicine. I think her body has stopped digesting food, etc. so there is no point in feeding her. we have morphine when we need it. Very fortunate she has had no seizures. - Mike Nencetti
Sending lots of love and prayers to both of you. *hugs* - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
*Love and peace* - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Sounds peaceful for you both. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Love and peace to you both. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
(((((((Mike))))))) - Petty LaBelle
Our love to you both, - Pete
Prayers for peace. Love to you both. - Friar Will
Such honor you show all of us. Prayers of comfort for you both. - Janet from FFHound!
Love, peace, and grace for you both. - Greg GuitarBuster
Thank you everyone. we are on day two of no food or water. she is refusing oral medicine. fortunately the hospice is visiting at 8:30. i will not force anything now. we have to leave her this afternoon to meet with the funeral director at 1pm. Fortunately we have an aide who will stay with her.She coughs from the saliva in her mouth. the atrophine does not fully help this. she did get some rest last night. - Mike Nencetti
*hugs* - Anne Bouey
You are both in our thoughts. Wishing you strength and love ((hugs)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thinking of you both, you're in my prays! *hugs* - Halil
Sending so much love right now. *hugs* - Jenny H. from Android
Much love and peace to all of you, Mike. - LB snowed in.
Thanks everyone, we are on day 3 of no food and water. Still stable condition. Sleeping most of the day. So it's just sit and wait. I'm good. - Mike Nencetti
*hug* - Kevin Johnson from Android
*hug* - Marie
Peace be with you both. - Irrational Numbers
Peace and love to you both - Victor Ganata
(Mike) - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
we are getting some water in with a dropper. we just have to be careful it does not go into the lungs. - Mike Nencetti
*hugs* Thinking of you and Beverly, Mike. - Stephen Mack
Continuing to pray for you and Beverly. - Jim: meatvalve.
Oceans of love, to the both of you:* - Monaca di V.le Monza from BuddyFeed
Gentle hugs for Beverly and big hugs for you, Mike. - Anne Bouey
Thinking of you. - Meg VMeg
*Hugs* - Brixie
For those following this thread. it is the start of day 6 without food or water. she has to be kept very still. we stopped daily baths, as it is painful, and the rehydration is prolonging her suffering. we will need to give her morphine before we try to change her. her lungs are clear as of yesterday. We have no means to communicate with her. skin rashes are under control. We lost... more... - Mike Nencetti
Thinking of you Mike and sending hugs. - Galadriel C. from Android
Thank you for the update. Thinking of you both every day. *hugs* - bentley
A big hug, Mike. I pray the Lord have mercy. - Monaca di V.le Monza from BuddyFeed
Oh God. Thank you for update. I wish God has mercy… - Irrational Numbers
My thoughts are with you both. May Beverly be at peace. - J. Marie B
May you both find peace. *hugs* - Anne Bouey
Mike, may she soon be free of this pain and suffering. Holding you in my prayers, still. - Janet
*hug* - Marie
I'm so sorry and I hope the pain is over soon. *hugs* - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'm so sorry, Mike. Sending prayers of peace and mercy. - Corinne L
Love, peace, and comfort to you all. - joey
Yes we are on day 9 without food or water. The RN said it could be at any time. It has been rough, but the nurse said we have done a good job. We just wait and administer morphine on a schedule. ... and tell her we love her. - Mike Nencetti
You are both in my prayers and thoughts. Wishing you both peace and comfort. *hugs* - Anne Bouey
Wow, Mike. Holding you both in prayer. You're a good man. - LB snowed in. from Android
You are in my thoughts. I am so sorry - Elena
Love and strength to you both, Mike ((hugs)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
She passed peacefully at 8am this morning. I was by her side. uncommunicative, but she did have tears when I told her I loved her and goodbye. - Mike Nencetti
Oh Mike. I am so sorry :'(. My deepest simpathy - Monaca di V.le Monza
((Hugs)) thank you for sharing with us, Mike, and sincere condolences to you and your family. May Beverly rest in peace, - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Our thoughts are with her, and all who loved her. - Pete
Thank you for sharing mike. Love to you and yours. How terribly sad to lose her and how wonderful to have had her in your life. May peace find you. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Much love to you and your family for sending Beverly home peacefully and lovingly. - Anika
followed silently your posts for months, thank you for sharing with us. my condolences to you and your loved ones ((((((hugs))))))) - ((°}
another silent bystander sending you love and grace and admiration. - Jenica
Hugs Mike, sorry for your loss. I'm sure she knew how much you loved her. - Brixie
I'm glad she's at peace. I'm so sorry for your loss. - LB snowed in.
I'm very sorry for your loss. Thank you very much for sharing her with us. *hugs* - bentley
My deepest and sincere condolences, Mike. - Eivind from Android
I'm so sorry, Mike. May Beverly rest in peace. May you find comfort and peace, too. *hugs* - Anne Bouey
My condolences, Mike. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
So sorry Mike. Glad you got to be there at the end. *hugs* - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
I'm so sorry, Mike. My deepest condolences. - Jennifer Dittrich
You have my deepest sympathies, Mike. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
*hugs* I'm sorry, Mike. - John (bird whisperer)
*hugs* sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing. - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Please know that we are still thinking of you. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I'm so sorry Mike. My thoughts are with you and your family. - Me
So sorry, my condolences, you're in my thoughts and prays. *hugs* - Halil from FFHound(roid)!
Our thoughts are with you. I'm sorry for your loss. - Marie
My condolences, Mike. Peace and comfort to you and your family. - Corinne L
I'm so sorry. I've been thinking about you and your family & will continue to do so. May you all find peace. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Blessings peace and love to you and your family. - RetiredTeacherD
Wishing Beverly a beautiful and peaceful rest. And wishing you and all who love Beverly peace. My deepest condolences. - vicster: hon. canadian
You and your family are in my thoughts. *hugs* - Kristin
Sending condolences to you and your family Mike. Wishing Beverly peace and good wishes. - Galadriel C. from Android
My thoughts and condolences for you and your family, Mike. Thank you for sharing this part of your life experience. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
So very sorry for your loss. Many hugs to you and your family. - Elena
I am very sorry for your loss, Mike. - Stephan
May she rest in peace. Love and peace to you and your family. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
there's a bug-gantic wasp hornet thing in my office. it seems to be staying at the windows in front of me, but if it gets any closer I will start screaming. trust.
Gah! lost eyes on the scary bug. Repeat: We have lost eyes on the scary bug! Over. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Do you have a flame thrower handy? - Stephan from iPhone
Just remember: he's more afraid of you than you are of him. :) - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
*contemplates available materials for makeshift flamethrower* and I don't believe that, Bren. I don't have an abdomen full of injectable poison now do I? - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
How on earth would I know the answer to that question? Let's say for the sake of argument you did, though. If you encountered a creature roughly 120,000 times your mass, would you be scared? :) - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
Sir, the time to keep your fact-based analogy for argument's sake to yourself is when THERE IS A GIANT POISONOUS BUG NEAR MY HEAD! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
My bad. kill it with fire!!! ;) - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
It's quiet. Did she burn the office down? - Stephan from iPhone
Lost the 20 on the monster. Now headed back in there to watch a movie, dimly lit environs, we'll see what happens. If i don't check back in two hours, call the handsome blgd maintenance guy and say it's a water leak in apt 3. Bob will know what to do. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Sit rep: still quiet. Think he's done terrorizing me for the day. Or he's lulling me into a false sense of security so he can sting me to death in my sleep. Either way, nothing to be done about it at the moment. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
In 2000 we owned a pair of Sony Ericsson R320s. They were horrible. I remember acknowledging missed calls to suppress the terribly annoying voice mail reminder beeps but it always refused to shut up. It would just continue to beep until you listened to the voicemail.
It was always tempting to toss it out the window while on the highway. #saturdayff - Stephan from iPhone
Vegetable or... scary bug?
Vegetable or... scary bug?
or scarier sentient vegetable? - bentley
It definitely looks capable of going after you. :-) We had fun with it, pretending it was crawling across the table, stealing food. - Stephan from iPhone
Eric - Regulate
Disassembling Nikon Speedlight SB-600 Bottom half of the flash -
Disassembling Nikon Speedlight SB-600 Bottom half of the flash
Anyone ever have to take apart a flash? My lock on my flash is broken, just spins and holds in the lock position on the camera shoe. Getting it off took some doing. Do you think it's easily fixable? - Eric - Regulate from Bookmarklet
The SB600s are doable but take time and planning. - Johnny from iPhone
I've disassembled mine before (although not for the lock). Seems doable. - Stephan from iPhone
I'm scared - Eric - Regulate from iPhone
Yvonne Renee
All 3 boyz are still napping. I don't want to wake them up and I don't want to make dinner. :-/
How did it end up? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Sounds like a perfect night to order a pizza! - Tamara J. B.
Hopefully you were able to nap too. :) - Stephan
Logan got up at 7:15. I woke everyone else up and served make your own burritos. Kids back in bed. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
UB40 - Love Songs - I'll be your baby tonight
(Just because I heard that love is in the air somewhere over the Nevada desert.) - Stephan
:) - Jenny H. from Android
The theme song from Frozen would be a better choice nowadays. :-) - Stephan from iPhone
I vote for skipping winter and heading straight for spring. - Stephan from iPhone
Canadians sure pay a price for their liberty. - Spidra Webster
It wass 74 here in Irvine today. Come back for a visit! - Tamara J. B.
Mary Carmen
How do I have a 1 year old???? Where did the time go?
enjoy the 1 year old. soon, they become 9 year olds. - Big Joe Silence
Yup, today is the day. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? - Mary Carmen
Happy 1 year as a mom! You survived the boot camp! Lol! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
That's right, she was a 11/12/13 baby! Happy birthday to Mariella! - Corinne L
Happy birthday - Eric - Regulate
Happy birthday, cutiepants! - Jenica
Happy birthday, Mariella! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
YAY! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Happy Birthday, Mariella :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Happy Birthday, lil one! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Happy day to all of you! - LB snowed in. from Android
Happy birthday to Mariella! - Anne Bouey
Happy Birthday, Mariella!!! <3 - vicster: hon. canadian
Happy birthday, Mariella! - bentley
What, already? Happy birthday, Mariella! - Stephan from iPhone
They grow up so fast. - Steven Perez
J Wynia
If cars were sold like cell phones in the US, they'd be "free" with gas priced at $25/gallon.
Let me tell you about distance caps... - Stephan from iPhone
Not to mention toll roads should have much higher speed limits - WarLord
Isn't that basically the idea behind leasing vehicles? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Zoe threw up everywhere, sheets thrown in laundry, *ᵗᶦᶰʸ ˢᶦᵖˢ* of water, next fever dose, temp taken, more water, Zoe asleep, mom wide awake
Poor kid :-/ - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Poor mom. - Stephan from iPhone
I hope she recovers soon. - John (bird whisperer)
How are you both today? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
She's doing better. We're seeing her doctor in a few hours today. :) Thanks, everyone! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
So glad she's doing better! - Jennifer Dittrich
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @jodyallen_sahm: Darn you, Tuesday! *shakes fist*
RT @jodyallen_sahm: Darn you, Tuesday! *shakes fist*
I've been off by a day or so but this is taking it to the next level. - Stephan from iPhone
Heute ist mein Geburstags Fest:D
Well,happy birthday! - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
Heppy birsday - شاهید from Android
Happy Birthday :D - اردویسور
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
¡feliz cumpleaños! - ellbeecee
تولدته؟ مبارک :) - زی
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag :) - Maryam
Happy birthday! - Stephan from iPhone
Pete,Thank You:) - Amir
Shahid Vielen Dank:) - Amir
Maryam Merci:) - Amir
JohnThank You:) - Amir
ellbeecee ¡Gracias Y encantada! - Amir
ژی مرسی:) - Amir
Maryam MerCi Beacoup:) - Amir
Stephan Thank You:) - Amir
Commencing Operation Snow Fence.
Last winter I dug the same path out over 60 times. I'm not going to do that again. Creating a substantial snow barrier. - Stephan from iPhone
Operation completed. I was going to say "bring it on" but eh... never mind. - Stephan from iPhone
Cat owner achievement unlocked! -Clean up cat puke.
You should get a dog to take care of that. - Stephan from iPhone
Not sure a dog licking the power-strip would be a great idea... x_x - Heather
Probably not! - Stephan from iPhone
Meanwhile in rural Canada I renewed my driver's license in 8 minutes, including walking back to my vehicle to retrieve proof of insurance.
The bane of the US folk. - Janet
Proof of insurance to renew a drivers license? You mean you have to actually own a vehicle to have a license there? - April Russo
even drivers without vehicles have to carry proof of liability coverage. the driver is insured, not the car. car coverage is called "collision", IIRC. - Big Joe Silence
I suspect the key word is "rural" in that statement. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
^ Yup - Stephan from iPhone
Uh, I did mine over the internet in about 3 minutes. - Glen Campbell
I actually renewed mine this past Friday in ~30 minutes which was pretty shocking. Also no wait for car inspection. Even more surprising because we used to have 3-4 DMVs in our county but they closed all of them and opened up a new one farther away. At least it's not a drab, lifeless building anymore. I had to go in for a new photo ID otherwise as Glen mentioned normally we can just renew online. - rönin
They always take a new photo, I believe. Other than that is a matter of checking the insurance policy number and the financial transaction. - Stephan from iPhone
Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
Rest well, my old friend. May you find all the bacon, butter and cheese you can eat, and all the tennis balls you can chase on the other side. Isaac 6/1/02-11/6/14.
I'm so sorry, Bren. - Corinne L
I'm sorry, Bren **hugs** - Jennifer Dittrich
<3 - Kristin from iPhone
so sorry, bren. :( - holly #ravingfangirl
:( - Brent Schaus from iPhone
I'm sorry, Bren. *hugs* - Anne Bouey
I'm very sorry, Bren. - bentley
*hugs* - Xabaras (G.O.) from FFHound!
(((Bren))) - Jenny H. from Android
So very sad, so very sorry. :( - Janet from BuddyFeed
Sorry, Bren. - Stephan from iPhone
I'm so sorry :( *hugs* - Pea Bukowski from Flucso
Be well - WarLord
So sorry, Bren. I said goodbye to my 17 years old cat just three days ago, I know how you feel. Hugs. - Tricia McMillan from Android
such a sweet face - MoTO: #TeamMarina
I love this picture. - bentley
:* - TaS
love and hugs to you and yours, doll. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Isaac was my first dog. He'd been with me since he was 8 weeks old. He was uniquely awesome. I'll miss him. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
Aw, I'm sorry Bren. - Anika
Thanks for the kindness, everyone. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
I'm so sorry. :( - LB snowed in.
;_; - ani
I'm sorry, Bren. :( Rest in Peace lil man. <3 - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Aw, I'm sorry Bren. Goodbye Good Dog <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Reading all about Snowden with our four year old.
Reading all about Snowden with our four year old.
Citizenfour is playing today at an Atlanta art theater. Thanks to the reminder I looked it up. I want to see this film while it is still here. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
This is a book about Snowden, the snow man. :) However, I'd love to see the film. - Stephan from iPhone
Big Joe Silence
just discovered that the mother of one of our daughters' best friends is less than half my age.
dammit, i feel old. - Big Joe Silence
My girls came into my life a little later. When dropping off the 4 y/o in the morning I am definitely not the youngest parent. It's just how life went. - Stephan from iPhone
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