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Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Oh. You're rollin' high, sir.
Oh. You're rollin' high, sir.
I can see that working in 3 feet of snow. - Stephan Planken
I spent the evening with two lovely cats on my lap, (and watching Frozen!) but when I wanted another brownie, or needed to top off my sangria, I pushed them to the floor. #sorrynotsorry #SaturdayFF
It can be done! - Derrick
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
No amount of pussy gonna stop D gettin' it DONE. (Sorry, couldn't help myself). - Johnny from iPhone
They didn't seem to mind. - Derrick
I do it all the time. Mine have learned that if I say "I'm sorry" that they need to jump off of me. - Katy S from iPhone
They didn't claw your legs up in an attempt to stay on? - Melly
Nope. - Derrick from iPhone
NO! they're going to report you to the SPCA!!! (lol) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
«دولت (همت) اگر سلسله‌جنبان شود .. مور تواند که سلیمان شود» - وحشی بافقی
مورچه - Ants.jpg
مـورچـه - Ants.jpg
. - Arash
لایک برای عکس. - ♕Dr. Eynollah ♕
«اگر یک تخم توسط نیروی بیرونی بشکند؛ زندگی پایان می‌یابد.. اما اگر با نیروی درونی ترک بردارد؛ زندگی آغاز می‌شود..! بهترین چیزها و بزرگترین تغییرات از درون اتفاق می‌افتد یا تغییر می‌کند..» - جیم کویک |□□| If an egg is broken by outside force, LIFE ends. If broken by inside force, LIFE begins. Great things always begin from inside
Turtle - لاک‌ پشـت.jpg
Turtle - لاک‌ پشت.jpg
بهترین چیزها از درون اتفاق می‌افتد یا تغییر می‌کند.. - amin
یادم میاد دور اول انتخابات "ان" یه مهندس بود خیلی در مورد "سیستم" و "تغییر از درون" صحبت می کرد، خیلی باحال بود. - ″Ω″
این عبارت درسته . منتهی دید من بیشتر بهش فرهنگیه تا سیاسی - دادفر
جالبه! میتونم خواهش کنم یه مثال بزنی ببینم تغییرات فرهنگی از درون یعنی چی؟ - ″Ω″
یعنی تغییرات گام به گام فرهنگی و رشد فرهنگی و اجتماعی درون جامعه . یعنی آزمون و خطا و یادگیری و تجربه جمعی . چیزی که نمیشه مصنوعی تزریق کرد . فقط طی زمان بوجود میاد. مثل اتفاقی که برای جامعه امریکا افتاد - دادفر
جوجو لاک پشت ! - مــمـــد ☮‌‌‌‌
بهترین چیزها و بزرگترین تغییرات از درون اتفاق می‌افتد یا تغییر می‌کند :))) - حنا
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
as currently as April of 2014 the ability to regularly correctly fold a fitted sheet is a court permissible way to prove that somebody is practicing witchcraft.
I had a successful moment last folding session. I was amazed and amused and certain I won't be able to repeat this. - Janet from FFHound!
Perfect != roll it into a ball and toss it into the linen closet? - Kevin Johnson from Android
^ Works for me. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
People keep trying to tell me/show me that folding a fitted sheet is actually possible. This is cruel deception at its worst. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
There are so many more important things to worry about. :) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
I get the 'how' but I lack the fitted sheet folding gene. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Steven Perez
Barry and Bunneh @ The Alamo
Barry and Bunneh @ The Alamo
You couldn't bring him the sun so he went to you. What a guy! - Spidra Webster
I promised Barry that I'd turn off the snow. :-) - Steven Perez from Android
Also, got to meet Wife and Waif. Tickled that they thought I wasn't real. :-D - Steven Perez from Android
#bunnehMoTO I swear there was a snow bank following him - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
So much awesome in one picture. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Hey, you leave Vera alone. I raised her from a mere snowflake. :D - Steven Perez
i need to meet both you guys. :) - Big Joe Silence
Mega jealous! - Jenny H. from Android
*melts* - Heleninstitches
Too bad it was the briefest of meet ups. Unfortunately, no beers were killed. We will have to fix that next time. - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
If ever there was a recipe for trouble... - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Emily's running around the room naked, Hippo in one hand and magic wand in the other, singing "I got a cutie bum! I got a cutie bum!" #fb
She won't have ANY problems landing boyfriends when she grows up! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
She's not having boyfriends. Or girlfriends. Never, ever, ever. Nope. - Melly
I declared the same re my daughter. She didn't listen. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Michael W. May
Can ducklips go away now? Please? Pretty please? *bitchlips* #bitchlipswasalwaysbetteranyways
Splain me the difference. Really. I think I was out sick that day and I am totally confused on the subject. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat from Android
Bitchlips is far less exaggerated, usually one side a bit more than the other, with a look that says something more like it's namesake followed by "please" (instead of looking like you've blown up 99 luft balloons whilst sucking vinegar betwixt blows) - Michael W. May from Android
Or as the father of bitchlips once said: - Michael W. May from Android
haha. - Derrick
t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Two different people have told me I am glowing tonight. I have no idea what that's about. I didn't even exfoliate. Weird.
Preggo??? - Steve C
Ha! I know, but definitely not. I have no idea. Maybe I'm coming down with something? It's a strange thing for two random people to say. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat from Android
Maybe it's a certain aloofness that's come with your recent decision. - Not Me
Good point. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat from Android
Could be the earrings. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat from Android
15+ years ago i couldn't get a lit match flicked at me until i was engaged to be married, then suddenly everyone was interested. a related (tho obviously different in important ways) dynamic? - Big Joe Silence
Confidence. It's always all about confidence. - Akiva
Eric - Watch Me Now
Begin day with job 1, then move to job 2, then after done with job 2 do job 1 while at job 2 location.
Michael W. May
Carriage ride through downtown
Carriage ride through downtown
Look how happy you guys look. <333 - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
t-ra: lose,find,repeat
oh lordy. y'all want to hear about some nonsense? remember that email I didn't send? well, I sent it. funny how a simple act can shift your whole perspective on a thing. I was so worried about it, and now I realize I give not a single solitary flying fig about it now. My conscience is clear. And good grief, people and they drama!
SO. Background: I've been bummed about the romantic fiasco since February where the dude "wasn't ready to date" then I saw him out with a girl several times... remember that? Well, for some reason I couldn't shake the shitty feeling of it and it got me thinking about my issues and deciding not to date right now, etc. But it was still bothering me, a lot, so part of my therapy homework recently was to monitor "The Three," those indicators of whether a thought pattern is in fact problematic or just temporary mood-based passing phase kinda thing. Turned out is was problematic so I buckled down to figure out why. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Turned out part of what bothered me so much, aside from my usual paranoia trigger stuff, was that I liked this girl. We are more than mere acquaintances, having had several deep personal conversations over the years. She was the kind of person I was glad to see and would usually end up hanging out with when we were at the same place. So it bothered me that my feelings about her changed due to the lame behavior of some dude, and I didn't want that. (You may recall, I mentioned I had avoided her a few times.) - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
As a result of that reflection, I decided to write her an email explaining that my acting differently towards her lately had nothing to do with her, that I thought she was a cool person and I valued our friendship as it's been thus far, and didn't want it to change. Lady friends come first and all that. Also being very clear that I don't want to know anything about whatever is between them becasue it is none of my business, just simply to acknowledge I had been weird and apologize. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Welp. not half an hour later I receive an epic text message from the dude, who mind you has been radio silent since the first time I bumped into them, about how he didn't intentionally disrespect me, he's sorry for not communicating with me all this time, he hopes we can be friends because it's a small town and we're bound to bump into one another (yeah no shit!), but he understands if I don't want to be friends as a result of his behavior, how this apology is long overdue, etc. etc. etc. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
meanwhile I get an email response from her and it is all over the frickin place. going on about her dating adventures juggling three guys, including one WHO IS CURRENTLY DATING A MUTUAL FRIEND OF OURS, and this guy SINCE DECEMBER! and she had a feeling something was up with me but didn't want to pry, figured it was probably about this guy though she wasn't sure. Then something about how they are just friends "if that helps." - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
In summary: I think both of these people are kinda nuts, and I am not interested in having any personal dealings with either of them beyond common courtesy. And whatever I was bummed about is only in relation to an alternate universe where I thought one or both of these individuals was worth the time and energy I have already expended on this. Here in this Universe, however, that is clearly not the case. Done and done. Dodged a bullet, possibly two. People are crazy y'all. CRA. ZY. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
What the hell not their responses but your ability to pinpoint the self confusion is awesome! - Janet from FFHound!
What Janet says. Also, hooray for communication. it can be SO CLARIFYING!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
inorite! It's pretty amazing how with one swoop I settled my personal karma, got some very enlightening information about both of their characters, and completely rid myself of any fucks I could give about it. BOOM! - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Wow. I had a very similar experience earlier this year. Isn't it nice when people show themselves to be a flaming mess so you can choose whether or not you want to continue interacting with them? - Corinne L
Aaand she's at the bar I just walked into. The Universe is having fun with me. It's cool. Ima play nice. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat from Android
Steve C
This Terrified Whale Was Trapped In Net And Left To Die. How She Thanked Her Rescuer Shocked Me. -
"Michael Fishbach narrates his encounter with a young humpback whale entangled in local fishing nets. While this video is long, it's well worth your time. Skip ahead to :48 seconds for the start of the action and 5:38 for the climax. Then, at 6:20, something truly amazing happens." - Steve C from Bookmarklet
Whales are so damn cool. - SAM
That's so awesome. I love whales! - Heather, 30k Camper
wonderful. - Lnorigb
Victor Ganata
My sister's theory about why my brother and I have asthma, allergic rhinitis, and eczema and she doesn't is because before she was born, my brother and I lived near the oil refineries in Wilmington and Carson. My theory is that it's because she has an extra X-chromosome which prevents her from being saddled with all sorts of recessive traits.
I like my theory better because it definitely explains why my brother and I are both red-green color blind and she isn't, even though red-green color blindness isn't generally associated with asthma, allergic rhinitis, and eczema. - Victor Ganata
Ha, for a minute there I thought you were saying your sister was XXX. - Spidra Webster
Heh. As far as I know, she has a normal chromosome complement, although I don't think she's ever had a karyotype done…. - Victor Ganata
Her theory does have some merit, though, considering how much higher the incidence of asthma is in the shadow of the refineries. - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
"To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem." — Douglas Adams
Victor Ganata
"…their fundamental design flaws are completely hidden by their superficial design flaws." — Douglas Adams
Simply Caroline
Almost to denver, seeing snow for the first time. Ever. @ Vail Ski Resort. Vail, CO
Almost to denver, seeing snow for the first time. Ever. @ Vail Ski Resort. Vail, CO
t-ra: lose,find,repeat
just got a call from my mom all weepy to tell me my kid brother and his wife are expecting. she was so excited, she couldn't finish a sentence about how excited she was for choking up with emotion. her first grandchild.
what's really cool about it is that they flew down to Florida for a visit so they could tell her in person. because my kid bro got class like that. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Nice thing to do. And I remember how happy my mom was when we told her. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
That's awesome of him. Congratulations to them and you, soon-to-be aunty. :-) - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Friday Night Part 2 - TLC for my neglected skin.
Friday Night Part 2 - TLC for my neglected skin.
Can you teach me how to apply make-up? You look positively STUNNING. - Uli
Sure Uli! Step 1: Mash up a frog; Step 2. Smear it on your face. The end. - Melly
Bluesun 2600
Just discovered some of my "legacy" data storage capacity. Eight hundred ninety six MEGABYTES packed into a 5 inch x 2 inch memory stick array! We're cookin' with gas now, people!
2014-04-18 09.01.27.png
And it's a bit scary to reflect on how much I paid for those 256 MB Memory Stick Pros. Thankfully I never opted for the 512 MB & 1024 MB versions. Even *I* have my limits! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ from Android
Also, the advent of memory sticks provided the first tangible evidence since the BetaMax days that Sony didn't have the end user's convenience/best interests at heart. (That hasn't changed much.) - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ from Android
“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life that you don’t need to escape from.” – Seth Godin Seth Godin (born July 10, 1960) is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. source -
It's a big world out there with a lot to see. Hard to believe it's not worth exploring. - Todd Hoff
t-ra: lose,find,repeat
PSA: don't tell the dude at the bar watching the #hockey game that the players look like a bunch of cats batting a catnip toy around.
Vacation beer is the best beer.
Does anyone have Bitcoin? I need about 0.01 BTC for transaction fees. Will pay current rate + 10%
Not me. Anyone? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Bump? - Johnny from iPhone
I don't think I have that much, since I diversified everything into other altcoins, and then MtGox destroyed the market. - Not Me
I tried very hard, I have 0.0098 in one account, and couldn't transfer less than 0.01 from the other one, which doesn't have 0.01 in it. - Not Me
Even if it's 0.005 BTC. Need to cover miners fees on a significant transfer - Johnny from iPhone
What's the address? - Not Me
1KE3KuZdMVhUkuhm3a4SacfihcxE9Hnm4D - Johnny
Let me know where to send the cash - Johnny
Don't worry about it, it's only $5. It wasn't doing anything but sitting about. Sent 0.00981 just needs to be verified by the network. - Not Me
You're a star. I owe you big time. - Johnny from iPhone
+1,000,000,000 sir. - Johnny from iPhone
Should be confirmed very shortly. - Not Me
Weavers fees because the name miner makes Bitcoin like coal unsustainable :) - Eric Logan
Went through. Ass TOTALLY saved. - Johnny from iPhone
Hurrah for Jimminy! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
W00t! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I was totally on the edge of me seat over this for 14 hours (no, really, not sarcastically). WHAT IN THE WORLD REQUIRES BITCOIN FOR TRANSACTION FEES??? - lris
holly #ravingfangirl
because it makes me smile, here's little(r) holly and her dog. #tbt
because it makes me smile, here's little(r) holly and her dog. #tbt
clearly, i've been a bit of a pill since a young age. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
omg! - Derrick
that makes the whole world smile - Steve C
Is your dog giving you the side-eye??? :^) - Friar Will
NO HE IS NOT. that's how bulldogs always look. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
I am sure it is. :^p - Friar Will
6 months of marriage today. Conclusion: Works like a charm. #inlove #bestwifeintheworld #goodmorningdarlinggirl
Yes, it do! And thank you, darling man. xoxoxo - Kirsten
I haven't given you your prezzie yet! - Uli
But I know what it is. Besides, I wasn't thanking you for my present. - Kirsten
Nuovi poster motivazionali
maybe I'm a shooter :) - Al & Luminio ™
Ken Morley
Me: I've hardly ever seen snakes camping. Her: They probably have trouble finding little sleeping bags.
If they did, would they also pretend to be inchworms? - Anika
LOL, yeah getting into the bags may also be an issue. :) - Ken Morley
"Her" made me chuckle :) - Eivind from Android
"She who shall be obeyed" was too long. ;) - Ken Morley
I imagined big snakes in knee high socks. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
There are certain places where it is advisable to shake out your sleeping bag before getting into it, Between the snakes, the spiders and the scorpions it's just good policy. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
They don't have that problem in Australia. With spiders as big as truck engines you can easily see they have taken over your sleeping bag. - Stephan Planken
And your boots... don't forget to check your boots. - Ken Morley
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