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"When World War II erupted, colonialism was at its apogee. The course of the war, however, its symbolic undertones, would sow the seeds of the system’s defeat and demise. How and why did this happen?"
"First, a short detour into the foul realm of racial thinking. The central subject, the essence, the core of relations between Europeans and Africans during the colonial era, was the difference of race, of skin color. Everything—each exchange, connection, conflict—was translated into the language of black and white. And, of course, white was better, higher, more powerful than black. Whites were sir, master, sahib, bwana kubwa, unchallenged lords and rulers, sent by God to hold sway over the blacks. Into the African was inculcated the notion that the white man was untouchable, unconquerable, that whites constituted a homogeneous, cohesive force. Such was the ideology that ably supported the system of colonial domination, by teaching that to question or contest the system was absolutely pointless. Then, suddenly, Africans recruited into the British and French armies in Europe observed that the white men were fighting one another, shooting one another, destroying one another’s cities. It... more... - Eivind
The Shadow of the Sun: My African Life, by Ryszard Kapuscinski - Eivind
Simply Falling - - Iyeoka ...
Hi, booteh jan :)* - mina_sydney
دانلود میکنم تا گوش بدم. آهنگ های شما همیشه زیبا هستن :) - Hadi.YaLın
Thank you booteh jan, It's so sweet of you. Enjoy your day and good night from me :) - mina_sydney
Thank you, Hadi jan, I hope you enjoy it, have a great Friday :) - mina_sydney
ممنون مینا. گوش دادم و لذت بردم :) - Hadi.YaLın
What a voice! smooth and soft - Paul
Great music, Thank you Mina jan for share it - chakra
absolutely divine! - Cera
hi mina..suck my dick plz :) - کیرتو کون مصدق :)
hi mina..suck my dick plz :) - کیرتو کون مصدق :) - کیر خر تو کون شهدای سبز
Thanks, dear Cera and Paul - mina_sydney
Thanks, dear Cera and Paul - mina_sydney
Thank you, chakra jan. Glad you enjoyed it :) - mina_sydney
Awesome ... :-* - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Sepi jan :)* - mina_sydney
وااااااااااااااااو .... نشنیده بودم میناجان .... خیلی خیلی زیبا بود - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
مینا جون خوبی؟کجایی؟ - صمد بهرنگی
. - Arash
up - Cera
+ - hosein.x6
Mina, I hope all is well! - CarlC
این چه خوبه من تاحالا نشنیده بودم چرا - اردویسور
اردویسور jan, I'm so glad you liked it :)** - mina_sydney
Give me more beautiful music like this!! :) - amni
Missed to see your beautiful posts lovely ... :-* - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Darling Sepi, Empty So empty without you here◠‿◠♥* - mina_sydney
Steven Perez
Aw, crap. I gotta go to work tomorrow.
"So, here some of my favourite ruined churches around Britain. If Lindisfarne is perhaps the most evocative, Dryburgh Abbbey has possibly the most beautiful setting, on a bend of the River Tweed, near Kelso in the Scottish Borderts. But my personal favourite is St Dunstan in the East, in London. Nestled, almost unseen, in the shadow of the Gherkin and the Lloyd’s Building, it was originally built in the eleventh century, rebuilt by Christopher Wren after it had been damaged in the Great Fire of London, and then almost destroyed during the Blitz. The church remains today in ruins but within and around it has been created a wild and wonderful garden. The remaining windows are draped with Virginia creeper and ornamental vine. Inside the roofless walls thrive such exotic plants as Moroccan broom, New Zealand flax and Japanese snowball. The effect is quite enchanting." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
Seems like Pompei. - Margot
St Dunstan-in-the-West on Fleet Street, though also bombed in WW II, is still active and worth a visit. It's about as ecumenical as a Christian church can get, being home to both an Anglican and Romanian Orthodox congregations: "St Dunstan-in-the-West is home to the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association, and is a centre of prayer for Christian Unity. It is therefore appropriate that... more... - David Lounsbury
What a contrast! Now I dream of visiting both churches, if I ever get around to take a trip to London. - Maitani
The only activity today: Going to Best Buy to get cases for the tablets. After that, both @gohomekiki and I will vegetate all afternoon.
That sounds like an excellent plan. - Katy S
Danke. - Uli
Leaving the house sounds very ambitious to me. #tired - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Yes. We're back, ordering from Amazon after all, and are exhausted. But the fresh bread smells divine. - Uli
Tasted divine, too! - Kirsten from Android
Well, yes. I made it. Tsk. - Uli
And your bread always tastes divine. *nods* - Kirsten from Android
Why, yes. If I decide to make a loaf, I'll do it right. - Uli
MoTO: Team Marina
I don't say it enough (or perhaps I never have) but I admire the hell out of Jimminy. He gets it done, even though half the time I have no idea what he's doing. And in a world of people who constantly brag about "keeping it real" he just does it.
I don't know what I did. (NSFW, Language) - NOT THE CRICKET
Just keep on doing it, bruh. - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
He a badass rapper too :-) - Slippy
More like a sadass wrapper. Which is true. I can't do either. Writing the lyrics on point I can do, but spitting them is another game, that I can't play. It's a shame. - NOT THE CRICKET
Hehe - Slippy
MoTO: Team Marina
What? - Joe
Aw shucks, B. Thanks for that. Appreciate you, my friend. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Today was a great day y'all. Played my first bike polo game and scored a goal even though I don't have control of the bike or the mallet yet. Then an awesome lady friend took me to dinner and offered me the spare room in her house by saying 'you're not going to need it, but if you do it's yours'. I continue to be humbled by the care and concern...
people have shown me. It is truly affirming. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
And who knew there was a sport I might actually enjoy and be decent at? The Universe never fails to surprise me with her shenanigans. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Also that feeling when you're physically tired from fun and then get to rest. Soooo delicious. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
You missed Dragoncon again actually we both did, but you really need to go.sincerely your friend AKA me. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
You're right, Eric. I really need to get there one year. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Ever seen something like this before? :)
Ever seen something like this before? :)
No, I don't think I've seen anything like that before! :)). - GΞШ@LL
Neanch'io, Gewall! :)) - ma∟ıĸ
Touch me if you can! Touch me if you can! Lol!! - Posmo
Oh Yes , You Think U Can Dance :)) - میرزا وروره‌گیس جولی‌پولی
:)) - ma∟ıĸ
:))))))))))))))))))) یو مید مای دی - هانا
:))))))) - ifti
Awww, so glad to hear that, Hannah jan!! :)) - ma∟ıĸ
ifti :))) - ma∟ıĸ
=))))))))) - زی
:)) - ma∟ıĸ
Lol. - iFriend
:))) - Droppy
ریفری کی شکل دیکھنے والی تھی :-))) - saeedvasi
The longer you watch the funnier it gets! :) - [c] Twippy
:)) - ma∟ıĸ
This is so funny! =))) - GΞШ@LL
Why yes, I just sprayed a turkey with a garden hose. #turkeysareassholes
Most people use a turkey baster. - Betsy
That's going to be one moist turkey! - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Ha! - Miriella from Android
Melly - #TeamMarina
She just realised Hello Kitty has no mouth - HILARIOUS. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @stayathomemum: If you have Lego fans in your house, they will love this post by @4KidsActivities - #Lego
RT @stayathomemum: If you have Lego fans in your house, they will love this post by @4KidsActivities - #Lego
Widow: Husband's Hairy Chest Reason for Not Defibrillating on Flight -
Widow: Husband's Hairy Chest Reason for Not Defibrillating on Flight
"While on board a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, Jack Jordan suffered a massive heart attack, which rallied passengers on the flight to give the man CPR. While others gathered to a help, a flight attendant allegedly said the heart defibrillator couldn't be used because the man's chest was too hairy." - Me from Bookmarklet
Inside every defibrillator case (according to every trainer I've had) includes a disposable razor for the express purpose of shaving hairy chests. - Betsy
And you only have to shave two very small areas, just big enough to attach the leads (or whatever they're called). - Betsy
short version: flight attendant (and by extension SW Airlines) is liable for wrongful death. - Big Joe Silence
You can also use the adhesive pads to rip off the hair, there should be more than one set of pads. - Janet from FFHound!
So when I tweet something and answer myself, it's not going to show in my notifications? It's a conversation, damnit! #disappointed
Mike Nencetti
A nice weekend at Lake Murray SC. Beverly is doing well.
A nice weekend at Lake Murray SC. Beverly is doing well.
Steven Perez
[INSERT CLEVER WITTICISM] - [/feeling lazy]
[clever retort] - Kevin Johnson from Android
[REDACTED] - imabonehead from Android
Simply witless - Janet from FFHound!
Never has a post and its comments summed up my day better than this. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
[mumble mumble mumble] [/not quite awake yet] - Steven Perez from Android
[cliché salute to caffeinated beverages] - Kevin Johnson
50 years ago tonight I went to Forest Hills Stadium,NY to see my very first concert.....THE BEATLES!!!.
Nice! My first was Elton John in 1973. (I'm not going to count Terry Jacks and The Poppy Family at the PNE.) - Ken Morley
i didn't start going to shows until 1984. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. - Big Joe Silence
<3 - L to tha B from Android
They Might be Giants was mine. Pretty much same same as The Beatles. - Steve C Team Marina
The first concert I went to see that was my decision (my parents used to take me to shows all the time) was Megadeth, with Suicidal Tendencies opening for them. It was at the Patriot Center (GMU) on Nov. 5, 1992 - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Melly - #TeamMarina
Ken Morley
This iPhone is crap! The volume buttons do nothing... The thing is still tiny!
The buttons adjust the volume of the whole universe, so you probably didn't notice. - David Lounsbury
Ah okay, I thought I was going to have to make a trip to the Genius Bar. ;) - Ken Morley
Steven Perez
U.N. urges U.S. to stop police brutality after Missouri shooting -
"This demo is featuring use of Raspberry-Pi as a gateway in an alarm system. We connected a camera and accelerometer to the Pi and used Reactive Blocks to make a simple intruder detection application. Every time vibration is detected, the camera takes a picture and checks if there is a change in the image. If a change is detected, it sends an SMS and an email with an attached image of the intruder." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Victor Ganata
"Life could be worse, Calvin." "Life could be *better*, too! But worse is more likely."
How do you work with someone for 6 years and not know how to say their name correctly? Also, why is Yvonne (EE-von) so hard for some people to say? ::grumble::
*fist bump* - Corinne L
Wow, rude. Like how hard is it to just listen and learn? I'll never understand that. - Jennifer Dittrich
On the other hand...why aren't I more assertive??? - YvonneM
A guy I worked with for 15 years still doesn't know my last name. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
There are a LOT of people where I work whose names I do not know. Some who have told me their names, I can't remember. It takes a while to sink in for me. Non-English sounding names are the ones I have the most difficulty with. - Ian May
Ian, that helps. I work in a small-ish library and most of us interact pretty regularly, but hey. - YvonneM
My sister-in-law is from New Jersey and her name is Yvonne. Everyone there pronounces her name "Ya-von." It might have to do with their accent. Yet when I ask her and say "ee-VON," she says I'm saying it correctly. LOL. - Trish R
My mom had a childhood friend called (phonetically) Wy-vo-na. The girl's mother had read the name in a book and that's how she thought it was pronounced. Spelled "Yvonne" of course. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I had a friend tell me, after 2 years, that I'd been mispronouncing her name. Talk about awkward. - YvonneM
I got an invitation to my SIL's bridal shower yesterday and my name is spelled incorrectly... - Melly - #TeamMarina
How does Pandora work?
You open the box and all hell breaks loose. - Steve C Team Marina
sign up. create a channel by "seeding" it with a band or song. From there you can add more seeds or just thumbs up or thumbs down things as they are played - FLEMING
Steve. - Marie from iPhone
magic - ellbeecee
ah, thanks for staying tuned! :)
ah, thanks for staying tuned! :)
=)) - Posmo
چه ریچارد شیردلی بود :))))))))))) - پریســــــا
:)))) - ma∟ıĸ
Why did this Tarzan run away? :))) - iFriend
صاحب بہادر کیا کرتے، انہیں بری طرح سے ڈرا دیا گیا :-)) - saeedvasi
Soup in a TARDIS
"If you are holding this book in your hand, whether you bought it with money or just picked it up and ran to the car, you've made a good choice. Toddlers are misunderstood and the one in your life is probably disappointed in you. Read this book if you want to get better at what should be your number one priority: making your small child happy"
from The Honest Toddler: A Child's Guide to Parenting by Bunmi Laditan - Soup in a TARDIS
"Listening ears, gentle hands, inside voices. If you're an adult, you've probably used these terms three to four hundred times in the last ten minutes. Question: Do you know what "minding your business" means? It means letting your child's spirit remain free. Your number one responsibility as a volunteer caregiver is to keep the unbroken crackers and full-strength juice coming. Rather... more... - Soup in a TARDIS
"Sharing is a socially acceptable form of theft and needs to be abolished." - Soup in a TARDIS
"Salads break hearts on a daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, it's not even a real food. If it's not okay to eat leaves in the park, it's not okay to put a salad in front of an innocent. If you want to learn more about how salad destroys families, look at America." - Soup in a TARDIS
"Ninety-nine percent of vegetables are not fit for human consumption. The other 1 percent is ketchup." - Soup in a TARDIS
"Sleep is such a sensitive topic. How can I say this gently...STOP BEING SELFISH. You've had your whole life to sleep. Rest time is over. Now you must be as vigilant as you can be to help your toddler achieve glory. Forsaking sleep will be hard at first, but just like plants that have figured out how to get food from the solar system, you can do amazing things if you apply yourself." - Soup in a TARDIS
"Beach vacations are the best. Water. Sun. Sand. Crying." - Soup in a TARDIS
Louis Gray
First Grade: Initiated.
Looks like they are going in with the proper attitude - Steve C Team Marina
Go get em! - Eric
thats cute - sandra hall
guiltless reading: Bookends featuring ... reading (of course!) -
guiltless reading: Bookends featuring ... reading (of course!)
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من اون دختره رو می خوام :| - اردویسور
خانم اردویسور عزیز این لینک ها رو چک کنید دارند: و - Mahdi
ممنون :) - اردویسور from iPhone
خواهش میکنم :) - Mahdi
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