Rob Hoeting
Why does google suspend gmail accounts? A good friend recently had his gmail account disabled and was offered no explanation!
I've had this happen to me twice in the last year now. It's really sad, since I love the gmail interface and use it exclusively for my personal mail but I'm not going to be able to rely on it any more. It's really hard to convince the Google support team that I am who I say I am, and that I'm not a spammer! Why should they believe me, I guess. My account is if anyone has the "inside juice" to get me reinstated! - Doug Bloebaum
This is kind of scary. I got so much stuff stored in my gmail account... I'd hate to suddenly lose it. - Rob Hoeting
Rob, email me his address and I'll find out what's going on. - Paul Buchheit
Rob, he must have clicked into the Privacy Policy page by mistake. - Aviv
From Google Support: "Hello, Thank you for your report. After further investigation we're re-enabling your access to this account. We've changed the alternate email address to To sign in, you'll need to reset your password by visiting this link: ..." Woo hoo! I'm glad to be back, but I can't help feeling like it's going to happen again. Paul, if you intervened thanks a bunch! - Doug Bloebaum
Liking this as a bookmark if I ever (God forbid!) need my GMail account resurrected. ;-) - Nenad Nikolic from twhirl
By "like" I mean, I am interested. Suspension of accounts is really scary. Gmail should use some sort of "read-only" setting if they think someone is violating their policies, that way they could retrieve their messages if they are a legit user. - Dave Dash
There are some cases where it's actually better to lock the account entirely, such as if it has been hijacked by someone else (I would rather they not have access to my email). - Paul Buchheit
I suppose this is a tradeoff of security versus usability - which is fine, but is their a sure-fire way to restore your access if you get wrongly suspended? - Dave Dash
This: is the beginning of the process - Adewale Oshineye
It seems that it's time for us all (and Google support and ethics teams) to come up with a policy of identification of people in case they (we) can't be reliably identified. Something like Paypal's "send us the bill and photocopy of your driving license or local passport to prove that you are who you say you are". - × × ×
And smarter way would be to use some kind of social references ("tell us who can confirm your identity in case of emergency"). It works now already — you have best chances to recover suspended account if you know or are friends with someone from Google itself (or have a friend of a friend), who can be a sort of your "guarantor". - × × ×
They let me decide another password after telling them the label names of my gmail account and they did this very quikly actually - dogan kaya berktas