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Leveraging the Social Web for National Security
Options for U.S. Strategy Toward Syria -
Call to action remains valid 10 years after 9/11 -
Al-Mahdi Army in the Lead Up to USF-I Withdrawal -
Now is the time to engage, not isolate -
Does the United States mean what it says? -
Political Reform in Qatar: Participation, Legitimacy and Security -
Formation of the Fifth Iraqi Government -
Wikileaks Part 2: Yemen’s al-Qaeda Policy -
Wikileaks Part 2: Yemen’s al-Qaeda Policy -
How the Middle East Responds to Wikileaks -
Bowen and Biddle: Corruption Causes COIN Complications -
Web 3.0 and Beyond: The Semantic Web -
Al-Manar: Hizbollah’s Version of Must-See TV -
Candidates for Wolesi Jirga seats in Kabul -
Countering Taliban PSYOPS and Interdicting Insurgent Propaganda Networks -
Social Networking can be an Antidote for Siloed Organizations -
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