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Robert Dumas

Robert Dumas

Librarian, gamer, runner, Netflix junkie, somewhat-creative troublemaker and unabashed nerd. Looking for cool, fun, smart and beautiful things in the world.
RT @librarian_kate: From the Department of Oops, Our Bad:
RT @andreakalinka: For Those in the Digital Dark, Enlightenment Is Borrowed From the Library
Successful test job from Ziggy (our #Shapeoko 2) working today at the #cplmakerlab!
We got Ziggy (our #Shapeoko 2) working today at the #cplmakerlab!
Testing out Ziggy, our #Shapeoko 2, at the #cplmakerlab. @ Harold Washington Library
I earned a Fitbit Adjustment of 158 calories. #LoseIt
RT @LOLGOP: The difference between your guns and birth control is someone is actually coming for your birth control.
RT @MrsFridayNext: !!!! RT @pageturner: Starting on July 21, the whole @NewYorker archive will be available free online for three months
RT @J450NK: Hey, everybody. Knock it out of the park today.
RT @LOLGOP: The guys who scream "They're coming for our guns!" if anyone suggests better background checks think you're too touchy about birth control.
RT @ChiHomeless: Chicago sees more homeless youth, especially African Americans | The Chicago Defender
RT @tyhalley: People always claim they want something fresh and unpredictable, but they only seem to want it resemble freshness... or... something...
I should have known; who else could engineer such a bloodbath? RT @GRRM: Spoiler Alert! I wrote the script for this World Cup game.
RT @trimtab2: Interesting AMA with makers of LulzBots
RT @sfemonster: Every besto was once a rando. Never4get.
RT @sfemonster: Here's an obvious thing to say: but it's neat how there are people in your life who were strangers once, but they're your friends now.
RT @voxdotcom: Less than 1% of food stamps go to ineligible people:
RT @Perrspectives: It's official: GOP must retire its "Bush created jobs for 52 straight months" talking point.
RT @mtomasky: New Column: Can you guess w/in 500K how many more jobs have been created under Obama than Bush? via @thedailybeast
RT @dpla: The Dow was its lowest of the Depression, today in 1932. A political cartoon of the era: @USNatArchives #dplafinds
RT @Chicago_Reader: Aaron Swartz, the NATO Three . . . Is justice served when prosecutors pile on charges to ensure a conviction?
RT @qz: Writing tips from the CIA’s ruthless style manual
RT @infoactivist: @stray you did an amazing job. #scumakers
Just gave a one-hour lecture for @infoactivist on the #cplmakerlab (and more). That was a blast!
RT @dansinker: Meanwhile, in Chicago.
RT @chipublib: Mini-maker labs are coming to Wrightwood-Ashburn branch this week! More info here: #makers #cplmakerlab
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