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Robert Dumas

Robert Dumas

Librarian, gamer, runner, Netflix junkie, somewhat-creative troublemaker and unabashed nerd. Looking for cool, fun, smart and beautiful things in the world.
RT @LazyFish11: Last Audrey Hepburn set for #7DaysofColor~ thank god xD I was running out of dresses.
RT @CPLFoundation: Get on the bus w/ @chipublib on 8/19 for tour of @Edgewater_Workbench, Chicago's new makerspace Registration required
RT @textfiles: I love that! It's still uploading, it's 23 hours of DSLR footage and hours of audio, and even the editing files and notes. I'll alert you.
RT @textfiles: Independent film group that made an IndieGogo-funded horror film is releasing ALL material (footage, audio, etc) on
RT @BestOscarWilde: There is no sin except stupidity.
RT @jodigomes: Capt. Ron Johnson: "I am you. I will protect you, I will protect your right to protest." #Ferguson /via @heykim
RT @scalzi: Oh, and here are the winners. Yup! Awesome!
RT @DundeadNZ: Simply speaking, #zombies are a host of a parasite. Lots of examples in nature; toxoplasma makes rats suicide by cat
RT @DundeadNZ: Movement of rabies virus in fox - watch out if it mutates in humans. Key takeaway #zombies are real, & all around us!
RT @rlnave: Riot cops have arrived 2:15 before curfew in #Ferguson
RT @TheDailyEdge: Rick Perry: "Fuck. I thought the expression was 'speak loudly and then use a big stick'." #PerryIndictment #Coercion #AbuseOfPower
Almost forgot to mention: I’m a #saturdaylibrarian today.
GTFO of my supermarket; we're only halfway through August, fer chrissakes!
#FollowFriday #FF MT @NotableHistory The structural principles of suspended span cantilever bridges
#FollowFriday #FF RT @BestOscarWilde It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection.
RT @LOLGOP: Weird. Some white conservative guys are as uninterested in police militarization as they were about bosses vetoing birth control coverage.
“I’m Hardrock!” “I’m Coco!” “I’m Joe!”🎶
RT @jelani9: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you have a tank every protest looks like an insurgency:
RT @jelani9: Here is my dispatch from #Ferguson. The municipal version of Shock and Awe:
RT @kuramanga: RT @mattdpearce: Read this. RT @jelani9: Here is my dispatch from #Ferguson. The municipal version of Shock and Awe:
RT @NerdyAndQuirky: The news coming from #Ferguson sounds like dystopian novel plot points. Except it's not a story. It is real and it is terrifying.
RT @NoFeelings_Tho: RT @TheAnonMessage: IDEA: Hold mirrors in front of riot police, shames them. #Ferguson
RT @jackfrombkln: The Civil Rights Act is 50 years old. These two pictures were taken 50 years apart. Behold our progress. #Ferguson
This is the terrifying result of the militarization of police:
This comic by @ErikaMoen hit really close to home for me… right down to the “blink” button. Life is worth living!
Flashing the BeagleBone Black with Ubuntu. #cplmakerlab
Hello, next decal I must make. #cplmakerlab
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