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Robert Dumas

Robert Dumas

Librarian, gamer, runner, Netflix junkie, somewhat-creative troublemaker and unabashed nerd. Looking for cool, fun, smart and beautiful things in the world.
RT @LOLGOP: Cheney says Al Qaeda was almost eliminated in Iraq when he left office, which is awesome since they weren't there at all when he took office
I earned a Fitbit Adjustment of 65 calories. #LoseIt
It's Julie's birthday! (@ The Art Institute of Chicago w/ 13 others)
RT @TheCLAlliance: [Podcast] @buffyjhamilton on #libraries learning to act as 'incubation hubs'
RT @evankirstel: Went on sale 30 years ago today for $4,000
Adafruit’s guide to the new Raspberry Pi, model B+!
RT @GuardianUS: Millennials officially hate conservatives. The GOP's self-destruction is complete via @anamariecox
RT @DriXander: Use #afscmebold, @kweidleman will approve you for the big screen. =) Also ran into @levizzle & @krich4ever this morn!
RT @TheDailyEdge: #ThatAwkwardMoment when #GOP says we can't afford Food Stamps or to repair roads/bridges then votes for an unfunded $278B business tax cut
RT @RollingStone: In one of his final interviews, Tommy Ramone reflected on the birth of the Ramones: "It was time for something new."
RT @LOLGOP: FUN FAX: Child refugees from Central America are far more likely to be vaccinated than kids in Texas.
RT @TeachersTweeeet: "In Finland the question of 'evaluating' teachers is irrelevant. Instead..." ✨ ~Sahlberg
I earned a Fitbit Adjustment of 54 calories. #LoseIt
It took @Lez_Brarian and I almost two weeks to realize that we’re not just coworkers; we’ve already been Twitter buddies for a few years!
Went to see @RiffTrax live last night as they skewered #Sharknado and it was hysterical! I laughed so hard that I left the theater wheezing.
I earned a Fitbit Adjustment of 10 calories. #LoseIt
RiffTrax Live: Sharknado! (@ Regal City North Stadium 14 IMAX & RPX for RiffTrax Live: Sh...)
RT @librarian_kate: From the Department of Oops, Our Bad:
RT @andreakalinka: For Those in the Digital Dark, Enlightenment Is Borrowed From the Library
Successful test job from Ziggy (our #Shapeoko 2) working today at the #cplmakerlab!
We got Ziggy (our #Shapeoko 2) working today at the #cplmakerlab!
Testing out Ziggy, our #Shapeoko 2, at the #cplmakerlab. @ Harold Washington Library
I earned a Fitbit Adjustment of 158 calories. #LoseIt
RT @LOLGOP: The difference between your guns and birth control is someone is actually coming for your birth control.
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