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Robert Dumas

Robert Dumas

Librarian, gamer, runner, Netflix junkie, somewhat-creative troublemaker and unabashed nerd. Looking for cool, fun, smart and beautiful things in the world.
I just want to stay in this nice, warm bed all day. #dayoff
#nowplaying "Karate, Küße, blonde Katzenberg" (1974) aka "Enter the 7 Virgins". So incredible, it's…
RT @SklarBrothers: Star Wars Episode VII: Space Bitches Be Shoppin' #rejectednewstarwarstitles
Best. Headline. Ever. “Lake Michigan full of zombies after haunted house barge partially sinks”
“La tristesse durera toujours.” –last words of Vincent van Gogh. Sometimes, I really know how he felt.
RT @BastardKeith: If Sisyphus was around now he would just be endlessly, fruitlessly unsubscribing from email lists.
RT @doctorow: Toronto Star copyeditor edits memo announcing the elimination of copyeditor jobs [2009]
RT @APStylebook: Stylish costume! MT @writingbikes one of my finest Halloween creations: @APStylebook + cupcakes with style rules #TBT
RT @ClassicPixs: Hunter S. Thompson & Bill Murray '
RT @dangillmor: Reverse engineering Google docs -- play back all keystrokes. Time for a new editing system.
RT @davidfrum: The gun safety movement is learning how to win
RT @davidfrum: No, the first rule is that the debate over gun safety is open to all affected, not th private playground of gun enthusiasts.
RT @HistoryNeedsYou: Please raise your tea to @ladyyeoman - the very first female Yeoman Warder in more than 500 years
The IT dept brought back our updated laptops with adware on them. #youhadonejob
RT @EntirelyAmelia: Tumblr programming philosophy is literally “own your shit”
It’s Open Shop from 1–8 PM at the #cplmakerlab! Come on down and make something amazing!
RT @ThatAndromeda: Just got emailed about Simmons' new policy for trans undergrads. I'm...entirely in favor. Nice. (cc @simmonsgslis)
RT @infodocket: Time for Library Community To Speak Up About Verizon’s & AT&T’s Use of X-UIDH Header to Track Wireless Web Users
Remember, remember… RT @LettersOfNote: The warning letter that foiled the Gunpowder Plot:
RT @arbesman: Today in History: Doc Brown conceives of the Flux Capacitor in 1955 -
RT @ClassicPixs: “Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” - Roald Dahl, writer, 1978. '
RT @TheDailyEdge: It's amazing what unlimited spending, a few friends on the Supreme Court, and a concerted effort to suppress the minority vote can do
Or a minority. Or a woman. Or LGBT. RT @LOLGOP: It’s a good night to be a Republican. A terrible night to be the climate.
RT @davidfrum: In about 75 minutes, Ds will decide that filibuster, formerly bad, is now good.
The laser-cut piece I mad eat the #cplmakerlab for @aholeistodig and @slkunkle to celebrate their first child.
Setting up for Robotic Knitting class. #cplmakerlab @ Chicago Public Library Little Village Branch
First time I taught robotic knitting at a branch, no one raised an eyebrow. This time, I need some special pass. #FML
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