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Just activated Microsoft Office 365 Clutter to use Office Graph to simplify my life, now let the magic happen
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Bing always has brilliant pictures and today's is amazing view of poppies in the moat at the Tower of London #ArmisticeDay
RT @asabenn: "Beware of Asa on this one as I think he is stoking the fires," govt press officer accidentally emails me after I ask for a quote. Erm...
RT @LucyLaville: Students @leedsbeckett looking forward to meeting @capbyrne for tonight's lecture 'the science of engagement'
RT @TonyLangham: Of 1.5m,still 30k? via @politicshome :Martin Wheatley @TheFCA says 2% denied payday loan by new rules would turn to 'loan shark' @BBCr4today
Some good advice and tips from PR academics and practitioners on #prprofchat via @rickmurray
RT @DavidBrain: Man spends £50,000 on iPhone 6s to propose to girlfriend - she says no She was obviously a Samsung kind of girl
Microsoft Bing Predicts gets 95% of US mid-term results right, beating political pundits. Not bad for search data
Great interview on @R4Today with EU border agency Frontex's Izabella Cooper on Operation Trident (Ex-client)
RT @capbyrne: Blogged: are we all in "advertising" now?
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RT @danslee: Would love to hear your worst #comms or #pr of the year for the #comms20unawards:
LabourList has extracts from what looks to be an excellent Ed Miliband speech making the case for Europe at the CBI
.@montie Yes. Lots of organisations have logos on wreaths (scouts, Lions etc). It's mark of respect from group. Insulting to say otherwise
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Lump in my throat, tears in my eyes for Rothwell #remembrance parade, silence, anthem
A sea of remembrance at Tower of London
RT @edballsmp: Go for it Judith - you'll be brilliant. RT @jocoles1: Good luck to @JudithCummins in Bradford South!
RT @joetidy: Ooops! One of my colleagues just let her journalistic excitement get the better of her live on @SkyNews
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Incredibly dumb @PRWeekUS poll 'Is PR about spin?' Isn't even an option for my answer 'No, real PR never was'
RT @chrisrumfitt: Pretending he's got money off the 1.7bn will do Osborne more harm than just paying it would have done. Credibility/honesty now questioned.
Reuters abandons its Next web platform and makes many of team redundant
RT @DavidPrescott: How cool is this! The Poppy ruler for kids that becomes...
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