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PubAffairs | CIPR announces list of new Fellows -
CIPR appoints 19 new fellows with four from public affairs including Stuart Bruce, Iain Anderson, Daniel Large and Keith Johnson - Stuart Bruce
Only have short time to agree constitutional reform and devolution so it can be agreed in UK referendum with general election #federaluk
RT @paddyashdown: English parliament in W'minster not enoug. Same people, same place, same politics. Only real power with people in their communities will do.
RT @BBCNewsAsia: London-based public relations firm is acting on behalf of Uzbekistan's fallen Gulnara Karimova
Same in North East, North West, Midlands and South West so we are treated fairly. End preferential treatment for London, Scotland, Wales
... to discuss and agree what we want. Westminster shouldn't offer what it wants to give, we must demand what we need
We need a mass political movement now to lobby for greater devolution to English regions. A #Yorkshire devolution unconference in Leeds...
.@jimmurphymp praises success of votes at 16 and says still time to let them vote in UK general election. Absolutely right.
RT @DPJHodges: Needs to be a simple principle. Scotland only gets more devolved powers when rest of UK gets more devolved powers.
RT @MrHarryCole: Reminded that YouGov were 14% out at the last referendum (AV) > Really? Do you have a link?
RT @IsabelOakeshott: Sky is spectacularly outclassing the BBC tonight #indyref
RT @alexsmith1982: CNN, bringing credibility to footballers' platitudes everywhere. #110%
RT @suttonnick: Newspapers from North East, North West and Yorkshire "taking unprecedented step of joining forces to demand a fair deal for the region"
RT @Phillip_Blond: That this evening has happened is because a philosophy born in Grantham thought it could abandon whole regions & peoples without consequence
RT @RichardTaylor_: One thing is very clear to me - trusting young people with the vote is a GOOD thing. We should follow suit for General Elections #indyref
RT @paulhayes01: RT @patrickwintour: The revolt starts: English #localgov rejects second class citizenship, Barnett formula and demands new powers.
I know it's Scotland referendum, but anyone know how quickly Sunderland South will declare tonight? #indyref
Re last tweet Twitter is unreliable as a political indicator - got AV referendum wrong #indyref
RT @iankatz1000: Pollster Peter Kellner: "At risk of looking utterly ridiculous in a few hours time I would say it’s a 99% chance of a No victory" #newsnight
Whatever result North of England has been sold down the river by Miliband and Cameron with devo-max. Salmond wins either way #indyref
RT @beccacaddy: Also particularly interested in the use of #wearabletech to tackle mental health issues: calming anxiety, steadying breathing, etc.
.@tpemurphy @brandonleblanc Nokia Lumia 1520 best phone I've ever had. Big, but still pocket sized, so why get a pokey little one?
RT @JamesReedYP: Anger in #Yorkshire over Barnett formula promise in #indyref campaign clear at West Yorks combined authority meeting today. #localgov
Hopefully not my last glass of whisky in the United Kingdom says Stuart the Bruce #indyref
RT @AdParker: MT @lissted: For all things #indyref follow our Scotland Influencer Twitter list @lissted/scotland cc @stuartbruce
RT @essentialcandi: Star Wars as a gif is seriously impressive:
.@kierondonoghue In UK ALS is called MND (Motor Neurone Disease). I did #icebucketchallenge on Saturday for my Mum
RT @Jess_Recruit: Exciting new #job in #london working for @LEGO_Group as a #socialmedia manager for parents & mums -
RT @mndassoc: We need your help to find a cure for #MND #ALS. Text ICED55 £5 to 70070 or visit Thank you! #IceBucketChallenge
RT @richardbranson: All you have in business is your reputation – make sure you can sleep soundly at night
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