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Stuart Woodward

Stuart Woodward

Englishman from Royal Leamington Spa who has continuously lived in Japan since 1988
stuartcw on App suggestions for 5- & 7-year olds? -
"Minecraft PE" - Stuart Woodward
stuartcw on Getting a work visa while on a spouse visa -
"I knew that I would longer be eligible for a spouse visa the next time the spouse visa would be renewed and wanted to get things sorted out as soon as possible." - Stuart Woodward
stuartcw on Getting a work visa while on a spouse visa -
"I changed once from a Spouse Visa to a Long Term Resident visa. The guy at the counter was a bit surprised and suggested that I had made a mistake so called the boss for clarification. The boss said that it was no problem, he understood the situation and asked if I could get my spouse to send them a letter confirming the reasons for this. She happily did that for me and I got my Long Term Resident visa. After two renewals of the Long Term Resident , I changed to a Permanent Resident Visa. I possibly could have got my spouse to sponsor a renewal of the Spouse Visa and then applied for Permanent Residency but I wanted to get everything cleared up as soon as possible. It was just good/bad timing that the visa renewal came around at that time. If you have the chance to go directly to a Permanent Resident Visa that is your best option, it is much less a pain in the ass than the working visa. The Immigration Office will almost definitely want to know why you are giving up your Spouse Visa..." - Stuart Woodward
stuartcw on Creating a Morning Ritual -
"I'm doing: * 7 Minute Scientific Workout * 8 Minute Abs * (Beginners Kettle Bell Workout) on rotation, most days of the week. My kids go out at the same time every day so that is the trigger to finish breakfast, do 10 minutes exercise, shower and leave. Initially, I was self conscious and tried to get it finished before my wife came back but after a year everyone has got used to me doing it. The key is to have some trigger to start so that hooks you into the habit. Check out if you are having trouble getting the ritual to stick." - Stuart Woodward
RT @raquellima808: We are loving life 💗 @skycatch @tallaloi pakalohabikinis #jagerdog #supdog #hawaii @ hanalei bay
RT @rubbatiti: J.R.R.Tolkein, Miramar Hotel, East Cliff Drive,Bournemouth @openplaques @BluePlaquesGuy
RT @tomsteinfort: Are world leaders meeting at APEC or a Star Trek convention?!
RT @AntiJokeChic: Why did the baker stop making doughnuts? He got tired of the hole thing.
RT @FootbaIlCentre: Only in sunday league football..
RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: A thistledown the size of a washing machine is falling to a gentle crash-landing on a comet. My finger are crossed.
RT @Philae2014: Nice to talk to you again, @ESA_Rosetta! #CometLanding
RT @BeyondTLM: And precarious looking stands.
4 of 5 stars to The Martian by Andy Weir
RT @Philae2014: Getting ready for separation, descent and #cometlanding
RT @UsVsTh3m: Artist who drew the strip that Lichtenstein’s Whaam! was based upon has made a comic about it
RT @McFunkypants: This is a million dollar idea.
Grew up watching @jimmy_greaves as a pundit on TV but I was too young to have known what a great player he was:
Grew up watching @jimmy_greaves as a pundit on TV but I was too young to have known what a great player he was:
RT @jimmy_greaves: @radiogagger its hard to score at international level now that I'm 74
RT @Winkworth_W4: During WW1, the Tower of #London moat wasn't filled with #TowerPoppies, but vegetables! Via @Pocket_Ted
The weather is holding out here in Machida #FCRyuku
RT @jleague: 町田 2-0 琉球 【得点】町田:鈴木 崇文(前半46分)
#FCRyuku down 2-0 at half time.
3 mins in PK to Machida. Saved!!!!!!
Beer, Eisa, football. Paradise in Machida today! #FCRyuku
RT @naratakumi: やり方がわからない。本日午前。大塚にて。
“If a footballer has strength of limb, let them serve and march in the field of battle” 😭
RT @TechnicallyRon: It's easy to think Penguins are cute, but what are the real facts?
RT @3DPrintGirl: Chinese Doctors 3D Print a Titanium Pelvic Prosthesis for Cancer Survivor -
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