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Stuart Woodward

Stuart Woodward

Englishman from Royal Leamington Spa who has continuously lived in Japan since 1988
stuartcw on Overseas travelers making their first trip down to Cornwall by car from London. Would you mind suggesting things we should see? -
"Disco night at the Zone Night Club. ;-)" - Stuart Woodward
stuartcw on Books to help an angsty 16 year old boy fall asleep. -
"The movies were a poor shadow of the work of literature of the LOTR. Game of Thrones? Never heard of it.." - Stuart Woodward
stuartcw on Books to help an angsty 16 year old boy fall asleep. -
"Lord of the Rings" - Stuart Woodward
stuartcw on Which club do you support in the J.League? Why? -
"Yokohama Marinos. I live in Yokosuka. It's my local team." - Stuart Woodward
RT @akacharleswade: I see a shit load of money being spent and wasted. These people are peaceful. This is white men jerking off their weaponry.
RT @libbydoodle: Love this comparison! MT @Rocky_Sci: here is Rosetta's Comet 67P compared to the city of Los Angeles.
RT @IcelandTweets: Possibilities of a huge #Eruption in #Vatnajokull in Iceland. Hundreds of #Earthquakes in the last hours
水曜日の天皇杯チケット北九州戦の前売り券、大人自由席2枚あります! 1枚1600円、当日受け渡し出来る方連絡してください(^_^)v
RT @_primes_: 77711
.@leoofborg OK. Funniest one for me is futon as used in the UK: A sofa bed:
RT @YourAnonNews: Warning: gang activity reported in #Ferguson, MO. Be on the lookout for gang symbols
RT @kaepora: You can tell he's a police officer and not a military soldier because of the arm patch saying "Police"
UpWord Notes: notes and to-do's.
RT @gruber: Piece of shit CNN analyst says “main problem” in Ferguson is “a few bad actors among protestors”.
RT @curecanti: Some of these reporters need to get out more.
RT @DoubtfulNews: Two players die at world chess event in Norway via @guardian
Google maps took me to a shop in an arcade on the second floor of a building. Didn't know it was that smart.
RT @mk8024: J1 徳島-横浜のようす 試合後、両手を上げて阿波踊りをする横浜市民のみなさん(違 #vortis #横浜Fマリノス
RT @Mr_Mike_Clarke: Retweet to raise awareness. This shocking image shows the dangers of Superglue.
RT @howtogeek: LinkedIn isn’t loading for me. What if somebody I don’t know endorsed me for a random skill? This is a crisis!
RT @furu14: ビッグフラッグ
RT @FOXFOOTBALL: VIDEO: Pitch invader takes over free-kick duties from Spurs' Christian Eriksen | #foxfootball
RT @LunaticFringer2: Truly awesome. Throwing it back. @AngryBlackLady: Outstanding. RT @CookTheGreat: ✊ @eyeFLOODpanties
RT @JPMajor: With enough supporters this Apollo 11 @LEGOIdeas could actually become a thing
RT @AntiqueFootball: William "Fatty" Foulke was Chelsea's 1st ever goalkeeper. He weighed 308Ibs(139kgs) and played Cricket. Photo: EMPICS
RT @johnedwinmason: God bless the screenwriter who wrote these lines.
RT @jbarro: Is there any purpose for police to wear camo other than to look like soldiers? Not a lot of dense vegetation in Ferguson.
RT @paleofuture: Tweets from U.S. military veterans about the situation in Ferguson compiled by @AthertonKD
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