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Stuart Woodward

Stuart Woodward

Englishman from Royal Leamington Spa who has continuously lived in Japan since 1988
@tgR_tsuru it is required but like @japangus I see a lot of dangerous drivers. - Stuart Woodward
“Beautiful foreigner walking a polar bear” spotted at Shibuya’s famous crossing (RocketNews24) - Stuart Woodward
(横須賀市消防局災害発生情報より転載)10月09日06時37分頃、横須賀市久里浜1丁目4番付近で 火災 が発生し、消防隊が活動中です。 /よこすか火事ドコ?まっぷ #Yokosuka #横須賀市 - Stuart Woodward
【京急久里浜駅付近で火事】 神奈川県横須賀市久里浜4丁目にある京急久里浜駅付近で10月9日午前、火災が発生しました。現場には大量の消防が駆けつけ、騒然としています。 / - Stuart Woodward
Brett's PopClip Extensions -
Popclip for OSX on sale today: Recommended, especially with @ttscoff's extensions: - Stuart Woodward
Popclip for OSX on sale today: Recommended, especially with @ttscoff's extensions: - Stuart Woodward
@SGgrc Smartphone gyros are sensitive enough to pick up speech. Can be read from JavaScript on a webpage: - Stuart Woodward
This kind of crap saddens me. "Reddit's crappy ultimatum to remote workers and offices" - Stuart Woodward
Free wifi, 100 yen coffee and other reasons to check out the Shibaura Community Space: - Stuart Woodward
So it seems that 15th century combat in heavy armour was more like wrestling. Surprisingly mobile too. - Stuart Woodward
Really interesting conversation with @jaltucher and Scott Adams on creativity, persistence, and success - Stuart Woodward
#Iceland #eruption, now with drone: Incredible Close-Up Drone Video of an Erupting Volcano in #Iceland | WIRED - Stuart Woodward
International Rescue team save a Spanish caver trapped for 12 days in a remote Peruvian cave - Stuart Woodward
Nixie is a wearable camera that flies off your wrist/becomes a quadcopter [for @twistartups ] - Stuart Woodward
@aishiterutokyo does size of the stadium come into it? I was really interested to see that Eibar made it to LaLiga1 - Stuart Woodward
If you use Mac OS X, the fix for the #shellshock #bashbug has been released. Requires Mavericks 10.9.5. - Stuart Woodward
@tferriss the language of Okinawa is ウチナーグチ it's in the Japonic language group. (Most Japanese friends don't this.) - Stuart Woodward
Trying out the latest incarnation of Radio Userland.. - Stuart Woodward
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