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Stuart Woodward

Stuart Woodward

Englishman from Royal Leamington Spa who has continuously lived in Japan since 1988
Nixie is a wearable camera that flies off your wrist/becomes a quadcopter [for @twistartups ] - Stuart Woodward
@aishiterutokyo does size of the stadium come into it? I was really interested to see that Eibar made it to LaLiga1 - Stuart Woodward
If you use Mac OS X, the fix for the #shellshock #bashbug has been released. Requires Mavericks 10.9.5. - Stuart Woodward
@tferriss the language of Okinawa is ウチナーグチ it's in the Japonic language group. (Most Japanese friends don't this.) - Stuart Woodward
Trying out the latest incarnation of Radio Userland.. - Stuart Woodward
Mt. Fuji. Faintly visible this moring, from my roof in Yokohama - Stuart Woodward
A climber on Mt. Ontake took video of the ash as it raced down the slope to catch him and his party: - Stuart Woodward
I am stuartcw on fyQRL_SZjhoxSFm3Bn1SDHakLQxH_2klAEW7 / - Stuart Woodward
I've always wanted one of these costumes. Caroll Spinney is a genius. @ThingsWork - Stuart Woodward
Newcastle fans are trying to oust their manager:
Dictionary of Word Origins: The Histories of More Than 8,000 English-Language Words -
stuartcw on Overseas travelers making their first trip down to Cornwall by car from London. Would you mind suggesting things we should see? -
"Disco night at the Zone Night Club. ;-)" - Stuart Woodward
stuartcw on Books to help an angsty 16 year old boy fall asleep. -
"The movies were a poor shadow of the work of literature of the LOTR. Game of Thrones? Never heard of it.." - Stuart Woodward
stuartcw on Books to help an angsty 16 year old boy fall asleep. -
"Lord of the Rings" - Stuart Woodward
stuartcw on Which club do you support in the J.League? Why? -
"Yokohama Marinos. I live in Yokosuka. It's my local team." - Stuart Woodward
RT @akacharleswade: I see a shit load of money being spent and wasted. These people are peaceful. This is white men jerking off their weaponry.
RT @libbydoodle: Love this comparison! MT @Rocky_Sci: here is Rosetta's Comet 67P compared to the city of Los Angeles.
RT @IcelandTweets: Possibilities of a huge #Eruption in #Vatnajokull in Iceland. Hundreds of #Earthquakes in the last hours
水曜日の天皇杯チケット北九州戦の前売り券、大人自由席2枚あります! 1枚1600円、当日受け渡し出来る方連絡してください(^_^)v
RT @_primes_: 77711
.@leoofborg OK. Funniest one for me is futon as used in the UK: A sofa bed:
RT @YourAnonNews: Warning: gang activity reported in #Ferguson, MO. Be on the lookout for gang symbols
RT @kaepora: You can tell he's a police officer and not a military soldier because of the arm patch saying "Police"
UpWord Notes: notes and to-do's.
RT @gruber: Piece of shit CNN analyst says “main problem” in Ferguson is “a few bad actors among protestors”.
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