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Stuart G. Hall

Stuart G. Hall

Current focus: social media, from online communities to social networks.
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"@RayJaw: @SeanEllis @neilpatel Nice one, looking forward to this! Speak to @TrueupHQ - they're making interesting waves over here." <Nice!
RT @SeanEllis: Re my Tweet about the London Growth Hacking Conference, early bird tickets are 60% off through end of this month
Got away with describing Barking as 'Outer Shoreditch' to a Midlands based startup advisor today. #startup #culture #london
"@holidaylettings: Is your home in one of the vacation rental growth hot spots? <Leicester is a cool spot;-)
The Death of Facebook Interest Targeting: Shifting Budget Priorities - Jon Loomer Digital via @JonLoomer
"If you are not selective, you’ll find yourself in growth roles where your potential to succeed is limited or non-existent." #growthhacking
"This all highlights the importance of marketers/growth hackers to seek products with significant grwth potential"
RT @BBCLeicester: Put the date in your diary! Mayor Sir Pete Soulsby confirms parade for champions Leicester City on May 5th bank holiday
"If you’ve got to wade through of mtgs with the VP, the opportunity you want to hack might have already evaporated."
Come Tues morn, the customer turns up at the dry cleaners for their best suit. "Sorry, my man is late, its not here." So, does that matter?
Customer goes into dry cleaners with their best suit. "When can I have this?" " By Tuesday first thing!" comes the answer.
Joking about a funny example of the relationship btwn dependency and performance from a customer pov, over half an American IPA...
Russia trying to 'break up Ukraine': says Biden, see The Hindu.
Sunglasses for kids, why dont they you see more kids wearing cool shades? #random #marketing #thought
So i currently am following a half naked man (Tommy Hilfiger branding).
RT @NikkiElizDemere: The Power of Storytelling: How To Get 300% More People To Read Your Content
"@Daiquiri: Don't fuck up the culture - AirBnB - #startups" <easier said than done if u dont know what can f-it-up!
Check out this epic growth recipe at <it's on the value of bartering your marketing collateral with another co' :-)
4 Lessons from Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday: <email for free GH book info!
"@audreymelnik: Virality Daily is out! Stories via @AceTechOntario @TorontosAwesome @stuartgh"
SDL Customer Commitment Dashboard for Customer Experience Reporting <a tool for #growthhacking for global brands?
RT @TonyRobinsonOBE: #StartUp? Ask for help from a biz owner. Test trade first (pref whilst in a job). Bootstrap don't borrow: Enjoy a passion. @EnterpriseRocks
RT @GrowthHackers_: launching soon - The Next Generation of Visual Website Optimizer
"@kubajeziorny: Why 9:41 AM is always the time displayed on iPhones and iPads" <& analogue watches' all show 10:10:-)
.@David_Cameron : Legislate Bereavement Leave for the death of a child via @UKChange
General Mills Legal Policy Change Spooks Facebook Fans <take that Cheerios!
RT @mashable: Students on board the stricken South Korea ferry were told to stay in place. Hundreds of them are now missing:
I will be talking to a global co, with top $ #startup investments, about potential of UK's SEO/SEM sector. Do u have any news to pass on?
Red squirrels: The creature that everyone knows but is hardly seen <red squirrels vs grey squirrels...
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