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The saddest thing about FSA not naming & shaming? More proof UK Gov cares more about its image than citizens. Hence #DRIP, Porn Filters etc
2/3 of UK retail chicken contaminated, FSA no longer puts consumer first;
RT @paulg: If you try to outlaw the future, it will just happen somewhere else.
RT @owenboswarva: Home Office says @ICOnews will receive more money to cover "extra duties" imposed by #DRIP Act | #privacy #DPA
RT @CoEinBrussels: CIA rendition: numerous violations found in first ECHR judgments concerning Poland. Press release here (pdf)
RT @JamieJBartlett: When it comes to personal data, we're more worried by Internet companies than the police. My post for @Telegraph
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Wow, England, you sure stole a lot of countries! #glasgow2014
RT @BiggusBobus: It's only a matter of time until this.
RT @sirbonar: I find it outrageous that these activists feel entitled to spoof a Government Department @claire4devizes
RT @mkmswain: Poor athletes. Work your arse off for years perfecting a difficult discipline and get upstaged by a dog in a coat #commonwealthgames
RT @_youhadonejob: Thanks sticker guy now the postman thinks I'm a freak.
RT @leonardkish: Not the way to handle twitter. Family taken off plane, threatened with police? for a tweet?
So that's Rod Stewart, the proclaimers & some heather. Just need Andy Murray, Sean Connery, and The Krankies for a full house. #Glasgow2014
RT @guardiannews: Undercover police spied on grieving families of De Menezes, Groce and Reel
RT @DbrayArchi: If u r fortunate 2 b near @Brixham This summer u must go 2 @Shoal_stone & enjoy amazing Seawater lido @atShoalstone
RT @the_intercept: Even uncorroborated social media posts can be grounds for putting you on a terror watchlist
RT @RichGreenhill: #DRIP Lords to debate Data Retention Regulations on Tues 29 July Secondary Legislation Cttee + JCSI reports imminent
RT @bainesy1969: ICO disagrees with me on likelihood of legality of Labour's compliance with ePrivacy law. What do you think?
Securing Network Services with a Reverse Proxy -
In the enterprise, servers that receive requests from external clients are often subject to numerous inbound threats. One way to mitigate these threats is to move those servers into the internal network and make them accessible from the outside only through firewalls and a reverse proxy.  A couple of firewalls and a reverse proxy can provide protection by filtering traffic directed at those servers and hiding those servers' identities. Let's take a closer look at what I mean. - Stuart Gray
RT @zsk: Wow "@kennethpayne01: Top Secret plane carries out classified flight at undisclosed location via @LiveScience"
RT @frankieboyle: Israel say civilians are being killed because they're living near terrorists and, to be fair, they are living stupidly close to Israel.
RT @glynmoody: customers are overwhelmingly choosing not to use parental-control systems foisted on ISPs by UK government well done
RT @PrivacyMatters: @EFF Says Its Anti-Tracking Tool (Privacy Badger) Blocks New Form Of Digital Fingerprinting <only on chrome/firefox
RT @tom_watson: "British MPs to sue government over fast-tracked DRIP surveillance law":
RT @garethniblett: .@terrorwatchdog reviewing terror laws & special powers: Definition of 'terrorism' is too broad
RT @terrorwatchdog: Review of Comms Data and Interception Powers - CALL FOR EVIDENCE …
RT @Joanne_Clement: Dominic Grieve QC: not going quietly! "Cameron ‘as bad as Putin’ if he gives MPs human rights veto"
RT @meralhece: When Israel's only strategy is: 'they're forcing us to kill babies' Then you know they're in trouble, & losing public opinion. #Gaza
RT @GuidoFawkes: QC advising on terror laws tells #r4today should only be used against bloggers/journalists trying to intimidate government. My day job.
RT @latentexistence: DWP demand access at random to your home and documents | A Latent Existence Yes, this is actually happening.
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