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RT @DawnHFoster: Jesus: woman faces being cross-examined by her alleged rapist after he was denied legal aid, due to govt cuts
RT @glynmoody: #UK Filters And The Slippery Slope Of Mass #Censorship - why aren't people outraged over this?
RT @mattmight: Ever since I figured out how to break the DRM on kindle books, I started buying a lot more kindle books.
A police CCTV network run completely by AI? It's here.
RT @danmcquillan: snitchbit RT @newaestheticbot: Fitbit Is Now Officially Profiting From Users’ Health Data cc @M_PF
RT @owenboswarva: School pupils' details are being sold by the government | @MidWalesMike on National Pupil Database | #personaldata
RT @SLSingh: Deep insight into the scientific brain RT @DESYLibrary: The difference between scientists and non-scientists...
RT @topgold: Until today, I did not have a creative taxonomy. Now here's a good start:
Only 64k, impressive. The demo scene's come a long way since the Amiga/Atari days...
RT @DawnHFoster: Imagine resenting the fact food banks give out food, rather than the fact they have to exist.
RT @glynmoody: US Has A 'Secret Exception' To Reasonable Suspicion For Putting People On The No Fly List - police state meets kafka
RT @JRhodesPianist: You can simply text EGGS88 £5 to 70070 to give a fiver. Feed a family, fuck the Mail on Sunday. Shame on them.
RT @DerrenBrown: Foul RT @JRhodesPianist: Mail on Sunday sneers to make a great charity look bad. Donate here
RT @smitajamdar: “@DawnHFoster: “No questions asked”. Hang on a minute, Mail subs…”< sometimes the Mail properly disgusts me.
.RT @OpenRightsGroup: Nearly 2k signatures demanding NO #taxdataselloff—please sign and share:
RT @davidschneider: Can someone persuade Cameron that most UKIP voters say their religion is Jedi so we can hear him talk endlessly about his Jedi faith?
RT @JuliaHCox: NHSengland publically acknowledge they may collect free text data from GP records in future @KeeleyMP @drwollastonmp
.RT @WiredUK: HMRC wants to share taxpayer data with private companies by @olivia_solon
RT @0xabad1dea: “Ah, they found our router backdoor. Make it slightly more obfuscated and tell them it’s patched.”
RT @tom_watson: Quick response from the @OpenRightsGroup. Your tax records for sale.
RT @LozKaye: Petition: Don't sell our tax data! #flogitHMRC
RT @civility1: #flogitHMRC (me) has joined up with @OpenRightsGroup to stop tax data sell off. Other organisations want to help?
RT @i0n1c: At university they don't teach you the most important skills. Like understanding that everybody is a dick and you have to deal with it.
RT @futureidentity: Dear Prime Minister, you promised to 'roll back the database state'. Selling citizens' data to companies is not an acceptable alternative.
How do I opt out of @HMRCgovuk data sharing plans? Is opting out possible?
HMRC data sharing proposals put in a subtly different, arguably worse light, especially the 'public benefit' test argued for both
How can there possibly be a 'public benefit' from selling HMRC tax data, anonymous or not?
RT @LizzieMickery: HMRC to sell taxpayers' financial data -
RT @PatrickCToomey: The Government is silencing @Twitter and @Yahoo—and it won't tell us why. @ACLU @brianmhauss
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