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Is The Onion writing mainstream press headlines now? Egypt, Russia & Chinas reaction to US make Facebooks sarcasm tag seem like a good idea
RT @BBCWorld: Egypt calls on US authorities to show restraint against protesters in #Ferguson
RT @jamesrbuk: Current crises: Iraq, Gaza, Ebola. So yesterday David Cameron announced a tickbox on music videos –
RT @owenboswarva: Secret government contracts stop citizens knowing if #outsourcing works | @jwyg | #FOI #transparency
RT @stopsatgreen: Yes, @twitter, this is annoying - I use favourites as a bookmarking system, not to imply endorsement.
RT @socialtechno: When your art director doesn't understand Venn Diagrams via @georgepearkes
RT @mo_data: De-Identification, Re-Identification and the risks therein
RT @juliapowles: Bloggers are probs data controllers, says @bainesy1969, for purpose of stimulating debate on the v. long arm of DPlaw
RT @Copywrong_: DRM Performs Another Miracle, Turns Purchased Childrens Books Into Nothing At All
RT @DorsetRachel: Mapping the spread of the US military's surplus gear to police departments countrywide: > gobsmacking! #Ferguson
RT @_cypherpunks_: Twitter is the fastest source of news. Mass media is working on the uninformed rest of the population these days.
RT @xor: People were so happy about outside cops stepping in to #Ferguson, but that's not sustainable. What we see tonight, a strong community, is.
RT @csoghoian: As @citizenlab documents, HTTPS isn't just about protecting your users' privacy, it also protects them from MiTM delivered malware.
RT @swardley: Without a map, you have no strategy - ... stories are what we used to navigate complex spaces with before maps.
RT @garethniblett: Tesco Hudl & other Android devices face data reset flaw < user data recovered after factory reset
RT @glynmoody: Ferguson Law Enforcement: An 'Occupying Force' With 'Special Rights' - America, you might want to worry about this
RT @vasta: He’s just a good guy with a gun:
RT @JoCavan: I am rarely lost for words - absolutely unbelievable interview @vickybeeching on @Channel4News challenging a bigoted homophobic pastor
.RT #BusWanker @MicrosoftUK: Watch a man turn a local bus into his office -- and be more productive than ever #BusWorker
I don't think @MicrosoftUK has ever watched the Inbetweeners or they wouldn't have used the hashtag #BusWorker in an ad heh heh #BusWanker
RT @SuzyKhimm: “My hands are behind my back,” I said. “I’m not resisting." At which point one officer said: “You’re resisting."
RT @unitetheunion: Putting patients before profits [and paying] | An American doctor experiences an NHS emergency room -
RT @dangillmor: Yet another reason to use a VPN: ISPs and their partners snooping via DPI
RT @sdadich: Presenting @WIRED’s September cover: Edward Snowden, photographed by Platon
I have to confess I had a small crush on the younger Lauren Bacall. Stunning looks & attitude. #RIP
RT @caitrionambalfe: Watched a lot of this woman this year for inspiration. RIP Lauren Bacall. #strongwomen #TheBigSleep
A DNA project to unlock anorexia secrets seems an odd choice. It's general nature seems more psychological/mental health based.
RT @csoghoian: USPS turning secret mail surveillance covers into a user-friendly app?
RT @bainesy1969: Do your QR codes contain personal data?
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