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RT @raycorrigan: Federal Judge Preska: US can force Microsoft to hand over emails on Irish servers #EUdataP #safeharbour
RT @glynmoody: After CIA Angrily Denied Spying On Senate, CIA Admits It Did And Apologizes - oh, look at that...
RT @JonathanLanday: BREAKING: #CIA personnel improperly accessed Senate intel cmttee computers, internal CIA probe finds.
RT @JGamblin: Who knew Instagram geo-tagged every selfie you uploaded? Not this Russian missile technician inside of Ukraine:
RT @buchtan: "Big data’s greatest trick has been convincing the world that it works" sez @auerbachkeller #OKcupid #bigdata
RT @kasthomas: Argentina default. Bad day for Wall St.
RT @glynmoody: .@DavidHenigBIS @RikMende @AdrianBebb @nancysuzyq so why does a European Commissioner call democracy an "attack" -
RT @lucymarcus: Fascinating article: Tor attack may have unmasked users
RT @glynmoody: Jon Snow has opinions, and they’re fit for TV - absolutely right
RT @Oatmeal: How to play airplane peekaboo
RT @alexhibbert: Now the @RichardDawkins debate has leaked from Twitter into mainstream press. If you can't handle emotive examples & logic, leave the room.
RT @guardiantech: Vodafone chairman promises to protect customers' right to privacy
RT @TechCrunch: UK Police Replacing Ads On Piracy Sites With Warnings by @riptari
RT @glynmoody: Lee Rigby's killers received > £200,000 in legal aid - it's called "justice". quite right too - as was their sentence
RT @parliamentedits: The FoI request for Parliament's IP addresses has been refused on "national security" grounds. Deciding what to do.
RT @RussellPhotos: We can argue all day about media bias, but, I have never seen media show up to an event wearing it on their t-shirt!
RT @IanBrownOII: The basic #dataprotection principles in UK and EU law are flexible enough to cover #bigdata -@iconews #privacy
RT @lilianedwards: BBC report tries best to disguise fact that new Lords report says no new laws necessary to deal with revenge porn
RT @somebadideas: Highest recommendation, Adam Curtis' history of the systems of stability & surveillance that have frozen our present
RT @bainesy1969: ICO investigating insurance co.s who are requiring applicants to agree to GP subject access requests ht @docneilb
RT @GusHosein: DNA, cell tower dump, cctv, and number plate recognition used on 'vandalism' in NYC. White flag means what?
RT @markwfoden: Excellent (and amusing) talk by @swardley at OSCON summarising his strategic mapping technique
RT @markwfoden: Excellent (and amusing) talk by @swardley at OSCON summarising his strategic mapping technique
RT @teamreboot: bad news: the powerful are at a neurological level, not motivated to care. good news: they are, in theory, redeemable
RT @conradhackett: Wow! Public faith in Congress drops to record low 7%, lowest level Gallup has recorded for any institution in 41 yrs.
RT @yochum: Hold the Phone: A Big-Data Conundrum: It's incredible the answers non-technical people come up with t... #bigdata
RT @ggreenwald: I believe there's a word for this kind of a tactic: - -
RT @mattblaze: The FBI may well be the only organization on the planet that thinks computers and the 'net are *too* secure.
RT @PoliceChiefs: Reports that #police will seize #mobilephones after every road #traffic #collision are inaccurate. Statement here:
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