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I wonder how long it'll take for non-technical people to realise Internet uses & users mirrors society in the real world?
RT @tim2040: MT “@IanBrownOII: “paedophiles have also made [the Internet] their preferred dominion” -Mark Wood, @NSPCC chair" As have many of us FFS
RT @ICOnews: Company director prosecuted for illegally accessing customer records of over 1,000 EE customers #DPA
RT @JackofKent: Want to challenge the State? Well, talking to journalists, your lawyer, or your MP - all now confirmed as being subject to surveillance.
RT @garethniblett: Don't assume public trusts you, MI5. 'Make a case' for surveillance – Former security chief
RT @MLBrook: Interested in survey design OR #SamaritansRadar - I've captured the @samaritans survey qns & am looking for comment:
RT @PaulbernalUK: “I-say-Biggles-these-fiends-are-devilishly-clever.” Here’s @jjn1 on spectacular form re #GCHQ’s anti-privacy drive
RT @olivia_solon: Of FFS: Single adults banned from park - in case they are a paedophile: via @thewesterngaz
RT @Colin_Lawson: I think the Financial Times just about nails it. #EUrebate #Osborne #Marr @ChrisMasonBBC via @andyfree
RT @lucymarcus: Interesting RT @YouGov: How perceptions of where tax is spent differ from reality -
RT @NTusikov: UK police allegedly helped blacklist union officials until 2009 as part of its anti-extremism unit -
RT @samaritans: We care passionately about supporting vulnerable people & it's important we get it right. Sorry for any distress caused #SamaritansRadar
RT @samaritans: For the full #SamaritansRadar statement, please visit our website
RT @JamieJBartlett: 400 dark net sites closed down following a 'technological breakthrough' by the police. More to come.
RT @flayman: Flayland: Samaritans Radar - good or bad? <Now with update regarding muted accounts. #SamaritansRadar @samaritans
RT @StephenMangan: Home Office loses allegations against Home Office "They've looked inside & behind every cupboard in the department"
RT @benhammersley: Let's recap. Mon: head of GCHQ wants back doors to crypto and comms infra. Thurs: turns out GCHQ breaches client/lawyer conf as policy.
RT @PoliceStateUK: Exclusive: police arrest targets do exist, despite denials #Justice
RT @kerryjeanlister: Just got this from my mate @stefbard - proof, if it were needed, that the @samaritans app might need a rethink...
RT @e3i5: Motherfuckers. GCHQ finally admit they are spying on privileged lawyer-client conversations.
RT @garethniblett: EFF: VPNs will crumble Verizon's creepy supercookie stalkers
RT @MsLods: MT @CasparBowden Case studies to justify UK's blanket data retention in 2012 were bogus
RT @KipperNick: No, of course we don't cover protests. Not unless Nigel Farage is leading them. We're the BBC, for goodness' sake! #MillionMaskMarch
RT @CyberSecKent: Julian Huppert makes a very clear case, probably the most authoritative rebuttal of Hannigan's case @julianhuppert
My Philosophy on Alerting -
Summary When you are auditing or writing alerting rules, consider these things to keep your oncall rotation happier: Pages should be urgent, important, actionable, and real. They should represent either ongoing or imminent problems with your service. Err on the side of removing noisy alerts – over-monitoring is a harder problem to solve than under-monitoring. You should almost always be able to classify the problem into one of: availability & basic functionality; latency; correctness (completeness, freshness and durability of data); and feature-specific problems. Symptoms are a better way to capture more problems more comprehensively and robustly with less effort. Include cause-based information in symptom-based pages or on dashboards, but avoid alerting directly on causes. The further up your serving stack you go, the more distinct problems you catch in a single rule. But don't go so far you can't sufficiently distinguish what's going on. If you want a quiet oncall rotation, it's... - Stuart Gray
SQL Server FineBuild - Home -
SQL FineBuild makes it easy for anyone to produce a best-practice installation and configuration of SQL Server. For experienced staff, FineBuild will simplify the automated deployment of a site standard Gold Build. For inexperienced staff, it packages the expertise needed to install SQL Server complete with Service Packs, Cumulative Updates, and useful tools, all configured for optimum use. FineBuild abstracts most of the differences in the operating system and the SQL Server version and edition, and will perform all operating system configuration tasks needed for SQL Server. This results in a similar experience when installing SQL Server 2005 Express on Windows XP through to installing SQL Server 2014 on a Windows 2012 R2 Core cluster. - Stuart Gray
Red Gate book store - SQL Server Execution Plans Second Edition -
Every day, out in the various online forums devoted to SQL Server, and on Twitter, the same types of questions come up repeatedly: Why is this query running slowly? Why is SQL Server ignoring my index? Why does this query run quickly sometimes and slowly at others? My response is the same in each case: have you looked at the execution plan? - Stuart Gray
Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views -
Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) are a significant and valuable addition to the DBA's troubleshooting armory, laying bare previously unavailable information regarding the under-the-covers activity of your database sessions and transactions. - Stuart Gray
9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt | TIME -
In a new book out this week chock full of Google-flavored business wisdom, How Google Works, Google executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt and former Senior Vice President of Products Jonathan Rosenberg share nine insightful rules for emailing (or gmailing!) like a professional - Stuart Gray
Haroopad - The Next Document processor based on Markdown -
Haroopad is a markdown enabled document processor for creating web-friendly documents. You can author professional-looking documents of various formats: blog posts, slides, presentations, reports, email and more. Haroopad gives you the same editing experience regardless of the platform you are working on. It runs on all three major operating systems—Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. - Stuart Gray
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