Trying to remember the witchcraft required to compile native node modules on Windows... not going well.
Apparently regular scrolling with a mouse is more difficult in Windows 8- Facebook app's messaging panels are inverted while others are not.
RT @sarahwhatsup: Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Adventure Time Posters"
Last one for now -- More fun with @CorelPainter 2015's Particle Brushes and some filters. Great way to unwind.
The new Particle Brushes in @CorelPainter 2015 are great for quick shapes for concept art.
And... @CorelPainter Mobile for Android is available for FREE in the Google Play Store --
2 announcements from @CorelPainter today! Painter 2015 is live! 64-bit Mac, particle brushes and some UI refinement.
I really need to write a blog post. I keep finding good uses for edge.js in node-webkit apps.
RT @klimtypefoundry: “Did you unsubscribe by accident?” Yeah. I totally scrolled for ages to the bottom of your dumb email & clicked the 3px type by mistake.
Of course I love Kim... she's @mariabamfoo
Nvidia driver update totally destroyed my desktop layout (thanks for not working Stardock Fences), but plus side = GPU-enabled Illustrator!
Click "Save & Close" in Quickbooks. It asks "Do you want to save this transaction?" -- Umm... yes, I did click the Save button.
So, the only way @TheLeftoversHBO makes sense is if it's a prequel to Waterworld.
Replicating box-shadow's falloff with a linear-gradient is not proving to be easy...
More Office 2013 shenanigans... The "dialog box" is either the Word splash screen or THAT dialog box.
RT @JustinMezzell: Here's to more honest UX.
"There was a problem sending the command to the program." -> Taking up about half of my day here, Excel 2013.
So tired of Office 2013's "There was a problem sending the command to the program." error... Just open the file.
RT @maxfoundry: Stop Making WordPress Themes via @chriswallace
Playing around with @CorelPainter paper and flow map files. What sort of interesting things can I do with this?
Most annoying thing ever: YouTube embeds without a fullscreen button.
I've had enough of snakes already this year. 2nd one of this size hanging around today.
Time for True Blood. Hopefully this final season isn't as boring as last season.
RT @stop: I don’t wake up every morning to “engage” with your product. Engagement is an internal metric that should stay inside company walls.
Interesting - is now Creative Cloud.
So long, and thanks for all the fish, @Forrst. Good luck with the new concept.
RT @ryanstewart: An update on the current status of the comp to code tool that we’ve been working on for @brackets - (aka “PSD Lens”)
"Are you sure you want to leave this page?" -- I did click the close button...
<3 I can't wait!
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