BBC News - Breast cancer gene clue discovery -
BBC News - DNA identifies new ancient human dubbed 'X-woman' -
It seems there are still many questions being unanswer but it's good that more about the human evolution has been known nowadays. This article make me think of the #MB1005 lecture we had about population. :) - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Down the rabbit hole of centromere assembly and dy... [Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2010] - PubMed result -
It's seem very interesting to knw more about the centromere. :D - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
'Junk' DNA gets credit for making us who we are - life - 19 March 2010 - New Scientist -
There are more and more studies about the 'junk' DNA. I think it's true that these DNA has some way to contribute in the bodies. Good to find out that the changing occur in these DNA may affect the risk of getting disease. I am looking forward to other studies about these DNA and their functions. :D - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
BBC News - Glowing fruit fly sperm yields real time results -
The study of the behaviour of sperms inside female's specialised sperm-storage organs seems very interesting. This may also contribute in solving problems of ferility in humans. O_o - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
I don't know if you'll be able to access this link off campus but the videos of it are pretty cool. - Roisin Thomas
BBC News - Hospitals 'should axe thousands more beds' -
I think cutting the number of beds may not be the good things to do. We don't know how the aging population in the society will cause more paitents in hospital or not. As the Bristish Medical Association said if this is only done becase of financial reasons, it would be "immoral". More, I do agree that every area of the country have different views on this and doctors should have the right to decide whether the local hospital can afford the cutting down of beds. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Personalised cancer trial promises better drugs faster - health - 17 March 2010 - New Scientist -
So now the way to speed up the trial of new drugs is to try several drugs together and use biomarker to see if they work on cancer. I agree that the development of personalised medicine is beneficial in a long way and should do more research on this area. However, the high price of drugs is still the problem that will need to be deal with as the personalized medicine is developing. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
BBC News - Monkeys learn more from females -
It is a very interesting study. It has been found out that monkeys learn more from a female monkey than from a male monkey. It said in the article that this can be due to the social bond and the social status of the dominant female in a group. This can be one possibility but I think other factor may also control this behavior of learning. I think there may be genes which only appear in female which may produce some hormone let others to concentrate on what she’s going to teach them. I think more studies can be done to find out the reasons why the monkeys learn more from female. Also test can also be done on other animals, not only monkeys, to see if this also applies on the other species. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Your partner has herpes – now the good news - health - 11 March 2010 - New Scientist -
It was amazing to know the deleting of 5 genes of the virus can successfully create a workable vaccine. It has been tested on animals and it will be testing on human very soon. I am hoping this can be a success but, as the article mentioned, there is a herpes vaccine based on HSV2 a decade ago and that didn’t work out on human. I am worry if the same failure will happen again on this new vaccine. However, I believe the direction of deleting genes in the virus is the right way to enhance the rate of successful of investigating a vaccine since the normal virus without genetic modify cannot be a vaccine. I think more about the genetic of the virus should be done if the vaccine trials in human fail. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Human cells exhibit foraging behavior like amoebae and bacteria -
This article is very interesting to read. It talked about how the research about cell movement. It said cells move similar to some bacteria. It mentioned the Lévy-like behavior, a predator used a foraging strategy very close to a specialized random walk pattern. However, a pattern called a bimodal correlated random walk (BCRW) is also found in the human mammary epithelial cells. This is very useful for cancer research as the way cells move in the body is vital to predict where the cancer cell will go. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Seeking 'Next Generation' Treatment For Breast Cancer -
It is good to know that there are researches going on about the treatment of breast cancer which do not respond to standard medical treatment. Here, researchers target the drugs to the specific gene mutation so that the treatment of the breast cancer can be more efficient than the traditional treatment. I think this is very helpful and also this may be a revolution to the treatment of cancer. This kind of gene targeted treatment can save money in a long term if it’s more effective than the traditional treatment. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
HDTV reveals brainy octopus has no personality - life - 12 March 2010 - New Scientist -
This is a very interesting article. It said about how octopus has no personality. The experiments show that octopus react randomly one day to the other. The use of HDTV to test the behavior of octopus is interesting. I think this showed that octopus base on vision to catch prey, not smell. The brain size of octopus may also contribute to the behavior. I think more research can be done on the reaction in the brain and also the hormones which lead to such behavior. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
BBC News - Home cervical cancer testing kit boosts diagnosis -
It's a good news to have test kit for cervical screening at home. Although this kind of usage of self testing may not be accurate as the screening in hospital. This is no doubt a way to increase the number of women to take the test. It's overall beneficial to the whole country. :D - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Had fun on the #BS1006 practical session today! Lol I got photos of Roisin! :P Metabolic Efficiency of 23.2%. Well done Roisin! :D
BBC News - DNA test 'could predict most effective diet' -
It’s very interesting to find the genetic component of a human being also affect whether particular diet works on him/her. Although it has been mentioned that the study had looked at a very small number of people, I think it is worth to look into it for more details and see if this aspect of a human will affect the effectiveness of a particular diet. This also reminds me, during #MB1031 lecture, it has been mentioned that bacteria in bodies also affect whether a mouse is obese or not. I think problems like whether the genotypes of a human affect the bacteria in bodies and thus affect the effectiveness of the diet can be investigate more. So that more useful information about how to deal with obesity can be found. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
The paper with the link between obesity and the microbiome was Turnbaugh et al (2006) "An obesity-associated gut microbiome with increased capacity for energy harvest" (accessible on campus) #MB1031 - Dr Chris Willmott
Oh Thank you very much Dr Willmott! It will be a very interesting read. I will read this tomorrow when in the library. :D - Sharon Yim
For a long life, smile like you mean it - life - 05 March 2010 - New Scientist -
Real and Happy smile are always important to longevity. :) Let's smile! - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Naegleria Genome Sheds Light On Transition From Prokaryotes To Eukaryotes -
Very interesting read about Naegleria. Its genome really shows a lot of information about evolution from prokaryotes to eukaryotes - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
2010 Yeast Genetics And Molecular Biology Meeting -
Seems interesting! But it's in Canada. :( - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
New DNA technique gives names to the unknown dead - life - 05 March 2010 - New Scientist -
Amazing technique to be found out! The use of EDTA and pro-K to “liberate” more DNA from tooth and bones of unknown died bodies really increase the chance to identify who they are. Surely a good news to many bereaved families who haven’t yet found their relatives. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
BBC News - NICE says no to bone marrow disease drug -
Enjoyed the #BS1006 lecture :D good to draw the flow chat. \(^_^)/
Genetic and biotechnological approaches for biofue... [Curr Opin Biotechnol. 2010] - PubMed result -
By knowing the disadvantages of using crop as biofuel, improvement can be made. As said in the article, the fatty acid content of the crops can be increased by genetic engineering and also the hydrolysis of plant cell walls can be optimized to release fermentable sugars. It will help providing more usable biofuel and can help the environment if more percentage of biofuel is used instead of using coal as fuel to produce energy. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
BBC News - Gene test aid to cancer treatment -
It is a good news that there is technology to find out whether a anti-cancer drug can work on people or not by looking at their genes. As said by Dr Charles Swanton, treating only the patients that will benefit from certain treatments will save the NHS money in the long term. I agree with what he said. It can benefit the patients as more effective drugs can be given by knowing which drugs have no effect on which kind of patients. Although finding out patients genetic component in order to know whether a drug will work or not may cost a lot, if a simple diagnostic test can be developed later, this can no doubt can help the NHS to save money in the long term. Clearly it will be a win-win if more research can be done here. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
#BS1011 Assessments is very hard. How can I know whether the dataset come from a normal frequency or non-normal frequency?
This is what last week's assessment was about - go back and re-read the notes. - Dr Alan Cann
I know the way to know whether it is a normal frequeny is to make Histogram and look at it. but Excel is not possible to make Histogram... We are not suppose to hand make it ourselves, are we? - Sharon Yim
Use the Analysis ToolPak to draw a histogram as in previous weeks. Come to the next help session if you are having problems. - Dr Alan Cann
Oh! The ToolPak, I get it. I found the way to get that. Thank you. - Sharon Yim
Is anyone here know where I can find the powerpoint for today #MB1005 Practical in blackboard?
FInally done my #BS1009 booklet :D !Yeah!
Pandemic Hybrid Of Bird And Human Seasonal Flu Possible Say Scientists -
By reading this, I understand more about the possibility of exchange genetic marterial between virus. I agree that it's possible of the H5N1 and H3N2 to produced a highly pathogenic form of bird flu. Virus always have new genetic composition as they exchange their genetic marterial. It's good that research has been going on in this area. It's vitally important to prevent any of this kind of highly pathogenic virus to affect the health of people from all around the world. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Mouse grows human liver - health - 24 February 2010 - New Scientist -
wow! The idea of growing a human liver in a mouse is quite disgusting but I think in a scientific view, it’s a breakthrough. It may turn out that human organ can grow in animals and then transplant back to human. Here they used this kind of mice who have human liver to study hepatitis is in fact quite clever. We can know more about how to treat the diseases tests are carrying in a human liver, which is located in a mouse. - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
The manga which was mentioned in today #BS1009 lecture. I heard of it before. It was quite popular in the ACG world. But I never read it. It has both manga and anime. Anime of this was released in winter 2007. and One amazing news that I found out today is that there're going be a TV drama series based on this manga the coming summer. :D - Sharon Yim from Bookmarklet
Where is the most effective place you study?
I think the most effective place to study is at my own room. It’s quite here in Nixon cause my flatmates seldom come back. (all go to their boy friends may be.) Library is a good place but still people will walk around and I need to care about stuffs when I go off for toilet or so. It’s not as care-free as at home. I think the most effective place to study is a quiet place. If my room is quiet enough, I don’t think I need to go to library for studying. Unless I am doing research or things like that which I need a lot books. - Sharon Yim
Is having internet access available in the place you study important to you? - Dr Alan Cann
Yes, it's important. I have check up meaning of some terms and even find out answer to many question using internet. and Also I can ask questions in friendfeed :D - Sharon Yim
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