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Someone stole my mobile. Mobile I bought off my own money *sob* *sob* *sob*
grow up dude & welcome to the real world - viki saigal
Exactly what I thought. Guess I've been too naive :( - Yuvi from IM
Damn, viki, that's harsh. I'm sorry, Yuvi. - Anika
A lof of reactions i get have been negative. "You were too careless" :( - Yuvi from IM
That stinks. I know when I our car got stolen if someone had said that to me, I would have punched them in the face. LOL I mean, don't expect people to feel sorry for you, but when they're smug it's a little much to take, especially when you have to shell out more money. Did you have insurance on the phone? - Anika
You can insure a phone? That's news to me - Yuvi from IM
Some carriers do, if not, try private companies. Usually called repair and theft insurance. Look it up. - Amit Morson
sorry to hear that yuvi. hope you got the IMEI - AJ Batac
ok sorry yuri - maybe i was harsh...but seriously dude... sob sob sob ? look it at leastit wasnt your wallet with all your cards n cash - positive side ! - viki saigal
Err, I figure you seriously expected me to go off into a corner and let loose a few liters of tears? *seriously*? I'm off looking at the GData APIs now ;) - Yuvi from IM
But thing is, I've never had anything very valuble stolen from me before, so it was kinda like a shock - Yuvi from IM
When I lost my mobile, I know who took it but even then I was not able to get it back (even after complaining in the police station). - Sudar
So when are you getting your new mobile? - Sudar
Bummer. - DGentry
@Yuvi, it's time to get a new mobile which runs on Android ;) - Sudar
Well, maybe. Depends. DAMN - Yuvi from IM
Just a very late update - We caught the jerk who stole phones (not just mine). We recovered 6 phones, and kicked him out of the college :D - Yuvi
Resolution! - Derrick
Wow, amazing you found the twerp. - DGentry from Android
Boo to mean people who steal things. :( - Alix May
Yay! I love seeing bad guys get caught! - Spidra Webster
next time you are around the SF bay area, drop me a twit - kartik vaithyanathan
Sure will do. Happy new year. :) - Sudar
Leaving for HackFest :) Activated GPRS, let's see if I can use it. ANyone there, ping me
All the beset for your HackFest. Hope you make some good contributions to the kernel ;) - Sudar
@sudarmuthu I weigh 70 kg now, owing to diarrhoea!
Oops! You seem to have problem with your digestive system, every now and then. Did you consult a good doctor? - Sudar
Yes this time I did! The problem is junk food. After a good motion scan... Everything is with the food that i take outside. Nothing bad!Good News! Leaving India on a H1B. Got to get the VISA interview cleared this month end. Then will be flying in october. Regards, Rajesh - Rajeshwaran from email
OAuth isn't really *that* complicated once you get the hang of it :)
I guess it applies to most other things in life ;) - Sudar
Jesse Stay
Recently my cousin's head was run over by a car. This is what's left of her helmet. My cousin completely survived because of this helmet. Please think of this before riding a bike without a helmet next time!
bike helmet.jpg
I've ridden only once without a helmet in as long as I can remember. Felt vulnerable! - Adam Loving from StumbleRead
It's true. They work. - Andrew Feinberg
wow... that's amazing. how old is your cousin jesse? - dave mcclure
dave, my cousin's 30, just 1 year younger than me - Jesse Stay from twhirl
You can read her story, in her own words here. I'm inspired: - Jesse Stay from twhirl
This happened to a friend of mine at the beginning of the month. He didn't do so good in the accident, but the helmet obviously saved his life. Thankfully is on his way home tomorrow: - Steve Lacey
I used to ride my bike without the helmet even though it is mandatory in Chennai, India. But after reading this I am not even going to the next street in my bike without helmet. - Sudar
I never wear a helmet. When hearing things like this, I always think of this article. In the Netherlands no one wears a helmet. It seems safe to me. - Peter Stuifzand
I was hit while riding to work in summer 2006 & did not want anyone to touch my helmet at all costs. If my brain was scrambled, I did not want anyone to touch my egg:) I highly recommend a helmet especially if you think you will not need one! Mine was almost the same color too & manufacturer, but there is no conspiracy there:) - Roney Smith
Bicyclists/motorcyclists that don't wear helmets are better called future organ donors - Brian Sullivan
Thanks for sharing. I ride often at traffic time between cars. always wear my helmet...itsg good to know that It does work :) - jonathan from twhirl
that's incredible... - Jamie Allen from twhirl
Wow, glad to hear your friend is doing well after that. I agree, helmets save lives. Regardless, I've many intentional close-calls by drivers who don't want to share the road. Unfortunately, this is the common attitude where I live (southern US). - pete
we wear helmets for everything: mtb, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding & even surfing - skulls are fragile why not put a protective layer around it (i also try real hard to not ride on streets - a high percentage of drivers are oblivious to bike riders)... - mike "glemak" dunn
I always ride in my helmet and stay to bike lanes as much as possible. Nice to know the safety tools work. Now, if I can just avoid that NYPD cop with a penchant for knocking people off their bikes. Hopefully, he won't transfer to LAPD. - Jason Toney
Peter Stuifzand, my cousin would be dead if she did not wear her helmet. That article is BS. Wear your helmet! - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Point blank. You are a moron if you ride without a helmet. Sorry, but that's true and you're just going to play into Darwinian theory should you continue to ride without one. Any 'real' cyclist (e.g - you've been hit by a car - and yes, I have been) will tell you this without reservation. Helmets work without a doubt. - AJ Kohn
I survived a nasty motorcycle crash in my youth and would also be dead without that helmet - which cracked in 2 like an egg (that would have been my head, as the nurse aptly put it!). - Susan Beebe
A friend who's a cop refers to motorcycles as donorcycles whenever she sees someone riding without a helmet. I figure that applies for bicycles, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I was on the way to work Monday morning while it was raining, when the third car in front of me spun out of control and flipped twice into a ditch. When I pulled over to help her out she was just fine. She only had a scratch on her left shoulder from the broken window and was not hurt anywhere else. THE REASON: She was wearing her seat belt. It's nice to hear that these devices are actually helping us! - David Cook
Wow! I wear mine! Didn't for years - I was lucky I guess. Thanks for posting that! - matthew hunt
OMG... Jesse, do you have a link other than here on FF? I have friends whose kids refuse to wear theirs, and seeing this may help. - Cyndy
Cyndy why not just link here - - Brian Sullivan
Dutch don't wear helmets and they don't get killed by cars - Peter Stuifzand
Actually they do get killed by cars. But culturally they are not inclined to wear helmets. - Brian Sullivan
Cyndy, with this being dug out of the grave, I just noticed your question. That particular picture is from my cousin's blog here: You can read the full story here: Search for "run over by car" and you can read about her entire ordeal. - Jesse Stay
My brother would not be alive today if he did not wear his helmet while riding his motorcycle; please wear a helmet! - Sandra
man - Shey
If it's nice enough to ride, I probably won't be bothering with the human-powered bike any longer. I always wear a helmet on my gas-powered bike. - MiniMage
As long as we won't have mountains, we Dutch will not wear those things. Otherwise we won't be able to recognise the tourists on bikes. - Ton Zijp
Thanks for sharing - I had a mishap with a car, wasn't wearing a helmet at the time, was lucky. If they don't see you, it doesn't matter either way. Wear the helmet! - Rick Bucich
This isn't as extreme as this but when I fell off my bike onto a sidewalk and broke my arm, I thought I was fine for a while. Later, my dad noticed that the whole front of my helmet was all scratched up and the visor in front was torn off! I realized that if I wasn't wearing my helmet on the 2 minute trip down the road, I probably wouldn't be typing this comment right now! Not that I'd be dead but I would have suffered some head damage, limiting my ability to do most things. - Kevin Lyons
Helmets for cyclists are mandatory in Australia. Still gives me the shudders when I'm travelling and see bareheaded bicyclists on the roads. - Kate Foy
Aswin Anand
I'm unable to digest the fact that Mac windows don't have a maximize option. Why is that so?
You are a Microsoft spoiled kid, like @yuvipanda - Sudar
Aswin Anand
I should learn to get up early in morning as the good old days. Nothing is as productive as early mornings.
I am getting up early these days after I abandoned TV :) - Sudar
Arun Ganesh
who added my name to the cricket team? all i can do is run after the ball
[all i can do is run after the ball] That's why you were being added to the team. hint! hint! - Sudar
Holy cow, is going to be open-sourced I *might* have a look at source code and steal a few stuff for YOURLS ;)
Good news for both @trimurls and YOURLS. @trimurls is written in RoR though, would have been nice if it was in php - Sudar
Mohammed Moyeen
I have completed 1yr 3 months in bangalore oops...tiime is running too fast...:)
I have completed 2 months in Bangalore ;) - Sudar
Matt Cutts
What's your geekiest/favorite gadget right now?
I'll start. I'm enjoying playing with my Pogoplug, which turns any USB hard drive into a network hard drive that you can access from the web anywhere in the world. - Matt Cutts
I am totally addicted to my iPod Touch. I've been using my PC less now, but sadly it's also effected my blogging and productivity. - Imran Hussain
Predictable answer, I know, but the energy related apps on my iPhone. - Peter Troast
matt what happened to your hair?!! (ive been on vacation) - sean percival
My new HTC Magic. Been hacking on it and installing all sorts of ROMs and apps ever since I got it 2 weeks ago. - Stelian Iancu from iPhone
HTC G1. changed my life. - Erez Sonnenschein
He lost a bet ... he he. - Stelian Iancu from iPhone
My iPhone has changed my life! - Peter
It has to Iphone 3G[S] which is my first video camera. - Ashish
Me too, Stelian: My HTC Magic is so much geek-a-liciousness: rooting, hacking customizing.. - J. David Goodman
Bought the iPhone 3GS 2 days ago, trying to organize the homescreens now. (Also: the move from iPod Touch to iPhone is actually a bit scary.) - Gustav Holmström
Depends. My heartrate/stopwatch is winning me back. I wish it had GPS and a pedometer. - Anika
@Gustav: Why is it scary? - Stelian Iancu from iPhone
My htc magic...great phone! - Sufian Siddiqi from Android
Holy mackerel, Matt!! Your head is shiny! My current favorite gadget is the Blackberry 8900+Google Voice. I feel sorry for those poor iPhone users ;) - Ron's Home And Hardware
Blackberry 8900, although I cannot wait for the 9700, T-Mobile needs a 3G Blackberry device like yesterday :) - Nithin Jawali
@Stelian: To use it with the operator I prefer here in Sweden, I have to jailbreak and unlock it. And its always scary to see if you made all settings right, and don't pay per MB of data you use, or roams of another network etc. - Gustav Holmström
iPhone 3GS - I dumped a BB Bold and I am so happy now! - Giorgio
the reprap open souced 3d printers - Maurice Walshe
@Gustav: Ahh, I know what you mean. I had to do the same here in Switzerland with my 3G. However, you're scared only the first time you do it :-) - Stelian Iancu
@Stelian: Nah, scared the first days, and really scared to call and check the balance. - Gustav Holmström
My IronKey. Hands-down.-- find out about it at - Chris Arkwright
Lovin' my Slacker G2! Cancelled XM subscription months ago and this little G2 is far more enjoyable than any of the satellite radios (and service) I've had over the years. - Aaron Katz
Palm Pre, ftw! - .LAG liked that
HTC Magic for sure. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
iPhone / Palm Pre - vijay
I've been really enjoying my new Nike+ app with running sensor that syncs with iPhone 3Gs/iTunes. I've been running alot listening to RAGE and tracking all my data. Pretty cool technology that I am benefiting from healthwise. - Jason Cronkhite from iPhone
Palm Pre - AKA pocketable Linux server with EVDO, WiFi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, keyboard, and a camera. - Ken Sheppardson
Favorite is, ofcourse, my lowly Sony Ericsson W580i with the gifted Noise Cancelling Earbuds :D - Yuvi
cell phone jammer for all you people with no manners! - Drew
Pogoplug as well but soon it will be my new Drobo NAS! - Lester Greenberg
the google flashing pin. It's hypnotic. - Il gareth in Brasile
IPhone 3G - Dave Dugdale
Pedometer.... earlier it was iPod. - Sudar
Usb coffe warmer - Melita
Kinda old.. but Wacom tablet - eapen
DSLR camera :) - hIpPy
Currently it's my feet. Low tech discovers enabling me to walk/run home all of a sudden. Oh, and iPhone app. Runkeeper to make sure I remember it too :) - (unknown)
My new netbook! - Stephanie
I guess I'm the only guy who hasn't really watched Slumdog Millionaire yet, uh?
You are not alone. Even I am yet to watch Slumdon Millionaire. - Sudar
Aswin Anand
Since yesterday is running nginx :D The site surely feels very fast! Do give it a spin and let me know.
Did nginx gave any problem with WordPress permalink structure and mod rewrite rules? - Sudar
It would be interesting to know how the rewrite rules are working. Seems everyone is facing the problem(me too) and the solution works for some and not for others. Do reply. - Sujay
Hey it checked out says Error to database. Just wanted to let you know!! - Sujay
Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes (keen amateur from the UK, wants to be pro) - & (add yourself below). - Kol Tregaskes
Brian, retired wire, magazine and newspaper photojournalist - Brian Hendrickson
Phill; A daily photoblog from London - sucks in Friendfeed likes and comments (along with the same on zooomr; flickr and ipernity) - Phill Price
Just bought my first DSLR 10 days ago, and I'm utterly hooked. - Phil Essing
Parth, hobbyist photographer, - Parth Awasthi
Mark, rank amateur, and, occasionally, very rank amateur - - Mark H
Brome, amateur from France - - Brome
Holger Eilhard, doing some photography on the side in Cologne, Germany - - Holger Eilhard
James, keen amateur but still a beginner. - James Myatt
el Jaime, los King de Everything: People say I should go pro, I say not, I don't want the government spying on me any more than they already do. - Tsali - A dude man
Guillaume, try to be a serious amateur : - Guillaume Lemoine
Andy, enthusiastic amateur/hobbyist. and - Andy Roth
Kevin, strictly amateur but very much an enthusiast. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Zach, very amateur but having lots of fun. - Zach Flauaus
Steven Perez, blurry photos. - Steven Perez
Thomas Hawk. I am a photography factory. - Thomas Hawk just one of amateur street photosnapper in japan. for now, GRD-II, D-50, Vivicam and so on. - browneyes
Chris Myles Travel Photographer Of course scenery is beautiful but my favorite shots are usually candid face shots of natives, usually taken with a long lens. - Chris Myles
that looks like my friend russ - chris
He's more camera than man. - CannonGod
Hobbyist professional? I shoot for fun, mostly "part-time," but I do sell shots too. In Northern California, USA. - Chad McCoskey
Just starting out in photography. been using SLR's for about 4 weeks now. - chris
Justin Korn - late to post, but better late than never, right? -- , - Justin Korn
Download all the Competition Plugins! -
Five of my Plugin are there in this list of 43 Plugins. - Sudar
Kol Tregaskes
Dusk Upon the Bay Bridge / Justin Korn
Dusk Upon the Bay Bridge / Justin Korn
Wow!! Great shot, very nice. - Sudar
Great shot from Justin. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Leo Laporte
From my inbox: Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be...
Such the philosopher. Um, you didn't take your wife to China did you? - Rick Emery
From the great philosopher Leo ! - Chris Ames
It seems Leo got this in his E-mail. - Brent - Yes I am
Heard this from a customer the other day, but he ended it, "So don't giver her any crap." It's funnier that way. - Jeremiah Green
In my house you have to give me the groceries to get a meal, but you can give my wife flour and sugar and she'll give you back bliss in a cookie. - dthree
How true, and how soon us men forget... - Sean Higgins
Give the greats a sad song, they'll make it better - won't bore people w/my list - heretic_twit
I'll give her the sperm and let the government pay for the baby like all the homies do in compton. - John Hillestad
"when the leaf falls, the tree trembles" - remember Neda from Iran - heretic_twit
If you give her your wallet, it will become full....... (not with money, but with bills) *ducks* - Sudar
How true! I just gave a bad answer and got back the Hell. - Opensource Obscure
Too True! - Lillian Banchik from twhirl
I love it. Sent it to my girlfriend. I know she is going to agree. - Parvez Halim
I am a woman ..... trying to give me some money and see what happens FIUUU! FIUUU! :-) - pallina60 Loon
First comes the Wedding Ring then comes the Suffer-Ring ;-) - Richard Bitting
@pallina60Loon LOL a massive exception to the rule - Parvez Halim
@ Parvez Halim: I do not think is exceptional. People prefer to think that the woman is sweet and helpful. Sometimes it is not so - pallina60 Loon
@ ❦ ❦ Kiyomi & Ken: I have not talked to repay the money :-) - pallina60 Loon
@Richard Bitting: LOL - pallina60 Loon
um... - Liz Dorland
When did you start 'reading' your mail Leo? I had a lot to write to you for years but couldn't find a way to reach you. I didn't bother writing an e-mail since you repeatedly mentioned that you didn't read them at all :) - M. Serdar Kuzuloglu from Android
با عضویت در اتاق " در ارتباط با توییتر... " از جدید ترین متعلقات این سرویس با خبر شوید... اسمایلی : (تبلیغات). - سینه سرخ
Am I the only one who thinks this quote is a bit male chauvinistic? The quote has a wrapper that appears to make women look great but underneath, it stereotypes women as a typical "wife" in a submissive male chauvinistic system. Again, my 2 cents based on a cursory reading on a hectic day. - Krishnan Subramanian
Good point. Groceries and meal are chauvinistic, among others. Sorry, but the theme had good intent. - Dan Barber
Hello and welcome to "Proud to be a Woman". - minima
LOL - Love it - Tyson Williams
Now date/time in India is 12:34:56 7-8-9
I wanted to post this in Twitter, but it is down and will not capture this movement ;) - Sudar
Keith - @tsudo
Any Wordpress geeks or gurus up tonight that would be willing to lend a hand?
Tell me what needs to be done in WordPress and I will try my best to help you. - Sudar
Sudar, you don't know how much I appreciate you. But I think I just got it figured out. - Keith - @tsudo
Migrated my website tonight to a new host and I'm still new to some of the backend stuff, had a problem with headers - Keith - @tsudo
apparently the migration added some trailing spaces to the wp_config file, disaster averted. Thank you anyway friend. - Keith - @tsudo
Ohh great!, nice to know that you figured it out yourself :) Do ping me if you need my assistance anytime. - Sudar
You are too kind sir. I'm much better with routers/switches/firewalls than sql and php - Keith - @tsudo
I have only one true skill. Google-fu - Keith - @tsudo
.. and that's more than enough to solve any problem :) - Sudar
A few low level bit hacks every programmer should know! -
Great blog with lot of interesting articles. I ended up reading all his previous articles as well. Thanks! - Sudar
Yeah, I also tweeted about that. I found this blog through reddit... - jaskirat
I read that tweet also. Even I am subscribing to some of them now. - Sudar
I subscribed to only two, was lazy to look through all, why dont you post all the blogs you are subscribing to, i ll subscribe to them as well. :D - jaskirat
Brett Kelly
Does anybody use a checkout of the wordpress svn trunk for a production blog? does this make it easier to update? I'm considering doing this, but I have no clue if it's a crappy idea or not. -
I did it (stable) until wordpress offered the update feature from within. It was fast and worked smoothly. No problem at all - Nikos Anagnostou
I did it on my main blog (if you consider it as production). But if the site is important, then don't check out trunk, use the latest stable version. - Sudar
I did it on my personal blog, but I wouldn't recommend it for anything that you need to stay up. I never had any problems, but you never know. Now that there's the auto-update, I don't bother any more. Unless there's a feature / bug fix in the dev build you need - Glenn Slaven
Today is the decision day... Keeping my fingers crossed...
What are you going to decide about? Anyways, do your best. - Sudar
Easy Retweet now supports creating shorturls using your own API key -
I have updated my Easy Retweet Plugin and now it is possible to use your own account to create shorturls - Sudar
Aswin Anand
@sudarmuthu wow! Why hitting the gym suddenly?
I always wanted to hit gym, but it is just now I got time to go. - Sudar
Poor Jim. Beware, Jim may hit you back. - vimoh
ha ha.. nice PJ btw... - Sudar
@sudarmuthu BESIDES you could spend that money on buying a domain and satiating your hunger for domain names :P heh
Yeah, even I think National Skills registry is not worth. Decided not to renew my membership. - Sudar
Ken Sheppardson
Is there a WordPress plug-in to automatically push new posts to FriendFeed via the API?
Instead of just having a new post show up as a title and a link when the system gets around to checking your feed, you could push an excerpt and an image to FriendFeed the instant the post goes up. - Ken Sheppardson
There is a WordPress plugin to support SUP, which would accomplish the "instant" part of your goal: To get images you just need to support MediaRSS (I believe there is also a WordPress plugin for that). - Benjamin Golub
Cool, where do I sign...........? - Kevin J Hatton
Nice idea! - Don Bonaddio
Nice. I will use this... Thank ;) - Semih Masat™
Benjamin: I knew somebody'd mention SUP :-) I'd rather not add some intermediate service/protocol, I just want the ability push directly via a single plug-in, preferably with a UI component that gives you control over what image or images are added, select the excerpt, select what groups the post goes to, etc. - Ken Sheppardson
What I want is probably similar to what Ken you want - something to push the title & link& image as a post, and an excerpt as a comment to FriendFeed, which would then go to Twitter. The group selecter would be ultra cool on top of that - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yeah, I'm using PUB-Sup, but what would be even more interesting is something that pushes, and tracks comments of the pushed post at the same time. I'd like to have real-time comments on each blog post. - Jesse Stay
Matthew: Yes. - Ken Sheppardson
Just found it, looking into it now - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
WP-Sup ( + MediaRSS ( plugins will do the job - Bwana ☠
Rob: Cool. Looks like Sudar's around Maybe he'll drop by... - Ken Sheppardson
Just sent him a tweet. Hopefully he'l join us :) Looks to be in india - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
OK, I get it, guys. I know how SUP works and I know you can use SUP and MediaRSS to accomplish what I want. But I don't want to ping some API to tell it to go pull something from a feed... I want to make a single call to the FriendFeed API designed for creating entries - Ken Sheppardson
Shouldn't be that hard to build. You can do it Ken :) - Bwana ☠
Bwana: I think Sudar has already. :-) I'm going to put his implementation through its paces over the weekend. - Ken Sheppardson
Oh ok cool... Hmmm.. I'd try it, but I'm not sure how it'll affect Backtype Connect on my blog. I want to be sure the FF comments get pulled in correctly. - Bwana ☠
Bwana: not sure exactly what you want to try - but in general any entry that links to your posts will be connected by BT Connect -- we do of course try our best to cut out things like auto snippets of text that appear as comments when using the FF bookmarklet. - Mike Montano
Mike - I just wanted to be sure if I remove my RSS feed from FriendFeed and use this solution, will my comments get pulled back into my blog. I gather the plugin would have to only link to my blog from FriendFeed, and Backtype does the rest - Bwana ☠
Yeah, it seems like once the plugin creates the entry on FriendFeed with a link to your blog post, you're home free, no matter how that entry is created. - Ken Sheppardson
I like I like - Michael Ehline
Hi Guys, nice to know that the Plugin (Post2FF) which I created around 9 months back is of use to someone :) I am take the code dust it off and will add the new features that you requested. Stay tuned :) - Sudar
Awesome! Thank you very much Sudar! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Of note, Sudar: it would be most handy if we could select the link that is published on the entry - either the linkt ot the blog entry or the link. (wasn't clear to me if the API actually supports this?) On most of my blog posts, I'd like to direct people straight to the post, but someone or some entries might prefer linking to the FriendFeed post/discussion - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I am done with the modifications to my Plugin to add new features like choosing the room to which the link to be posted, selecting images etc. Will release it after completing the testing. If anyone is willing to do beta testing, just ping me. - Sudar
I'd love to give it a try :-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yay Sudar with his remedy to dust off (Post2FF) - Janaree Nore
Sudar: Ping. :-) - Ken Sheppardson
@Ken, Please DM your email address and I will send the Plugin for beta testing. If everything goes well, I will be able to release the Plugin tomorrow by this time. - Sudar
Sudar, sounds interesting. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
So guys, finally I have updated my Post to FriendFeed Plugin with support for rooms. You can get the new version at - Sudar
Also let me know if you face any issues. - Sudar
I want it thanks Sudar! - Robert Freeze
Are we able to do the revere post from FF -> Wordpress, not as a rss thing but as a post? - Chirag Chamoli
@Chirag, I am not sure if I understood your question. Can you explain it a bit? - Sudar
nice! like the idea Ken. - .LAG liked that
I'm not sure to have understood the question: I saw that Feedburner now works in realtime, so you just have to use that instead of the standard feed - Roberto from fftogo
I wanted to understand If I can autopost from friendfeed to Wordpress. I am using the rss feed in the sidebar, instead I want the stuff to be added to wordpress as a post. - Chirag Chamoli from email
@Chirag, You can install WP-O-Mattic WordPress Plugin ( and use the FF rss as input to publish from FF -> WordPress. (I haven't tried it, so not sure if it will work 100%) - Sudar
@Sundar: Thanks I will start working on that. - Chirag Chamoli
I am interested in using Sundar's plugin. Is it compatible with WordPress 2.8.3? - Skyler Call
@Skyler Call, It should be compatible, since it doesn't use any functions which were changed in 2.8+ Anyways I will check it and will bump up the supported version in readme file. - Sudar
Is there any working plugin for wp 3.4.x version? - mak
Jesse, without demeaning you personally, this is false and ridiculous. FriendFeed is a domain, a specific one, and I chose the primary domain. Google Reader is a subdomain or directory, and you chose the one that, as you show, nobody uses. The Alexa data you showed for FriendFeed illustrated something that nobody is experiencing. This isn't gamesmanship. It's just wrong, again. - Bruce Hennings
What are some of your favorite gadgets and gear under $100? We're making a big list for Tekzilla, and we want some of your suggestions too!
Wacom Bamboo - Martha
Flash drives, Leatherman multi-tools, Weather Clocks, hard drive docks - Fee501st
Jabra SP700 Bluetooth speakerphone; Apple iPod Shuffle (square one) - chipmason
oh yea and USB hubs, never can have too many of those - Fee501st
Yeah, the shuffle was definitely a pick already! - Veronica
I love my Flip Ultra video cam! - John E Connell
you can get a flip for under $100 now? - Fee501st
Portable DVD players are now under $100, it how my friend keeps his kids clam when they are on long trips! - Fee501st
++Leatherman, Nike+ gear that tracks my runs, Survival Strap, flash drives... - Bryan Zirkel
pogo plug and a fonera router on my wishlist. - Siddharth Mitra from twhirl
++ John - I love the little Flip Ultra that I have! (Mine was ~$70 on Woot!) - Jennifer Dittrich
Etymotic ER6i in-ear phones. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Samsung E250 MP3 player - Scoble, Alex Scoble
pogoplug - Kiran Patchigolla
Geomate Jr. for no-hassle geocaching. - 19Kilo
iPhone 3G!! - Joe Jarvis
1 TB external USB drive - Niklas Morberg from iPod
Alex, can you link me to that Samsung? - Veronica
Looks like that Samsung is only in the UK - Fee501st
Refurbished 30GB Zune from woot. (Let the slamming begin) - BRҰANSAҰS
WiFi detector shirt from ThinkGeek $20 - BRҰANSAҰS
Mini MagLite 2-AA LED Flashlight, Corsair Flash drives, Gerber Air Ranger pocket knife. Very useful stuff for indoor and outdoor use. - Thomas Hunsaker from Android
SATA/IDE to USB adapter -- it's a sysadmin's best friend! Speaking of which, how were Rev3's sysadmins treated on Sysadmin Day? - Jason Wong
+1 Flip camcorder, if you can get one for under $100. - andrei_c
My old Logitech MX1000 mouse - man, I can *not* find another mouse with the ergos and the sheer number of programmable buttons (5 besides the scroll/tilt wheel and std left/right buttons). I keep wanting to switch to something newer with better wirelessness, but nothing compares. Sigh. - felix
Sorry I meant Sandisk Sansa E250 - Scoble, Alex Scoble
My BlackBerry 8900, which my job gave me for free. :) I kid, I kid. My Sony Studio Headphones. Good quality, comfy, and reasonably priced. - Mike Nayyar
my camera (kodak ) - chaz2b
under $100? I don't understand... - MiniMage
USB hard drives - Randy Allen Bishop
I'm gonna go with Jason Wong's idea; I have a SATA/IDE to USB adapter at work, and it's very nice for backing up those files after the user has busted the OS, whether on a PC or a laptop.. - MiniMage
My iced tea maker and my steamer. I guess you didn't mean those kinds of gadgets, huh? :-) - Ordinarybug Heather
The Apple wireless keyboard - The Fat Oracle
BlueAnt SuperTooth speakerphone: - Dave Friedel
Pedometer - Omron HJ-720ITC around $40 - Sudar
Second the Bamboo Tablet--easy, inexpensive, and fun, too! - Kathy Fitch
AirPort Express - David Chartier from iPhone
My Linksys Router WRT54G - $50 - Ben Cossette
aye, cheap and cheerful. - Big Joe Silenced
External 1 TB Western Digital My Book - $107.99 - Dakota O'Neill
Leatherman Charge TTi - Nick Humphries
aerobie aeropress (coffee brewer). my office savior. - Carey Lumeng from BuddyFeed
The SteelSeries WOW Gamine Mouse. - Joshua Satrape
Bluetooth stereo headphones and a USB BT adapter from Rocket fish, wireless audio anywhere! - Brian Bufalo
Archos 3 Vision (8GB) $99 MSRP - Charbax
did anyone say the iPhone 3G? - Chris Heath
The iphone is $2000+ that is what more than 90% of iphone users are paying on contract - Charbax
Archos 605 WiFi (4GB) is $81 refurbished on $110 refurbished on - Charbax
Mophie Air external iPhone battery. around $80 - Gary
Definitely Flip, also Plantronics Bluetooth headset, laptop cooling pads with fans, USB drives, Grado SR-60 headphones - Jude
Gary, I agree, the Mophie Air JuicePack that I have is great! and i got it for under $80 - Chris Heath
Gotta be my SOLIO classic charger the swiss army knife of reserve power. - Greg Birch
I dunno how much camera gear counts, but Lens Babies. ^^ - David C. Cooper
+1 to the Pogoplug. It's a lot of fun to make your own personal cloud. - Matt Cutts
Most of those "gadgets under $100" I've never seen, or perhaps seen, but didn't find them noteworthy enough to remember their brand names. How about some urls to pictures of them, peepl? This is bleeding-edge hypertext, not some telepathic writing on the wall! - ianf ⌘
Easy Bloom ( for $40. It sits in your garden, collects information, and the helps you select which plants will work for the area. I had the same idea and was all excited until I learned it already existed and worked pretty dang well too. And agree with ianf, comments should be able to have pictures. - Todd Hoff
iPod shuffle - Shevonne
external hard drive, wacom bamboo, and a doc pop bolt yo-yo! - bart c cusick
Gorillapod GP3: I always carry it with my camcorder in my backpack. It's more usefull than a conventional tripod for interviews as you can easily put it on a table and adjust your frame better. - MrVpt
Beau Liening
My xmlrpc seems to be broken after I upgraded to 2.8.2. Also, when I go to write a new post, the middle of the page doesn't show up. re:
I disabled and re-enabled my plugins and the new post page is working again, but the rmlrpc still isn't working. - Beau Liening
After doing some searching, seems that it's a known bug in the latest version. I hope they can get a fix out soon! =) - Beau Liening
Do you have any link or ticket number of the bug that you found out? - Sudar
This is the post I've found: I haven't found an actual ticket yet. - Beau Liening
I just updated to WP 2.8.3 and my xml_rpc problem dissapeared. Things are much better. =) - Beau Liening
Wow! nice to know that it is fixed (and you are happy) :) - Sudar
Cool. - Kol Tregaskes
Zoli Erdos
@sudarmuthu Way too frequent releases. a pain
Yeah, WordPress was updated 4 times in the last two months and updating every time could be a pain. - Sudar
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