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Taxi driver gave me a free ride back to the hotel. Said I looked like I could use a favor.
Walked too far from the hotel in heels. Now I have to walk back. I would kill for a bike right now...
Good Morning from Denver! Smells a little funny out there, if ya know what I mean!
RT @Pauline_Campos: Heads up: @SugarJones is the latest featured #chingona on Aspiring Mama: #chingonafest
.@robcuzican I know... it's painful...
Waking up and forgetting you posted a pic with a shirtless MMA fighter...
OH "Nothing wrong with being curious!" #famouslastwords
Someone just said to me: "You are exactly what I expected," followed by "I didn't really mean that as a compliment." Awesome...
RT @allthingsSD: #events #sandiego Let the search begin: Put these egg hunts and other fun kids' festivities in your ideas basket
What's the new pump you up song a'la Firework?
So THIS is happening... @ Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
.@MissyMaki Ummmm... Jealous! @sentinelhotel @beelocal
RT @shespeaksup: Looking forward to chatting w/ @Beauty411, @Rockonmommies, @TonyaStaab, @LisaSamples at 4PM ET- Join Us! #WomenofWorth
RT @shespeaksup: 2013 #WomenofWorth National Honoree Lauren Book, founder of @LaurensKids was recognized for her work preventing child sexual abuse
RT @lisasamples: That woman you feel really makes a difference deserves to be recognized! Nominate her now #WomenofWorth
So true! RT @shespeaksup: When you're feeling down, giving to others can help lift your spirits #WomenofWorth
RT @shespeaksup Quiz: Where can you nominate #WomenofWorth? HINT: ;)
. @LOrealParisUSA #WomenofWorth program shines a spotlight on extraordinary women who give back to help fuel a positive cycle of self-worth!
RT @shespeaksup: Q2: Giving Funds or Volunteering Time: Which do you prefer? Why? #WomenofWorth
Don't forget! RSVP to enter to win the door prize! #WomenofWorth
. @LOrealParisUSA Because that's what we're on this Earth to do! How we help is up to us. #WomenofWorth
RT @LOrealParisUSA: Q1: 96% of women say helping others gives them self-worth. Why is giving back #worthit to you? #WomenofWorth
Are we all ready for a Twitter party?? @shespeaksup @LOrealParisUSA #WomenofWorth
RT @igivereviews: is everyone getting ready for the party?? @shespeaksup @LOrealParisUSA #WomenofWorth
Early morning flights only have one perk. And it's this.
Just landed in Denver. There's definitely a Denver uniform. I think it's supplied by North Face.
RT @LOrealParisUSA: Coming soon: We’ll talk about the power of giving back w/ @PointsofLight. Join us at 1pm. #WomenOfWorth
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