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That, or they'll be in charge. #lastdays RT @no1here: TV will implode before they are old enough.
RT @R_SanFrancisco: Just a single day in your fair city, and I'm already having the vacation of a lifetime.
.@no1here Oh shit... no.
.@no1here I think she's possessed. I feel like any minute, the devil will say: "Milania's not here right now." #RHONJ
This is why I I quit cable. #RHONJ makes me want to shut it off again. RT "@RaisedByCulture: I'm jealous I don't have cable anymore!"
Is Milania a product of bad parenting or is she perhaps the Antichrist? #RHONJ
Haven't seen #RHONJ in forever. Catching up now. That little Milania is a horrible beast!!
RT @MeredithSoleau: How can someone have 113 Facebook friends and not be on Twitter or Instagram... and work in social media? #DontTrustSkinnyCooks
.@harrisja Okay, no onions and extra sweet smile. Extra sauce on the side? :D
RT @Lumosity: A good night's sleep is the ultimate competitive advantage:
. @harrisja @AlaskaAir @slangeditorial I can ship one to you! Animal style???
I went from a semi-intelligent conversation to this video in three clicks. #theinternetisawesome #ornot
I knew there was some force of nature pulling at me!!! RT @jbruin it's called #SharkWeek
Happy Birthday, @ingaintriago! I'm having a drink (or two) in your honor!
Ever have one of those nights where you just want to get drunk and watch Discovery Channel? Oh... ummm... me, either!
Just talking about this. #SoCal not used to this kind of thing: RT Fatal Strike a Rarity in via @NatGeo
I get that sleeping on fresh sheets is nice, but how funky were the dirty sheets for you to go and post about the fresh ones???
"Well, that was not very nice, Sugar!" Okay, maybe not caves. How about the 90's?
There are two kinds of people: People that grok social media and people that live in caves.
RT @bobby: 70% of dudes you see wearing visors are named bryce.
.@cebsilver Oh my goodness, yes!!! LOL... no, Nerium is no pyramid or scheme. Just a great product sold by word of mouth. :) WANT SOME???
The hardest part of my "job" is trying to get the same angle/light for Before & After pics. The rest…
This is so, SO true in #SanDiego. RT @marieforleo: Yes, yes, yes :)
Trouble... RT @HuffingtonPost: 31 ways to celebrate National Cheesecake Day. You're welcome
RT @TheDailyLove: The story you tell yourself becomes the story of your life. Tell an empowering story. #TDL
RT @chrisgayomali: Why did Instagram release Bolt, another brazen attempt to outSnapchat Snapchat?
RT @LisaRemillard: There's now a name for group selfies... They call it... "usies"
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