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Despite opposition from Lewis, Emanuel is standing by his decision to give #CPS grads a leg up on city jobs.
Did you read @KarenLewisCTU's op-ed? She calls Rahm’s CPS preference plan in firefighter hiring a "stunt":
.@MarkBrownCST invites you to imagine a world in which Bruce Rauner is governor and Karen Lewis is mayor.
RT @BrianSlodysko: SWAT appears to be on the move in #Harvey
UPDATE: The Jackie Robinson West watch party has been moved to Mt. Vernon Elementary due to rain. #LLWS
RT @HedyWeissCritic: Don't rain on that Motown parade! Tonight @Millennium_Park is free LED screening of #Dreamgirls movie. Details: MT @SLGreenberg #Ferguson has held off opening schools. Teachers are encouraging students to meet them at library.
RT @BrianSlodysko: Military style vehicle set up on the perimeter of the Harvey hostage situation.
RT @CSTbreaking: #breaking Eight hurt in bus crash at 95th and Western.
#Ferguson leaders have pledged outreach, urged residents to stay home after dark to "allow peace to settle in."
RT @FOX2now The funeral for #MichaelBrown will take place on Monday, August 25, 2014. #Ferguson
RT @byjordanowen: UPDATE: Spokesman says Harvey police officer who was shot was taken in serious condition to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.
RT @megancgraham: Re: Harvey hostage situation, Rosa Parks Middle School said they're not on lockdown, students aren't in school yet
RT @midnightdog: Media reporting Rosa Parks Elementary in Dixmoor on lockdown. There is no Rosa Parks Elementary; Rosa Parks Middle School says no lockdown.
RT @CSTeditorials: Yes, we used to spray ourselves with DDT. 69 years ago today in Rockford.
"Rahm’s not a Chicago guy," former Chicago Park District Superintendent Ed Kelly tells @NeilSteinberg.
BREAKING: Suspected burglar shot a south suburban Harvey police officer, now holding hostages in standoff with police
RT @USATODAY #BREAKING One dead in officer-involved shooting near #Ferguson, Missouri.
Who's No. 1 in college football? Our @SLGreenberg tells you, along with his Top 25: via @suntimes_sports
RT @HedyWeissCritic: No rain please! Wed., Aug. 20 marks start of free #ChicagoDancingFestival w. simulcast in @Millennium_Park. Details:
A Georgia man was arrested with a handgun in his carry-on Monday at Midway Airport. via @CSTbreaking
So who did @NeilSteinberg challenge? RT @CSTvideo Neil Steinberg takes the #ALSIceBucketChallenge
BREAKING: AFT boss: We’d put $1 million into Karen Lewis' mayoral campaign
Our @NeilSteinberg took the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. Who'd he call out? Stay tuned.
Our @NeilSteinberg took the #ALSIceWaterChallenge. Who'd he call out? Stay tuned.
Our @NeilSteinberg took the #ALSIceWaterChallenge. Who'd he call out? Stay tuned.
Vallas slams Rauner for new Cayman Islands connection, says Republican is all about 'tax avoidance.'
RT @NeilSteinberg: The vote seems to be tipping toward calling out Karen Lewis for ALS. Can it be, "Douse yourself AND decide if you're running for mayor?"
RT @NeilSteinberg: Waiting for the photographer....
RT @NeilSteinberg: You're supposed to call out three people to take the ALS challenge. I've got two: Justice Elena Kagan and Eric Zorn.Who should be the third?
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