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Susan Beebe

Susan Beebe

Tyson Foods - Global Social Media & Online Communities. Former Chief Listener @Dell -- Global Comms / PR / SM. Passionate Leader, Author, Geek, Catalyst & Foodie
Any tweet not about #Ferguson right now is probably a scheduled tweet. #FAIL
RT @elonjames: This isn't happening because of "rioting" or "looters." They mobilized this response on day one. Don't let this get derailed. #Ferguson
RT @JimDalrympleII: The latest on what has been going on tonight as police clash with protesters in Ferguson
RT @GovJayNixon: Closely monitoring situation & will be in North STL Co tomorrow. Ask for calm & urge law enforcement to respect rights of residents & press
RT @rachelheldevans: If they take away freedom of protest/press, it's not really America anymore. And if it's not America in #Ferguson, it's not America anywhere
RT @MotherJones: A Few Horrifying Pictures From Ferguson Last Night
RT @TysonFoods: Today is our 6th #Twitter Anniversary so we want to say "THANK YOU!" We love our twitter community! #Twitterversary
RT @JRehling: The new head of the Ferguson response is marching WITH the protesters and suddenly military weapons aren't needed.
RT @engadget: Twitter promises more hands-on approach to harassment following Robin Williams' death
RT @lomargie: Debunking 5 Myths About the Chicken Industry! What questions do you have? #Tyson @ederdn
RT @TysonFoods: Our CEO, Donnie Smith, took the #IceBucketChallenge today! What other Fortune100 CEOs have taken the challenge?
RT @PzFeed: DEVASTATING PHOTO: Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. Via Chris Lee.
RT @BuzzFeedNews: FBI, Justice Officials Announce Next Steps In Federal Civil Rights Investigation In Ferguson
RT @LisaBloom: In a week of Ferguson tragedy and disrespect one hero stands out like a ray of sunshine: Capt. Ron Johnson. Embodies how policing should be.
RT @chickencouncil: If u eat, u should read this: Debunking 5 Myths about the #Chicken Industry via @lomargie. @susanbeebe @arkansas
Our view upstairs does not suck. Vacation every weekend at home is nice. #blessed
RT @PandoDaily: If Twitter implements a Facebook-style algorithm, you may not hear about the next Ferguson
RT @Champions4Kids: Calling all #HungerHeroes! We make it easy to give with @Kraft and @TysonFoods.
RT @jaredbkeller: This may be the saddest #Ferguson image yet (via @annehelen/@MotherJones)
RT @David_EHG: Just. Wow. Police in #Ferguson fire tear gas at Al Jazeera, take cameras when journalists flee. Photos by @CassFM
RT @PzFeed: DEVELOPING: Protesters now heading to the Ferguson Police station. Police threatening mass arrests, protesters just continue walking.
RT @edeckers: No, turns out #Ferguson is NOT trending on @Twitter, but #ThatsSoRaven is. Seriously?
RT @msnbc: Latest details from 3rd night of chaos in #Ferguson after police shooting of Michael Brown
RT @ChrisWarcraft: The fact we haven't dealt with the underlying societal issues giving rise to those riots is an indictment on us all.
RT @ChrisWarcraft: Again, if your response is "Well they shouldn't have rioted," I'll repeat - Riots don't spring out of thin air.
RT @ChrisWarcraft: It's amazing how CNN can go for three weeks on an airplane going down, but give them a legit civil rights crisis and it's NOPENOPENOPE.gif
RT @WesleyLowery: Apparently, in America, in 2014, police can manhandle you, take you into custody, put you in cell & then open the door like it didn't happen
RT @katiezez: White House: Obama briefed on #Ferguson tonight by Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett. Briefing scheduled for tomorrow morning.
RT @dhh: Yes, Twitter is full of trolls and cat pics. And then there's this. #Ferguson would have been a page 9 footnote without this.
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