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Susan Beebe
Is there any connection between Twitter being down & Facebook being super buggy this morning? What do you think? Discuss:
twitter dead bird.jpg
facebook upside down logo.jpg
OMG, I can't even stay connected to Facebook at all. Been trying to chat with a friend (using Adium) and connect...disconnect...connect...etc. - Kenley Neufeld
I just reset my router twice thinking it was me. - Kenley Neufeld
A feedback loop that keeps knocking both services down? - Paul Jacobson
Helen :) - Susan Beebe
This is teaching us something about the framework of the current Internet traffic patterns. We're watching cascade scale problems from one major Internet program going down. - Melanie Reed
Mashable article: Twitter Down: Twitter Doesn’t Know Why ---> - Susan Beebe
Just checked with my FB peeps, and the weather over here is much better. Was very hard to get posting done over there. - Brenda Young
This is the longest outage twitter's had in a LONG time... something is definitely wrong... ouch - Susan Beebe
Yes, FB is receiving more traffic and twitter says its a DOS attack - cheapsuits
interesting possibility: a massive DoS attack on all SNS properties at the same time! with no SNS people might go at each other tooth and nail. this would make a great Onion report! - MikeAmundsen
I'm with Helen on this one - after Scoble's Great Unfollow, Twitter's database is so full of holes they're having to do a massive reorg... - Andrew Terry
Twitter Status: "Update: we are defending against a denial-of-service attack." -- 11:00 am EST - Susan Beebe
(can something be *full* of holes or is that oxymoron?) - Andrew Terry
Andrew -LOL - Susan Beebe
Posterous seems to be down, too, for what it's worth. - Eric Johnson
Posterous is working for me (for now) - Susan Beebe
You can read "panic tweets" from Twitterers about Twitter being down: - Gus
@ Andrew - there's a model in Chaos Theory where you take a cube, hollow a hole in the exact centre of each side, then keep repeating the process - end result? A finite cube containing an infinite number of holes :) - Iain Baker
Susan - Posterous is back for me, too. And was a 500 server error, so probably not DoS related. - Eric Johnson
So I guess we ought to help the folks at Twitter out and shut down our Twitter clients? I expect that zillions of API calls aren't helping their situation right now... - Eric Johnson
Facebook, LiveJournal, and Twitter all down, to much of a coincidence to be a coincidence? API calls all the way - courtney benson
Wondering now if that suggestions a massive DDoS attack launched against a bunch of sites, or possibly also infrastructure issues as well? - Susan Beebe
@Iain - Really? That's so cool! - Andrew Terry
Some post mentioned a major core router being down in GA, not sure how reliable that is. - Jack Wilson, K4SAC
TWITTER suffering a dDOS attack official at 11am EDT - OLDBEACHBUM
Jack - Thank you, something big is brewing here...not looking good - Susan Beebe
Ooooh - let's blame North Korea! (or are we not allowed to since they let the reporters go yesterday?) - amygeek
I'm assuming this will take CNN a few days to report. - Derek Huether, PMP, CSM
Derek - hahaha good one! - Susan Beebe
my FF has crashed every time I've tried to subscibe - WarLord
It does feel like everything's either under treacle or attack. I'm hoping it's treacle. - Dan Biddle
@biz ---> Thursday, August 06, 2009 Denial of Service Attack On this otherwise happy Thursday morning, Twitter is the target of a denial of service attack. Attacks such as this are malicious efforts orchestrated to disrupt and make unavailable services such as online banks, credit card payment gateways, and in this case, Twitter for intended customers or users. We are defending against this attack now and will continue to update our status blog as we continue to defend and later investigate. - Susan Beebe
Thought that was just my slow Australian connection - or the huge full moon in the sky tonight o) - Chris Loft
Of course there is, the two sites are highly interconnected and trouble with one will cause problems with any service which continues to access twitter to update their users profiles - Lillian Banchik
Chris Loft - of course everything takes longer to get to Australia! I'm with amygeek - let's blame it on N. Korea... - Baffled from fftogo
Ohhh... I don't recall Twitter being down for such a long period of time, although I must say I've seen a sudden rise of spam lately. - Bruno Mertins
God, just figured out that we would all have to go back to talking to one another in person or on the phone if this continues. - courtney benson
cnet article, "There has been no indication that any of these various attacks are connected. But it's probably not a coincidence that they all coincide with the annual Defcon hacker convention." (Twitter crippled by denial-of-service attack) -- - Susan Beebe
Baffled I've been trying to post this to you at Twitter -- I knew a hooter / thought - did she have a suitor / or was I too late? /// #haiku #haikuchallenge - Chris Loft
I wonder how much impact (think overhead) those stupid Spam Bots cause for twitter? 24% of all twitter traffic is due to spam bots - augh! - Susan Beebe
Courtney - LOL ... that is too funny! - Susan Beebe
They're probably both the government. Real talk. - professor daddyo
military is testing inet/SNS preparedness/vulns. - MikeAmundsen
They're being hit by a DOS attack, - Rob Fahrni
CNN finally picked up the story. Slooooooow - Derek Huether, PMP, CSM
About 8-12 hrs ago, Facebook kept giving me "Database Write Failed" errors: "An error occurred while writing to our database. Please try again later or contact customer support." - Mitchell Tsai
Yep, I've been getting all kinds of Facebook "transport errors" while attempting to wall post, comment, etc. - Susan Beebe
Derek - that was slow, but CNN is getting better! LOL - Susan Beebe
Twitter Status Blog - 2nd Update: "Ongoing denial-of-service attack -- We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly. Update: the site is back up, but we are continuing to defend against and recover from this attack." - Susan Beebe
Coordinated attack by FriendFeed? ;) - Jemm
No way! Remember Paul Buchheit, one of FriendFeed's founders, coined the term "Do No Evil" when he was at Google. The FF team is really cool, no bad dudes over there! - Susan Beebe
YAY twitter is back up!!! :) - Susan Beebe
@Susan: I know, just kidding by stating a thing which is way too absurd to be true;) - Jemm
LOL - Susan Beebe
FWIW, I always thought Google's catchphrase "do no evil" would have been better when qualifying a statement, like this: "Let the old lady finish crossing the street; don't be evil" - Richard Walker
See GigaOm's VISUAL on the Twitter outage (web traffic data provided by -- - Susan Beebe
Twitter Status Blog UPDATE [12:46pm EST] : "Update (9:46a): As we recover, users will experience some longer load times and slowness. This includes timeouts to API clients. We’re working to get back to 100% as quickly as we can." - Susan Beebe
Update: Now FACEBOOK admits they too were subjected to DDoS attack today too!! --> RT @AdamOstrow: Facebook Problems Also the Result of DDoS Attack - (via - Susan Beebe
Here's a Facebook "Database Write Error" I saw repeatedly last night ~1-3 am ET, before the DDoS attacks this morning. I'm not sure if there weren't precursors to the main DDoS attacks at 6 am today, but Facebook was having weird issues a few hours earlier. - Mitchell Tsai
Facebook kept giving me the ol' "transport error" messages - tons of 'em too! - Susan Beebe
Funny. I could not log into Twitter, Tweetdeck or Facebook for over an hour. Then I had this sudden horror that an aweful event, such as a terrorist attack, would flood both sites with traffic and cause this. I went to CNN- there was the story of Twitters DDoS Attack. - E-Advocate Network
Pretty scary stuff, huh? I wonder who would be behind all this. Hope they catch 'em and lock 'em up! - Susan Beebe
Susan, I also got lots of AJAX transport errors & long delays at Facebook, but those happena ll the time. This was the first time I've seen the "database write error". - Mitchell Tsai
I blame North Korea - Jim Goldstein from iPhone
To deal with future network problems, we need an emergency backup mechanism to access twitter: carrier pigeons. - DGentry
Hope they catch them too Susan. I sure was releived to find it was a cyber attack causing the flood instead of people reporting on a real life attack though! I do worry about real time events right now that are lagging coverage due to this: #iranelection. - E-Advocate Network
Yay!! Google, facebook and twitter are investigating the DDoS attacks today! See Mashable's post about it here: - Susan Beebe
Seriously, even Friendfeend, via Buddyfeed client, was unavailable a few times. I'll venture a guess the DoS attack targetted a whole heap of social media at the one time. - George Hall (Australia)
That bird pic at the top of the thread is intriguing. Is it public domain? - George Hall (Australia)
Hardly use Facebook. When I update facebook it's when I do a mass update through, other than that I hardly use it. - Patrick
Where did you get the dead bluebird icon? I love it. - shelisrael1
I think this is a definite competitor for the Fail Whale! - Justin Davey
Are they both routed through the same Bay Area server network? Just askin'. Maybe there's a rapid growth of Twitter-to-FB feeds that's screwing up everything? I also like the dead bluebird & upside down FB graphics! - Cathryn Hrudicka
I had much trouble w/ FB this morning as well. It got better after the rain stopped. A day w/o SM is a day without sunshine. - shelisrael1
AP reports that a pro-Abkhazia activist blogger, who uses the account name "Cyxymu," (the name of a town in the Republic of Georgia) is related to the attacks on SNS. Whether the pro-side (Georgia) or con-side (Russia) coordinated the attacks is unknown. "There's very little way of distinguishing which side was taking this action, because either side could hypothetically benefit from it," Woodcock said. Bill Woodcock is research director of the San Francisco-based Packet Clearing House, a nonprofit that tracks Internet traffic. See and For another theory, from Ryan Siegel at Wired, see - Mitchell Tsai
lots Blogger as well and Livejournal. It was a concentrated attack. - Rob Cairns
Photo credit for dead twitter bird ---> - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Mitchell - wow, thank you for the awesome insights into the DDoS attack story. I truly appreciate the info and citations you kindly provided here. Good stuff, as always!! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Cathryn - I flipped the facebook logo upside down - glad you like it! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Thanks for the photo credit details, Susan. - George Hall (Australia)
I think the dead twitter bird is cute! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
yes, I belive there is close connection. - eva
Iran - heretic_twit
wondering what the final verdict will be on the DDoS attack and how we can prevent them in the future .... hmmm - Susan Beebe
Down but not own................. - Kevin J Hatton
seems like whatever Google did mitigated the attack on their end, it'd be interesting to see what data google could provide to twitter and facebook on how to protect from ddos attacks in the future - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ from IM
Mike - agreed!! Google's insights would be really important for future hardening of systems to defend DDoS attacks - Susan Beebe
Fri 8/7 UPDATE: @Twitter: "Due to defense measures some Twitter clients are unable to communicate with our API, and many users are unable to tweet via SMS." - Susan Beebe
Fri 8/7 UPDATE: Twitter STATUS Blog: "Restoring API and SMS [12:42pm EST] Due to defensive measures we’ve taken against the ongoing denial-of-service attack, some Twitter clients are unable to communicate with our API, and many users are unable to tweet via SMS. We are working as quickly as possible to restore our full service. " - Susan Beebe
Why do you use Facebook ? I mean it's a site for < 17 years old - Thierry Lhôte