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What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now) -
What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now)
1.05 (670/633) - Micah from Bookmarklet
Can you remind me again where to find those stats? - Brian Johns
Brian, go to "Me" link ( which defaults to the Feed tab. Look at the sidebar on the right, below Discussion. - Micah
0.75 (926/1226) - still relatively new here - mikepk
I only see my stats for the last week (17/14 = 1.21) Please tell me your 670 number is for more than just a week! - Brian Johns
1.44 (566/391) for brianjohns (after week tally you should see a comma then 'all time' count - I can see it on your page) - Micah
OK, sorry. I'm a total dumbass. I stopped reading after the weekly totals... - Brian Johns
3.74, which seems way off of everybody else's. I wonder what that says. I comment a lot more than I like. - Cyrus Lendvay
FFers use FF with their own strategy or simply default tendencies. The ratio is an interesting snapshot of behaviour. Thanks for joining in everyone, hope more keep flowing in. - Micah from twhirl
0.79 - Brian Roy
0.77 - Shey
0.76 - FFing Enigma
1.39. - Rochelle
1.61 - I only 'like' when I want to throw my support behind a topic but don't have anything constructive to add. - Bjorn Stromberg
1.12 - Tinfoil 2.0
5.08 (3181/626) ! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
0.66 - I tend to 'like' things without needing to comment further, I guess, and I notice I usually like the things upon which I comment. Well, frequently. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
.39 (2457/6242) I guess I don't comment much. I do 'like' a lot of things, it would seem. - Bren
0.62 then again i have over 11,000 comments - Cee Bee
1.23 (5287/4229) - I am put to shame by Cee Bee's participation, good grief! - Lindsay
@Cee Bee I think you meant 0.62 - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
1.27 (902/705) - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
yes, thanks for the correction. lindsay, you're making me feel bad. lol - Cee Bee
0.8576, I only like mostly when I'm going to comment - Molly Song ;)
1.55 endlessly repeating. This Like/Comment included. - Dana D
before this comment: .69 I kid you not. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
So far: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81 ... (if you average 1 comment per like, you'd be 1.0 ... if you're 0.xx you might herd content more than discuss ... if you're whole numbers above 1 you may not 'like' much or discuss plenty or both) - Micah
CSV_A: 1.05,0.75,1.44,0.81,3.74,0.79,0.77,0.67,0.77,0.76,1.39,1.8,1.61,1.12,0.141,5.08,2.41,0.66,.39,0.62,.62,1.27,0.8576,1.551,0.69 - Micah
1.83 - Grant Bierman
I tend to like allot of photos which really don't need comments. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
InPerpetualMotion(Gina k), I really liked this 'Like' of yours (in a series of pics, so I flickr fav'd it): and commented. Thanks! - Micah
.37 1002/2708 - Michael Fidler
this is what scobes walls would like if he didnt have FF - sean percival
I haven't seen Marc Canter's fabled fence (just heard about it), but I imagine this but on wood pickets :) - Micah
This week: 2.48 (1162:467) but this is not the norm, my likes usually match or are higher than comments, overall: 0.95 (14228:14846). - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks Michael, Kol! I'll recalculate average/median when we build up some more data points here. - Micah
1.03 748/723 - Keith - @tsudo
.68 6986/10194 Someone wrote a great article on the comment-like ratio a few months ago. Search on FriendFeed is crashing on me... I'll try to get the link. - Mitchell Tsai
Thanks Mitchell (btw, search crashing on me too - lots) - Micah
1316 comments/20221 likes (0.06), according to Windows Calculator, although I probably screwed up. - Tyson Key
*bump* - Micah
Thanks, Mark! - Micah
Thanks Spidra! - Micah
0.95 (1520/1604) - it's 2+ months later, and my ratio flipped (more Likes by .05) - Micah
.7 (1204/1724) - before this comment at least. - Rachel Lea Fox
Thanks, Rachel! - Micah
3.46 (3665/1057) before this comment and like. - Kevin Fox
Thanks, Kevin. 3+ is quite the comment on your commenting activities :) - Micah
I've got stuff to say. - Kevin Fox
3.98 (900/226) - Richard Lawler
1.02 (3538/3484) for sofarsofarshaun - Micah
.34 (600/1747, not counting this comment) - Michael Hocter
Thank you, Siavash and Michael - Micah
.52 overall, but .68 this week. - Rebecca Lasley
Nice, thanks Rebecca. - Micah
1.31 - Rahsheen
0.56 - imabonehead
Rah and imabonehead - rock on! (Richard too!) - Micah
0.16 - Anne Bouey
4.62 (287/62) -- Yikes! I'm chatty. - Ted Roden
Thank you kindly, Anne, jcunwired and Ted. - Micah
2.63 - Bryce Roney
Thanks for joining in, Bryce. - Micah
.15 all time, .13 this week. - Alix May
Thank you, Alix and David! (and Alix, you're tied with Siavash for the Highest Like ratio. Wow). - Micah
2.94 - j1m
Thank you, j1m. Ok, I'm gonna roll this up into a csv and call it a night. - Micah
CSV_B: 0.95,0.7,3.46,3.98,1.02,0.15,0.34,0.52,1.31,0.56,0.16,1.39,4.62,2.63,0.15,0.52,2.94 - Micah
this week = 0.45%, alltime = 6.43% - chaz2b
CSV_B Mean: 1.49 (previous mean for CVS_A: 1.27) - Micah
Of course the numbers can easily lie, but I'm gonna say it anyway: "We're getting more conversational, people!" - Micah
0.49 (493/988) - Bluesun 2600
816 / 2502 = 0.326139089 overall | 50 / 233 = 0.214592275 this week I like much more than I comment. (maths via google) - Chris Loft
3026/5013 = 0.6036 - Roger Chen
chaz2b, Bluesun 2600, Roger, Nicholas — thank you! - Micah
5.25 but I don't know what this *means, yet. maybe I'm just stingy with my "likes" compared to others? - Marg Uerite
Thanks jamar78 and Marg! - Micah
A recent change in FF: now the comment count shows total number of comments (previously multiple comments in one thread only counted as one) so all the numbers above are from the old methodology.... - David HC Soul
My new ratio: 0.76 all time (old methodology .52).... this week 1.39 - David HC Soul
*bump* - Micah
1.26 (2965/2346) - Micah
Thanks, Glen and pea! - Micah
Looks like my ratio as flipped again (comments back to dominating again). Seems to match my own awareness I've lately been commenting without Liking (commenting is my inherent recognition of value to me and the additional Like is when it merits an extra bump to help discovery by others). - Micah
.38 - Ryan Dadey
Ryan, I have to say, that's one high caliber ratio ;) - Micah
An update it's .44 which is an improvement from .36 - Michael Fidler
2.94 1040/354 I have likes set to post to twitter automatically, so I'm careful with them. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
0.85 - Steven Perez
0.73 up from 0.66 on Jan 08 - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
0.37 for the week past, 0.45 on the whole. - Parth Awasthi
Michael, Anthony, Ahsan, guruvan Steven, sıɹɥɔ and Parth - thanks for dropping in your stats! - Micah
5.81 i'm not using it as does everyone else here. that is fer sure. - Marg Uerite
Ahsan, huh, I'd never considered that. - Micah
17942/30571=.59 - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, thank you, sir. - Micah
ALmost 2:1 exactly. - Amani
Much obliged, Amani. - Micah
3062/5777 you do the maths. - Will Higgins™
.53 (3062/5777) for Will Higgins #math-on-demand-services - Micah
Thank you, amin/gnu - Micah
1.45 (4374/3026) - Micah
0.92 now. I think the movie reviews have been getting me closer to a 1 to 1 ratio. - Steven Perez
Steven, yep, you were a 0.85 in April. - Micah
2.10 now ... - Amani
0.97 now. - Eric Johnson
Amani, so your comments have climbed a bit. - Micah
Thanks, Eric. - Micah
yes, but i am not consciously "not liking" things - Amani from IM
Probably, just chattier then :) - Micah
I'm down from 7.16 to 6.94 :-) - Ken Sheppardson
the live NBA playoff threads have ALOT to do with it. - Amani from IM
Ken, the FCC may be interested to explore how your "I'm down" may be offensively self-deprecating ;) - Micah
.56 eeep, must try harder - Threepwood
4.52. I don't bother to like things I've commented on, since commenting already flags it as interesting. - Andy Bakun
0.46 (1698/3638) - Glenn Slaven
Threepwood, Andy, Glenn - thanks (Andy, that's my mo too; then I'll Like if it warrants a "double vote"). - Micah
1.31 (4,471/3,401) - Karoli
Thanks, Karoli. And the both of us have a _very_ similar ratio and absolute numbers. wow. - Micah
Thanks, Ryo! - Micah
Andy, scroll upward and you'll see a couple calculations from before (January: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81) - Micah
In March the Mean was: 1.49 - Micah
1.021276595744680851063829787234042553191489361702127659... via Wolfram Alpha - tom murphy
Thanks, tom. And though a bit verbose, your friend Wolfram is resourceful :D - Micah
0.55 (254/444) - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Thank you, Willem. - Micah
In April you were 0.97, so you're liking more / commenting less. - Micah
1.88 (779/414) - Ton Zijp
Thanks, Ton. - Micah
0.43 (3597/8305). - Parth Awasthi
0.74 (1970/2667) - Kristin of Two Everything
And thank you Parth, Scott. - Micah
Parth, compared to your April numbers, you've been consistent. - Micah
Thanks, Rick! - Micah
.54 (4148/7674) Updated! - Michael Fidler
Rick, you mean that face with glasses I photoshopped tint into with an apparently disembodied arm which is actually very much attached to my eldest son? It's mostly just me :) - Micah
Thanks, Michael. Yes, you have a rising tide of comment percentage (oh, wow, you were one of the originals from January - cool!) - Micah
1.82 from 798 comments / 438 likes - David Damore
Thanks, nivé and David! - Micah
2027/1594 = 1.27 - Brome
0.58 - Marc Dong
2.9 (3,242/1,116) mhhh.. time to straighten my use of FF a bit.. thanks for this entry - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Brome, Marc and Thierry - thank you! - Micah
Thierry - yeah, 2.9 is fairly high - got to pick the pace on like side :) [but hey, whatever works for you is fine] - Micah
1.91 - MiniMage
Thank you Nicholas and MiniMage! - Micah
Yeah, that's a decent upward rise in comments, Nicholas. - Micah
.6 (6,000/10,000) 3rd update - Now it's time to flip this on its head. My goal is to have (16,000/16,000) next time I post here. Regardless of what happens, I'm just looking forward to the next 10,000 comments, likes, posts, and new relationships I make here. It's all good! - Michael Fidler
1.76 (7539/4290) My commenting habits haven't chanced much, but it felt like I clicked Like a lot less, and this ratio confirms that for me. - Micah
It's that time again. - Micah
Thanks, Laura! (you're a 50-caliber gal!) - Micah
0.64 - Imabug
Thank you, Imabug. - Micah
4.67 (I'm greedy :p) - directeur
0.99 - Steven Perez
About 1:2 comment to likes at this time - RAPatton from iPod
.63 - metalerik
Thanks Imabug, directeur, Steven, RAPatton, Jim, Brent and metalerik! - Micah
0.78 - Pete D
.82 as of right now. edit: on January 8th it was 0.39 -- when I saw that, I decided to make more of an effort to comment. When I hit 10k "likes" I decided I wouldn't "like" anything else until I also had 10k comments. - Bren
And thank you Jimminy, Pete, Bren and Penguin! - Micah
2.47 as of right now. - Jonas, Leper of FF
Micah, are you doing something with these numbers? If so sounds interesting. - NOT THE CRICKET
0.58 - Absentee
Jimminy, I'm copyrighting every single number. It's kind of a honeypot ;) Actually, it was curiosity mostly, but I also hope to build a sampling (small and self-selecting as it may be) for anyone who might want to analyze it. - Micah
Jonas, James and Kurt - thanks you! - Micah
You're welcome. I hope the results do some good. :-) - Absentee
.31. I have almost 4 times as many likes as comments. - edythe
Thank you edythe and Eric! - Micah
195/245 makes 0.8 rounded not including this one which would be 196/245 making 0.8 unrounded, - tom murphy
Thanks, Tom. - Micah
1.98 (588/297) - Bryan Zirkel
1.67 (19,550/11,684) - Mitchell Tsai
Bryan, Mitchell and Jeff P. - thanks, guys! - Micah
1.18 - it's always been close to 1, since day one, for some reason. - Laura Norvig
Wow, Penguin is a prolific liker! - Laura Norvig
2.67 (875/328) - Nathalie
Thank you, Nathalie! - Micah
Thanks, Spidra and Mark! - Micah
0.49 - Jammy Lee
Jammy and Mathew, thank you very much. - Micah
I don't know I just like that picture - Brian Hendrickson
.40 - Ben Hanten
Mine was exactly 2:1 about a week ago. Did a screenshot when I had 2,000 comments and 1,000 likes. - Joe from iPod
SuezanneC, Brian, B E N and Joe - thank you all very much! - Micah
Joe, it's like see the odometer click through a nice round number - it's just inexplicably engaging. :) - Micah
1.40, nearly the square root of two. - Vezquex
Thanks, Raphael and Andy! - Micah
12.23 (844 / 69 ) I guess I take my likes seriously ;) - Chris Myles
Wow I didn't realize I was so out of whack!! 12.23 that's got to be a record (and I don't even import my feeds with the summary as a comment)!! - Chris Myles
Thanks JA, Chris (wow, 12+ is unusual :), Serkan and Nine! - Micah
Micah.. I told you I take my likes seriously; ). You *might* want to ask (in a separate post) what percentage of likes were used to "bookmark" a post or save it for later VS actually "liking it". I NEVER used like for that.. but I did use a private group that if filled with my own topics (and comments).. - Chris Myles
1.78 (8529/4782) - Micah
Likes are down relative to comments, which matches my much lower frequency of liking. I'm a more selective liker than ever. - Micah
I don't think I could argue that any particular kind of ratio is "best", because if Lurkers like to Lurk and cultivate (via Likes) and the Chatty-ites love to chat, to pump out much many more comments than Likes, each can be happy and make for a great social experience. - Micah
383/372 - Ashish
'Just clicking "Like" seems too easy' — Jason, that's because you're from the Chatty-ite tribe :) - Micah
Thanks, ashish. - Micah
wow, what a difference time makes, when i 1st posted on this thread, 6.43%, now = 1.25%, for a 5.18% difference, :o (and this is the earliest post to date i've recovered of my activity on ff) - chaz2b
chaz, I think there's been a big fluctuation for most people (maybe not that much). This is the oldest post on which you commented that you've recovered? - Micah
When I first saw this: 1.91 Sept 28: 1.94 - MiniMage
536 comments in the last month has me at .8736...still creeping toward 1.00 - Bren
Thanks, MiniMage (2x participant!), Bren (3x!) and Shannon (your inaugural visit!) - Micah
Thank you, SustainedEuphoria. - Micah
Thanks, Mark. - Micah
1.45 - Brett Kelly
Thanks, Brett :) - Micah
5.67 all time. Second highest ratio on here. Woot! I love to talk. - Kevin L
Thank you both, Kevin and mridul (the two of you balance it each well :) - Micah
1.80 (10,189 / 5,666) [compared to Likes, my Comments still continue to rise] - Micah
1.02 (10323/10161) - Bren
.5666 currently (30,084/53,093) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thanks, Bren. - Micah
Thank you, Alex :) - Micah
that was my third post... It's interesting to see how the number has changed. of course, I manipulated the number to a degree, because I stopped "liking" things for a while... - Bren
Bren, the other thing that can seriously throw off someone's stats is a feed that upon each item it imports adds a comment automatically. - Micah
true. that can seriously inflate comment stats, of course. Then you have someone like RAPatton, who posts a gazillion comments, in part because of his playlist posts where he will list each song in a separate comment. I found, after this post in fact, that I tended to "like" things much more frequently than comment on them, that I was lurking instead of participating. I have changed the way I use ff rather considerably, and I think for the better. - Bren
Thanks, Sarah, Tutivillus. - Micah
1.19 - Joe Bonner
Micah this is like 11 months ago, I see you have almost doubled your rate. lets make a graph for everybody now, :) - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
Quick, someone write a greasemonkey script to inline some google charts! (tap-tap-tap...wut? don't look at me ;) - Micah
Thanks, Joe. And you thank you, Mahmood :) - Micah
Thanks, Glen! Your comments in the ratio have gone up too. - Micah
1.70 (it was 1.41 on Jan 8) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
WorldofHiglet, thank you :) The comments are strong in this one. - Micah
0.64 (2,589/4,051) - Chieze Okoye
0.58 - Thomas Page
Chieze and Thomas - thank you! - Micah
*bumpage* - Micah
So, Micah, we never did find out what you were doing with this info.... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.27 (5637/20234) - I only see a couple people lower than me. - John (bird whisperer)
4.06 (747/184) - Jan Ole Peek
WoH, World Domination. - Micah
Rene, John and Jan - thank you, all three! :) - Micah
0.97 (6,694/6,929) - NOT THE CRICKET
Thank you J., Jimminy and آقای تلخک :) - Micah
2.23 - Paola Bonomo
0.71 (8,200/11,551) updated - Michael Fidler
0.03 (284 / 10378)! - Daniel Rowley
Thanks Paola, Michael, Artemko, J. and Daniel! - Micah
*thanks Christopher thoroughly* - Micah
14.86 (1442/97) I'm going the wrong way!! - Chris Myles
1.77 (11831/6622) - Micah
0.56 (2059/3703) - Joel Webber
0.89 (1,766/1,986) - chrisofspades
Thanks, Joel and Chris! - Micah
In 4 days it will be 1 year since my first recorded stat here. My comments/like were almost a 1:1 ratio then. Now comments are almost double likes for me. - Micah
jamar78, same trend for you, it looks. :) - Micah
1.00 a year later. {edit -- screwed it up the first time. not telling what I did.} - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks, Jim! - Micah
.52 this year. - Prairie & I Know It
Thank you, Laura =) - Micah
75,415 comments/1,286 likes = 58.64 - i wish the auto inserted comments didn't get counted... the true number is probably much much close ot my number of likes - Chris Heath
1.09 (11910/10953) - Bren
1.97%. thanks again micah, this has been a great metric to measure my first year here on ff. As the year went (this being the first record of me being here that i've found): , 6.43%:1.25%:1.97% - chaz2b
Chris, Bren, thank you. And chaz2b, thank you too - glad it's a special marker for you. :) - Micah
1.79 (13620/7618) - Micah from iPhone
0.91 - Bruce Lewis
0.13 - Morton Fox
1.69 now (1.70 on Nov 10th and 1.41 on Jan 8, 2009) - - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.23 - Mark H
Thanks Bruce, Morton, Higlet, Brent and Mark! - Micah from iPhone
How is this thread doing in the longest-lived-ff-comment-thresds-ever contest? - j1m
5.76 right now - Kevin L
0.53 - Rodfather
j1m, I wonder how many threads over a year old are regularly updated by an asoetment of users. - Micah from iPhone
Kevin, Cecily and Rodfather - thanks! - Micah from iPhone
1.49 (2,222/1488) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
"I must not ask Micah questions" written out a bajillion times.... :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
LOL @Higlet - Correct. (but Brent, you can also ask the Mathematics Dept of West Bohemian University in Pilsen, Czech [via ]) - Micah
0.32 (2011/6291) Looks like I need to comment more. =) - Beau Liening
Thank you, Beau. And, by stating you want to comment more you're already helping the cause :) - Micah
2.09329564 (10366:4952) I don't think that I'm the norm here - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
*bump* - It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.71 (16,017/9,357) - Micah
0.91 (13,933/15,222) - NOT THE CRICKET
2.66 - Marissa
1.48 (2,469/1,669) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, Jimminy, Marissa and Daryl. :) - Micah
1.21 - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny! - Micah
1.10 (4874/4448) - DGentry
2.13(7957/3734) - Melanie Reed
Thank you, Denton, Glen and Melanie! - Micah
63.58 (97,534/1,534) -- interesting that my last three digits are the same there, eh? (note, i already posted a month or two ago when i first saw this thread) - Chris Heath
Thanks, Chris! - Micah
0.87 (3770/4312), so I'm either getting more commenty or less likey. [0.74 (1970/2667) was what I previously reported back in June] - Kristin of Two Everything
Thanks Scott, pea and T. Brent. - Micah
Brent, interesting. Look forward to more commentary. :) - Micah
1433/1161 = 1.23 - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.19 (5132/4316) - Ruchira S. Datta
Thank you, cdogzilla and Ruchira! - Micah
0.94(15045/15978) 0.83, (28.August.2009); 0.97, (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (17.April.2010); 0.94, (11.May.2010). - NOT THE CRICKET
1.65 (18,070 / 10,970) - Micah
*bump* It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.05 (1710/1625) - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.66 here. Chattyites 4ever! - Lo
Thanks cdogzilla and Lo! - Micah
Last year my comments were around 7000 and likes around 2500, for a ratio of 2.80. I consciously chose to do more liking over the last year. As of today my comments number 10,782 and likes number 7,666, for a ratio of 1.41. - Stephen Mack
Jason, Stephen - cool. Thanks for keeping updated here. :) - Micah
Thanks, RG - Micah
1.03. Micah you've made over 18000 comments since you first posted this. - chrisofspades
0.76 (3,624/4,766) Egad that's only .1 improvement since 2009-01-08 :-P but at least it's moving in the right direction. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
3.25 No wonder I always had to stand in the hall in school for talking ;-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Still right at 1:1. W00t. - Jim #teamFFrank
1.15 (14662/12739) - Bren
chrisofspades, crazy isn't it. :) - Micah
kima, tortoise wins and all that ;) Thanks, Shannon. Jim, you have maintained balanced in the force you have. Thanks, Bren. - Micah
2.33 :( my new yr's resolution was to "like" more, imma not doing sucha good job, :( - chaz2b
Thanks, Mark, and chaz, you'll get there. :) - Micah
1.61 (20,661 / 12,818) - Micah
*BUMP* - It's that time again. THANKS! - Micah
1.76 (15,652/8,886) - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny and hollyrai! - Micah
Thank you, Glen. - Micah
0.77 - Steven Perez
0.31 (14566/47299) - John (bird whisperer)
John, you're a 'liking' fool! :D - Jenny
Apparently I'm the human version of FALOB - John (bird whisperer)
Ha! (and thanks, John) - Micah
Double ha! - Jenny
Thank you Steven. - Micah
2.28 - Jesse Stay
1.66 (updated) - Eric - Let Me Know
Thanks Scott, Jesse, Eric and holly! - Micah
58,144/3,749=15.509, basically due to multiple feed imports. - Daniel Mietchen
*BUMP* - Micah
1.60 (22,066/13,819) - Micah
:) @Jason. - Micah
0.69 - Absentee
0.76 - Steven Perez
slightly off of my usual this time: 1.01 - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks James, Steven and Jim "STAY-ON-TAR-GET" Jannotti. :) - Micah
.98(20,405/20,834) - NOT THE CRICKET
1.36 (20684/15224) - Bren from iPhone
Thank you, Jimminy, Greg and Bren! - Micah
1.88 (21954/11691) Chatty Cathy, apparently. - Jenny
11289/9010 = 1.25 (wonder if some comments are from imported feeds) - Mike Chelen
Thanks Jenny and Mike. :) - Micah
Sorry - Micah .... but the math is just too complicated :) - Charlie Anzman
Charlie, I'm make it simple. I'll do the talking, you drive the get-away car—we'll split it even: 80/20. - Micah
Damn, More Homework. - Brent - Yes I am
including this comment (119,119C/1677L) ... 71.03 - Chris Heath
1.21 - Joe Bonner
1.56 (24,076/15,472) - Micah
*BUMP* - it's that time again. Also, I passed 24K comments recently. - Micah
Thanks, Micahel. - Micah
113,457 comments / 166,887 likes = .68 - RAPatton
2.02 (31627/15675) I need to start liking more and shut the hell up. - Jenny
1:1.618, of course. - Josh Haley from iPhone
2.60 - Jack&Cleo
I was waiting for that from you, Mr. Haley. - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Those are some heavy hitter numbers there, RAPatton. Thanks. :) - Micah
I've been on FF for a long time, Michah, because I am really, really old. - RAPatton
LOL Josh. These aren't the maths you looking for. [lateral hand wave] - Micah
Jenny, do not take your own advice; not advisable. - Micah
Thanks, Jack & Cleo. - Micah
RAPatton, you're not old—you triple-comment-excerpt every bookmarklet post :)) - Micah
Cristo, this post is an ancient relic. Handle with care. - Micah
0.13 - Morton Fox
Okay, Micah. <----I had to resist the urge not to post that because I know it's going to up my comment count. ;) - Jenny
But how many of those primordial, high interest posts are still active. Uh huh. :) - Micah
Thanks, Morton. BTW, when you posted in February, it was exactly 0.13 also. - Micah
Jenny, resistance is futile; embrace the rising tide of comments. - Micah
Comments are more difficult and time consuming than Likes. I'd be happy about a high comment:likes ratio except that many are surely imported from feeds, while every Like is manual. - Mike Chelen
it has changed to 2.2256 now as Sep, 6 2010.Labor Day. :) I added the date for future references. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
IN HONOUR OF DERRICK'S 100,000th LIKE: - Micah
1.54 (25,102/16,257) - Micah
Thanks, Alex. - Micah
2.29.... 26 HR, 89 RBI - .LAG liked that
.15 on March 21, 2009. Now .19. - Alix May
Thanks, MarkJ, .LAG and Alix! :) - Micah
Thank you, Deepak! - Micah
1.47 (24757/16749) - Bren
I make a lot of comments but no one like me, so I guess the ratio is infinite or undefined. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
1.45 (29653/20444) *BUMP* - Micah
1.22 (31900/26233) - holly #ravingfangirl
.59 (58,923/99,251) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
6.61 (2825/427 )... I'm a wee bit chatty - Shannon - GlassMistress
I had exactly a 2:1 ratio as previously reported [Aug 30, '09], now I am at: 1.7241:1 ratio. 6,067 comments to 3,519 likes. - Joe
0.79 as of 6 Jan 2011. - John E. Bredehoft
my brain hurts - Morgan
Two years later and my ratio has climbed from 3.4 to 4.675. I've got a lot to say, apparently. - Kevin Fox
Funnily, I didn't notice until after leaving that comment that when I reported my stat in 2009 I also followed it up with "I've got stuff to say." I didn't say it was *new* stuff... - Kevin Fox
1.000 (27093/27080) - NOT THE CRICKET
I've had an improvement since the last few times this has come up. I was .49 or close to it, now I'm running a .57 ratio - Bluesun 2600
1.68 (55826/33281) - Jenny
81.1 - rising consistently - Chris Heath
I think this is the oldest thread I see that still gets new comments added. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
*BUMP* - Micah
1.40 (32175/22968) - Micah
I dunno, I'm not good with math - sofarsoShawn
0.35 ... Apparently I'm not very talkative. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John and Shawn. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.459 (33067/22667) - Bren from iPhone
looks familiar... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
2.6 (wow, this thread is like my yearly checkup; thanks micah and friendfeed, 3+years and going strong [6.4%, 2.33%]) - chaz2b
1.02 (38,615, 37,927) 9/27/11 - NOT THE CRICKET
1.29 (36,959 / 28,580) - Micah
Thanks, Jimminy, Bren, WoH, and chaz2b. :) - Micah
.46 now. :) - Prairie & I Know It
Thank you, LB. - Micah
0.33 (34741/105115) - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks John. Gracias, caj. - Micah
1.57 (24,460/15,624). It was 1.12 the day after the OP. - Tinfoil 2.0
The likes dim and comms brim. - Micah
2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago). for history's sake, this thread was started shortly after i found friendfeed, or friendfeed found me, so it holds a special place in my heart. thanks for keeping it around mr micah - chaz2b
You're certainly welcome, chaz2b. In some way it feels like a living heirloom to me. :) - Micah
*BUMP* - Micah
1.25 (40,008/31,895) - Micah
1.15 - Kristin
1.41 - Melly
5.12 - Julian
3 (2.991) (and now the list has become too lengthy for me to track my progress, ;) [dumb me, i have a post not 10 lines ago in history, from 090711 2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago) ;) ] - chaz2b
.79 - Shevonne
24 072 / 35 095 = 0.685909674 - AJ Batac
0,77 (before and after this comment) - loi
2.65 (69,814 comments/26,281 likes) - Spidra Webster
1.51 = 28,196/18,717. Was 1.57 in Sept 2011 and 1.12 in Jan 2009. - Tinfoil 2.0
*BUMP* - Micah
0.174 (6966/40022) - Not much of a talker. - Kevin Johnson
1.23 (41,476 / 33,845) - Micah
1.43 - Tamara J. B.
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, and .22 today (March 8, 2012). - Alix May
*BUMP* for Ross - Micah
2.83 - Ross Miller
1.97 on 2012-04-24 - ؛ patrick
0.99 (44,752, 45,200) 4/24/11 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); - NOT THE CRICKET
1.6 - AJ Batac
1.34 Did you finish all your profiling yet, Micah? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
1.22 (42,526 / 34,975) - Micah
Glad to see you here, Ross. Thanks for the updates everyone. WoH, the master plan is coming together nicely. - Micah
Excellent *steeples fingers* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*staples fingers* - John (bird whisperer)
Hmm, can you order finger-steeples on Amazon? - Micah
*readies the Band-Aids* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Micah: I can sell you some, cheap. Just fax your credit card, SIN and maiden name to the usual number. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
My facsimile machine is in dry dock at the moment, but I'll pigeon over a small scroll with all the requisite datums. - Micah
Done and done. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.31 <-- about the same as usual - John (bird whisperer)
After the last 19+ hours, it's high time to log-in your stats again. - Micah
1.20 (45878 / 38084) - Micah
1.54 (32,913 comments / 21,412 likes) - Tinfoil 2.0
Thanks, Tinfoil. - Micah
Try dividing by zero and find out ( ) - Micah
1.04 (10778 / 10303) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, DB. - Micah
Currently 0.3. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John. - Micah
1.01 (47,240, 46,956) 9/13/12 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); - NOT THE CRICKET
Thanks, Jimminy and Zulema. - Micah
BUMP - in honor of Kevin's 8K comment threshold. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
.38 - March 15, 2013 - Jennifer Dittrich
0.279 (58096/208087) - John (bird whisperer)
0.172283 (8005/46464) - Kevin Johnson
0.75 (38,250 comments / 50,175 likes) (My entry above from 2 years ago said I had 10,782 comments and 7,666 likes for a ratio of 1.41. I've been busy, and my pattern seems to have changed.) - Stephen Mack
Thanks, Jennifer, John, Kevin and Stephen. :) - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
0.51 (6,883/13,438) - Stephan from iPhone
5.72, though I deleted my first account, like, 3 years ago - Meg VMeg
1.03 (51,436, 50,018) 3/15/13 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); 1.03 (51,436, 50,018), (15.March.2013); - NOT THE CRICKET
.44. I guess I'm getting lazy. - Prairie & I Know It
2.22. I use YouFeed a lot, and liking takes an inordinate amount of time on the app.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
3.10 up from 2.83 a year ago. - Ross Miller
Thanks, Ross. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
BUMP - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.07 - Kristin
1.03 - Bren from iPhone
This thread is amazing. What a treasure trove of information - Bren from iPhone
0.62 (5077/8197) as of 4/29/13 - bentley
2.49 today - Marissa
1.0591 Comments per like (16,230 / 15,324). - Joe
0.47 (10,057/21,354) - Zu from AOD
0.98 (48000/48933) - Bren
1.08 (53,901/50,006) — this is over 6 years old now. - Micah
1.45 - Melly
1.16 - Friar Will
7.04. I'd bet italians must have values way above the average non-italian user. - mentegatto
Thanks, Melly, Friar. Thanks, mentegatto—you're probably right. - Micah
0.63 (12948/20268) as of 2/28/2015. I'm consistent. My previous comment of 4/29/13 has my ratio at 0.62. - bentley
Thanks, bently. - Micah
Compiled a little stat of my comments over the years. Averaged 4,600/year in the last three years. In the year 2010 I made 30,000 comments. - Micah
14,613:11,129 (prior to posting this comment) - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Thanks, cgrymala. - Micah
Currently I'm at 0.223 (68214/306389). - John (bird whisperer)
1.09 (25689/23595) on 03/01/15 - Previously 1.07 (04/29/13) & 1.15 (01/04/12) - Kristin
Currently (2015-0301): 0.658 (74,615:113,471) - Michael W. May
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, .22 March 8, 2012, and 0.25 today (March 1, 2015). - Alix May
0.36 on March 01, 2015... I've become a lurker! - Brent Schaus
35,56 on March 02, 2015 - Snowdog ★ ★ ★
Benjamin Golub
We added a few features you might have missed recently: support for thumbnails ( and "Best of" for users/groups on the iPhone (
Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 3.05.19 PM.png
Rumors of FriendFeed's death are greatly exaggerated. (Thank you, Ben!) - Stephen Mack
Thanks, guys :) - Franc, a rememberer
Stephen, very happy to see new features like this, but I think the "death" part is the major users reducing their activity. I'd love to see some support from Facebook in promoting FriendFeed more to encourage those users to go back. Or maybe they don't want to? Regardless, bonus for me! Thanks Benjamin - you're awesome! - Jesse Stay
Jesse, fair enough but major users always did come and go. Some of the departees who left said they were doing so because there was no new development. Clearly not all development is halted. Last week Paul hinted that FF may receive a major new feature, and characterized his participation as "20% time" -- I'll take that. - Stephen Mack
I backed down off the all caps. The group "best of" is really useful, love it. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, I agree - I'd just like some confirmation that Facebook cares about all this so I can know whether to focus my efforts on Facebook or FriendFeed or both. - Jesse Stay
I noticed the best of on the iPhone the other day, wrote it out on a cake and then ated it. - Josh Haley
Thanks for the update Ben - AJ Batac
Jesse, I think you should focus where your users are focused. What do SocialToo users want? But if they want Facebook focus, you should still keep an eye on FriendFeed, since the future Facebook will look a lot more like FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, I'm not sure we know that. - Jesse Stay
Paul Buchheit said the FB acquisition was attractive because of shared vision/direction. I would be surprised if a lot of that vision wasn't already embodied in this product right here. - Bruce Lewis
ffcode: you can do that. Here is the "Best of week" from one year ago: - Benjamin Golub
ITS ALIVE!!!!!!! MUH HA HA - Roberto Bonini
آقا دستت دردنکنه :دی - گیلداد
Paul Buchheit
Last friday I taped an iPhone to my head and ran around Paris capturing the most famous sights in a single (somewhat shaky) shot. Here's the video:
Screen shot 2010-06-28 at 6.40.07 PM.png
*spot reserved for a later comment* - Micah from iPhone
Now we know what that 94 minute video was. :) - NOT THE CRICKET
that explain other FF posts, looking for tapes and where can one upload large video files ;-). - Tzury Bar Yochay
Yeah, I never did get the duct tape though, so I had to use clear packaging tape instead (with a sock stuffed between the iPhone and my hat to get the correctish angle). - Paul Buchheit
Patent it NOW - Josh Haley
Well, this is just genius! - Eric - Let Me Know
When you said you ran you weren't speaking metaphorically. - Eric - Let Me Know
Very Cool Paul! - Jeff P. Henderson
great and inspiring - Nenko Ivanov
this was perfect, I opened up my Paris map and followed you :) - İpek Aral
I'm surprised you were able to follow. I didn't have a map (my iPhone was taped to my head!) so I made a number of wrong turns, though the high-level route was pretty basic. - Paul Buchheit
Saw the vimeo on your stream and watched a little of it. Great stuff! Cool to see new iphone vid quality. (er 3gs? quality, hmm) Oh yeah, and enjoy Paris! - Jay
It's actually a 3GS, not an iphone 4. - Paul Buchheit
I think I might tape a photo of Paul with an iPhone taped to his head to my head because I want to get arrested for being a menace. - Akiva
You can fit an iPad on my forehead. - Josh Haley
Ahhh this explains the "ducktape in Paris" stuff LOL :D (that picture is full of geeky win!) - Susan Beebe
@Paul just curious how much battery did you have left after you were done recording? - BRҰANSAҰS
Something like 22%, as I recall. I had put the phone in airplane mode to reduce wireless consumption and also because I'm concerned that an incoming call would stop the video or something. - Paul Buchheit
Not bad. I guess you could get at least 2 hours of recording on one charge. - BRҰANSAҰS from BuddyFeed
Nice idea, OP - LANjackal
this is definitely on the list of 'quirkiest things ever done with an iPhone'. :-) - Olivia Lovag
this is so romantic - τorƍue
awesome, you just needed a gun and it would make a cool REAL-time FPS :) - Emil Kirichev
oh thanks you soo much!!! I love it! - Bojan Babic
surprisingly un-shaky - Sally Relton Shakespeare
Avg. speed: 9.48 km/h (9.23 mi in 94 min, see red track - Jérôme
Paul had the initial idea for Google Glass exactly two years before Google launched Glass. :) - Space Cowboy
Now, if only he had thought of Gmail. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I hope this isn't the start of a "people walk around cities w/smartphones taped to their hats" trend. - rönin
I hope it is - Mo Kargas
If so, it'll just be transitional until smartphones are replaced by glasses-phones. Or smart glasses. Do we have an official name for those yet? - Andrew C (✔)
Iphone taped to the forehead, what a nice way to show #IamAmerican abroad :) - A. T.
first laugh of the day, ty a.t. - chaz2b
^ my pleasure :) - A. T.
LOL, Google Glass back in the days. Monsieur: Martini? Great stuff as I was doing myself a lot of these then too... 9) - Zu from AOD
up di apprezzamento dall'Italia - naltro
Not quite last Friday. - Joe
Barking up the wrong trees, Laina. - Joe
Louis Gray FestivusFeed: FriendFeed Airs Your Grievances - FestivusFeed: FriendFeed Airs Your Grievances
I found this fake comment I made 1 year and 1 day ago quite ironic at this point. (Reminded by Susan Beebe's thread) - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
"Robert Scoble joins every network but this one." BUT I kept pushing... and here we are. :-) - Louis Gray
Louis - Wow, your pushing WORKED in a big way...Mike must hate you by now! - of course I love you for that :) - Susan Beebe
Here's the post in my thread Louis is referring to -----> - Susan Beebe
It took me 1.5-years to get RSS after Dave Winer first showed it to me. So, I am getting faster. Took me just a few months to get friendfeed. Glad you kept after me. - Robert Scoble
So how do I access it? <---I take that back. Didn't realize what I was looking at when I went to the site. - Mattie Kenny
Bring back Festivus Feed! - Shawn Farner
Yeah do it! :) - Susan Beebe
My favorite grievance: - Louis Gray
Robert, now we just need to get you to understand auto-follow (the SocialToo way) ;-) - Jesse Stay
LOVE! - David Cook
Josh: it was a seasonal thing last year at this time, so it is no longer possible. We may have to bring it back by popular demand, but for now the entries you see are all from last year. - Bret Taylor
Bret - bring back those cute little red icons next to the FF posts! easy seasonal "flair" feature! - Susan Beebe
and here we are... - Jesse Stay
Jesse I want to like this, but I already liked it in 2008! - Eric Florenzano
Whoa. How did I NOT like this in 2008. Weird. - Lisa L. Seifert
The comments about this on Facebook are illuminating. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Robert Scoble, joins, then leaves, every network, including this one. - Laura Norvig
What Laura said. - Louis Gray
Happy Festivus, everyone. - DGentry
People who revive dead threads. - Bruce Lewis
Bret Taylor
At the FriendFeed birthday dinner
Happy birthday FF! What a year! - Mike Doeff
hmmm where's all the all the laptops? - Brandon
I have never eaten fondue, but I dipped a graham cracker in a chocolate fountain once. - Pete D
Happy Birthday FFers (and THANKS) - Charlie Anzman
Cheers! - FFing Enigma
Congratulations on your first year! - Anne Bouey
Yeah, Melting Pot! - Eric - Let Me Know
Congratulations and Happy Birthday, FriendFeed! :) - Mona Nomura
Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, you're !!!!!!111!!!!!!ONE!!11 - Pete D
Happy Birthday... and Thank You - Johnny
프렌드피드 일주년을 축하드립니다. 더욱 더 발전하시고 더 좋은 서비스를 제공해주시기 바랍니다. 생일 축하드립니다. :D - zizukabi
Thank you for being such a huge part of my life this year! - Robert Scoble
heppy birfdeh young buck, you've had a bangin year. Tequila tonight, tomorrow we ride (as the Hells Angels say) - Marko Bon from fftogo
happy birthday and many more to go! FF ftw! :) - imabonehead
happy birthday guys! congrats on a terrific first year - John Lilly
Happy Birthday and thank you for an excellent service! - Mustafa K. Isik
Happy Birthday! I love FriendFeed! - Igor Poltavskiy
Awesome... I love small startups - Chris Lamprecht
Happy Birthday. Is that Ana busting open a screwcap? - Richard Chen
Happy Birthday FriendFeeders and thanks for great service. - Alexander Arsky
Happy Birthday, FriendFeed! - Vista
Happy Birthday, FriendFeed!!! Love ya'! *mwah* - Lisa L. Seifert
C'mon. It's FriendFeed... They should be having Birthday Pie (Chart). Either blue or orange. Both taste yummy. - Lisa L. Seifert
happy birthday friendfeed, and jeanette.....i miss u guys - goutham
Many happy returns, FriendFeed! - Richard Walker from twhirl
Happy Birthday FriendFeed! It's been amazing, so happy to have been a tiny part of it! - Iain Baker
A belated Happy Birthday, great service! - Bo Stern
Happy birthday! Long may you continue! - Martin Bryant
Congratulations and happy first birthday, guys. FrF is awesome, you're awesome, and your achievements in this year are awe-striking as well! :) - × × ×
Happy birthday and congratulations! - Joe Dawson
FF is the best way of social communication atm - Phil Smirnov
Happy BIrthday Friendfeed crew! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Once again Ana is the only one doing any work in a FF picture. - Steve C, Team Marina
“~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIENDFEED!!! ~~~” Fondue! I love fondue... jealous!! Let's have many more birthdays! Best of Luck, Success FTW!!! - Susan Beebe
congrats - Alex Hammer
I see here how it's okay for you to play on your iPhone during dinner ;) - wiredgnome
Wow! Posted almost 6 years ago and there it is on my TL (after someone I follow either posted a comment or liked it). This is the kind of features only Friendfeed was able to provide. Hope everybody on that picture had the career they were hoping for back then. - Pascal le Rudulier
*.* - LilaLaMarea from Android
lan... - akaşa
anca ye iç olm bi el at şuraya - yormayinbeni
only eat drink throw a hand here sldkfjsldkfjslkdfjsdlkfjsdklf not throw ahHAHAHAHDKNsfsf - yormayinbeni
Hello, my name is Selina found you here today and needed to have a conversation with you, and share an information with you, I do not know you very well, but through your profile. Contact me at( so that i can get back to you with more details about me with my photos. Please do not write on the site write me here in my email address ( - Selina Love
WTF BIRTHDAY - yormayinbeni
John Lilly
Wow, Bret promoted to CTO at Facebook - smart, great guy. Congrats!
Thanks, John :) - Bret Taylor
@Bret. Congratz Bret.. - Ozgur Demir
Bret, well deserved! You're perfect for the position. - Jesse Stay
Super happy for you - incredibly well deserved. But I still want to get you working on another startup! Want to find something to do together. Looking for board stuff for you, too. - John Lilly from email
Congrats, Bret! - Mark Trapp
Now to see if Bret can take that confusing Facebook interface and make it into something nice like, for example, friendfeed. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
The Facebook "Lite" version helped simplify the interface, hopefully some of those concepts will make it into the standard design. - Mike Chelen
TechCrunch called it the Friendfeedification of Facebook. That can only be a good thing. Congrats! - Eric - Let Me Know
Congratulations Bret! - Atul Arora
BT and FF did 'open' in the healthy, right, & honest way. Here's to bringing that positive force to a pretty unhealthy & confused company. Serious congratulations! Now... what would you do if you were CEO, Bret? That's what you need to do, starting today. - Christopher Galtenberg
Congrats, Bret! - Kol Tregaskes
Good on ya, Bret!! :) - Skye Miller
Congrats Bret! - Bojan Babic
Bret Taylor
For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics - -
For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics -
For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics -
Carrie getting some much deserved attention. "Ms. Grimes is an Internet-age statistician, one of many who are changing the image of the profession as a place for dronish number nerds. They are finding themselves increasingly in demand — and even cool. “I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians,” said Hal Varian, chief economist at Google. “And I’m not kidding.”" - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Great article, but it left out that statisticians need some CS muscle to effectively operate on large scale data. It's the combination that make Carrie -- and others like her -- 'Internet-age' statisticians. - Michael E. Driscoll
Michael, plenty of CS muscle, and also training in specialized packages like/from the SAS etc. - ianf ⌘
Oh, this is old from 2009.... Silly me. Bumped because of spammy comment? - Joe
Somebody really wants Bret Taylor to buy some new suits... - Lisa L. Seifert
Would you please subscribe me to could send you a direct message? - سلوچ
MG Siegler
Remember when I made this? Can't wait for this functionality to come to FriendFeed. Hot Dog Stand here I come!
Remember when I made this? Can't wait for this functionality to come to FriendFeed. Hot Dog Stand here I come!
woah - tell me you're still not using this...its quite possibly the ugliest thing ive ever seen. - Zee.
Now I'm craving Hot Dogs - Jesse Stay
i call it eggplant orange juice with blood. - MG Siegler
for healthy vampires - Eric Eldon
I feel bad for your monitor that has to serve that up...haha - Mike Bracco
MG, maybe we should save you the trouble and make one that looks like this for you. We'll call it parislemon. - Dan Hsiao
i think that may cause a FF revolt. or vomiting. - MG Siegler
Absolutely love the color scheme! :) - Jonathan Hardesty
lol it's festive. My Gmail is bright green and orange. LOVE - BEX
ya lets myspace up this bitch! - sean percival
Paul -- hey you listenin'? hhaha! don't ya love those colors! LOL (Dan - good idea!, do it!! haha) - Susan Beebe
Looks like a box of Crayola's just threw up. : ) - Mike Doeff
Cool - Andrew
I would go out of my mind by the end of the day. LOL - Drew Lucas
Painful. - Anne Bouey
This is a beautiful work of art. Bravo! Encore! - Sarah Lane
i aim to please. - MG Siegler
Just looking at that might give you colon cancer. - Gary C
Or keep you away from gmail long enough to be productive on the task at hand. - Mitch
FriendFeed has themes now. - Robert MacEwan
much harder to ugly this up, but i tried - MG Siegler
looks like helvetica to me... :) - Jim #teamFFrank
did u build it yet? lol - Phillip Grady Jr
literally brilliant way to push people to use gmail... ;) - Marc Mulhern
its ugly as sin but it is a point. I would love to have a bit of text control and layout control and colour control. - workingbike feed
Hello my dear Nice to meet you online my name is miss Gift i saw your profile today and pick interest in you. please i will like you to contact me at ( to tell you more about me and give you my photo's hoping to hear from you you'rs Gift ( - gift
1998 all over again. - Will Higgins™
Paul Buchheit
If you uncheck "Accept third-party cookies", Firefox will no longer send any cookies to iframes (even if set outside of an iframe), which breaks the FriendFeed Facebook app. Has Firefox always been like this?
Picture 5.png
These "privacy" features end up hurting privacy, because then web sites switch to signed urls and such, which are much worse (they leak out in referrer headers). - Paul Buchheit
Yup, this was exactly my problem. I accidentally unchecked it while messing around with cookies while programming...occupational hazard... - Emmett Shear
This breaks Feedly as well. I've always unchecked third-party cookies because I was under the impression that's where most click-trackers and ad-servers lived. Am I wrong? - Akiva
Yes, for exactly the same reasons. You are not wrong. - Sam Pullara
Isn't this the default policy in IE7, unless you enable p3p for the sites? - Michael Herf
I'm not pretty sure I agree with @paul - there are enough examples of manipulations by 3rd party cookies, from ads tuning and down to other nasty tricks. You may dislike it but it is there to protect us. And it is there for years. - A. T.
It's irritating enough that I have to allow cookies on sites I want to share through the bookmarklet. Luckily, I use CS Lite. - Akiva
Please see this bugzilla entry for a quick overview: - Reading the entire bug is a good idea. This is also a relevant bug if you're interested: - Christopher Blizzard
These sorts of gimmicks are to privacy what a paper mache motorcycle helmet is to safety. They interfere with legitimate functionality while giving a false sense of security. - Paul Buchheit
you should accept authentication using facebook params, and set a cookie if you can. you have the user info right there - no need for a cookie - Ivan Kirigin
For the record, I was part of the IE team when we implemented the IE third party cookie P3P support. It was a feature completely designed by a set of State Attorneys General. They specified everything down to the UI in the IE control panel. It was a disaster. - Joe Beda
Ivan, those facebook params leak through referrer headers, meaning that other people can steal your login. Joe, the P3P thing is kind of dumb, but at least I can set the right headers to make the problem go away. That's an amusing back-story though. - Paul Buchheit
from bug report above "b) the ability to make decisions based on p3p policies was removed for firefox 3, because p3p isn't an effective way to establish trust with a site. it's a one-way system; anyone can say they're the good guy" - A. T.
Bret Taylor
You can now get a daily or weekly email digest for anybody's feed on FriendFeed. You'll get a daily or weekly email with the most popular posts from that person's feed. To get the email, click the "Email/IM" link at the top of anyone's feed, and select the "Best of day" or "Best of week" email option.
Picture 11.png
You can see all of your email settings at - Bret Taylor
Thanks Bret! :) - Matt Ruiz
Thanks to Kevin for doing a great design for what turned out to be a more complex set of UI options than we had originally anticipated, and thanks to Tudor for implementing the email backend. - Bret Taylor
Great! Thanks! Love FF! - Scott Monaco
I now get the FriendFeed Feedback posts as a Best of Day email so it doesn't fill up my feed, but I don't miss feedback. I also set up a "Best of Day" email for my "Technology people" friend list so I get a pretty good overview of tech news every day via email. - Bret Taylor
This is a really cool idea Bret, I wish you can make that an RSS feed option as well. I'd be much more likely to read summaries in RSS than in email. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Lovely. Thanks guys. - Mitchell Tsai
Casey: Thanks for the tip. What's the 7 before the "?" mean in the URL? The number of likes or replies needed to be included? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
this is killer, the random influx of email during the day was kinda getting fail-ish. I love the daily digest. - Drew Lucas
Very cool! Any way to get archives of previous months? (especially helpful for those of us who leave the internet for weeks at a time...) - Mitchell Tsai
WOW. that's really helpful! - K.D.
Looks like a great addition for those who are not embedded on the site. Nice intro. - Louis Gray
Cool! - Josh Haley
Ahsan: it is somewhat random right now when the emails are sent, but we built in the backend capability to control what time they are sent, and we plan on exposing that control to users in the future. Right now, it is kind of random - sorry! - Bret Taylor
Cool! can i get a daily or weekly email digest for the "Saved searches"? - 0M0M from email
This will be incredibly useful. Thanks to all involved in the design and execution. - Kathy Fitch
Nice addition! - Michael Fidler
But what exactly is "Best"? Is it anything that has a certain number of likes/comments? - Laura Norvig
@Bret LOL THAT WAS MY PROJECT! I will release it tomorrow. But you've also did it and killed my friendfeed application **sigh** But mine has multi-reporting weekly-daily-monthly at the same time and adjustable entry count! - Alp
@Bret please consolidate me or I won't code new apps with you api! :-) - Alp
Alp: we were not trying to withhold data. Later today the documentation will be updated to reflect the ability to obtain "Best of" for users. The feed id will be USERNAME/summary/N (similar to "Best of" for lists) - Benjamin Golub
Hi Ben, that is pretty funny, I tried that URL earlier today to see if it has been secretly released :) - Paul Kinlan
Bret: While Twitter struggle to keep their fail whale under control, you guys are developing stuff like this. Amazing - Thanks! - Jim Connolly
awesome feature, this will be highly useful for my corporate group ideas / content sharing; projects, etc.... THANK YOU :) - Susan Beebe
Great work. I especially like that it works on lists too. - Meryn Stol
my inbox might say different, but I like that :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Wow, this is really neat! And it links into the idea I expressed earlier, re: reducing signup friction / enabling limited guest privileges. Imagine if I could embed one of my FF rooms on my personal web site, and enable people to subscribe to that feed by e-mail with just a couple of clicks... rather than saying "you can get e-mail notifications but you have to sign up for Friendfeed first." "sign up" -- though admirably lightweight on FF -- is still a huge barrier. - Adam Lasnik
is there a love button cause I dont like this option I LOVE this option..great work guys - (jeff)isageek
Three options I would like (1) Can I select "top 100" instead of "top 30"? (2) Could I select both "best of day" and "best of week"? (3) How about older timeperiods? I'd love to get an e-mail with stuff from last week or Mar 2009? Start & end dates? Anything to help me read FriendFeed off-line would be great since I spend long periods off-line at festivals (especially during summer time) or overseas. - Awesome job guys! - Mitchell Tsai
So this works on groups too, cool! But we still cannot see Best of for groups on the site on friends lists. :-( I have several friends lists that include just groups and when I select to view the best of the page it's empty (even though if I got to the individual best of for those groups there are entries there). - Kol Tregaskes
does anyone know of a web service that can do this? (I'm thinking weekly email updates of my favorite feeds/people) I don't think there's anything like friendfeed .. - Franc, a rememberer
That's a cool feature - Xitong Liu
Emails no longer get sent except for Subscriptions. The last non-sub email I recieved was July 15th, 2011. - NOT THE CRICKET
I still get them. - AJ Batac
I get these every day. - Me
I still get it - AJ Batac
*jealous* I no longer get anything but subscription emails. - Bruce Lewis
Following US Politics that way ever since and the emails always went through: so happy this never went off course and kept a valuable record of these threads. - Zu from AOD
unutmadık :) - alperyz
Thanks for sharing!! - Keith Kesier
"Hey we're taking a photo here.." (in NY accent)
Picture 10.png
Isn't that just typical!!!! - Kevin J Hatton
One in a million. I love it. - Adam Reyher from Alert Thingy
That's insanely lucky. - James Rishabh Mishra
seriously this is not photoshopped? oh this is too funny, it's like that annoying kid that always jumps in front of the camera. - R. Ferguson
LoL. This is a true once in a life time shot. - Bluesun 2600
precious! - Tammy Hoeck
LOL! Adorable! - Kevin Winn
Quelle jolie photo!! Très originale, j'adore;-) - Orangeade
Cool - Bob Lyr
uhuh, just excellent - TiTi
I think that must be the 'mini-wanker' the lake is named after. - Ken Morley
I love how the camera focuses on the squirrel rather than the people - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
This shot is hilarious!! This is a totally gorgeous spot. been there once. - Nathalie
Begging to be captioned ~ :3 - CannonGod
That's one photogenic little critter. <3 - Sung W. Lim
haha @ Jake Fudge. spot on! - stefan
It's so cute! It almost doesn't look real. Loving it!!! - Jennifer Medlin
So awesome - Mitch
love how its head lines up exactly with the horizon line. *So* much better than it would have been. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Unbelievable. - Ramene Anthony
See more about this story in CBC news - Carloe Stamp
I laugh ever time I see this. It is so great. - Jim Williams
^^)b - YungSang from FriendFooV2
lol ( in NY accent :) ) - Pinkpackrat
Isn't there a website where you can submit pictures of photo-stealers? This should totally be submitted. || Edit: Found it. - Miss Elle
excelent - Rui was only after Chipper received his prints from the local PhotoMat that he realized two humans had snuck into the background of his lakeview self-portrait. - .LAG liked that
haha picture? lol just kidding =] - Marissa
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Still funny! :) - Ken Morley
Nice Photo really ! - Michael Stuart
GOOD - hongyanself
Kevin Rose
Leo Laporte Blows up at Mike Arrington -
Leo Laporte Blows up at Mike Arrington
Leo rocks - Carol Levesque
Arrington was quite a jerk on this show. the "What are you going to do about it" line was right out of Jr. High. - Jeff Jones
I liked Leo before, but now I respect him even more! Good for you not taking any shit from Arrington, Leo. If he knew you at all, he'd know you buy nearly everything you review. I've lost lots of respect for Arrington here--what a playground bully. I love that Leo just shut 'em all down! Thanks for sharing, Kevin, great stuff. I hope Leo has no regrets, because there should be none. - Paul Salzman
Leo : once again you've showed there are people we trust and follow (i.e you) and those who can't. Have been following and trusting you a long time, and will do more than ever now. - arnaudt
Leo had every right to tell that guy to shove it. Mike was questioning Leo's integrity, in an irritating and cowardly manner to boot! What self-respecting journalist wouldn't, and shouldn't, react similarly? - Ryan Shepherd
I've sometimes had a hard time reading arrington's articles on TechCrunch. They seemed to have tone that I couldn't really like. This little bit kind of solidified that thought and feeling about him. - Robert de Castro
That was awesome! Leo, your integrity has always been top notch and you shouldn't let anybody question or tarnish it! Keep up the awesome work! - Sean Simkins
What an arrogant ass. Way to stick it to him, Leo! - Shawn Poulson
This is first time i've seen him like this.But he was correct in his stand, a review unit can't really influence such a decision. - Abhishek Sharma
Arrington is a jerk. Leo is a class act all the way. SCREW YOU Arrington. your blog sucks anyway. - Rustic Thoughts
That was amazing, good job Leo - Johnathan Schultz
Leo has always been a man of integrity and surely has earned the right to give Arrington directions to Hell, when having his honor questioned. You go, Leo! --- Regular TWiT podcast, er . . . netcast listener, La-Tonia Denise Willis in Seattle - Indie Media Arts Channel
Is it just me or has this unexplainable air of unpleasentness in their posts? - Alpay Erturkmen
Caroline: if you have digg fed into friendfeed then when you digg a story it comes over to friendfeed - kevin didn't post it if you go to the digg story you can find out who did - he even beat the creator of the video which is pretty impressive - Chris Heath
I don't really know who is right, but I don't think that it's unreasonable to disclose that you were given something for free when making a recommendation about it. As matter of a fact, not disclosing it makes me question a persons integrity. - Summer Fling
it wasn't FREE it was a 7-day review unit that he only asked for because he couldn't go wait in line for one. it was launched on saturday and leo does the radio show on saturday - therefore he reluctantly asked for a review unit - does that make sense? - Chris Heath
Well since it wasn't free why get so angry? Arrington asked for Leo to make it clear to everyone that the unit was free. Wasn't free end of story. Obviously, there's prior issues between the 2 and I just think that it's weird all these people picking sides. - Summer Fling
After watching a 2nd time I realized that Arrington pushed on with the FREE accusation even after Leo had said that the Pre wasn't free, That it was just a 7 day demo unit, and that he was thinking of buying one. My bad! I've heard that Arrington has since apologized though and that's a respectable thing to do. - Summer Fling
I watched this about 4 times and wish I could make out what Mike was saying when they all were talking. I applaud Leo for standing up on the show live yet kinda sad to see him this way. I understand why Leo got the review unit. Mike went to far even if he thought Leo was wasn't serious. Edit: This is Mikes post on TechCrunch - James Reeves
While I like listening to Leo and admire his work, I do not think it is fair to do all this 'Mike' bashing. - Kevin J Hatton
Sure, Mike apologizes and becomes adult about it now, after realizing once again that he doesn't hold near the audience that Leo does. If the tables were turned, I doubt he'd ever give Leo a second thought. What a turd. - Fleagle
Can you say "Ooops I better kiss butt before I lose all my readers?" - Rustic Thoughts
Leo is a bigger man for accepting Arrington's apologies. I still wont read his blog however. - Rustic Thoughts
I agree. I am not sure why some of these guys give Arrington the time of day. Way to go Leo! - Adam Martin
I don't understand how anyone would come on a show and blatantly press an integrity issue, valid or not, with the _host_ of the show. That would never end well. - Shawn Poulson
Who are these people? - Brent Schaus
Guy Kawasaki
Hanging out over at
Hey, Guy! - Jesse Stay
How's it going Jesse? - Guy Kawasaki
Yay! - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Trying to keep my sanity during the Twitter DDoS :-) - Jesse Stay
Guy, glad to see you on FriendFeed! :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
About time man - James Hunter
Hi, Guy! Not another darn subscription you have talked me into :) - Eric
Oh, oh. :-) - Robert Scoble
/me hands a bottle of rum to Guy. - imabonehead
come baaa ...aaaaa ...aaaack! - Mike Chelen
Hi Guy! When we going back to prison? That was definitely one of the most memorable experiences I had in 2009. Thanks! - Robert Scoble
Bump! - Jesse Stay
Great social bookmark bro - desiratna789
Oh no! He's back. Wait, maybe not. Nevermind. - Joe
Ross Miller
Great memories! Dan working on scene two. (Re:
Great memories! Dan working on scene two. (Re:
Cool. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
So it's all done with Legos. Brilliant! - Jack&Cleo
That is such a great video! - Anne Bouey
Cool, I loved the first one!! woo hoo!! :D - Susan Beebe
Wow! - Brian Johns
Great memories, indeed! - April Buchheit from iPhone
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed API v2 officially launching -
"Two weeks ago, we launched version 2 of the FriendFeed API in beta. Since then, we've watched how developers have been using the API and collected a lot of their feedback. We've implemented some changes, and now, we're ready to remove the beta label!" - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
A two weeks beta in the 2.0 era sounds almost blasphem! Congrats! - Simone Ruffilli
Congrats to Ben and Gary for all their hard work getting this out the door. And thanks to all the developers who have been sending us great feedback the past couple weeks. - Bret Taylor /-) - Nicolas Voisin
Bret - Think we'd all be interested in a longer list as more apps make use of the API. Great stuff - Charlie Anzman
v3 ne zaman geliyor hacım? - öküz
Robert Scoble
@loudmouthman Microsoft has 320 million users on Hotmail and Messenger. Facebook only has 100 million. Never count Microsoft out.
For now. :-) - Alex Williams
As much as people give Microsoft a hard time. they are still here and as strong as ever. Microsoft is not going away anytime soon. The numbers prove it. - Michael McGimpsey
They looked tired and jaded at Enterprise 2.0 - Dennis Howlett from twhirl
Man, we all know MSN is an empire... - Jack
does anybody have independent studies of whether hotmail, or yahoomail, or gmail actually makes money? - wilsonng
The hosted version of Sharepoint / Exchange is in beta as a service from MS. It will make them billions and establish them almost instantly as the most important "cloud" provider for businesses. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
does anyone consider the yearly growth rate? - Axel Quack
Can you comment on Amanda Chapel - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
And 300 of those 320 million are spammers. - TranceMist
Igor: it's a dude named Brian in Chicago who writes that Blog. - Robert Scoble
How many of those users are active? I have a Hotmail account, but I never use it anymore. - William Beem
Those people are not early, medium or late adopters though, those are people who don't want to embrace anything new... Those users don't typically migrate to better services - why would they be interested in a social network? - Rich
email is a very private matter -- we'll see how well msft does at converting that to a real user relationship. doubtful - Jason Goldberg
People also still put gasoline in their cars... ;-) - Mary Anne Davis
How many of these are throw away accounts or simply abandoned? Still an impressive number but well inflated. - AJ Kohn
AJ: none: those are all accounts which have been used in past 30 days. - Robert Scoble
i still keep my hotmail/msn just so i dont lose contact with some people. its a hard magnet to avoid - Ruben Llibre
I have a bunch of old account running about .. Thankfully they all forward to my Gmail Accoint :) - Tyler (Chacha) from twhirl
This is a good example of an audience's understanding of what the picture looks like our of their immediate demographic. People have a hard time realizing what's outside of their own 'fishtank' so to speak. There are people that like MSFT, there are people that love using their online services, there are people that truly would rather keep things IE/Live/Office/Windows because it's what... more... - No Name from twhirl
Thankfully I don't use Hotmail as my Main Email - Tyler (Chacha) from twhirl
Robert: Really? so we're talking 320MM ACTIVE accounts, plus xMM of lapsed/inactive. Interesting. Thanks for clarifying. - AJ Kohn
I had four accounts , each created when I forgot the password of previous one, I use none now, only gmail. - sirishkumar
I very seriously doubt these would be active or real accounts. Plenty of dead ones or ones used for spamming. Ask them if they can give you a number of accounts that were logged onto in the last 3 months once a week. EDIT, ok, I did not read your article, shame on me, so they have active users. Still don't see how chat accounts can be seen as weapons. - Gerard van Schip
Why did Yahoo self-destruct in regard to Microsoft? Although it is a minority opinion (which I have detailed previously) Yahoo may in fact not need Microsoft to the degree that many think. - Alex Hammer
What is Microsoft's growth though, as compared to Facebook's? - Jesse Stay from twhirl
heh - امیدم
Thomas Hawk
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed -
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed
I wish there was a AIR client for FF though. - barl0w
Twhirl works well for FF and it's an AIR client. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Great article. I want to learn more about the dumping the RSS feeder part. You should share some tips with that. Good stuff. - Amani
Love seeing FF through the eyes of someone who's not a traditional techie =) - FFing Enigma
Thanks Bob! - barl0w
A big part of why I wrote this post and have it running in my number one photo spot on Flickr right now is because I want more of my photography friends to sign up for the service. I *love* seeing photos here on FriendFeed and there are so many talented photographers who are not here yet who need to be. If we can get more of them to sign up, you guys will love their work. Of course there are many great photographers already on here but still a lot more who could join. - Thomas Hawk
I had to re-share this with all my FB friends. :) - Kelly W.
Still trying to figure out this whole friendfeed experience. I've had the account for a while and see lots of my twitter friends posting via ff - Demetri Mouratis
great piece! - mashable
Hi Demetri =) Different people use FF different ways because they want to get different things out of it. What are you hoping to get out of it? - FFing Enigma
Thanks for the tip. I had FF but really never 'got' what it was for. This helped! - Molly Nichelson from twhirl
Nice post Thomas. - Paul Wade
TH - for those photographers that are not on here, I put their flickr id into my Flickr Imaginary friend and see their images that way. However, it would be nice to get more photographers on here with their reader shares and such... - Justin Korn
This is definitely the best "Why Friendfeed" post I've seen. - Nick in Manila
Justin, agreed. I have a bunch of imaginary friend accounts for Flickr/Zooomr users as well. But it is nicer when they actually have accounts here, their work can be liked and commented to the larger FF community, etc. It seems like a few new people signed up today based on this post so I'm happy for that. Thanks Nick! - Thomas Hawk
I have AlertThingy FriendFeed Edition as well as AlertThingy v2 - Outsanity
Well said, Thomas. :) - Josh Haley
Nice list of reasons, all well thought out. While I'm at it, I wanted to tell you that I really like your new blog design too. - Karoli
Do most folks use FF in Standard or Real-time view mode? - Scott Loftesness
Only ever real-time.. it sits nicely on the second monitor as a Chrome App. - Greg Gannicott
Realtime here... - Chris Gulker
Did you just reformatted your post, Thomas? It a lot easier to scan through now. - Alan Le
Alan, a lot of times I post first and edit later. I probably shouldn't do that, but yeah, after posting I broke up some of the paragraphs better, bolded a few things etc., to make it easier to read. - Thomas Hawk
That's great. Make sure to check out Windows Live Writer for formatting blog posts if you haven't already yet. By the way, I love the new blog design. It's much better than when I helped you with the html way back. - Alan Le
Y'know... I must've spent two months randomly Tweeting things like "Will someone PLEASE explain to me why I should be using FriendFeed?" ... And then two days ago I start using my account (I'd had one for a while)... and NOW someone finally makes a post outlining why I should be here. You're two days late, Mr. Hawk, two days late. :P - Lou
actually, there's no search for Russian word forms on Frf. For me that looks as if there's no search at all - orie
hmmm.. I didn't know that orie. It seems like there is a lot of international users on FF, that's surprising to me. - Thomas Hawk
I've been trying to make sense of FF for months now, but every time I come away confused. As it is I feel like I'm drowning under all the social networking sites available. I use Twitter, Plurk and Facebook the most, and I use so I only have to post status updates once. How can I integrate FF into this without making things even more confusing? - Chris Taylor
oooh! I found the zooomr version of this post with no formatting and I whined somewhere else in my FF feed. This one with all the formatting is better :D - Tamar Weinberg
I really liked how you did a post on Flicker - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
All good reasons but #10 is my #1 reason :) - Mark Krynsky
Mark - agreed. Also, Thomas ... very nice blog. I like. - Amani
@Tamar, the unformated text was a problem on the Zooomr image. Kristopher's fixed that bug now so text in descriptions on Zooomr photos should format correctly now. - Thomas Hawk
I wasn't using FF, but signed up after your post. Now let's see if it is really so useful ;-) - Marcel Körner
@Marcel also take into consideration who you are subscribed to. Aside from maybe four on your current sub list, they are not very active at all on FF. This will affect your experience here. - Carlos Ayala
Didn't know there was a "Porn" room on FF (see screenshot)... - David Young
how did you see that they are not active on FF? - Marcel Körner
David, the "porn" room on FriendFeed isn't all that active actually. I'm not really interested in porn per se, just thought it was a good group name to claim in the great FriendFeed land group name grab of 2008. - Thomas Hawk
@Marcel by their numbers, and the fact that i know most of them and can tell you first hand that they are not. (if you hover over people's names you will see their numbers) - Carlos Ayala
still hard to beat 5 years on for speed - Thomas Power
So true Thomas: people still can't as a majority read dynamic feeds. - Zu from AOD
it gives you an easy key to the way back machine - chaz2b
Louis Gray
For those who are curious... today is going to be the day. The "Schwag Magnet" twins are coming. Don't expect minute by minute...
Congrats Louis! - Ross Miller
I love the Schwaggin Waggon - Eric Schlissel from twhirl
Awesome! Can't wait to meet your two new kids and hope everything goes as well as possible. - Robert Scoble
When Maryam had Milan we were actually able to use our iPhones in between contractions. (Milan was born at Stanford, just like Louis' kids are -- great wifi there). Maryam didn't want any video, so we did photos and audio. Just be prepared to put down the iPhone IMMEDIATELY when your wife needs you. Otherwise the consequences are harsh. :-) - Robert Scoble
Mazel Tov and may all go as seamlessly as possible. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Wi-Fi at Lucille Packard is great, BTW. :-) - Louis Gray
Congrats! Don't worry about us and take some time offline! - Xavier Bartholome
Louis: I told you it rocks. So, is your wife admitted already? Or did they tell her to take a walk and come back in three hours like they told Maryam? (We went to Jack in the Box, and later, even back home cause, while Maryam was having contractions, she wasn't dialated enough to give birth for nearly 12 hours after we first went to Lucille Packard (Stanford's hospital for children). - Robert Scoble
Oh, and if you know Thomas Hawk, do anything you can to get him to come by and make photos. He took the most spectacular photos of Milan (and my family) that I really treasure to this day. - Robert Scoble
Matthew- Seamless birth , hmm. Kind of counter-intuitive. Louis-all the best to you,wife and twins. - Mark Forman
Congrats! - Yuvi
Good Luck Louis! Stay positive. - Jon-Paul Bussoli
I'm going to sleep hoping we hear great news when I wake up. Just remember, photos, we want photos!!! - Robert Scoble
We are admitted. Contractions are 4-5 minutes apart. We'll be here for a while. - Louis Gray
Cool. Any bets on the time? I'll bet that they are here by noon. Ahh, long night for Louis ahead! Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! :-) - Robert Scoble
I don't dare bet on a time. That's bad luck. But I'm not going anywhere, and she's not either. Duncan Scoble Gray and Cyndy Corvida Gray might debut in the morning. - Louis Gray
now you are ego pandering! Well I am off to bed. Our house is childproofed now and is awaiting the arrival. Milan is looking forward to having a couple of new friends to share toys with. Thinking good thoughts for you both. - Robert Scoble
Be interesting to see how many posts a week you're going to be able to manage now... :-) - Andy Davies
And no, those won't be their real names. :-) - Louis Gray
Congrats man! Get ready for the wild ride. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Best of luck throughout the night Louis. Hopefully when I wake up the two new Grays will be ready to blog. - MG Siegler
In case you guys wanted to know where you rate, we haven't told any family on either side that we're here. Didn't want to wake anybody up. Once we get close to 7 a.m. PDT, depending where we are then, maybe we'll let them know. Thanks for the notes. (Is this the first FriendFeed "live" birth?) - Louis Gray
Wooo, awesome! Congrats in advance. :) - Don MacAskill
Congrats and good luck! And they'll share a birthday with @crazybob's #2! - Cyndy
Contractions are 2-3 minutes apart now. Both of them hanging out, and both of us, hanging in... - Louis Gray
I do like the names you've chosen, though. Although you haven't managed to tack FriendFeed or Disqus in there. Maybe two middle names would work. I did that with #4 so she could be named after three family members. - Cyndy
Best wishes! - Mark Dykeman
Congrats!! :) - Paula Hawk
My daughter was born in a different age (1991). I couldn't provide updates to the world on an iPhone. Heck, all I could have done (I didn't) would have been to drive home, fire up the Mac Plus and my 2400bps modem, and posted text updates to the Deep Thoughts and Grotto BBSes. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
@Ontario My last was born in 2005, and I couldn't even update THEN... they ban all cell usage and WiFi is still a pipe dream. They are still going with the "cell phones mess with equipment" airline story. - Cyndy
And regarding could work "Obama" and "McCain" in there somehow...Duncan Scoble FriendFeed Obama Gray? :) - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
first photos better be with the cn stickers :) - Allen Stern
Congrats Louis! am excited for you. - Nick Halstead
Good luck to all four of you! - Chris Nixon
Congratulations Louis! Life as you know it has now changed. Good luck to all of you. - Rob Diana
Allen: CN stickers are in my hand _right now_. Kid you not. You might get lucky. - Louis Gray
Very exciting. Good luck! - Dave Stanley
Omg! How exciting! Congratulations!!!! - Sarah Perez
Congratulations and enjoy every minute! - RyanEs
WOOT!! Good luck to you and your wife at the hospital today Daddy Grey. - Mike Fruchter
You'er not streaming the whole event? ;-) No I agree some things are sacred. Unless you're scoble. I bet mrs scoble is happy that qik wasn't released when she gave birth... - Gez
Congratulations LG. God Bless - Keith - @tsudo from twhirl
I'll add my congratulations! I'll enjoy taking a rest from your articles :P - Tim Hoeck
Good luck. - James Rishabh Mishra
Congrats Louis! I know what raising twins is like, so I'll wish you good luck as well :) - Shey
Gez: there were certainly video options when Milan was born. She made it very clear that video wasn't to be used. - Robert Scoble
This will be up there as one of if not your BEST day - Christian Anderson
Agree wholeheartedly with Christian.... - Chris Reed
CONGRATULATIONS DADDY!!!!!!!!! - Susan Beebe
Congrats! - Dave Peck
I too will add congratulations! - Andy Tinkham from twhirl
Congratulations Louis! I can only imagine how excited you must be right now. - Caleb Elston
Waiting..waiting...waiting.... ;-) - Hutch Carpenter
Only 8 hours gone by. Our first was 37 hours. The second was like 2 - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Back at Hutch: Waiting...waiting...waiting... - Louis Gray
Congratulations! - Steve Lynch
Ten hours now. Cigars at the ready. - Russellreno
Wishing the best for all four (!) members of the family!!! - Dustin Harris
CONGRATS LOUIS! Glad I get to be in the names :D Can't wait for pictures though. I need to get "shegeeks" and "hegeeks" schwag over there asap! - Corvida
I hope you got plenty of Coffee and brought your laptop battery plug. It's going to be a loooooooong day/night. Hey at least you got FF to kill the time :-) - Mike Fruchter
Update: Things are obviously not the fastest I've ever seen, but progress is progress. We're at six cm. I didn't want to do a cm by cm update, but here we are! Nurses seem excited, so I'll pretend I am. - Louis Gray
This is one occasion when comments really need timestamps... - Andy Davies
This just in..... LG still waiting as of 5 minutes ago. Now in hour 13. - Russellreno
I am jealous. The arrival of one was a joy. Two would have blown my mind! - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Turning to superstition a bit, I got out of my A's shirt, which I've been wearing since we got here. Let's see if wearing the DISQUS shirt I got from Daniel Ha does the trick. :-) - Louis Gray
All in good time. Heck, I would be excited as hell. :) - Mathew A. Koeneker
For those watching this thread, obviously things have taken longer than we expected. Dilation has been slow, and the doctors are talking C-Section. We're trying to avoid. Babies are doing great. - Louis Gray
C-Section imminent, as labor stalled (you might have noticed). Hopefully, back with good news soon. - Louis Gray
Well, this is the sixth thread goin' on the twins, so (1) Louis we're hangin' with ya buddy and (2) get on with it already ... I want to go to sleep :) Seriously, positive, warm and happy thoughts ... and coffee. - Charlie Anzman
at this rate, i think Scoble's gonna have to change his bet from noon Friday to noon on Saturday! - Susan Beebe
Baby Grays are here! The boy clocked in at 9:01 at 5 pounds, and the girl weighed in at 4 pounds, 3 oz at 9:02. Both healthy. - Louis Gray
YEAH!!! Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news - both healthy!!, what are their NAMES?? - Susan Beebe
bump for the oldest thread i've ever found on ff, post-congrads, :) - chaz2b
Matthew and Sarah are now five years old. Happy birthday, twins! - Louis Gray
Casey Muller
This morning we changed the format of FriendFeed subscription email messages to include more information about people who subscribe to you. Please let us know if you see any problems, and keep an eye out for more email improvements in the future.
Thank you very much, Casey! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Nicely done :) - LANjackal
Awesome! Now lets see support for more web services... - Jac Falcon
saw that, and it was mega-helpful. bravo. - Nathan Chase
Shoot. Now I need a subscription. - Josh Haley
I'm all for improving the format of notifications, but wonder (aloud) if it is such a smart move to include the Approve/Reject link right at the top (unless it only appears in private feeds to which someone has requested access). Right now we have the option of blocking/ rejecting a subscriber at any time but presumably not at the very outset. This may lead to more of a walled gardens' mentality, already very prevalent at FF. - ianf ⌘
ianf: approve/reject is only for private feeds. Public feeds just have a link to subscribe back :) - Benjamin Golub
Nice - Grant Bierman
that's great! - K.D.
LIKEY. - Steven Perez
I noticed this one! Such informations about people who subscribe to me on FriendFeed are useful, and makes it easy to quickly get in the conversation. Thanks for the good job! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
w00t! - David Cook
For features like this one, I'm ok to receive html emails. -MANY- html emails ;-) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
The new emails are AWESOME! - April Russo
Gmail automatically showed me the images in a subscription email, even though I never told it to (you know how gmail has the 'display images below' option). further, it doesn't give me the option to hide the images. not that I'd want to, but how are you bypassing gmail's security feature to hide the images? - chrisofspades
Chris, we don't do anything special. I'm not sure how gmail decides what images to show, you'd have to contact them or check the gmail help. - Casey Muller
Casey, you sure FriendFeed's founders didn't use some of their "we created Gmail" mojo? ;) - chrisofspades
Chris, the "show images" only applies to external images hosted on other sites. Gmail doesn't show those by default because doing so would allow people to "bug" email. We include the images with the email so that they can be displayed immediately. - Paul Buchheit
ahhhh that explains it. thanks Paul. - chrisofspades from email
Windows 7 Reaches 10 Percent Market Share -
ignore this - just testing something :) - mashable
Windows 7 is a great OS. I almost gave up on them after Vista. - Garmon Estes
Hello, my name is MISS Bridget, I am a beautiful young girl with a lovely heart. i saw your profile today and like to be your friend, please send your e-mail to my private mail box at ( so that I'll send my picture to You and more information about me. bye with a nice kiss Bridget - bridgetbab
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: Ben Darnell joins FriendFeed: Ben++! -
FriendFeed Blog: Ben Darnell joins FriendFeed: Ben++!
Welcome, Ben! - Kevin Fox
Right on! Congrats, Ben. - Micah
Congrats Ben! Also, congrats to FF you are lucky to have him! - Jason Shellen
Data storage and scalability rock. :) - Louis Gray
Congrats, Ben! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Yeah Ben!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
so i finally get my answer to this :) - MG Siegler
Yeah, sorry I couldn't respond to that one before. :-) - Kevin Fox
well i be darned .... we now can rejoice, since fast paced additions to already good product are surely fastly coming about off the feedpipe ... it'l be a hectic season of finest upgrades ... I'm sure they'l start with keyboard shortcutze. ... I mean Google Reader rules on that. Intelligent to the extreme., on the other hand - are we sleeping? .. not even "/" ??.. and that... more... - pb:
Congrats Ben! Totally agree with Jason. Our latest project wouldn't have become feasible without Ben -- I'm just so glad we managed to get a fraction of his time before he left! :) - Simon
Congratulations, Ben! You're joining an awesome team. - Anne Bouey
Woohoo! Another Googler :) - Tim Hoeck
Congrats, you are now a "big company"! ;)))) - K.D.
That's not my picture! They got the picture wrong! In fact, I didn't get the letter of hire either. :( Oh, Hi there, Ben...if that's your real name. ;) - Josh Haley
Good luck Ben! With you our preferred service will go more interesting - Roberto from fftogo
you're building a friendfeed army there :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Congrats - Özkan Altuner
Nice, any former Google Reader-er is a friend of mine. - Mike Reynolds
gratz Ben! - timepilot
Welcome Bret! - Michael_techie
So, Facebook...? - Daniel J. Pritchett
Poor Ben Darnell. The last to enter are always the first to leave in mergers. - beersage
Hiring new staff while in secret acquisition talks, not exactly classy guys. I hope Ben knew what he was getting into - Glenn Slaven
Why on earth does he use the Duck Hunt theme? - Vezquex
I don't know.. but it is awesome! :) - Tim Hoeck
Wow, looks like somebody bumped this! - Kevin Fox
I think there were a bunch of spam comments made to some 2009-era posts by FF employees. For some reason even after the spam is nuked, the post stays bumped. - Stephen Mack
Yes, I blocked a spammer that was bumping old posts about FF themes and what not. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
OH HAI! - Eric - Let Me Know
Well, let's see this as an opportunity to raise a virtual glass to Ben and FriendFeed-that-was! - Kevin Fox
It probably had something to do with the Tornado 2.2 release. I noticed Ben was the one who posted about the release on HN earlier. Edit: Or it could have just been a spammer. *shrugs* - NOT THE CRICKET
I don't think it had anything to do with the tornado release - a spammer bumped a bunch of Bret's old posts today. - Ben Darnell
Here, let me save future spammers some time: Hello my name is ____ and I am an attractive young ____ _____ and I would like to contact with you so that together you and I can ___ with ____ while _____ in a highly ____ manner. Please to be responding as soon as is practical. Without your help, the _____ in U.S. dollars will go unclaimed, and the herbal ______ remedy will wither and die. Yours in all urgent seriousness, _____. - Stephen Mack
:D, Stephen! - Anne Bouey
Awesome Photo :) - Adi Prcike
Which shows up more, this pic or the Asian gentlemen on the beach? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
bret neler oluyor dostum? kardeşi kardeşe kırdıracaksın canım ülkemde!!! işinin başına dön lütfen.. - Aynebilim Aşevi
testa di cazzo se arcasca tutto te veniamo a cercà e non saremo teneri come i musulmani - Francesco M.
kime dedin onu francesco? - Aynebilim Aşevi
Bence de Friendfeede sahip çıksın artık... - Koleksiyoner Ali
Welcome, Ben! - Kevin Fox Ya puedes canjearlos por 3 Códigos Standard y transformarlos en $90 US. - Caca Machado
Hello, my name is Selina found you here today and needed to have a conversation with you, and share an information with you, I do not know you very well, but through your profile. Contact me at( so that i can get back to you with more details about me with my photos. Please do not write on the site write me here in my email address ( - Selina Love
Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Potential Topics? Amazon tablets. Motorola phones. Nokia phones. Apple next week. Techcrunch Disrupt next week. I'm also now addicted to Breaking Bad. Since last week's show I've watched three seasons of it. - Robert Scoble
Good Lord that's a lot of Breaking Bad in a short amount of time. Please lay off the blue crystals - Tina Chase Gillmor
Breaking Bad is awesome - Christopher Harris
I stopped watching Breaking Bad. Got to depressing for my taste. - Johannes Siemers
On netflix, it just keeps on comping episode after episode... - Kevin Marks
Breaking Bad is very depressing, but I got addicted. Robert, I watched all four previous seasons this summer. - Francine Hardaway
did somebody say "blue crystals"? ;) - Susan Beebe
Clinton knocked it out o the park. - Francine Hardaway
My feed froze - Francine Hardaway
and then thawed - Jerome Hughes
Crystal Blue Persuasion... - Jerry Schuman
can't find where I left the Kindle Fire... - Kevin Marks
everyone's stream ok? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Of course, All The New Kindle Fires Will Have Ads That You Can't Get Rid Of. Didn't really want to talk much about that, did they? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
oh my God Danny is not stopping for air - Tina Chase Gillmor
one of the first attack vectors for the hackers... multiple user accounts. - Jerry Schuman
can I run Google Music on the new kindles? - Kevin Marks
HDMI out... how fun. - Jerry Schuman
Tina, Danny must have had some awesome espresso today! :) - Susan Beebe
Danny is on fire today :) - Charlie Isaacs
Breaking Bad fans. Do you listen to the BB Insider Podcast? - Tom Guarriello
Danny is on fireHD today - Jerry Schuman
Kevin: Rooted yes. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
its the new blow - Tina Chase Gillmor
A book on Revolver? Gotta get that title. - Tom Guarriello
Bring on the Punditry! :D - Susan Beebe
Pundintry? Pedantry? - Kevin Marks
Amazon bang? - Tina Chase Gillmor
ha! Kevin! - Susan Beebe
Yes, Jerry, something about thinking alike :) - Charlie Isaacs
weird snatches of sound coming through - Kevin Marks
skype is so lame sometimes haha - Susan Beebe
you're making him very angry - Jerome Hughes
LOL. Someone is chewing a robot or something. - Nir Ben Yona
danny is frozen! lol - Susan Beebe
auto tune - Charlie Isaacs
Back! - Evan Prodromou
hi Evan - Kevin Marks
Crappy internet connections in Newport Beach. - Jerry Schuman
Danny fried his own feed - Tina Chase Gillmor
Danny exceeded his bandwidth with his long monologue so now his service provider is throttling every 50th byte - Charlie Isaacs
Don't Google and Amazon threaten both Microsoft and Apple, because they can give both Software and Hardware away, at least eventually? - Stephen Pickering
Hi Kevin! - Evan Prodromou
I like 'pundit tree" - Tina Chase Gillmor
they made the browser free - Kevin Marks
and IIS - Kevin Marks
Kevin is throwing back champagne today. Real lush that guy is - Tina Chase Gillmor
It was iced water, but it melted - Kevin Marks
They made the browser free to kill Netscape, but now Google and the Cloud can give the software away and kill MSFT - Stephen Pickering
You mean Wordstar - Charlie Isaacs
This is like a visit to the museum. - Evan Prodromou
My wife, to this day, calls MS Word "Wordstar" :) - Charlie Isaacs
Robert - to make GG live @ - I will call u after GG today. - clive boulton
Hell my LaserWriter cost me a few grand. - Jerry Schuman
WordPerfect! - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm using the Ringo glass today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Assume MSFT pulls off the Kobayashi Maru -- where does this leave Intel -- failed low power processor family? - clive boulton
Microsoft could charge "mob rate" pricing for four reasons: (1) It was a software suite; (2) They were usually bundled with computers so they offered a "solution" or "system"; (3) The software "spoke" to one another; and (4) There was some stability so businesses trusted it. - Chien-Yu Lin
Convertibles - Jerry Schuman
I think Bezos had it right. People care about services not just gadgets. - Alex de Soto
I love the Amazon apps store. I gave my wife a Kindle Fire and she hated it. She wanted the iPad apps. I told her to "find them on Amazon" but 90% of the stuff she wanted did not work on the Kindle Fire. - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
well, he's selling services, of course he says that. Apple will say they like devices - Kevin Marks
@Scoble: Is this more about "PC's dying" or "PC sales saturating and tablet purchases increasing"? - Chien-Yu Lin
So far, Apple has better "services" in the form of their apps and their licensed content. - Alex de Soto
not so much the books, Alex - Kevin Marks
Same "mob rate" rational pricing for pizza boxes and garbage collection in NY/NJ - no choice monopoly - clive boulton
I travel with my iPad + Logitech Ultrathin keyboard -- holds power for > 8 hr. flight, fits on Coach tray table while the guy in front me drops his seat - Charlie Isaacs
Right you are Kevin about the books. I mostly read them on a Kindle and will be getting the Paperwhite. - Alex de Soto
Is malware a problem for Amazon apps? - christina sponselli
I want to get the Kindle Fire HD to play the movies from the Amazon Prime movies via their HD output to my HD TV (but them again, my Roku does that already, but not when Im waiting at my doctors office, etc) @SocialJulio - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Hello everyone. so glad you all showed up today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hi Tina :) - Hilary Talbot
Can Microsoft make money with a no-cost tablet operating system? Apple can, and Google can. Amazon can. I think they're selling something everyone's getting for free. - Evan Prodromou
Hi Tina. Hope you are still enjoying your roses. - christina sponselli
your doctor lets you plug your tablet into his tv? - Kevin Marks
Navy Seals aren't using spreadsheets, composing large Word files, long e-mails (= Office). They are looking at pictures, maps, terrains, videos (= Tablet). - Chien-Yu Lin
"Don't stand out in Kandahar" (Robert said that?) - clive boulton
My wife is the Creative Director for the Western US of the top app developer. Trust me... nobody is asking for Microsoft or Fire - Jerry Schuman
I am loving the beautiful roses. All 21! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Navy Seals are writing books about Osama Bin Laden's last day on their iPads - Charlie Isaacs
Hi Tina. Guess what? I'm a vegan now - Francine Hardaway
The Samsung Galaxy SIII was developed before Jelly Bean. Will be out soon. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
After Gazelle, iPhone5 should end up costing me about $50. A little irrational, but not too much. - Tom Guarriello
@Kevin, my dr has wifi and I will have stuff to watch while I wait on my Kindle Fire HD. Better than on my phone, etc - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
clive: yeah. Navy Seals told me that when you are overseas there are a TON of Apple devices in local coffee shops. - Robert Scoble
I have a Samsung Galaxy S III and I love it! - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
(Resigned sigh) Can't I wait until Apple announces on Wednesday before ordering my Kindle Fire? Or will I then lose my Early Adopter button? - Francine Hardaway
Jerry, your wife is a freaking dynamo. I want to be her when I grow up. Any cool new art pieces? - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Clive @Scoble: One book written is not a trend. American in Middle East stands out already. Tablet does not make them camo'ed. - Chien-Yu Lin
Steve, what would it need to have? - Francine Hardaway
@@ bet the Taliban still runs Windows (XP) - clive boulton
What will Steve do if Apple ships a Mini Pad? - Tina Chase Gillmor
+1 Chien-Yu-Lin - Francine Hardaway
My take-away from this: Steve has a big pocket - Charlie Isaacs
She's been swamped with apps.. not a chance she's been in the studio. Though she's been talking about getting back out there. - Jerry Schuman
the nexus fits in my jeans back pocket - Kevin Marks
Hey Tina: This will crack Steve up: "Here Comes el Son: Songs of the Beatles With a Cuban Twist by Various Artists" - Alex de Soto
@Clive: Taliban using DOS - Chien-Yu Lin
A reliable source told me that AirForce One runs XP - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
there was never a netbook market - Jerry Schuman
Good thing I just bought a bigger purse. Will be carrying a Nexus, a Kindle, an iPad -- and no more Air - Francine Hardaway
Right, Jerry - Francine Hardaway
the Air was the netbook - Kevin Marks
like the ipad was the tablet - Kevin Marks
at my first company we provided and installed PDP11's in Air Force ONe - Charlie Isaacs
Netbooks were the play things of alpha geeks. Mostly to make hackintoshs - Jerry Schuman
@Chien-Yu Lin Taliban's haz Internets (bastards) - clive boulton
lost the picture and sound - studentforce
@Francine: Thanks. Could I contact you later about the AZ Entrepreneurs' conference? - Chien-Yu Lin
I had to switch from the appleTV to the mac mini to get Breaking Bad watchable on the tv - Kevin Marks
Season 2? Oh man, are you in for a roller coaster. Walt spirals into the abyss. - Jerry Schuman
I show the stream working Studentforce - Tina Chase Gillmor
i had to reload - studentforce
I have that painting as well:-) - Francine Hardaway
And now there's the Apple's rumored "Pandora-killer" which will likely only be IOS/iTunes only. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
too many platforms and devices - studentforce
I think Bruce Willis want to sue Apple because he can't leave his content collection to his children after he's gone. - Alex de Soto
on a tv via ipad - Kevin Marks
What are you talking about.. I can read my books across devices... it's called DropBox - Jerry Schuman
@Chien-Yu Lin of course. Watch this Scoble-esque gesture: 602.910.5622 - Francine Hardaway
Roku is great - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
or by a mac mini - Kevin Marks
Makes no sense to me to buy books through Apple for that reason - Tom Guarriello
Roku is awesome - Stephen Pickering
I get my HBOgo via Roku - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
and my Amazon Prime movies via Roku - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Is that what you did,. Kevin? I couldn't get Breaking Bad to Airplay. - Francine Hardaway
Still like my Roku for non-Cable content. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I used the Mac Mini - Kevin Marks
and the appletv - Kevin Marks
No one is ever going to buy music again, that's why Apple is making the move into Pandora's space - Stephen Pickering
Jerry, that's such a spoiler - Francine Hardaway
I have a Mac Mini, so I will give that a try - Francine Hardaway
I didn't give him a spoiler.... seriously - Jerry Schuman
Enterasys Isaac - studentforce
mac mini plugged into an hdtv is pretty good, though you have to use safari, not chrome for netflix - Kevin Marks
internet of things - studentforce
I guess I just thought so because I'm all caught up, Jerry - Francine Hardaway
I buy my music from Amazon, and then I can add it to my Itunes library, Apple devices and android Devices. - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Apple still locks in pretty well. Outside of 3rd party apps... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
on the train is where I want the tablet to work - Kevin Marks
@John -- what is the razor for the enterprise (any chances)? - clive boulton
With Spotify, I don't think I'll every buy digital music again. I may buy a Physical Vinyl record for the object quality and the novelty aspect - Stephen Pickering
Crystal Blue Persuasion.... la la - Jerry Schuman
Start All Over Again...Nat King Cole. la la - Tom Guarriello
that is why we need a app that will evoke digital context contextually - studentforce
studentforce does that Scoble - studentforce
Yeah, but if you add all of those services up, they're less than the total of my DISH bill - Stephen Pickering
Kevin - Why can't the trains offer wi-fi? Would be productive on your NB San Jose - San francisco commute - Tina Chase Gillmor
for eTextbooks .. its the holy grail - studentforce
Nexus Fire, wasn't that in one of the Star Trek Movies ;-) - Jerry Schuman
god yes, Tina. Instead they put it on the Stockton line o_O - Kevin Marks
Amazon & Apple are in the best position to offer everything, music, tv, movies - Stephen Pickering
Amazon's next step is original content - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Robert just voiced my major gripe. Content is not centralized. The closest is Apple - Francine Hardaway
I use the Verizon 4g to WiFi adaptor - Kevin Marks
I have to give Logitech's UE (formerly Squeezebox) Internet Radio some props on making Audio sources pretty centralized. Makes a solid Roku experience for radio. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Kevin ~ Sounder (Seattle commute train) has wi-fi. Always my Goog Galaxy tab 10.1 out. - clive boulton
Not true. Spotify is better on Android - Stephen Pickering
there he goes - Tina Chase Gillmor
Data vs. Logic - Jerry Schuman
brace yourself for a Scoble explosion - Tina Chase Gillmor
One problem with pulling together content from different apps is that it's hard to link them. Inter-app integration isn't as good as Web integration is. - Evan Prodromou
What app is Scoble talking about? - Tom Guarriello
If I were Microsoft, I'd drive the market this way: (1) Pair up with Dell (they've shown they have reach within business and will make devices cheaply, getting their money through service contracts and renewals); (2) Drive for a software suite that can be loaded into Tablets. Let's be honest: most people use less than 5% of all of the Word, Excel, PowerPoint functionality; (3) Establish... more... - Chien-Yu Lin
"Exsclobsion" - Evan Prodromou
Steve smoking the peace pipe. - clive boulton
A universal notification client sounds like a great idea. Don't think companies will allow it to happen though. - Alex de Soto
The issue is DISCOVERY. DISCOVERY is facilitated primarily through word of mouth. IOS apps KILL Android apps when they're discussed from end users - Jerry Schuman
so Scoble, why wouldn't companies aspire to make universal apps that seamlessly move from device to device while taking advantage of all of the best features of each device? That was Steve Jobs' vision from making universally easy products so that every app could work the same across their iPhone, and move to the iPad, etc. I agree with Steve, you and John are both right. - Charlie Isaacs
You don't need Airplay with Netflix - Stephen Pickering
guys ... in terms of eTextbooks (my focus) you are ALL WRONG - studentforce
Browser, email, Netflix, Kindle, music player probably gets you pretty far - Evan Prodromou
That's not true, Netflix's code and even UI is different on various platforms. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
@Francine Hardaway: Thanks. Will call. - Chien-Yu Lin
Some high schools are adopting iPads. Grooming the next generation of consumers? - christina sponselli
true, but some is shared via HTML - Kevin Marks
yes - studentforce
netflix on appletv is weakest, cos it isn't their code but Apple's - Kevin Marks
Good show folks! - Evan Prodromou
@Sponselli: 7" iPad is basically dusting off the Apple II marketing plan. Smaller hands, smaller devices. What will kids ask for come Christmas once they use it in schools? - Chien-Yu Lin
Goofy is a horse - Kevin Marks
Twitter killed everything except for OAuth - Jerry Schuman
Twitter killed itself because I don't even look at it anymore. All I look at is Facebook - Stephen Pickering
i need instagraming on retina display (G+ has antlers which cover head shine) - clive boulton
@Chien-Yu Lin: Seeing the trend of kids from a mid-upper economic group jumping from Touch in jr high to iPad in high school. - christina sponselli
including JSONP - Jerry Schuman
This subject I know very well, Goofy is a doggy - Charlie Isaacs
But if Goofy is a dog, what is Pluto? - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
I'm very upset of the loss of RSS from Twitter. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I haven't tried to scrape twitters html recently, is it still crufty? - Kevin Marks
And surprisingly, Dave Winer seems to be totally fine with killing RSS in Twitter - Charlie Isaacs
but Twitter added a new widget - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
It will cause me to no longer track things like Scoble's Stared Favorites in Google Reader. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
and the widget pulls text, photos and videos - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Anyone notice Twitter no longer using real-time follower notification (talk about going backwards) - clive boulton
Twitter is moving to federation... you watch. - Jerry Schuman
Thanks Evan. these guys are amazing. I still love to watch them joust. It's cool to fell the real time-ness of it, even for me. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Federated Twitter databases? - clive boulton
@Sponselli: I'm kind of thinking that they would start more toward middle school. High school? I could get kids to buy a toothbrush that promotes tooth decay if I marketed it right. - Chien-Yu Lin
I care almost nothing about Twitter anymore and everything about Facebook, which is exactly the opposite how I felt 2-3 years ago. - Stephen Pickering
Does this gut some of Flipboard and Currents, or are they accessing Twitter elsewise? - Denise Howell
'cos Dave Winer wants us to stop using twitter? (I don't know, he blocks me on twitter) - Kevin Marks
Flipboard has to be nervous. - Tom Guarriello
i think flipboard is using the rss feed, not sure though - Kevin Marks
Winer blocks you, Kevin? That's flippin' hysterical! - Tom Guarriello
Facebook machine learning algorithms failed for me. Zuck needs more data than I was willing to contribute. - clive boulton
What happened?? - Tom Guarriello
Winer blocks everyone at some point - Tina Chase Gillmor
Twitter <> monetization = pivot - Jerry Schuman
+1 Tina and so are you :) - Charlie Isaacs
Anybody else lose the show? - Tom Guarriello
@Chien-Yu Lin: Distinction of wanting and getting. Some parents, including this one, consider the amount of screentime their kids get and the parent monitoring time required. - christina sponselli
So a "universal" browser for all of this stuff is unlikely. - Alex de Soto
I show the stream up tom - Tina Chase Gillmor
I lost the feed momentarily Tom but it came back, I thought it was my connection - Charlie Isaacs
I just reloaded bldg 43 and it came back. Weird! - Tom Guarriello
Lost the connection, but a refresh brought it back. - christina sponselli
cant explain that - Tina Chase Gillmor
I bet Dave Winer keeps saying that RSS Rulz! - Nir Ben Yona
Nir - but of course - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Sponselli: Sure. Just saying many kids will go to college and there will be a time when being competitive as a student + school requirements + social pressure / status will create a situation where a purchase will be made. Bonding is pretty powerful, regardless of usage frequency and duration. - Chien-Yu Lin
@Robert, I can see some of your FB Favorites, via Incognito, not logged in - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Sweet Charlie. Thanks - Tina Chase Gillmor
You hit the nail on the head and it's exactly the market Twitter is going to go after... - Jerry Schuman
thanks because chatter is a feature of the platform - studentforce
Video down again - Tom Guarriello
Chien-Yu Lin: Agree - christina sponselli
Burberry vs Bogart Trenchcoat row highlights minefield who owns content... - clive boulton
For Facebook, most are social loiterers who use the medium as a digital scrapbook and internet chatroom. - Chien-Yu Lin
But since, storage, bandwidth and processing halve in price every 12 months, then something like may be viable in 5 or so years - Stephen Pickering
Refresh brings it back - Tom Guarriello
Go check out SylkServer from AG Projects. SIP/XMPP with presence support. Just heard they're going to release in the OSX app store. Light this thing up behind the firewall and get a complete message bus for the enterprise that includes, voice, video and chat. - Jerry Schuman
ADS ARE ANTITHETICAL TO TWITTER'S ETHOS Twitter is about real-time information with little-to-no self-editing time between information and Tweeting / re-Tweeting. This is why Twitter is used primarily as a newsfeed and the SARG (smart-ass remark generator). And there's the challenge: (1) How Can One Monetize News? We consciously understand - or intuitively know - that news, unless there... more... - Chien-Yu Lin
Sorry ... - Chien-Yu Lin
Lonest ever! ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
meant longest - Tina Chase Gillmor
My thoughts exactly. Probably the longest post ever, during the Gillmor Gang show. - Nir Ben Yona
Chien-Yu -- you forgot about Twitter as a "social megaphone for horrible customer service" -- expressing negative sentiment about brands. I would also add that people help each other solve problems on Twitter, and help each other accomplish things. - Charlie Isaacs
Fast typist for sure or great speech recognition! - Alex de Soto
Chien-Yu Lin - fantastic and provocative posts - John Taschek
Awareness ads - Tom Guarriello
Thesis ;-) - clive boulton
CPM is higher the better qualified your prospect is... - Jerry Schuman
I disagree with Chien-Yu about disposability - tweets do build relationships, especially the phatic ones - Kevin Marks
Jerry: yes, because the efficiency is better. - Robert Scoble
The HTC One + Engadget ad at JFK Airport: - Nir Ben Yona
@Scoble: You are absolutely right. Awareness vs. Closing. But I making the claim that Twitter has some very definite disadvantages compared to other social forums. - Chien-Yu Lin
and don't forget - its a GOODYEAR Blimp as you noted. So Goodyear gets the product placement too - even though you are miles away - studentforce
Chien: that's true, but Twitter has hundreds of millions of eyeballs. - Robert Scoble
phatic ones or phallic ones... - clive boulton phatic, clive. Phallic tweets don't build relationships - Kevin Marks
@Marks: When you talk to people on Twitter do you come back for the information or do you go somewhere else (as with all of the links)? Also, have you made more "friends" from Twitter or from Facebook? - Chien-Yu Lin
Chien: I've made more friends on Twitter but that is quickly changing. - Robert Scoble
there are many different ways that people find to make a universal message bus useful, and those individual people get to decide which ways make sense for them - Jerome Hughes
Kevin: nod - clive boulton
many more from twitter than from facebook - Kevin Marks
Chien-Yu: I often prefer the simplicity of Twitter versus Facebook, but FB is def. much more social. - Alex de Soto
@Isaacs: Yes - Twitter is a fast response, complaint engine. But do you find that it is more of a "starter environment" or a "fostering environment"? - Chien-Yu Lin
Twitter has always been an Identity system. A tweet is nothing more then a Presence message - Jerry Schuman
I'm nto invited to the apple event :( - Kevin Marks
ing the gang? - Kevin Marks
It's crazy that Twitter didn't build a business model around search, just crazy - Stephen Pickering
@Alex De Soto: Agreed. Half the appeal of texting is not wanting the details and length of a conversation, but having the satisfaction of communication. We want acknowledgement, but not necessarily depth. We expect closure: that's why we have emoticons. - Chien-Yu Lin
Twitter seems to be one of those apps with a lot of untapped potential, but the potential never seems to emerge. - Michael Roberts
I dont get that about Apple - Tina Chase Gillmor
hm, I'm at Mobile 2.0 on tuesday, going to be tough to get to disrupt in time. - Kevin Marks
Why on earth wouldn't they regularly invite Scoble? - Tina Chase Gillmor
“It’s almost here.” - clive boulton
Kevin... where is Mobile 2.0? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Grand Hyatt Union Square. Where's disrupt this time? - Kevin Marks
@Scoble: Agreed. But do you think in the long term, will people buy from Twitter?; how will Twitter be able to claim advertising from its platform as effective (it is true mobile, but may have to create discount coupons that expire within 1 hour of setting off geo-fencing - granted, this is a challenge for all - but I see it more as a challenge for them since their transactions are so short). - Chien-Yu Lin
@Chien-Yu: I see it is both, but I in my role I focus on customer service. It is a Starter Environment for initiating complaints, that are usually taken off line. It can also be a Fostering Environment; when an angry tweet falls on deaf ears it can foster collaboration (in some case "rallying the troops", in some cases others coming to the aid of the suffering Tweeter). - Charlie Isaacs
@de Soto: Touche. - Chien-Yu Lin
Google+ is focusing on events with hangouts... they're starting to really show off the capabilities - Jerry Schuman
Facebook could also disaggregate some of its services like the status update, and voila a simple twitter feed - Michael Roberts
You calling me a dark spot? - Jerry Schuman
Jerry: yup, that's where Google is strong. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for joining us, good chat room today! - Robert Scoble
IT conversations probably exist. - Michael Roberts
@Isaacs: But do you find the speed of Twitter is more helpful than the granularity and details of Facebook? I know each has its place, but in the long run, would it not be easier for FB to just mimic Twitter than Twitter to build a profile base and communication platform? - Chien-Yu Lin
Livestream also has a new device - Jerry Schuman
Wish G+ will disaggregate some of its services like the status update, and voila a simple twitter feed (lite weight web) - clive boulton
@Gang: As always, great information, learn something new each show. Be safe. Have fun this weekend. - Chien-Yu Lin
I'll bike over from union square tDisrupt at 8th st after I get offstage - Kevin Marks
Great show! Good weekend all. - Alex de Soto
Good show all. thanks for being here to everyone - Tina Chase Gillmor
about 12 mins by bike - Kevin Marks
Thanks Chien-Yu - Tina Chase Gillmor
Sorry @Chien-Yu, got pulled off on a call :) That was a fantastic show, BTW. I like Twitter for its instantaneous activity capabilities -- you can Tweet something and get a response within seconds, whereas, FB has more of a delay. I know a lot of people who are always watching Twitter with one eye (because of what you said earlier about news feeds) and only check FB a few times a day. I... more... - Charlie Isaacs
@Isaacs: Agreed. I just think of the possible scenarios - and the underlying usage / "DNA" of each company - I am not sure that it will have the value we think it does. We will all have essentially a "stock ticker" of life that will quickly be ignored and commoditized. - Chien-Yu Lin
@Chien-Yu @issacs G+ has more delay than FB. But comes into its own talking-in-circles. {replaces email in the enterprise?} - clive boulton
@cliveb @Chien-Yu Well, put on your "vendor filter" but of course I am biased towards Chatter, that replaces email in our enterprise, and many others... G+ is like Chatter in many ways but it isn't integrated into the other mission-critical apps in the enterprise. For example, you should be able to collaborate around any enterprise "activity" -- Leads, Cases, Interactions, etc. and it should feed into a common thread for you without having to cut and paste everything manually. You can't do that with G+. - Charlie Isaacs
@Isaacs: Keep your "vendor filter" on. We're building a SAP/G+ app for nitty-gritty enterprise activity like chasing shortages. - clive boulton
ok, will do, @cliveb thanks and good luck - Charlie Isaacs
Bret Taylor
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web - YouTube -
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web - YouTube
Ross and Dan made this video to illustrate the advanced technology we use behind the scenes at FriendFeed. (Ross and Dan, you are amazing - I can't believe how awesome this thing turned out) - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
How very creative. This is very fluid and cool. - Louis Gray
OK, not exactly what I was expecting, but very cool. - Kevin Arth
Anyone have the video somewhere other than Youtube? it's banned here in Turkey and I can't wait until we get home (next month) to watch it!! - Chris Myles
This is awesome! - Christopher Chung
with a community like this - you just can't roll-it into f.b.. keep the dream alive! - michael sean wright
:O - Josh Haley
Amazing, thanks for that! - dkb
According to Ross, they used about 1030 individual pictures in the final version. Stop motion is a lot of work :) - Bret Taylor
Sure, sure--give away all the secrets. (Are those Lego dudes union?) - Kathy Fitch
very creative. wonder how long it took to do that stop-action? - berchman
Ross's best work so far ! great job Ross - goutham
Major props to Ross and Dan. FriendFeed lives on - Shane
That's priceless. Great job, guys. - John Craft
This is superb. I just showed it to my 5 year old son who enjoys Lego and has already taken some great photos, including one or two of his toys. So now he has the seed of the idea that, in time, he could take multiple stills and put them together to make moving pictures. Thank you very much for posting it and giving me and him that opportunity. Maybe, he might use FriendFeed one day too! - John W Lewis
Great project! - Anne Bouey
AWESOME! - Kevin Fox
I think they need to make a full stop-motion version of the Matrix in legos. Now THAT would be awesome. I wonder what bullet-time looks like in LEGO? - Bret Taylor
i'd pay to see the stop animation lego matrix, but not the sequels - patrick
"Equipment Generously Provided By Casey Muller" - hahaha!! THIS IS AWESOMESAUCE!!! I love the creative energy and vibe in this video... LOTS of work went into that one! Thanks guys!! :) - Susan Beebe
Genius, how much time did that all take? - Wayne Hornsey
Chris Myles: if you want ot - DM me an address and I'll mail you a copy. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That is so awesome - Glenn Slaven
happy-making! - Felicia Yue
I am more proud than ever for being a FriendFeeder :) - Arvind
Wow!!!!! - Mona Nomura
Excellent!! - Kol Tregaskes
That's great! - Devon Govett
Cool! The friendfeed's manufactury - Benedetto Vacca
неплохо, неплохо! Продолжение будет? - atner
hahaha very nice stop motion and music! - Alex man
FULL OF WIN - Jac Falcon
might I remind everyone that we are still loving FrF ^__^ - Peter Fedin
Peter +1. - Ahmet Yükseltürk
This is very cool and interesting, thanks for sharing! - Sarah Stamos
I do love this video and all the time Dan and Ross put in to it. - Kevin Fox
Thanks, Kevin! :D - Dan Hsiao
I love that this got bumped!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Me too Rachel! \o, Long live the Real-Time Web! - Zu from AOD
Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
We will start in a couple of minutes. Just getting hooked up now. - Robert Scoble
Glad you're back at the helm, Tina! - Tom Guarriello
Let's keep Robert calm this week, the Zebras were restless enough for him this week! ;-) - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Hah! - Robert Scoble
Hello!! - Susan Beebe
Hi everybody! - Francine Hardaway
I miss friendfeed dammit - Susan Beebe
So do I, Susuan - Francine Hardaway
Miss you too Susan, FF for Life! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Yes!! :) - Susan Beebe
Aloha! - Nir Ben Yona
Steve, they don't remember Last Tango in Paris - Francine Hardaway
Off to a good start! - Tom Guarriello
I can't see the comment thread on the page. Had to come to Friendfeed to see it. - Karoli
You need Pages app to manage FB pages - Tom Guarriello
friendfeed needs integration - Kevin Marks
Kevin is drinking something white and frothy! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Facebook Android app reportedly being forced on Facebook employees, will be working nicely on Nexus 7 soon enough.... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
it's Pellegrino Limonata, Tina - Kevin Marks
Sounds lovely Kevin - Tina Chase Gillmor
I find I can modulate my circles, but I see random stuff on G+ still - Francine Hardaway
Karoli... yes the building43 comment area is borked - Tina Chase Gillmor
Thanks Tina, glad it wasn't me. Same thing happened last week too. :( - Karoli
It has been borked for a long time - Francine Hardaway
Hello! Think Amy Higgins who just joined the Google+/Local team should tune in...tweeted at her! :) - Tina Hui
Pinterest Effect - Tom Guarriello
Sadly it's been down for a while now - Tina Chase Gillmor
Right, Keith. - Francine Hardaway
Thanks, Tina Hui - that will be a huge help. - John Taschek
COOL - thanks @Tina Hui - Susan Beebe
Those photos are there more during the day than at night - Francine Hardaway
it's a lemonade, about 150 calories a can - Kevin Marks
I just add my list feeds and it works great. - Karoli
Here comes Robert again! - Francine Hardaway
He's gonna blow!! :D - Susan Beebe
Sheesh. And people thought we were hot-headed on NewsGang. - Karoli
I had to turn down the scoble volume! - Frank Paynter
oh no, he's blowing early. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Filters are missing... We need a #NoCats filter ;) - Susan Beebe
I really want a #NoCats filter - Francine Hardaway
I'm following the dog shame blog a lot these days. Cats are totally passe. - Frank Paynter
That would get rid of all the news about that Russian punk band - John Taschek
My problem with any social network to date. I've attempted to unmesh the social spaghetti in the past through algorithms, it's a very tough filter to crack. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
YES - gmail style filtering!!!! PLEASE :) - Susan Beebe
Happy to connect dots. :) - Tina Hui
Happy Birthday Karoli - Francine Hardaway
gmail style filtering- ditto - Da
Hey HBD @Karoli !! :) - Susan Beebe
FIlters are a first world problem - Francine Hardaway
Filters provide the means to sanity on the web ;) - Susan Beebe
Most people don't have enough friends to filter - Francine Hardaway
I can't help that ;) heh - Susan Beebe
We are all edge cases in one way or another - Francine Hardaway
yup! - Susan Beebe
@Susan and Francine, thanks! - Karoli
I hear you "loud and clear" Scoble. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Robert: most of us don't need filters the way you do - Francine Hardaway
gmail style filtering shows relevant email on my Nexus gmail widget - Da
Prokofy@ What happened to him/her? - Francine Hardaway
haven't heard that name for a while - Jerome Hughes
He has kept me off so far - Francine Hardaway
yea me too... whatevs - Susan Beebe
No kidding. Robert is Walter White at the end - Francine Hardaway
Blue content! - Tom Guarriello
If only we had such passion for more of the meta. - Karoli
Don't we have the technology to do this already? If we can use Facebook's facial recognition program - and toggle a selection of "human" vs "non-human" images - couldn't we screen out pets, food and landscapes (three things that are usually noise for most users)? - Chien-Yu Lin
I'm only 2 episodes into season 5, no spoilers - Kevin Marks
Private on Twitter = Favorites - christina sponselli
Just RT ya Tina - we gotta get Scoble on camera 'xlodin' - Susan Beebe
China has good filtering... - mal
I'm caught up. Switching to Sons of Anarchy and The Good Wife - Francine Hardaway
my G+ is only privately shared items - Da
We do need real FILTERING for streams, content, people, brands and links - Susan Beebe
we have lots of filtering, not all of it visible - Kevin Marks
Visible? ;) - Susan Beebe
Don't we also have internal filtering? - Francine Hardaway
did some say filtering? :) - Nick Halstead
Skypes new muting behaviour is shit, isn't it - Kevin Marks
Noooo ;P - Susan Beebe
Thanks Susan - she may be in a meeting. - Tina Hui
Sorry, I meant Tina Gillmor tweet ;) - Susan Beebe
What does Steve mean here by multi-plexing? - Francine Hardaway
iPhone needs to do some catching up in China - Da
Yes, Kevin... we are going to try to tweak Skype this week based on some new info someone pointed us at - Tina Chase Gillmor
I think he means "aggregating" for multi-plexing? not sure. I know what it means on an ethernet network though ;) - Susan Beebe
It sounds like Keith Teare is trying to solve two problems at once: (1) For the publisher, a "bucketing" that creates a broadcast audience which also addresses an element of privacy; and (2) For the user, a pre-selected, filtered channel of information. But this is still "tagging", right? - even if it is by audience intent (rather than by keywords)? - Chien-Yu Lin
And in movie theatres - Francine Hardaway
If we talk about them every Friday, I bet we can get them to be improved as quickly as Track was - Francine Hardaway
I use a microphone "mute" app on skype cuz I don't trust it - Susan Beebe
There it was: Track - Francine Hardaway
it mutes everyone else too much. I have headphones on - Kevin Marks
ooh wow, that is not good....geez - Susan Beebe
Need to de-mux your published content... one item should be splittable across the whole range of streams - Frank Paynter
Google + has an API - it is limited though- - John Taschek
If not filters, then what? How do we optimize for signal and eliminate the noise? - Susan Beebe
"Applications are limited to a courtesy usage quota" John - Kevin Marks
I feel "push" is going to be mentioned next ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Frank, I do that with Buffer - Francine Hardaway
But you go to the "buckets" or filters you care about first. And/Or allow them only in your main stream. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
it's 2008 all over again. - Karoli
Karoli, that only makes us younger! - Francine Hardaway
I'll look at Buffer... I'm not current these days - Frank Paynter
that works for me. :) - Karoli
But a family member may still send cat pictures but you care about the other stuff. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
what if the categorization was crowd sourced, someone could flag a cat picture "cat" - mal
Robert's audience, excluding the ones he's blocked. - Karoli
flag (tags) would be awesome - Susan Beebe
geez sorry about that - Tina Chase Gillmor
Keith, Me, too. Much more efficient - Francine Hardaway Awe increases your available time! - Frank Paynter
I was talking about block-sharing on twitter yesterday - Kevin Marks
block sharing? hmmm - Susan Beebe
I count on my Reader every day - Tom Guarriello
Like the whole Gang, but Keith is always the voice of reason. IMHO. - Chien-Yu Lin
subscribing to other people's block lists... - Kevin Marks
CHien-Yu Lin that's because he's overseas - Francine Hardaway
Those ZEBRAS were awesome!! - Susan Beebe
Google Reader is awesome - Da
Francine LOL - Susan Beebe
Karoli: yeah, but I don't block very many. Out of 380,000 I've blocked about 40 people, mostly for spam reasons. - Robert Scoble
@Francine - that a Brit thing, water-supply thing or other? - Chien-Yu Lin
And me. :) - Karoli
Little of both:-) - Francine Hardaway
I block spammers every freakin' day and we all must do our part ;) - Susan Beebe
Agreed, Google Reader is my only real content source. Most other places are to output some and see some personal connection news. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
someone's phone just made noise and I thought it was mine. Yes, the mind is the first to go. - Karoli
i checked mine too haha - Susan Beebe
Guess who's in my "Firehosers" circle - Frank Paynter
Frank: heh. - Robert Scoble
I guess Scoble! - Tina Chase Gillmor
smiling here... - Frank Paynter
haha Frank! - Susan Beebe
How's everyone doing today? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Great angle of the remote folks looking at Steve, @Tina Chase Gillmor - christina sponselli
Hey somebody's phone is ringing ;) - Susan Beebe
ouch down here - Jerome Hughes
ok, that was weird. LOL. I'm looking at every device I have to figure out what is ringing that I don't recognize. - Karoli
Plato appears on the GG! - Tom Guarriello
Hollywood Robert is about to join us - Tina Chase Gillmor
refresh fixed it - Jerome Hughes
Just another Bozo on the Banter Bus ==> - Frank Paynter
Put 'em back on Robert. I didn't get the shot - Tina Chase Gillmor
my comments on some blogs end up one facebook - Kevin Marks
especially techcrunch - Kevin Marks
Frank, We're All Bozos on This Bus! - Tom Guarriello
that's the kind of de-muxing I mentioned above - Frank Paynter
Of course, let's also pay attention to the fact that the noise is intentional in many cases. - Karoli
heh... - Frank Paynter
my de-mux comment was for @kevin - Frank Paynter
voting helps in finding good blog comments - Da
I too have lots of 'opportunity' in my life ! - studentforce
@Tom, I heard that somewhere b4... - Frank Paynter
Meh n branch - Kevin Marks
I like Branch. Quora, not so much. - Karoli
echo chamber in curated comments - Da
But having said that, I'm not a fan of the elite conversation. - Karoli
I like Branch. - Francine Hardaway
But don't we kind of accept a limited dialogue format already with the quantity limits on G+ Hangout? - Chien-Yu Lin
Plus the riffraff out here, that is! - Tom Guarriello
i think conversations should take place between blogs, federated redundantly between them and optionally an interchangeable third party. - mal
feudal and futile - studentforce
in GG, Friendfeed is where a whole lot of the action is at - Da
Feudal/Futile. Nice one, Kevin. - Tom Guarriello
I pretty much agree with Kevin - Tina Chase Gillmor
I love how Steve starts off with the premise that 'Steve is right"! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Crushed not to be on Gillmor Gang.; pissed not to be on Branch - Francine Hardaway
I work with him. I love him... It's pathetically cute - Tina Chase Gillmor
a G+ conversation about this recently - Kevin Marks
twitter hashtags to filter - Da
Oh francine... we love you - Tina Chase Gillmor
Does anyone else have a sense that Twitter is our generation's CB Radio? - Chien-Yu Lin
or twitter is our generation's bloomberg machine - studentforce
What about - christina sponselli
concierge track - Jerome Hughes
Twitter's founders origin was related to dispatch (i.e. CB Radio-style communication) @Chien-Yu - John Taschek
Not only shut off developers, they shut off users. - Karoli
What's the URL for that? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Bob Wyman's IM-based track app: - Kevin Marks
don't agree on I think they have potential to turn twitter into the pipeline without the value. - Karoli will fail - walled garden w/ $50 entry fee - another me too product / #FAIL - Susan Beebe
ugh. i hate facebook. - Karoli
@Taschek - Did not know that: Thanks. I was kind of making a sarcastic social commentary about how sometimes democracy of publishing is a bad idea ... - Chien-Yu Lin
what's robert showing? looks like facebook - Kevin Marks
Thanks Kevin, I meant Robert's Google Doc page that he was showing briefly. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
susan, one of the things about that I like is that there's a barrier for trolls. - Karoli
@Chien-Yu - sarcastic but appropriate! - John Taschek
A list on facebook - Susan Beebe
@Karoli - ahh good point - Susan Beebe as corporate intranet product - Da
too much momentum - studentforce
Honestly, I see very few ads on FB, too. - Tom Guarriello
@Scoble - But are the ads you are seeing more relevant to you? Could the ads be more targeted now? - Chien-Yu Lin
there are plenty of ads on fb, but I don't see them - Kevin Marks
if alot of my FB friends like a product, then I'd want to know about that product - Da
Chien: yes, the ads are getting better. - Robert Scoble
at some point we're going to have to either accept a different business model or else accept dictates of corporate influence. I'll take a different model. - Karoli
Ferhad's 'uncanny valley of ads' was a good point: - Kevin Marks
@Scoble - That could be a sign that your faith in Z is paying off. Better targeting has to be a fundamental requisite to a more natural mobile experience. - Chien-Yu Lin
I don't like Timeline - Tina Chase Gillmor
'cos I don't use FB much, my timeline is techcrunch comments and pix of me standing next to people - Kevin Marks
Facebook added Friendfeed's features to its system ;) - Nir Ben Yona
most people only add friends and family in FB - Da
I use Lists in Facebook extensively!! - Susan Beebe
Is anyone drinking every time Robert mentions venture capitalists? :) - Karoli
@Tina Chase Gillmor - Do you not think Timeline is specifically designed to remind you that Facebook is the multimedia scrapbook of your life? And in this way, is designed to bond to you through captured memories in a linear, chronological format? Isn't this the premise of Blade Runner?: What are we but an assembly of memories and mementos? - Chien-Yu Lin
sheesh. I live by my lists on twitter. - Karoli
I don't use lists on twitter or g+ really - Kevin Marks
Twitter lists are great tool for segmenting users on the backend. Just make them private. - christina sponselli
That "hot" "Trends" on Google+ is now the "Explore" area - Susan Beebe
Thank you, Susan! - John Taschek
no kidding, lists allow multiple timelines, would need more accounts if they went away - Jerome Hughes
bwahahahaha. I simply don't believe google gives a rip about the iphone. they're as silo'd as the others. - Karoli
so steve thinks google+ is the social network iphone, then? - Karoli
I like this term "bwahahahaha" @karoli - may I borrow it for team meetings? - John Taschek
By all means! - Karoli
note 2! - Da
Fighting words Susan! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
why buy branded PC when u can build one - Da
Trying to keep my mouth shut lol - Susan Beebe
yup! I can speak to that - studentforce
I love that TV app ;) - Susan Beebe
Chien-Yu - yeah I don't really use facebook to be a linear srapbook. More of a friend news reader - Tina Chase Gillmor
I realised that I haven't seen a TV ad in weeks yesterday. - Kevin Marks
Lucky you, Kevin. I don't watch tv and still see them. - Karoli
nokia's html5 map is getting better - Da
@Tina Chase Gillmore (TCG) - Sure, but I don't think you - or maybe any of the other people on this thread - is really "the targeted audience" for Facebook. I think the targeted audience is the person who would use Timeline in such a manner. - Chien-Yu Lin
I was using the web browser instead of facebook app - Susan Beebe
some of my friends are on Facebook. Most are on twitter. - Karoli
or that's the conversion of those people that they're aiming for, start them talking with their friends, and then progress them to life sharing - Jerome Hughes
the "smoky fire of Facebook..." LOL. Robert, the poet. - Karoli
Twitter's notifications on android are shit. I need to update my nanoTweeter fork, clearly - Kevin Marks
the billion folks that use Windows might disagree - Da
imagine most will still want the best tablet - Jerome Hughes
I'm pushing Mom toward the IPad instead of a new laptop. Whatever she gets, it won't be a damned PC - Karoli
Did MS think Windows 8 was going to be their OS X? - Tom Guarriello
Wasn't that NT, Tom? - Kevin Marks
Maybe this is their next shot at it, Kevin? - Tom Guarriello
You will still need to live in both worlds for the next 5+ years if not 10+. Because of most people's jobs. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
web means not having to worry about windows too much - Kevin Marks
IE9 TV ads promoting it as a shiny new web - Kevin Marks
But Apple TV is in the news today. - John Taschek
Web circumvents os's - Tom Guarriello
Apple needs to catch up in China and India and Fernley, Nevada - Da
usability - Jerome Hughes
it's still Apple's hobby - Da
they're moving the Motorola folks into the Merchandise Mart just outside the loop, from pretty far out in the suburbs… some say it's being done partly in order to shed people - Jerome Hughes
That ball shows that Larry Page wasn - Tom Guarriello
@Kevin - Again, each time I see that Nexus product, I'm laughing as I am reminded of your picture of Dr. Who's Ood. - Chien-Yu Lin
't keeping his eye on the "ball" as much as people thought. - Tom Guarriello
I have three Apple TVs and use them constantly. - Tom Guarriello
I use the nexus Q in the garden for music - Kevin Marks
@Gang - Can we always have at least one critique of a Gilmore Girls episode? - Chien-Yu Lin
New MS logo...meh meh meh meh - Tom Guarriello
Good recovery, Steve. - christina sponselli
Amy Higgins from Google+ is listening. :) - Tina Hui
I call my kids "Gillmor Girls"! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tom - did that Apple feedback help you at all? - Tina Chase Gillmor
No, still dorky, Tina. - Tom Guarriello
@TCG - Never thought any of the boys were good enough for Rory... - Chien-Yu Lin
medium, keep forgetting that name - Kevin Marks
I haven't changed any settings yet. - Tom Guarriello
Darn, Tom. Should we go bak to the mat with them? - Tina Chase Gillmor
IDK, Tina. I'm just doing the stuff the software encourages me to do and GG is only podcast behaving like that. - Tom Guarriello
Maybe test it out Tom, then report back on any positive, or otherwise, changes - Tina Chase Gillmor
Overall, the new Facebook app ROCKS! Too bad it's still missing some good features like tagging people and sharing posts. - Nir Ben Yona
Rory was amazing. I like visiting Los Gatos...reminds me of the Gilmore Girls set. - Tina Hui
This coming Tuesday? - Tom Guarriello
@Hui - There's got to be a weekly Gilmore Girls podcast. If not, maybe we can start one. ;) - Chien-Yu Lin
It still works... - Tom Guarriello
@Gang - Another great show. Always learn something new. - Chien-Yu Lin
@Chien-Yu Lin. I'm all in. Hopefully perhaps Tina Gillmor and Susan Beebe too? I know Heidi Groshelle would be interested. - Tina Hui
Thanks are all terrific and we value your support each and every time we do our show. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Thank you! - Tina Hui
I like the geeky -- eerrrr weekly - Girls Podcast idea! - Susan Beebe
are we on today (August 30) - Ed Schlesinger
I'm always at school !!!!!! - Ed Schlesinger
they need to be using studentforce - Ed Schlesinger
Dick Tracy realized - Ed Schlesinger
Bret Taylor
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog -
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog
"As a devoted FriendFeed user, I have tried to convince all of my friends and family to join the site, but a handful of them never quite got their accounts set up properly. With our new Recommend friends feature, I can fix their FriendFeed experience by recommending subscriptions to them." Try it out at - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Excellent feature, gooood idea! - Susan Beebe
Very cool =) - FFing Enigma
Cool stuff. - Mike Bracco
Uh, it tells me that Scoble, among others, could use the recommendations. WTF? Perhaps I have too few subscriptions for this to work. - Fred Yankowski
more good stuff - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Finally a better recommendation - directeur
I'd still love an "e-mail this item" feature, similar to Google Reader. - Jesse Stay
great idea! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Cool! Beats the heck out of #followfriday!! - Larry Hawes
What am I supposed to get when I click the 'recommend friends' link on someone's pop-up? Currently, the popup just goes away and I don't get directed anywhere else. - FFing Enigma
Fred: yah, unfortunately, you can only recommend people who you are subscribed you and who are also subscribed back to you. - Bret Taylor
Mark, I didn't submit a bug report since what is supposed to happen wasn't actually spelled out on the blog post or here; this might be the intended functionality... I hope not, but it's possible. - FFing Enigma
Tina: it is supposed to pop up a dialog. Sorry for the trouble - we will look into it. - Bret Taylor
At first I did not understand this, but now that I am checking it out, it is brilliant and addresses much of what we have complained about. NOW what will we complain about? - Liza + = ?
Just to confirm Bret, the first image in the blog post is what the pop up is supposed to look like, right? Because that's nothing like what the page looks like.... - FFing Enigma
I notice that new subscriptions are automatically added to one's home feed. I consider that kind of a bug. - Meryn Stol
Tina: yes, that is correct. The page is just a list of people that we think could use some friend recommendations since they have few subscriptions. If you click on any of the "Recommend" links on that page, you will see the same, standard "Recommend friends" dialog. - Bret Taylor
User-driven...I like. - Josh Haley
Where would we find recommendations that others suggest to us? - Fred Yankowski
@Bret, who receive the recommandation see also who is the recommender? - Roberto
Fred: You will receive an email as well as a notification on the top of your feed. - Ross Miller
Roberto: yes, they see who recommended - Bret Taylor
Not getting the pop-over when I click 'recommend' on the page either... FFox 3.0.12 if it's relevant. - FFing Enigma
Bret, if I recommend friends to people who haven't signed in for a long time, will they get email? A lot of my bored friends are not active FF users I think. (quite logical) - Meryn Stol
and can I see who has accepted my recommendation? - Roberto
Roberto: You won't be notified if they accept/deny as the recommender. - Ross Miller
Ross: Ah, it just appeared on my feed. Cool. (And thanks Meryn) - Fred Yankowski
Meryn: yes, they will get an email with your recommendations - Bret Taylor from email
Bret, I accidently just received an email with previous recommendations. I had already viewed them through the web-interface. But indeed, it's there. Email looks good too, as I expected of course. :) - Meryn Stol
hey Robert Scoble....I have a trade send my name to all your friends...i send your name to all of my friends for the rest of my life.... - Bob DeMarco
I would like that deal, too, Scoble. I like this a lot. - Ben Hanten
Bob: I charge $1 per friend. :-) just kidding, but the UI makes it so hard to send you to more than a few people. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Bret: You guys rock! This is so much better than FollowFriday, which I recommended just a while back. Now, I'm waiting for some recommendation emails! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
If there’s something about friends and family not having their account set up properly, I’d prefer a way to recommend them the streams they forgot to add. For example, I could tell them “You forgot to add your Digg stream and your fourth and eight blog. Here’s the link.” Then he could just click the recommendation and had it set up easily. - Natsuki Seika
Definitely better than #followfriday. - Bernie Goldbach
As I have lots of subscriptions the pop-up window is *really* slow and always has been since the new UI (same thing for amending friends lists). :-( I like the feature though, so I could make a new friends list of my most recommended users and use that each time for each user? - Kol Tregaskes
Louis Gray
Friday night #bitchlips (More to come - I promise) :)
Photo on 2009-10-23 at 20.27.jpg
Photo on 2009-10-23 at 20.26.jpg
PURE WIN!!! =D - FFing Enigma
Holy-Man! - Micah
Surely there is an explanation for this nonsense! - Louis Gray
Hey that's a pretty good look for you - I think you should keep it - Jesse Stay
None needed :) - Micah
Look at those shades! - Rochelle
Next: Trashing the hotel room. - Micah
What in the hell? - Hutch Carpenter
Oh to be Drunk Once More would be a Blast!!!! - SCS of the Space Station
You're killin me man! Louie the Greaser - Owen Greaves
This makes you look 10 years younger, LOL. - Burcu Dogan
Too funny!!! - Lindsay
dear.lord. save us. :) - Jenna Bilotta
:) - Johnny
He looks more like Hugh Grant. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
What in the world? Looks like you're about to make a movie... Pulp Feedition - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
oh God help us yes u look like Hugh Grant...em shades er are they D& G...l like - Pam Gwenzi
This is still making me laugh. What were you drinking last night, Mr. Gray? - Martha
Martha, I don't drink anything more toxic than Diet Coke. This was the Jon half of the Jon and Kate costume pair. I didn't have much opportunity to look Korean, however. - Louis Gray
It is a most excellent costume and you pull off the lips beautifully. I like the pair pose as well. - Martha
:D - Bee
Back to the 90's :) - Franc, a rememberer
bump - Louis Gray
You dressed up like Jon Gosling, again? - NOT THE CRICKET
Leo Laporte
Ordered HDMI->Ethernet baluns for my Mac mini home-theater PC. Gonna put the whole thing in another room (with the cable box and broadband).
Please give us details on the build! - Joseph Skerbec
I'm doing a talk on MacMania 9. Come and see it! ;-) I'll write up a series of blog posts but so far: Mac Mini, Eye TV HD 250 <>, Plex/XBMC/Boxee, ZephIR <> to control the cable box from EyeTV, Ethernet Baluns from Octava <> - Leo Laporte
I want a mac mini for my home theater since I don't have cable. I wanna watch netflix and hulu and listen to my music over the main speaker. sigh but I just bought my macbook. I keep wanting more! Leo, I'm jealous! - Lise
This all started because I was fed up with the AppleTV. But it's ending up costing considerably more. - Leo Laporte
Shouldn't the mac mini have HDMI by now?? - Christopher Taylor
It has DVI - easy enough to convert. - Leo Laporte
you should have gotten the minidisplayport adaptor to HDMI monoprice sells it - Comptr
Every computer has gigabit ethernet, and circuits are cheap. Always wished that graphics and sound cards included them for distribution - Keith Barrett
Man, I was wanting to buy the AppleTV. what didn't work for you? - Jim Williams
It's underpowered and it seems to freeze up a lot. I want to be able to do more, too. - Leo Laporte
leo can you give us a review on the HDMI to ethernet adaptor when you get it. I have been in the market for one. - Comptr
Leo, can a solo core run this system or do you think a new mini is requisite? - Jason L Berman
Definitely looking forward to the full details on your blog. - Mike Dotta
Sorry, changing this post (it's my first post here). The feeds go down, like a book, not up like a blog! doh! Anyway, I have no powering problems with my Apple TV and no freezes. Both the music and movies sound great on the Bose system! I wish I could set the Apple TV as a wireless base... - Jay
Wii Remote, RemoteBuddy and Mac Mini = HTPC bliss. - Jack Zimmermann
I really like Gefen stuff...I like how they seem to build no-compromises full force stuff. How are you going to remote control the Mini? With a hackintosh running Screensharing/ARD? ;) - Mike Ma
Why not use a Harmony? I've been using a Harmony 880 with my macbook pro (dvi -> hdmi, toslink adaptor to receiver), and it controls everything, including front row, boxee, itunes, not to mention the tv and audio. - Paul Ward
aah just what the doctor ordered, is there something which also extends the TOS link for sound? - Jebu Ittiachen
A Vista Media Center computer and an XBox will give you HDMI and a whole lot more functionality, like cable card, dvr, etc. Windows 7 MCE is even cooler. I install this setup all the time for customers. - Mike
any recommendations on a MCE config. I attempted to put together one with old hardware PVR-150, MCE XP, everything worked except IR Blaster with DirectTV STB (D11-500). Couldnt find a ir code that would work and MCE would not recognize the IR Blaster - Mike McCrary
Check the Htguys podcast. They just did an update on the new macmini as a home theater component. I believe it was two weeks ago. - james
@Mike McCrary, did you give a try Are you using a USB MCE remote with a green MCE button on it? Connect the MCE USB IR recvr to the PC, then connect an IR bug from the IR recvr to the DirecTV box. Now all you need is the codes. You can use a Global Cache IR reader to read the codes from the DirecTV remote then program the MCE remote. - Mike
I wonder if he was inspired after the caller from last weekend needed one for his school? - OFU
Looking forward to the information on the final build - Kim Landwehr
Check this out on the mac mini - - OttoMate
Baluns came. Require dual CAT-6 cables for 1080p. I don't Jennifer is going to like this. - Leo Laporte
Will you be using Boxee? XBMC? Do tell. - A Gunny named Slickback
I'm planning on trying Boxee, XBMC, and Plex - although Front Row with the EyeTV plugin (PyeTV) is also tempting. - Leo Laporte
I could not get into Plex after using Boxee. The interface for Boxee works better but Plex looks nicer. I just wish Boxee would implement UPnP for my PS3 like Plex can. - Mark Ogley
I skipped the AppleTV and went right for the Mini, more expensive but haven't looked back. Jumping out to use Safari (with zoom) on a plasma TV is great, especially for community surfing with friends and family. I tried Plex, Boxee, XBMC. Like Boxee features but keep going back to Plex - it just looks so much better. - James Nobes
Building a linux htpc based on ubuntu, running xbmc, maybe boxee, whichever ends up being better. Looking for ideas on a remote control. Any takers? - Josh Haley
I'm also putting together an htpc. I'm a Linux guy, but I keeping considering a Mac Mini because most of the software I have in mind runs on either. I ma end up with a Linux backend and a mac mini front-end - Keith Barrett
My Ubuntu MythTV backend and Mini frontend works well - James Nobes
geeeeeeeek!!! :) - Susan Beebe
Where did u buy them? - Mike Scalora
Really great services are at - Mark Hackney
Robert Scoble
FriendFeed's real downfall...
Is too many geeks. - Robert Scoble
Like you! ;-) - Susan Beebe
Doesn't have a commenting system such as Disqus - Michael McGimpsey
One of us! One of us! One of us! - Louis Gray
I'd agree with that. I like the look and feel of FriendFeed, but if I don't want to discuss tech and social media then at the moment there's not a lot here for me :) - Mike
just subscribe to geeks and you feel that you are not alone! ;)...via feedalizr - Dieter Schwarz
I actually find Friendfeed to be even harder to explain to the uninitiated than twitter, which is saying something. Anyone got a good elevator pitch? :) - Brad McCrorey
Brad: just like Facebook's news feed but open to all the Web instead of just the stuff Facebook approves of. - Robert Scoble
will only come if they forget that they are only ever as good as their user base - Duncan Riley
friendfeed is the river, where all the streams of information from individuals meet. - Allison
Brad: "Experience first-hand the artistic process of insightful journalists." or " Get ahead. Hear the news behind the news." or "Easily & quickly hear the fragmented conversation of technology journalists." - Mitchell Tsai
... is duplicates. - Tony Ruscoe
fragmentation of conversations.. - Peter Dawson
It's not a bug, it's a feature @Peter Dawson - Thomas Frütel
lack of a good mobile client and no SMS - David Jacobs
@Cyvros/fyc: Once communication reaches a critical mass, it needs to be fragmented. Imagine everyone on watching the new Indiana Jones gathering up and discussing the movie in a single place. Won't work. Also, try to have a meaningful discussion in the comments area of some major newspaper's website. Fragmentation gives you a spot to discuss stuff happening with your peers, and not with the whole world at once. - Thomas Frütel
@davidjacobs: Thinking about it, if FF had SMS, it will be very noisy unless they found a way to send summaries in 160 characters or less - Tim Akinbo from Alert Thingy
Scoble, I have no idea who you are, but I have heard your named mentioned more times than my mother's name in the past week. Do you give out free money? - Howard O'Berry
I'm going to sound like a real fangirl here, but I haven't seen FriendFeed's downfall. This is the most fun I've had online since 1999. I've met more people on FriendFeed who just *get* me than anywhere else. Also, the conversations have been wonderfully intelligent and funny. And it's made me try out new services that I've heard about but haven't had the need to try. If you think FriendFeed is a tech echochamber, you're not subscribing to a diverse enough slice of folks -- we're out there, just look. - Ginger Makela Riker
A mobile client would be perfect i believe. Besides this if we can name the problem with social aggrerators, it would be better we keep it secret for business.:) - doruk tokçabalaban from twhirl
has any of you tried PLURK yet? its like twitter yet 100 times better! - Live Crunch Blog from twhirl
I haven't tried it, was waiting to see what the majority opinion was like! - Joe Dawson
lol@Howard - Shey
FriendFeed needs more micro-communities -- the Tech comm is strong, of course. There's also a visible Photography community. But it will need more niches. FriendFeed does not need to go mainstream in the traditional sense, kinda like Mixx - Shey
What's this I hear about Robert Scoble giving out free money? But seriously, I suspect one of FF's problems is that it can seem overwhelming for new users. Until you learn to hide posts that don't interest you, it can be a little weird. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
NO MOBILE VERSION! Notifications are not that great either ... - Jonathan Greene
Mobile version - - Bwana ☠
Is the lack of being able to filter out comments and (friend of X). Sometimes I just want the content from my friends. - Mark Interrante
@mark, I feed back to FF, it would be good to have categories/tabs to select where a subscription should display. e.g family, colleagues, interest groups etc. - I think that would go someway to helping clear the clutter sometimes. - Charlie Hope from twhirl
It needs lipstick & makeup to be attractive to more people. - shelisrael1
No SMS and can't directly import my Twitter friends. - Brent Logan
I may be too sensitive to this point, but I think it would be messing with the formula too much and too quickly. Friendfeed has buzz and a growth curve, don't want to mess with that too much. :) - mikepk
I didn't have time to read the 30 other hidden comments, but in response to the very 1st one, I think geeks are what make FriendFeed worthwhile. I've never felt compelled to comment so frequently, nor have I found so much good content so quickly anyplace else on the web. I hope the geek quotient will always remain high. If the wider world finds out about it, it will become nothing but cat photos and re-recycled net memes. There's enough of that. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
in a just world, friendfeed's real downfall would be the resurrection of Google Reader (sort of a friendfeed+++++) - McLoughlinPost newsfeed
Robert Scoble
I just posted why FriendFeed will go mainstream:
Do you use Alert Thingy or any of the desktop apps for Friendfeed, or just keep the site open? - Patrick Jordan
I just keep the site open and refresh a lot. - Robert Scoble
That was an awesome and relevant post! Thanks Rob! - Drew Lucas
I use twhirl for updates - Aura Mae from twhirl
I use twhirl, but it keeps moving the screen while I'm typing if there is an update. Hence these random bits of comment you get sometimes... - Rahsheen from twhirl
Using twhirl also. Just not enough screen space there, and things to roll off. Web page is easier. - Todd Jordan
Well said Robert, good article on why FriendFeed will go mainstream. - Mike Reynolds
FF is definitely gonna need a better interface if it IS going to be useable by non-geeks - Rahsheen
I was thinking the same thing, Jason. I don't think my mom would ever be able to handle FF, but I'm sure most geeks/social media addicts will love it and it will be a success - Rahsheen
my mom is not a good design test case i doubt anyone's mom is- the person who wants to be highly digitally connected, is. - Nathan Eckenrode
Robert, I know you didn't intend it, but your two part piece is a great friendfeed newbie tutorial. Thanks. Also, again don't know if it was intentional, but you forgot to include this friendfeed user: ;-) - Robert Stevens
Robert Stevens that user needs to engage people with the tools as adults who vote not speakat them like children who must be contained. - Nathan Eckenrode
Well, my mom is a programmer and uses online communications to coordinate her team, so I guess she is not the most common "mom" example :) - Rahsheen from twhirl
Nathan Eckenrode absolutely right about that user needing to engage. Check her friendfeed page. Not a single subscription. - Robert Stevens
and not everyone's mom is theprototypical bumbler that frequently gets assigned t that architypical user group - Nathan Eckenrode
it does make a good friendfeed tutorial, but I don't think it's going mainstream without a serious interface improvement. Its ass ugly! - Justin Flood @justinflood from twhirl
It's not even that it's ugly, it's that it's not really useable. I think it was created to provide as much as possible, but with the understanding that someone would create decent filters/clients for it for regular consumption. - Rahsheen
I this that whether FF goes mainstream depends mostly on us. - funkyboy
@PatrickJordan - using Twhirl client. - Todd Jordan
Well said. Not entirely certain I agree or disagree with your thoughts, but either way you do present a compelling argument for FF. I think the number one reason that will hold back adoption of a mainstream FF is the benefit to the average user. Unless that is articulated so the *average user* can understand, they will not see the desire to attach themselves to another service. The question at this point is what can, or should, FF do to attract average users? - Scott Jarkoff
@ScottJarkoff - well, partnerships would help. When you sign up for a service, if that service had a check box to add that feed to Friendfeed, it'd be a done deal. - Todd Jordan
@Todd: Agreed. But that begs the question, how would such a partnership benefit the service you're signing up for? There has to be some mutual benefit to a partnership like that. The obvious benefit is for FF, but what does everyone else gain through such an arrangement? - Scott Jarkoff
Scott: I'm not so sure that FriendFeed should worry TOO much about that right now. Instead, make the system of great utility to advanced users like me and you. If they make it easy for me to get rid of the noise and present it to everyone else, then it'll take off. - Robert Scoble
Why FriendFeed WON'T Go Mainstream: 1.) in the mainstream, people don't want to be THIS informed. That's probably equally good for them, and good for those of us who do want to be this informed! 2.) Steve Case subscribed, friended some people and then...didn't engage at all. He's my go-to guy for what the mainstream will eat up like ice cream. - Robert Seidman
Robert: But how does such usage translate over to the average user? Just because us mega-geeks can use FF, and more importantly we can understand it, does not mean that the average user will comprehend why it is useful to them. _Something_ needs to bridge that gap, no? - Scott Jarkoff
Last night I tried to explain FriendFeed and even Twitter to my friend the cop. While he has a Facebook profile, He Just. Didn't. Get It. The harder I tried to explain, the more he just looked at me like I just landed from Venus. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
FF can't go mainstream and I said as much in my comment on your blog post, which is awaiting moderation I guess :(. Main point - I could never explain FF to any of my non techy friends...never - Jennifer Van Grove from twhirl
Alert Thingy helps with the interface 'issues'. I think it has really helped with adoption / holding onto users - John Duff from Alert Thingy
@Geoff Longman - we are from Venus! ;-) welcome to my planet! - Susan Beebe
No doubt FF will go mainstream. It must over come the too many sites back lash, but over time this is a winner. - Russellreno
@patrick I just keep it open, until Firefox crashes! - Prolific Programmer
#humdaybumpday "5. It is freaking fast and much more reliable than Twitter. Today I’ve been putting dozens of Tweets into Twitter and they show up in FriendFeed BEFORE I can refresh the page. It is amazingly fast at gathering new stuff from Twitter. I have not found any other service as reliably fast." So true! - Ahmet Yükseltürk
Casey Muller
FriendFeeder at FriendFeed -
Hi Casey... how's week 1 @ FF? Hope you like it! I do! - Susan Beebe
Today it is year 5! - Ahmet Yükseltürk
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