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RT @zshahan3: Mobeam Technology Inserted Into New Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone on @cleantechnica
RT @CAGW: Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose: 50 Ways to Revamp Your Decor with Chalkboard Paint #DIY #craft
RT @feelgoodstyle: LVX: A Luxury Vegan Nail Polish Brand
RT @eatdrink_better: Cool! RT @AllFoodFacts: Onions contain a mild antibiotic that fights infection, soothes burns, tames beesting, relieves itchy athletes foot.
RT @edenkeepers: Charles Fourier, Turning Daily Drudgery Into Lemonade
RT @gas2: I Love The Future: The DOMI Is An Autonomous Living Room
RT @cleantechnica: Me-Mover — Compact New Step-Driven Vehicle On KickStarter #cleantech
RT @CostofSolar: Micro-Solar: A Personal Solar Charger for Tablets and Mobile Devices:
The sustainablog Recycler is out! Stories via @Wilderness
RT @InspiredEcon: A Permaculture Cryptocurrency
RT @feelgoodstyle: Good For You Girls :: Natural Skincare for Our Daughters
RT @eatdrink_better: You Can Change The Horrid Conditions Of American Farmworkers
RT @CAGW: Easter Crafts: Make Chalkboard Place Cards! #DIY #craft
RT @zshahan3: Let’s Use Fossil Fuels To Make Stuff, But Let’s Not Cook The Planet on @cleantechnica
RT @cleantechnica: Floating Nuclear Plants Could Survive Tsunamis #cleantech
RT @LizatOBS: Flat Stomach Foods :: Eat Your Way to a Bikini Body via @@feelgoodstyle
RT @Ecopreneurist: Algae Biofuel Process by Algenol Yields 8000 Gallons per Acre at $1.27 per Gallon
RT @CostofSolar: Turns out, you can make #solar panels work in cloudy cities via @motherjones
RT @gas2: Department of Energy Promises Big Vehicle Improvements
RT @ecolocalizer: Teaching for the Revolution: One-Eyed Kings and Holden Caulfield
The sustainablog Recycler is out! Stories via @EarthAdapt
.@WegoWise Thanks so much for the share!
Open Source Seeds: Some Middle Ground in the GMO Debate? #Science #Technology
Congrats! @cleantechnica & TalkSolar Team Up For 2nd Season Of TalkSolar #solar
RT @edenkeepers: Thank you @funnyordie for helping us get past our anger at #Creationism and laugh. #creationistcosmos #creationdebate
RT @CAGW: Spotted: Recycled Wood Wall Art #DIY #craft
RT @derekmarkham: Build this open source DIY #wind turbine for $30:
.@derekmarkham Thanks for the link, brother...!
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