Making things hard. It's not just a way of life. It's our businesses model.
Just in case that's what you were looking for.
"@TheTrekNerd: @Ladiesofleet Love the keychain!!!!!!!!" + Now I need more keys!!!!!!
That's special bullshit, @Joey_Smash. Save that for twitter.
Did not die in desert. Yet.
If I die in the desert, it's @Joey_Smash fault. #whiteprivilege
Missed early registration. Let's see if I can break my N13 record of 4 denials. #N14
Heading from MN to FL for a warm holiday this year! #twitfreeipad
A conversation with Mom. -
A conversation with Mom.
There's no place like ::1. I'm so behind.
right and easy are casual acquaintances
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