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@JennW There is no option to delete a post at this time. Its on our list of things to do.
@iamshimone What's your Swurl account? I'll take a look at those sources to see why they aren't coming in.
@Hez sorry about the uservoice problems. We welcome your comments via twitter!
@john_larkin Can you DM me your flickr url and swurl url? Thanks!
@haraya Can you DM me your flickr url and your Swurl url? Thanks!
We're back up and as fast as ever! Load us up, we're ready to do some more tuning.
@Hez love it. Are you an artist? :)
We are taking the Swurl server down for upgrades. See you again in a half hour!
Bear with us - our server just got a little stressed. We don't have a cool whale image yet though.
Full CSS editing is now in settings under Advanced. This is still kind of an experimental feature. Let us know if you need any spans/divs.
Also my favorite news site ReadWriteWeb
Wahoo, check us out on DownloadSquad
@m1k3y Unlike socialthing, we only show a users "Loved" tracks.
Cool we are on CNET Webware:
@mortonfox You sure take a lot of photos :P I'll add that to the bug list to do some sort of lazy img loading to improve performance.
Back up! Hopefully that fixes everything we are super fast again!
Swurl is down, fixing mysql bug, upgrading...
Cool Swurl is on Lifehacker right now:
Pretty album cover tooltips added. -
Pretty album cover tooltips added.
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