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Amber Case Explains How Technology Has Made Us All Cyborgs -
When Amber Case asked the audience to hold up their phones in her SXSW Interactive keynote presentation, 3200 tiny screens almost instantly shone back at her. The point? That technology has made us all cyborgs. Not the Terminator or Robocop cyborgs that may come to mind, but the everyday person who's technology has become an extension of them, and whether they realize it or not, are in a symbiotic relationship with their devices. As a cyborg anthropologist, Case has studied the evolution of technology and has used that research as a basis to predict and help define the future of the interface. As she sees it, the more time we spend looking at a screen, the more of our lives we miss and for that reason, she explained, "the best technology is invisible and just gets out of your way to let you live your life." The more devices we carry, and apps that we download, the greater our need to seamlessly interface with it all. Often times, changing rhythms from our Twitter, to Facebook to SMS...