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Dr Alan Cann
Anatomical clues to human evolution from fish -
Anatomical clues to human evolution from fish
"It may seem strange that humans have evolved from fish, but the evidence can be found not just in fossils but also within our own bodies." - Dr Alan Cann from Bookmarklet
The documentary was amazing! - Mohamed
Zainab Chaudhary
Wondering if anyone knows where the Covenant Life Church is for our #BS1009 and #MB1004 exams?
That's a new venue, never heard that used for exams - it has been the site for replacement car parking during building work beside the Henry Wellcome Building - Dr Chris Willmott
There are quite a few new venues being used for exams this year. Should be interesting :-) - Dr Alan Cann
For people who get lost easily, like I do, "interesting" is more of a euphemism than anything else. - Zainab Chaudhary
Personally I would always check out venues in advance of the day of the exam if I wasn't sure where I was going. - Dr Alan Cann
Definitely plan on doing this. Maybe after one of our exams a group of us could go together and find it? - Zainab Chaudhary
Lyndsey Wright
Summer internship!
Just been told that we have got funding for my summer internship with Dr Cowley... Very excited :) - Lyndsey Wright
Congratulations Lyndsey! What will you be doing? - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
We are looking at class I HDACs (histone deacetylases) and how they are recruited into co-repressor complexes to see the effect on gene expression :) - Lyndsey Wright
Priyanka Boylla
It's been quite a good week. Not as busy as usual. Got #bs1011 done earlier in the week so I didn't have to worry about it which was a good idea :). Signed up for some volunteering because our timetable has been so much nicer :) Module selections for next year are a little worrying because there's so much I find interesting and deciding isn't easy :/ - Priyanka Boylla
Gulshana Choudhury
This week has been relatively productive as I have been trying to keep on top of all of the work that we have. I have prepared my #MB1031 essay plan for tomorrow but I’m nervous about running out of time during the timed essay exercise although it will be good practice. I am also going to miss the microbiology practicals but also looking forward to the physiology module starting in week 19. - Gulshana Choudhury
interesting :) however, ur a month ahead love :) - Syeda Maham Batool
Timing is also something I'm concerned about too! Hope it's not an issue tomorrow. - Zainab Chaudhary
lol @ Syeda i didnt notice the date until you mentioned it - Maryam
Munaf khamisa
MyDiary 27/02/11
Only been 4 weeks and the pressures really beginning to pile on; with essays and practical reports in for the upcoming weeks. I'm glad the lectures and tutorials are interlinked, with the help sessions/clinics there to cover up any foggy areas. I've also spent a lot of time during this week researching the meiosis assessment; will have to get used to writing essays under timed conditions. - Munaf khamisa
Gulshana Choudhury
Dumped drugs lead to resistant microbes -
This article relates to #BS1009 module and explains how antibiotic discharge has led to resistant microbes forming in a river in India. It is thought approximately 90 bulk pharmaceutical manufacturers in the region are to blame for the antibiotic-containing water reaching the plant. Very high levels of antibiotic resistance in bacteria that live in the river has been found and scientist are concerned as to what impact this will have on the environment that have been in contact with these drugs. Bacteria can transfer drug- resistance genes via plasmids which can replicate independently of the bacterials’s chromosome. Researchers also have found a varied range of antibiotic resistance genes found in different classes of antibiotics such as sulphonamides. However, the spread of antibiotic resistance is complicated and more needs to be done to find the sources of genetic resistance. - Gulshana Choudhury
Great knowledge and understanding can be acquired from this article, especially for the recent practicals undertaken in microbiology. The antibiotic resistance stability tests performed today can be studied and understood quite well from this source. Keep up the feeds gul! - Mayank Patel from iPhone
Mehak Hussain
This week has been nerve wrecking for us all, as the results are out...Unexpectedly i passed and was pleased with the marks i got...I need to keep up the work and not leave revision all for the exam period...going over lectures that same day will be useful...just need to find the time in our busy timetable. The practise for writing the scientific report seems to be a good idea in #MB1031 as it will enable us to improve on the report...ready for the assessed assignment... - Mehak Hussain
Congratulations on the results :) Keep up the good work! - Gulshana Choudhury
I heard about your resutls.. Congrats :) - Neelam Dave
Thank you :) and u both did excellent in yours...soo many congratulations to you both - Mehak Hussain
I agree, no matter what you achieved in your january will not stand for anything if these summer exams are not dealt with correctly. The modules are harder, and quite frankly there is more to learn, so last minute revision is definately nt a good idea.... - Mayank Patel from iPhone
Mayank Patel
#MyDiary. This week has been really productive. I've caught up on my notes, finished my #MB1031 report and also got my results back for the January exams. I faired quite well. I hope I can keep this going till the end of the semester.
Neelam Dave
Enjoyed the #BS1009 practical this morning as my demonstrator said my gram staining was excellent :).
Me, i think i have to work some more with the microbiology experiments .... nead improvement :)) .. But i will do my best :)) - Persefoni Ioannou
Zainab Chaudhary
I know it's early! But it felt like the right time for an entry :] - Zainab Chaudhary
This week I'm learning everyone fits into their groove when it works for them, and you shouldn't feel pressurised by the feeling that everyone around you may be working in a particular way. I'm proud to belong to such a diverse university and glad that we have a lot of different types of assignments in our course because it manifests in the equal variety of ways in which we handle our... more... - Zainab Chaudhary
Gulshana Choudhury
This week has been very busy yet enjoyable at the same time. I have been trying to review lecture notes on a regular basis and finishing off tutorial questions. I enjoyed the #MB1005 practical especially looking at the fruit flies under the microscope which I am finally getting the hang of. The workload this week seems to be more manageable as I have been making the most of the hours we have free in between lectures. - Gulshana Choudhury
I agree, the work load seems a lot less, but we should expect more exams this semester. - Munaf khamisa
Zainab Chaudhary
Ma's gene does different things to pa's copy -
Very, very interesting article on gene expression that relates to #MB1005 gene expression. You'd think if by some mishap, you accidentally inherited 2 copies of one particular chromosome from one parent and no copies of that chromosome from the other parent, it wouldn't really make a difference. You'd still have a full karyotype, right? But in humans it's usually fatal. Why? We've learnt that both alleles are equally expressed in a heterozygote, and it's just the phenotype that is dominant or recessive. But imprinted genes are genes that are expressed depending on the parent that contributed them. This means an allele in one chromosome can be expressed while the other is switched off, going against the equal expression of alleles in heterozygotes. This means that either (1) ONLY the maternal allele will be expressed in the offspring, or (2) ONLY the paternal allele will be expressed in the offspring. - Zainab Chaudhary
The imprinted gene is generally the one that is repressed. This article outlines a nice experiment in mice which shows that an imprinted gene may be switched on and off in different places in the body depending on its parental origin and this alters the function of the gene. Here, Grb10 from mother is only expressed in the body (not the brain) and restricts foetal growth; Grb10 from... more... - Zainab Chaudhary
I enjoyed reading the article ~ its short and relatively easy to understand! - Maryam
:D Yes, it's much easier than trudging one's way through a scientific paper! Also now that I understand the background and aim of the experiment, it makes looking through the paper a bit and finding out how they conducted it actually interesting. - Zainab Chaudhary
Kudzai Gozho
#MyDiary 03/02/2011. Today was a very long day for me, I had a 9-6 which is a first for me. I enjoyed the genetics practical especially the part where we had to determine what type of mutations had resulted in the various strains of the bacteria we were investigating. The next coming five weeks are going to be busy and I am still trying to get my...
Munaf khamisa
#MyDiary 03/02/2011: Feels good to be back, although this new timetable isnt doing me any favours, though i might be able to put my head down and get some serious work done. Also started writing up my lecture notes and completing tasks as early as possible, procastinating didn't help at all when it came to the exams!!
Munaf khamisa
Just checked my emails, and thought you guys should know all the medical physiology students have a 9 o clock start tomorrow!
Pritesh Mistry
Good luck with the #BS1015 exam tomorrow everyone!
9:30 CW right? Going to set out extra early just in case! - Maryam
sameeee - Syeda Maham Batool
Paul Allen
New modules been added to Blackboard..just to bombard me even more =\
Relax. Concentrate on exams. You don't have to think about new modules until January 31st. - Dr Alan Cann
I know..trying to focus on revision! :) - Paul Allen
Only 2 of mine have been added, will the third come on in the next few days or should I email someone? - Lyndsey Wright
Mine have taken a few days to be added..don't worry. As long as they're there by start of term :) I have 5 added altogether - Paul Allen
you should have all your modules by now, except for MB1005 for the med-related which will pop up later (content is being added to it now). If you don't have modules that you were expecting, please email me jlb34@le - Dr Jo Badge
what about #BS1011 ? - Christopher morton
You've been added to BS1011 but the course isn't available to students yet, as Dr Cann is still updating it. - Dr Jo Badge
Arnold Gangaidzo
Feeling Good about the effectiveness of my revision but it's time consuming and carrying on like this will leave me unready. Going to have to sacrifice some effectiveness for efficiency and hope there's enough time to go over tougher revision areas. One day I'll start leaving enough preparation time for thorough revision!
I have a similar problem; I tend to write up each lecture in my own words as revision notes, often supplemented by outside information. It does help my understanding and refreshes my memory but it takes so long! - Michael Steele
you can never revise everything, thats the capability of human brain! never enough time and always one thign you forget. WE try our best! - Mohamed
Me too! I end up doing the same as Michael in pursuit of trying to understand the topic properly. But now I'm seriously running out of time. - Zainab Chaudhary
I feel extremely confident with half the content now so just going to be very strict with how i utilise my time from now on! - Arnold Gangaidzo
Rachel Bell
any chance you could scan the past papers in Joe? because I asked at the Chem office and they wouldn't give any to me :(
That'll be really useful to me as well.... :/ - Michael Lam
Would be much appreciated! - Faaiza Museji
Dr Alan Cann
The next #BS1010 topic is now available ... oh wait, that's wrong (sorry, bit of a Sunday morning habit ;-)
I got slightly worried there for a moment! - Maryam
Checked my mail box after a week and saw this, my eyes remained opened really big for 2 secs reading the first bit! - Paskuwal Kosalie Mendis
Michael Lam
Blackboard back on, #BS1010 mark received! Amazing start to the half term! :)
half term?>? - Syeda Maham Batool
Is it not half term... ? :/ - Michael Lam
thought it was end of one term :s ? - Syeda Maham Batool
We haven't finished the first semester yet. After the exams we begin semester 2 out of 3. - Arnold Gangaidzo Semester 1:4 October – 28 January, Semester 2: 31 January – 1 July. - Lyndsey Wright
yeh but we have finished the term :| - Syeda Maham Batool
We have 3 terms but 2 semesters :) - Lyndsey Wright
Neil Nathwani
I'm very pleased with an overall #BS1010 mark of 95.12%! Thank You.
It's a good score to try and beat in #BS1011. - Neil Nathwani
wow well done :) I got 79% which I'm happy with - Alice Round
Faaiza Museji
Very happy with this terms #BS1010 mark :-)
James Muir
Very happy with the #BS1010 score cannot believe it!
Christopher Lysons
Got a first for #BS1010! What a lovely Christmas present, thanks Dr. Cann!
Same! Well Done Chris! Have a lovely holiday. - Ria Patel
Max Levin
So stoked, just go 100% on my last #BS1010 assessment and to top it off, my friendfeed has been marked and I got a first for #BS1010 overall!
Paul Allen
Got my final #BS1010 grade :) Thank you! :)
Paul Allen
Can I just point out that the latest #BS1010 outline sheet clearly states at the bottom of the page, 'Submission Deadline: 7 days from timetabled date'
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