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RT @garystager: Read the Constructing Modern Knowledge newsletter?? Free 3D printing book!
Any #makered going on in Krakow?
So weird. RT @willrich45: Robots to teach in Abu Dhabi school #edchat #cpchat Trend or outlier?
RT @txeduchat: Last night’s #txeduchat archive on #makered with @smartinez can be found here:
RT @JimTiffinJr: Backscratcher iterations. Shared via Twitter by joshburker #makerED
#Ferguson, Mo. Emblematic of Growing Suburban Poverty, fragmented support systems
RT @willrich45: The McDonaldization of Education: the rise of slow #edchat
RT @ProjectMACH: Thank you to Carlos Contreras, US Education Director @intel for sponsoring the new #makerspace for chronic illness patients at @VUMCchildren
"The revolution I want is, ‘Proceed until apprehended.’"
RT @srbullock: Great read by @AgencybyDesign, particularly where it reads, "Now here's where it gets interesting..." http://makingthinkinghappen.wo... #makered
What Happens to #Ferguson Affects Ferguson: — The Message — Medium
RT @empathyeducates: @Larryferlazzo @smartinez You may find our history fascinating | How Police Became Soldiers – A Fifty Year History
Military equipment for local police questioned amid Ferguson violence - Washington Times
RT @empathyeducates: Ten Things White People Can Do About Ferguson Besides Tweet
RT @Lori_Jablonski: This on Ferguson, by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar @kaj33, is remarkable. Read it last night; still in my head this morning.
RT @audreywatters: Some resources for teachers to talk about [shooting] deaths [of young black men]
what does #makered PD look like? #CMK14 reflections and project videos now online!! #txeduchat #edchat
head this storycorps segment on NPR yesterday. #ferguson not isolated incident.
RT @nathan_stevens: @smartinez @Tom_Kilgore this was fun. Hopefully more of these folks will make it to the #makered chat slot #txeduchat
Thank you #txeduchat and @Tom_Kilgore for being an awesome host!
Here's a whole bunch of 3D printer project starters and prompts: #txeduchat
Q5 in our book we talk about prompts & challenges driving the curriculm. plz share an interesting prompt #txeduchat
RT @nathan_stevens: @txeduchat @smartinez A4 Making is a real world skill. Without it, you are failing your student's future #txeduchat
Q4 what is the best "pitch" to make the case for making in the classroom? #txeduchat
RT @LizWillobee: It's just me, but I'm picky. I insist every experience integrates the curric in a REAL way. But it's HARD. #txeduchat
#txeduchat computational tech leverages design, measurement, precision and raises the bar.
Q3 Is technology required for making to be educationally valuable? if yes, which ones, if no, how is it different than crafts? #txeduchat
Middle schools are a “sweet spot” for making #txeduchat
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